Top 11 Games Similar to Another Dimension 2 zFection

Craft Saiyan Hero Dargon Boy 1.0
Download Craft Saiyan Hero Dargon Boygamenowto start playing!Survival Hard with Challenging New Map levels for Androidnow!You can tap anywhere on the screen to your man to jumpandtouchdouble to jump higher!Be careful charm on the road by creating damage and collectasmanydragon ball as you can, you are a heroes!Find secrets and unlock extras to get the most out ofthegame.Saiyan superhero need your help in this side scrollingadventuretimethrough challenging levels of running and jumping.FEATURES :- Attractive main character- Easy to play- 100+ Challenging Levels Select- 5 Different Game ModesEnjoy the game & do leave a feedback that willhelpusimprove...!
Devil Fighter Dragon X 1.1.4
Devil Fighter Dragon X with a lot of transformation. We supportmorethan 100 transformation for all of characters and 30 bosses.If youneed a devil fighter with very strong power then this is agame youneed to download what support almost nice skills you willknowkamehameha, spirit bomb, final flash, dragon recall ...Fightinggame with one boss per stage is a very simple gameplaywhat anyonecan play in the first time they see In game devilfighter dragon xyou will choose one in five characters of dragonX, each characterhave a collection of super skills. Each skillwill have thedifferent power and damage, the player need tocombine them to havethe best fighting effect. We support 22transformation level foreach character. Each transform will helpthe hero have the higherpower and health, and refill their powerand health. If you cantransform to 22 level transformation thenyour power will be verystrong, you can defeat any boss if you knowhow to fight. We supportpower, strong, health and devil fighterdragon x also support giftbox, senzu bean what can help herorefill health, refill power,increase power, maximum power,protection mode ... FEATURES - Eyecatch nice graphic - Easy toplay game play - Many characterssupport - Many bosses support -Game play service for leader boardand achievement - Many superskill support
Dragon Saiyan 1.1
W N Yume
Shoot through endless stickman inthefastestaction game on the store. Your reaction time will be puttothetest as you blow away stickman!Enter into the arena and fight for the survival. Ifyouloveplaying Dragon Saiyan games then this is the game whichwillamazeyou with the swift handling and amazing features.Dragon Saiyan is a game of skill and need you to bereallyfastreactive to knockout your opponent.How to play :Tap tap tap tap to kill stickman (cell final form,frieza,android16 , kid buu ....)FEATURES- This game is for the fans of DBZ- It is totally free. Let's enjoy!- Upgrades Saiyan form- Easy and Simple to play- Cool transform effect- Cool skill design and effectCUSTOMISE YOUR STICKMAN! - Express yourself with a hugearrayofwardrobe options. COMMING SOON...
Heroes Fighters 2.016.2
Aliens are attacking the earth!!! You are part of a fearlessgroupof trained fighters to defend the land, it's up to you to endthisalien menace. Have fun killing as many aliens so try and saveourplanet.- Record System.- Beautiful graphics in 3D animestyle.-Realistic sound effects.- Gameplay simple, fun andaddictive.-Various visual effects.- Several special to use- Collectcoins tounlock new charactersDownload now and live the experienceto savehumans from the aliens terrible invasion!Call your friendsand comecompete to see who can kill more aliens. * Contact Alado *Ideas,compliments, complaints and reporting bugs? Send an [email protected] us onFacebook Fighters by Alado 2015
Dragon Dash 1.0
Wizz Games
Dragon Dash is a game that I have worked onforquite some time now. In the game you play a character thatissimilar to goku from dbz (dragon ball z). The warrior is tryingtoget to Namek, a planet beyond earth. To reach his goal he mustfly, jump , slide and even defeat his enemies with his powermoves.When playing Dragon Dash you can buy upgrades to yourcharacter andyour power moves. The enemies look like a simplifiedversion ofCell from dbz (dragonballz). They shoot a lazer so avoidthem atall cost. You can also destroy spikes coming from the floor,fly ona cloud and enjoy a wonderful 2D Platformer at the same time.FEATURES:- 2D Graphics- 4 Epic Levels- Nice Sound- DBZ!Save the World in this Epic App for Android. Be a Sayian , aHero, a Dragon.Have Fun in This Cartoon Mario Style 2 D Game!The Anime Action Adventure Awaits!Enjoy the Game.
Kamehameha Attack
Kamehameha (かめはめ波; lit. "Turtle Devastation Wave") is thefirstenergy attack shown in the Dragon Ball series. Let's playthekameha meha in the street together super saiyan. Control to runandattack the cell saga DBZ and avoid obstacles on the road.Collectthe kamehameha on the road and press to attack.Begins with arunand collect kameha in the street. heart care in order not toruninto something on the way. if the causeway is game over. Pursueandattack cell DBZ on the street to collect score. collect asmanyscores as much to win this game.Quotes From Wikia " TheKamehamehais formed when cupped hands are drawn to the user's sideand ki isconcentrated into a single point (between their cuppedhands). Thehands are then thrust forward to shoot out a streaming,powerfulbeam of energy. The blast can also be used, generallyunderextenuating circumstances, with just one arm or even the feet.Inmost variants, the user utters the word "Ka-me-ha-me-HA!!!"ashe/she charges and releases the attack. Master Roshi'sKamehamehais called the Original Kamehameha in the BudokaiTenkaichi videogame series, and requires some time to charge ".Features games*The graphics are attractive* Music and soundeffects.* Leaderboardto compete with your friends* Increasing thespeed and Obstacles*Addictive and mystery scenario* Touch forcontrol ran and shootThisgame is very interesting for those wholike adventure and actiongames of Saiyan DBZ . Collect the highestscore to win the gamewith your friends.So go crush the cell and getsome much neededstress relief in this simple, endless, addictiveand fun kamehamehagames !
PPSSPP Gold - PSP emulator 1.6.3
Henrik Rydgård
Play PSP games on your Android device, at high definition withextrafeatures!PPSSPP is the best, original and only PSP* emulatorforAndroid. It runs a lot of games, but depending on the power ofyourdevice all may not run at full speed. Buy this Gold versiontosupport development. There is also a free version.Galaxy S7issupported again and works!No games are included with thisdownload.Dump your own real PSP games and turn them into .ISO or.CSO files,or simply play free homebrew games, which are availableonline. Putthose in /PSP/GAME on your SD card / USBstorage.See for more information.
Super Dragon Warriors Heroes 1.1
super Dragon warriors power HeroesAdventuresis a classic platform game that combines old school gameplay withmodern playability.In the wonderful world, Saiyans come with you. Let's goonadventures with Saiyans warrior Heroes together.Your task is to control the super Dragon warrior power to wipeoutSoldiers and enemies super Ninja and overcome the game stagewithcollect ball diamond for get high scores and earningstarfallThe game follows the adventures of Saiyan, a super power Heroes,whofalls into a miracle world of Dragons. The world is scenicbutdangerous. Along the way, Warrior makes several friends andbattlesa wide variety of villains, and becomes the top martialartist inthe universe.★ Classic platform game style.★ This game is for kids and adults★ Over 10 different kinds of monsters★ Beautiful and friendly user interface★ Easy gameplay and intuitive controls★ Coin collection to power up your character★ Rankings for you and your friends
Retro Dodge Balls Zone ( DBZ ) 4.2
Black Bell Studios
Retro Dodge Balls Zone ( DBZ ) Dodge the energy ball to beatyourown record. Collect coins to unlock over 40 "noofficial"characters from the famous anime (Unofficial characters).Each timeyou make three quest you win one life, use it for continue(magicdragon appears) and beat your friends. IMPORTANT INFORMATION* Allcontent and resources of this application are public domain,orhave the consent of the author use. * All intellectualpropertyrights belong to their respective owners. The applicationis notofficial. * This is NOT an official game of the famousanimeseries, logo, brand or name does not appear on any screen. Itisalso not associated with nor is affiliated with the creators ofthegame, or cartoons or their licenses.
Articon Entertainment
Welcome to Japan. Your empire needs a ninja like you. Dodgethetowers and unleash your fury on samurais. This is a game onlyforbrave warriors.You are a ninja from Japan. An army of enemiesareinvading your castle and you have to take revenge for yourempire.Sprint andkill all samurais. Dodge the towers with jumps andslayyour enemies. If a samurai kills you, take your revenge andsprintagain in this addictive game. A lonely ninja will show hisfury toenemy army. Bruce Lee had awesome skills, but your ninjahave tosprint, dodge the towers and slay all samurais. Get enemyhelmetsto spend in the store. This is not Dragon Ball Z. This is arealninja battle for yourempire.------------------------------FirstArticon Entertainment’sgame. Simple but attractive.The first game,but not thelast.-----------------------------Sprint on a rampartin Japan whileyou dodge the towers and kill theenemyarmy.-----------------------------If you dreamed of fightlikeBruce Lee or Dragon Ball Z characters, you’ll feel the bloodofyour enemies in your screen.----------------------------Beatyourrecords. Sprint and sprint. If a samurai kills you, takerevengefor your castle. That’s theninjaspirit----------------------------Custom your ninja withniceskins, like Rambo, chefs, aliens. What acutefury.----------------------------Forget Bruce Lee, Dragon BallZand other ninja games. Samurai Slayer is a newgameexperience.FEATURES- Sprint until infinity over thecastle’srampart.- Dodge the towers and kill samurais.- If a towerorsamurai hits you, you’ll lose your life. Then take yourrevenge.-Slay samurais with fury. Hit them while you’re in theair.- Thehave an infinite army, but your ninja has the strength ofanempire.- Nice backgrounds of your castle and architecturefromJapan.- Custom your one man army with funny and cute skins forasweet revenge.- Get points with helmets of enemy army or spendyourmoney to get your favorite skin.Shopping integrated into thegame,prices from 0.75 € to 40 €If you like our product, you canconnectwith us about our socialnetworks.FACEBOOK:
Robot Skybot X Warrior 1.7.0
LIP Studio
Robot Skybot X Warrior is an Iron herowithhigh tech weapon and cool skills will help to save the world!Therobot force and power will control the robot world. Notjustadventure, robot skybot x also provide you a robot gamesfightingwith a very good weapon effect.With Skybot X Warrior - Iron Force you will have to fightstageby stage to kill strong boss. We invest the graphic and theweaponfor boss and stage to make the game more beautiful, morechallengein adventure game. As a robot fighters you have to takethe missionto cover all of your skills to complete yourmission.Each Boss will be decorated a different weapon system and it'sstronger on each stage. We support more than 30 bosses at amoment,but more will come soon and very soon you will see astrongestrobot boss.Robot fighting games is always a favourite game for any ofversusgame fan. In this robot game we try to make you enjoy alloffighting features with cool effect as possible. You need to beveryskill to get over all of boss and stage with many enemies.A robot games must be strong, many effects and many skillssothat we provide you a very strong weapon system forrobotcharacter. If you love to have many power skills then RobotSkybotX Warrior is a best robot game choice for you.If you love Action game or Adventure game, we are pretty sureyouwill love this game. Now it 's time to SAVE THE WORLD withRobotSkybot X Warrior.FEATURES:- Cool Graphic User Interface- Easy to play game- Great Game play, you can play without any instruction in thefirstplay- Unlimited challenges- Unlimited Weapon and Character RobotCHARACTER CREDITSSkybot X: Our team design and IdeaBoss 1, 2: shutterstock.comBoss 3, 4, 5, 6: deviantart.comBoss 7 to 30: our team design and idea.Welcome comment to ourhomepage: