Top 49 Apps Similar to PhotoPie for Whatsapp

Moto Camera
Motorola Mobility LLC.
The Moto Camera app is optimized for 2018 Moto devicesandintegrated with Google Photos. Features*: Never miss a momentwithQuick Capture: launch the camera with a simple twist of yourwrist,then twist again to switch cameras. Moto’s smartcamerasautomatically adjust for light and motion for crystalclearresults. It’s really, really fast with zero shutter lag soyou’llnever miss a moment. Fully integrated with Google Photos.Simplyselect the image thumbnail for sharing, editing, and backup.Getthe perfect moment with Best Shot: The camera capturesmultipleshots before and after you capture, recognizing issues likeblurredsubjects or blinking eyes. It then recommends the bestpicture tokeep. Look for the Best Shot icon in your Google Photosgallery.Automatic QR and barcode scanning puts information atyourfingertips: simply position camera over the QR or barcodeandselect search, save, or copy. Rich features give you evenmorecontrol: - Photo, video, slow motion video and panorama. - Taptochange focus and exposure. - Professional (manual) mode: putsyouin complete control of focus, white balance, shutter speed,ISO,and Exposure. Access this directly from the top bar menu. -Commoncontrols like flash, HDR and timer are at your fingertips.-Comprehensive settings give you control of photo and videosizes,change to tap anywhere to capture, and much more. *Not allfeaturesare available in some models.
ZY Play 1.13.6
ZY Play offers comprehensive camera controls for convenientphoto& video shooting, combining various intelligentfunctionsincluding time lapse, long exposure, slow motion and moretoinspire your creativity. With easy-to-use design and a vastrangeof editing features, it is a must-have app for anyone whotakesphotos & videos. By conneting the APP to a ZHIYUNprofessionalstabilizer, it helps you create film-grade footage thatis onceonly possible with a crew.
CuText : Generate cute message 1.707
Generate cute message and send it to friends with messengers orsns.All functions are free. ★ Various stylish fonts. ★ Funny&lovely text effects. ★ Text on photo. ★ Text on video. ★ Textongif. ★ Video to gif. ★ Easy to use. ★ Animationeffects.(Animationeffects don't work on some messengers or sns).check out the listbelow. KakaoTalk : O (on click) FacebookMessenger : O Facebook : XTelegram : O Tumblr : O Line : X WhatsApp: X WeChat : X Tango : Ximo : X Instagram : X Tweeter : X
Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos 9.26.0
Download Keepsafe to join over 50 million people who haveentrustedmore than a billion pictures to Keepsafe: the most popularPhotoVault & album locker app on Android. Keepsafe securespersonalphotos and videos by locking them down with PINprotection,fingerprint authentication, and military-gradeencryption. It’s thebest place for hiding personal pictures andvideos. With Keepsafe,you can protect your privacy, secure yourphotos, and save phonespace. Keepsafe lets you: 🌟 Preserve specialmemories 🖼 Storefamily photos 💳 Protect copies of your driver’slicense, ID cards,and credit cards 📎 Organize important documents 🔒PIN protect yourPhoto Gallery Just look through your phone’s photogallery and tapphotos or videos to import into your Keepsafe PhotoVault. Onceimported, you can choose to easily delete those photosfrom yourphone’s public photo gallery while still view them in yourKeepsafePhoto Vault. Keepsafe Photo Locker Features: • Everythingbehind alock - Your photos are secured via a PIN, pattern oryourfingerprint. • Sync photos or videos across devices -Yourencrypted Private Cloud securely syncs your photos, albumsandvideos across all your devices. • Backup photos & videosforeasy recovery - Fear not if your phone is lost, stolen ordamaged!• Face-down auto lock - In a tight situation? Have Keepsafelockitself when your device faces downward. • Safe Send photosharing -Share private photos with confidence: control how longtherecipient sees your photo -- photos disappear 20 seconds aftertheyare received. • Keepsafe also doesn’t show up in your recentlyusedapps list! Install Keepsafe Basic to get free secure PrivateCloudstorage and also receive a free test drive of KeepsafePremium!Keepsafe Premium Exclusive Features: • Album Lock:Assignindividual PIN codes to access particular albums • Break-InAlerts:Takes photos of intruders and tracks break-in attempts •Fake Pin:Creates a decoy Keepsafe with a separate PIN code ManagePhotos •Private Cloud: Stores up to 5,000 items in Keepsafe • SpaceSaver:Compresses photos and saves originals to the Cloud •TrashRecovery: Retrieves photos you’ve mistakenly deletedPersonalizeKeepsafe • Ad-Free: Keeps your photo-viewingexperiencedistraction-free • Custom Album Covers: Sets albumthumbnails to aspecific image --- 🛡 About Keepsafe 🛡 Keepsafe helpsyou to protectyour personal important data. We focus on makingsimple to use,secure apps and services that improve your digitallife. Need Help?Find the FAQs in the Help & Support tab withinPhoto Vault, orcontact us at [email protected] Terms ofService: PrivacyPolicy:
Piktures - Beautiful Gallery
Piktures is a super simple gallery with powerful featuresPIKTURESIS ALL IN ONE Piktures is a Gallery with: - Access to localandcloud photos - Video player - Photo Editor - GIF Player andGIFMaker - Secure Drive You love taking photos with multiplecameraapps? No problem, you can launch the native camera as well asanyof your camera apps from Piktures You don’t want to use toomuchdata while sharing photos? No problem, Piktures helps youresizephotos before sharing. You can even remove your GPSinformation formore privacy You’ve got a collection of movies withmultipleformats? While Piktures has a powerful video player, youcan alsochoose which video players to play your video withoutcommitting toanyone in particular ACCESS YOUR CLOUD PHOTOS &VIDEOS Pikturesallows you to access your photos disseminated onmultiple cloudservices. It currently supports Google Drive,OneDrive and Dropboxand new cloud services will be added in thecoming months. Pleasenote we are not associated with either Google,Microsoft, andDropbox. ACCESS YOUR SD-CARD & HARD DRIVES Youmay also havephotos on your internal SD cards and an external harddrive.Piktures let you access and manage your photos on your SDcards.For external drives, Piktures supports the USB OTG standardthatlet you access them when they are formatted in FAT16 and FAT32HIDEPHOTOS WITH A SECRET DRIVE Hide your most private photos behindanencrypted Secret Drive that only you can access with a PIN codeoryour fingerprint PLAY VIDEO & GIF Piktures comes withanintegrated video player and supports animated GIF. New photoandvideo formats are constantly added to the list of supportedfilesCALENDAR VIEW Piktures offers a unique calendar view to browseyourphotos in an original way. It is very convenient if you want togetquickly to your birthday party's photos BEAM TO A TV Throughthesupport of Chromecast, you can beam your photos and videos toyourTV. Other protocols such as DLNA and Airplay are beingdeveloped.CAMERAS & QR CODES If you are power camera users, youprobablyhave multiple camera apps on your phone. Piktures is theonlygallery apps allowing you to access your native and allyourthird-party camera apps Piktures also comes with a superconvenientQR code scanner with its own dedicated folder to retrieveyourpreviously scanned QR codes. FREE & PREMIUM VERSION Thepremiumversion is meant for power users who have multiplesimultaneousclouds. YOU WANT MORE FROM PIKTURES? WE ♥ to talk toour users! Ifyou have any feedback, questions or concerns, pleaseemail us at:[email protected] Connect on twitter @ help: https://help.piktures.appPiktures is designed byDiune
Gallery 1.0.29
Gallery app is one of the Best photo organizer App. 3D Galleryandphoto browser & managing app is one of the best galleryinandroid market. gallery is the fastest app for viewing HDphotos,video, search photos and search video & managing albums.QuickPhoto gallery is well-designed 3D gallery replacement forthebuilt-in phone gallery. 3D Gallery is the best way to add aspecialeffects to your photos or video make them special andmoreoriginal. Gallery is not only a picture browsing tools ,butalsohas the intelligent image editing functions. Photo Gallery HDmakesyou move or copy or be able to separate to the folder somephotos,images and movies, from gallery app of android default. Youcanquick and easy to access all your photos and videos. Ithasutilized all advantage of your phone or tablet. Thefirstprivate-based gallery app to manage your albums of photosandvideos. Photos & Gallery is an easy way to privatelycollectall your HD photo or video. Free, Safe, Simple, Manage yourphotosand videos efficiently and easily with 3D Photo Gallery&Album. Feel free to management your hd photo gallery, easy toedityour beautiful photos, and share your moments with yourfriend's!Key Features : - Supported all the popular image and videoformats- 3D effect , more realistic aesthetic feeling - Easy tomanageryour image - Set as wallpaper - Sliding shift or switch,single ordouble tap or pinch to zoom. - Show image details - Easyto sharepictures - Rotate, shrink, crop pictures, set wallpaperwith bestquality - Best quality full-screen browser - Move todifferentAlbum - Create and manage photo albums - Search photos orvideos bydate, location and even image color - Hide your privatephotos -Manually set image, video, Album view grid size - Playslideshow ofgallery photos - Easily share groups of photos andvideos with 3Dgallery! - Name, Type, Size, Last Modified, DateTaken, Assending,Descending Order wise photo sort - Free and simpleandroid gallery.- Easily Manage Large collection gallery. - BestGallery videoplayer. - Beautiful Photos Organise : AutomaticallyDate wise photoarrange - Elegant Albums Experience : Enjoy Pics& Video as youLike - 30+ Theme Color : Set Your Favorite ThemeColor - ManageGallery : View Total Pics, Video, Albums & Search- SecureGallery : Set Pin lock, Pattern lock and Fingerprint lockNow, Youcan work with the files very easily from the gallery viathis app.You can quick and easy to access all your photos andvideos. It hasutilized all advantage of your phone or tablet!Gallery: Powerfulfile management features, including sort, rename,create newfolders, moving/copying data and more! Thank you. Tag :GalleryFree,Gallery Private,Gallery Pro,Gallery for samsung,Galleryformoto g4,Photo View,Merry Gallery, Gallery Lock, GalleryPrivate,HDPhoto Gallery, Gallery locker,Photos & Gallery,Piceffect,FocusGallery,Gallery lock apps download,Enjoy 3DStyles,GalleryDownload,Gallery Vault,Gallery Private If you haveany feedback,questions or concerns, please email us at:[email protected]
[High Quality] silent camera 2.9.6
It works as a silent by default * Operating mode (camera) 1General2 Black 3 User Screenshot 4 Widget Check inside the app formorefeatures and description. Thank you.
Timestamp Camera - Stamp Time and Date on Photos 1.0.9
Artify Inc.
Timestamp Camera is an app that stamp date on your photos. Greatforwriting diet notes or exercise diary. Continue to record andreachyour goal.Timestamp Camera is super easy to use!1. Choose ortake aphoto.2. Choose date stamp type you want.3. Save it!Feelfree to useTimestamp - Special day photo you wanna memorize- Yourmeal photofor diet- Workout photoshoot- Notes you studied today-Report to theboss what your worked last nightIf you have anyquestions, pleasedon’t hesitate to contact [email protected]
PhotoSync – transfer and backup photos & videos 3.2.3
Wirelessly and automatically transfer, backup and share photos&videos between your Android devices, computer, iPhone, iPad,NAS,cloud and photo services. Any kind of transfer – PhotoSynccanhandle it! ★ Over 6,000 positive reviews, thousands of happyusersand millions of photo transfers ★ Number onecross-platformsolution with native apps for Android, iOS, Windows& Mac ★Reliable and secure software – operating 5+ years in themarket andcontinuously updated ★ Total user control and fullycustomisableABOUT 'FREE' PHOTOSYNC • Transfer photos & videosto and fromcomputer (Windows PC and Mac) • Share photos &videos betweenphones and tablets (Android and iOS) • Automaticallybackup photos& videos in the background to pre-selected targets(computer,NAS, cloud and photo services) • Transfer photos &videos toand from NAS over SMB, (S)FTP and WebDav • Share photos&videos to and from cloud and photo services • Downloadphotos,videos & RAWs from Wi-Fi SD cards in Camera to Android•Transfer photos & videos stored on USB or SD devicesconnectedwith a USB On-The-Go (OTG) adapter Key transfer features:TRANSFERTO AND FROM COMPUTER • Backup photos & videos fromAndroidphone / tablet to computer over WiFi or Portable WiFiHotspot •Drag & drop photos & videos from Windows PC or MactoAndroid directly over the local network (Requires either awebbrowser or the recommended, FREE PhotoSync Companionutilityinstalled on your computer. Download the PhotoSync Companionfromour website: PHONES AND TABLETS • Directly send photos &videos fromone Android device to another over WiFi or Portable WiFiHotspot.No computer or cloud needed! • Exchange photos & videosbetweenAndroid devices and iPhone / iPad over the local network(RequiresPhotoSync for iOS installed on iPhone / iPad / iPodtouch)AUTOTRANSFER – AUTOMATICALLY BACKUP PHOTOS & VIDEOS INTHEBACKGROUND • Automatically backup photos & videos directlyfromAndroid to computer (PC & Mac) • Securely auto uploadphotos& videos straight from Android to NAS, wireless mobilestoragedevice or remote server • Automatically copy and sharephotos &videos directly from Android to supported cloud / photoservicesAutomatically and wirelessly backup photos & videos,whenever:- You take a new picture or video [Instant transfer] -Your deviceconnects to a pre-selected WiFi network [Wi-Fi accesspoint (SSID)]- You arrive at a pre-selected geolocation [Locationbasedtransfer] - You charge your device [Trigger transfer] - Apre-settime schedule is met [Time schedule] – 7 day trialavailable! –TRANSFER TO AND FROM NAS • Securely backup photos &videos toyour NAS, remote server or personal cloud over SMB, (S)FTPorWebDav • Download and view photos & videos on SMB, (S)FTPandWebDAV servers • PhotoSync supports storage devices from: -WesternDigital - Sinology - QNAP - Buffalo - NETGEAR ReadyNAS -OwnCloudservers - Lacie - and many more … • Quickly upload anddownloadphotos & videos whilst on-the-go to your wirelessportable harddrive over SMB, (S)FTP and WebDav • PhotoSyncsupports: - WesternDigital My Passport Wireless - Seagate WirelessPlus - ToshibaCanvio Wireless Adapter & STOR.E WirelessAdapter( - HyperDrive iUSBport -SanDiskConnect Wireless - Buffalo MiniStation - and many more … – 7daytrial available! – TRANSFER TO AND FROM CLOUD AND PHOTO SERVICES•Upload and share photos & videos from Android straighttosupported cloud and photo services over 3G / LTE • Importphotos& videos stored on cloud and photo services directlytoAndroid. Import selected, all or new photos / videos •PhotoSyncsupports: - Dropbox - Google Drive - Google Photos /Picasa -Flickr - Facebook - OneDrive / OneDrive for Business -SmugMug -Box - Amazon Cloud Drive - Zenfolio – 7 day trialavailable! –
Cardboard Camera
Google LLC
Capture and share moments with virtual reality (VR) photos.VRphotos let you experience scenery and sound in every directionandin 3D, making near things look near, and far things look far.Fromvacation travels to family get-togethers, capture the momentwithCardboard Camera and relive it in VR. To experience your photosinVR, place your phone into a Google Cardboardviewer(, or add them to a virtual tour usingTourCreator ( PermissionsNotice:Camera: Needed to capture VR Photos Microphone: Needed tocaptureambient sounds that are stored in VR Photos.Photos/Media/Files:Needed to store VR photo files and to showpreviously captured ordownloaded VR photos in the library. Storage:Needed to store VRphoto files and to show previously captured ordownloaded VR photosin the library.
Shutterfly Share Sites 1.4.580
Shutterfly, Inc
It's easy to manage your sports team, class, or group withtheShutterfly Share Sites app. Share photos, calendar events,andcommunicate with all of your groups from your mobile phone!KEYFEATURES: • Photos: Upload, View, Like and Comment onpicturesposted by members. • Calendar: Manage your site calendar.Viewdate, time, and location of each game or event. • Members:Accessyour member list and Add new members. • Roster/Class List:See thelist of players/students and their parents' contact info.•Messages: Communicate/chat with your group. Shutterfly ShareSitesare photo sharing and group collaboration websites that arefree,fun, and easy to make. They are great for: • Sports teams -Theperfect team manager! Post Game and Practice Schedules • FamilyandFriends - Share photos and stay in touch • Classrooms - Viewclassevents and pictures • Travel - Upload photos and take yourlovedones along your journey • Life Events - Cherish yourpreciousmemories: Weddings, Baby, Celebrations • Groups and Clubs-Coordinate and collaborate on activities
PhotoScan by Google Photos
Google LLC
PhotoScan is a new scanner app from Google Photos that lets youscanand save your favorite printed photos using your phone’scamera.Picture perfect and glare free Don’t just take a picture ofapicture. Create enhanced digital scans, wherever your photos are.–Get glare-free scans with an easy step-by-step capture flow–Automatic cropping based on edge detection – Straight,rectangularscans with perspective correction – Smart rotation, soyour photosstay right-side-up no matter which way you scan themScan inseconds Capture your favorite printed photos quickly andeasily, soyou can spend less time editing and more time looking atyour badchildhood haircut. Safe and searchable with Google PhotosBack upyour scans with the free Google Photos app to keep themsafe,searchable, and organized. Bring your scans to life withmovies,filters, and advanced editing controls. And share them withanyone,just by sending a link.
500px – Photography
Get the essential app for photographers to discover andshareincredible photos, gain global exposure, and get paid fortheirwork and skills. Get inspired to push your creativeboundarieswithin a community of 15 million members that know andlovephotography. No memes or snapshots here—just reallygreatphotography. Explore inspired photos Enjoy the best photosfromaround the world. Millions of photos are ranked by our systeminreal-time based on feedback from our enormous networkofphotographers. Every time you log in to 500px, you’ll not onlyseegreat photos, you’ll also see something you haven’t seenbefore.Challenge yourself Upload your best work to see if it willbepopular with our network of talented photographers. Pushyourselfto beat your ranking and define your style with every photoyoushare. Your work could even make it to Editors' Choice—our picksofthe best photos on the platform. Discover new styles Followthework of photographers you admire, and find your next favoritewithpersonalized recommendations based on your tastes. Interactwithphotographers in the comments or via direct messaging to learnmoreabout inspiring photos.
DU GIF Maker: GIF Maker, Video to GIF & GIF Editor
DU GIF Maker is a free GIF maker and editor for Android. You cannoweasily create clear, smooth animated GIFs with small filesizes. DUGIF Maker is easy to use but still provides powerfulfeatures suchas: video to GIF, images to GIF, GIF editor, GIFkeyboard, GIFcamera, GIF recorder, and more. You can make allkinds of GIFs, suchas animated emojis, reaction GIFs, and funnyGIFs and then sharethem to WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter,Tumblr and otherapps with just one click. Make your animated GIFswith DU GIF Makernow!Advantages: Totally FREE, WITH NO in-apppurchasesNOWATERMARKFAST & STABLE when saving GIFsSMOOTH &CLEARGIFsGenerates SMALL FILE SIZE GIFsKey features: ★ GIF Maker:You canmake smooth and clear animated GIFs in different ways withthe GIFcreator - DU GIF Maker. You can convert video to GIF; youcanconvert pictures to GIF; and you can also edit GIFs with theGIFeditor. Animated emoticons, reaction GIFs, funny GIFs, memes,GIFsof movies, TV series GIFs, sport GIFs…With the GIF maker, youcaneasily make all kinds of GIFs with the followingfeatures:------Video to GIF: Convert amazing video clips toGIFs------ Images toGIF: Combine multiple images into oneGIF------ GIF recorder: A GIFrecorder helps you record screen asGIF (For Android 5.0+)------ GIFCamera: Shoot a video and save itas a GIF------ GIF editor:Powerful GIF editing features such aschanging speed, adding textand cropping------ Choose fluency andresolution of GIF when savingGIFs------ Fast & stable whensaving GIFs★ GIF Editor: With DUGIF Maker, you can edit the GIFsused when you make new animatedGIFs. You can also edit the finalgenerated GIFs. DU GIF Makerfeatures the following GIF editingtools:------ Trim GIF: Change theduration of originalvideos/images/GIFs as you need------ Crop GIF:Crop the originalvideos/images/GIFs before saving GIF------ Addtext to GIF: Addtext and labels to GIFs. Choose from a variety ofcolors!------Adjust speed: Change the speed of GIFs, making themfaster orslower.★ GIF Keyboard: Enable this to send animated GIFsto friendswhen using WhatsApp and Messenger! Enter commonly usedterms suchas xoxo, lol and omg. GIF Keyboard will automaticallyshow relatedGIFs.★ View and Share GIFs: ------ GIF gallery: Viewall GIFs onyour device. Share or edit GIFs with just oneclick!------ Easilyshare GIFs to WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook,Twitter, Tumblr andother apps.Users' comments and suggestions areimportant to us. Ifyou have any feedback about DU GIF Maker, pleasecontact us [email protected] We appreciate your feedback!
Gallery 3.9.1
Flayvr Media
Gallery is an intelligent photo gallery that learns what ismostimportant to you, organizes your photos & videos intomoments,helping you re-live and share life’s best memories.MeetGallery,the fastest growing gallery app for Android and the firstevergallery for Android Wear."... is a smart and well-designedgalleryreplacement for the built-in phonegallery"-TechCrunch"...anintelligent mobile gallery app thatdisplays all your bestphotos"-The Next Web"The genius of Gallery,however, happens underthe hood, where a robust personalizationsystem learns which photosmean more to you"-Business InsiderTheonly gallery chosen byBusiness Insider as one of the Top 100 Appsworldwide, Gallery is afree, next generation photo gallery that’s acomplete replacementto your native gallery.With Gallery, youcan:ORGANIZE YOUR GALLERY•Automatically organize all of your photosand videos according toyour events, date, time, and location intoalbum.• For the classicphoto gallery feel, the Gallery view has allof your photos andvideos in one slick gallery view.• Use theMoments view for a moreunique, collage like view based aroundevents, date, andlocation.SHARE• Easily share groups of photos andvideos from yourgallery, with just a tap! • Share album with easeto all of yourfavorite social networks: WhatsApp, Facebook, G+,Line, Kakao,WeChat, and more.• The easiest and fastest way tocreate Facebookphoto albums, on the fly! HIGHLIGHT GREAT SHOTS& IDENTIFYSIMILAR PHOTOS• Smart Mode - Create a morepersonalized photo albumthat highlights the best photos in yourphoto gallery, identifiessimilar shots, and centers photothumbnails around smiling faces!•Intelligent notifications - HaveGallery help you rediscover thosephotos from your trip abroad lastmonth, your kids’ birthday lastyear, or any important memory that’sbeen lost in your gallery.KEEPALL OF YOUR PHOTOS & VIDEOS SAFEIN ONE PLACE• A gallery that'snot backed up is a sad photogallery!• Integrate Gallery with yourGoogle Photos (Picasa) so youcan view and manage all of yourphotos & videos in one cloudgallery.VIEW YOUR GALLERY ON YOURWRISTGallery offers the first everphoto gallery created forsmartwatches. With Gallery on AndroidWear, you can:• View orDelete your gallery photos - all from yoursmartwatch!• Sharephotos and albums directly to Facebook, on thefly.• PhotoNotifications - Easily access your latest photos fromyour gallerywith just a tap.FAQWhy replace my nativegallery?Gallery is theonly photo gallery that works for you - goneare the days ofendless scrolling in your gallery in search oflife’s bestmemories. Gallery is the only gallery app that learnsabout you themore you use it.How does Gallery work?Gallery has astrongtechnological difference from other gallery apps. TheGalleryCuration Engine (GCE) uses computer vision and big datatounderstand what makes a great photo.Gallery then organizesthephotos and videos in your gallery into moments that can beeasilyrelieved and shared.PERMISSIONSAbout our permissionsCalendar-Gallery asks for permissions to read your calendar so that wecanauto-title your moments based on your calendar events. We donotuse this information for any other purpose.AboutPrivacyYourprivacy is important to us! Gallery does not copy orstore yourphotos and videos. Only the photos & videos which youhavespecifically chosen to share from your gallery will be uploadedtoour secure servers.
Journi Travel Journal & Photo Books 7.7.1
journi - the diary makers
Easily record your adventures as beautiful timelines withphotos,notes, maps and more. Turn them into beautiful photo booksinseconds, and have them delivered to your door! Use itoffline,collaborate with friends on the way, and sync across allyourdevices. Journi allows you to log your private travel diarywhilston the move, and share your journey with loved ones backhome. Makethe most of your photos with Journi, now - it’s free."Makes travelblogging a pleasure" - Condé Nast Traveler - Easytimeline creator- it’s automatic! Even if you upload multiplephotos at once,Journi builds your story automatically, groupingthem smartly bytime and location data. Minimal battery consumptionJourni isoptimized for long battery life, so you can focus onenjoying andrecording your travels. Shared photobook creationCreate storiestogether with friends - upload to a shared journaland use the bestimages for the photobook. High quality images Saveyour photos in4x times higher resolution than on Instagram forfree, or subscribeto Premium to save your full-size photos.Location tracking foryour followers Share the adventure withfriends and family backhome by inviting them to follow your journivia WhatsApp, Facebook,Email, etc. Full privacy control Choose whosees your stories: Justfor you, Secret, Only on request, or Public.Travel inspirationExplore and search travel stories from around theworld and getinspired.  Find the memories you’re looking forNavigate tomoments using the timeline or the overview map. Safestorage ofyour memories With a premium subscription, keep yourjourni safe bysaving to Dropbox or Google Drive. Use Journioff-line The internetshouldn’t prevent you from logging your traveldiary, so with aPremium subscription, Journi can be used withoutit! - About YourJourni Photo Book Photo books start at €22.99 worldwideshipping. They’re produced in the Alps fromFSC-certified paperusing wood from sustainably managed forests.Your photo books arepersonalized products that are made just foryou. Hence, they arenot replaceable, not returnable and can not berefunded. Pleasealways ensure to carefully check the preview ofyour book beforeyou place your order. Production and shipping timesare between 3-7days within the EU, 5-10 days for USA and Canada andfor all othercountries 10-16 days. We are already working ondecreasing bothdelivery times and our CO2 footprint. Terms andconditions: PrivacyPolicy: - About PremiumSubscription Getfull access to all Journi features a premiumsubscription. Inaddition to all the free features, this includes: -High resolutionuploads (up to 16MP) - 1TB of space to store imageson the app -Back-up to Dropbox or Google Drive - Offlinefunctionality andsynchronization of your data across your devices -And 10%discounts on all your photo book orders with a 12monthsubscription Choose from 1 month, 6 month or 12 monthPremiumsubscription plans for just €9.99, €43.99, or €53.99.Pricing inother countries may vary and actual charges may beconverted tolocal currency. Should you choose to subscribe tojourni PremiumMembership, the purchase will be charged to yourPlaystore account.Your subscription will be renewed automaticallyat the end of eachterm unless cancelled 24 hours prior to the endof the subscriptionperiod. You can manage, upgrade, downgrade andcancel it in AccountSettings in Playstore.------------------------------------------Visit our website to learn more about howjourni makes yourtravel adventures unforgettable. For questions,assistance or otherinquiries contact:  Helpcenter - Facebook - Email [email protected] We <3 to hear from you.
Post Maker for Social Media 1.2
Photo Cool Apps
Create amazing Post and Cover Page for social networkingplatforms.Instantly create chic and stylish posters and post ofvariousstyles like: magazine covers, movie posters, gourmet ads,traveldocumentary, social media post & cover page, promotionalpageand more! Post Maker provides hand picked backgrounds,textures,stickers and text (fonts) specially for poster making tocreatePost, Cover Page and Poster like professionals. Features:> Hugecollection of backgrounds > Choose color as background>Select your own picture from gallery as background >Multipleaspect ratio with social sites aspect ratio for backgrounds>Add your text with poster design fonts > Add wonderfulstickers(specially picked for poster making) > Add your picturesfromgallery and camera > Save on SD Card > Share on socialmediaMake amazing poster, post and cover pages with Post Maker.TryNow!!
THETA+ 2.0.7
Ricoh Co., Ltd.
Using THETA+, you can crop and edit 360° images freelyaftershooting them. Not only you can view these images easily butalsopresent creative and new expressions conventional camerascannotprovide. You can share edited images and videos easilyonInstagram, Facebook, and other SNS. Editing functionsonlyavailable for 360° images! ・Simple view functions tochangepresentations dynamically Adjusting viewpoint positions orzoomamounts, you can change presentations of a 360° imagedynamically.Using a button alone, you can transform a 360° imageinto anearth-like shape called a Little Planet, an image on twoscreens,or a soratama, so that it is possible to make a 360°imageattractive contents easier to present. ・Animation functionstoshare rotated images in a non-360° environment You can createananimation from a still image by drawing close or pulling in a360°image and rotating it. Also, you can freely specify a sectionyouwant to present, its motion and speed. Since the image is savedasa video after being edited, you can share a 360°-rotated image inanon-360° environment. Basic video editing functions alsoprovided・While checking a 360° image by rotating it, you can adjusttheoverall colors using image correction or filter functions. ・Youcanpresent a more enjoyable 360° image by adding a stamp or texttoit. ・Trimming, double speed editing, BGM, and other 360°videoediting functions are also supported. ・You can create a timelapsevideo easily by combining multiple 360° images. ◇ Environmentstosupport THETA+: * Operations are not guaranteed for allterminals.* For future updates, environments or terminals tosupport THETA+may change.
Deleo - Combine, Blend, and Edit Photos 1.4132
Sixhands Apps

*** From the creators of Shapical and Crystallic, featuredonGoogle Play in 90+ countries ***
 Deleo is a perfect unionofelegant and intuitive tools that lets you createblended,superimposed, double-exposed photos, remove unwantedobjects fromyour photos, add more details and special effects.Here's how itworks — in six simple steps:

 1. Select — Start bychoosing thetwo images you will be working with. You can also picka solidcolor, or load a photo from Unsplash.
 2. Cut out— Circle thearea of your foreground image that you want tokeep. 3. Place— Position your foreground layer by dragging itacross thescreen. Pinch and rotate to adjust.
 4. Refine— Erase anyareas you want removed. Use brush to undo.
 5.Adjust — Makecolor adjustments on the background andforeground so they blendseamlessly.
 6. Share — Save your workand share it withfriends.

 Also included in Deleo is Unsplash, anindustry-leadingphotography community with a large collection ofbeautifulhigh-resolution photos that you can use in your edits. Ifyou wantto create beautiful photos, but feeloverwhelmedor intimidated by the complexity of Photoshop orother photoeditors, try Deleo, a powerful yet simple tool forcombiningphotos, used and loved by professionals and enthusiastsalike.
Add Watermark on Photos 1.5
Simply Entertaining
Try it for Free! Watermark your photos, right from yourphone.Create and Apply Fully customizable watermarks (We aren'tkidding).Watermark your content to Protect from unauthorized use(Copyright)OR Apply digital signature to create your Brand. Addwatermark onphotos provides a complete watermarking solution righton yourphone FEATURES - Create and Save Watermarks Save yourwatermarks astemplates. Choose from preset templates or use yourown logo. -Batch Processing Watermark hundreds of files at once. -Preview& Adjust Preview Photos before applying Watermarks,ChangePatern, position style on individual photos before processinginbatch. - Custom Text Watermarks Create fully customizedwatermarksin seconds. Edit text, color, font, size, rotation,background andmore. - Watermark Patterns Choose one of ourpre-built pattern toquickly add style to your watermark. - Use YourCompany Logo OrCreate One Watermarks can also be imported in theform of an imagesuch as a company logo - Copyright Symbols Makeyour watermarkofficial with a copyright, trademark or a registeredsymbol. -Pixel-perfect Positioning Position your watermarks withprecision.All photos in batch are updated simultaneously. - FontsGalloreChoose from hundreds of integrated fonts - Automatic TilingForultimate protection, your custom watermarks can beautomaticallytiled across the whole photo. - Cross Pattern Forultimateprotection, your custom watermarks can be crossed withyourwatermark in the middle. - Digital Signature Digitally signyourpictures and create your own brand. Start protecting yourcontenttoday!
KODAK MOMENTS: Create premium prints & photo gifts 7.3.0
Kodak Alaris Inc.
Trust KODAK MOMENTS to turn your everyday moments intounforgettablephoto gifts. Designed with your mobile life in mind,the all-newKODAK MOMENTS App has been rebuilt from the ground up,with thefocus on performance and speed. Enjoy a brand newnavigationexperience that allows you to effortlessly turn yourfavorite photosinto lasting memories. Simply pick a photo fromyour phone, thenplace it into dozens of one-of-a-kind photo gifts.You can designeverything from gallery quality canvases to mugs,quickly andconveniently from the palm of your hand. Enjoyship-to-homedelivery, or let the app find a nearby store forsame-day print andpickup. It’s never been easier to access thephotos you want andinstantly print them in-store. Now you canseamlessly connect to theKODAK Picture Kiosk, even if you have youdon’t internet access!FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS • Create a wide range ofone-of-a-kind photogifts including, photo prints and canvases,modern home décor items,framed prints, magnets and mugs. Newproducts will be added soon,visit for ourentire selection of unforgettableproducts. • Just seconds todownload, the latest version of the appis lite-sized at only 7MB.• Connect wirelessly (or tether) to aKODAK Picture Kiosk at yourlocal store and print your favoritephotos on the spot, even ifyou’re offline. • Skip the lines! Findyour nearest store and sendyour order ahead to pick up at a timethat’s convenient for you. •For ship-to-home products, select fromconvenient payment optionincluding GOOGLE PAY & PAYPAL. • Loginto GOOGLE PHOTOS,FACEBOOK, or INSTAGRAM, through the KODAK MOMENTSApp to printdirectly from your social feeds. • Apply easy-to-uselayouts tomake your photos (and relatives) look their best. • Signup todayto get seasonal deals, the latest product news andexclusiveoffers. • The KODAK MOMENTS App is advertising-free and weneversell your data. Ever.
Photext - Make Urdu Post and Write Text on Photos 1.0.1
Khas Games and Apps
♡ اردو میں اپنی مرضی کی پوسٹ بنائیں ♡Photext - Make Urdu PostandWrite Text on Photos is a simple app to add text on photoswithattractive designs and multiple features. If you lackcreativityand not an expert in the art of design then try Photext.It willreally help you for making posts and in advertising forbusiness,media groups, poetry/shairy writers and Islamic postdesigners. Nowwriting on photos and images of your favorite stylishfonts isquite simple. Not only it has much more fonts and stickersbut alsoa variety of backgrounds are available. Make posts likePoetry,Religious Verses ( Quran / Koran & Ahadith ), LoveLetters,Selfies, Snaps and other Social and Public service messageswithjust a simple swipe.Photext Urdu Text on Photo Features:★ Urduاردوand English fonts★ Multi-text and lines both for اردو andEnglish★Variety of backgrounds★ Nice Collection of Templates★ WriteUrduText on images from gallery★ Photext have its own Urdu keyboardandEnglish keyboard★ Infinite color selection for Textandbackgrounds★ Change text color★ Add shade on text with yourdesirecolor★ Shade selection of your desired color★ Flexibletextplacement★ User friendly Text size modification★ Rotate textover360 degree★ Preference changeable from multi-text or image or font to show on front★ Designed post savedingallery as " Photext" folderPhotext Write Urdu Text onPhotoscovered major fields as:♡ Post for social media♡Advertisement♡Photo editing♡ DesigningNow you can design your ownphoto onPhotext:1- Quranic verses posts2- Ahadith post3- Poetrypost4-Funny post5- Eid greeting cards6- Signature maker7-Wallpapers8-Ads campaign and advertisement9- Love letters10-Invitationcards11- Quotes of the dayFor any suggestion or querypleasecontact us via the [email protected]
Photos Companion, a Microsoft Garage project 2018.0301.05.4
Microsoft Corporation
Photos Companion is an experimental app that works withMicrosoftPhotos on your Windows 10 PC to directly transfer photosand videosfrom phone to PC over Wi-Fi. Just make sure your phoneand PC areon the same Wi-Fi network, then scan a code and startthetransfer.Feedback:
3Q Album(photo organizer) 3.5.3
Organize photos, slideshow, share to friends, set wallpaper,puzzle,enjoy photos more. - Organize easily your photos by eachfolder! -Organize, share, edit, and lock your private photos. -Playslideshow, set wallpaper and compare multiple photos. -Preview youralbum as slideshow in best quality effects. - CustomWallpaper - Addpassword - Search pictures - Push to dropbox - Canuse google cloudprint -Show photo in map - Play the puzzle byselecting yourfavorite photo - Play photo memory game -VideoFolder, Videoorganize. -PhotoEditor---------------------------------------------------- this appisclassified photo according to the original photo link, so ifdeleteoriginal photo , cannot be shown in thisapp.----------------------------------------------------
FOTO Gallery 4.00.10
Gion Lab
The ultimate gallery, FOTO Gallery. Did you think - Whydefaultgallery don't do this? Why slow? - Why moving photossouncomfortable? - Tired of scrolling down, down, down.. to findthefavorite folder. - Want to set folder cover to the picflattersyou. - Want to remove ads from private gallery. - Worryaboutbackground job of app.( battery drain, privacy leak) Then,changeto FOTO Gallery! ■ Super fast loading ■ No ads. Lightweight.(under5MB ) ■ Amazing organizing method. ( not auto(machine)organizing.) ■ Almost all people say "OMG, It's amazing!". ■Recover photosdeleted by accident. ( Trash folder. ) ■ Sort bycreate time, addedtime, name, custom(drag & drop ) order. ■ Nobackground job.(Saves battery. No privacy uploads. ) ■ Hide/excludeprivate folders■ Passcode for hidden pics. ■ List folders, onlyphotos, onlyvideos by one touch. ■ Set favorite pic as foldercover. ■ Tag andsearch photos or videos. ■ Move files betweenfolders super easily.■ Move folder to SD card by one touch. ■ Fastfolder scan. ( mediascan ) ■ Play GIF with no lags. ( play like PC) ■ Make a GIF fromvideo ■ Shows EXIF info. ■ Rename folder, pics.■ Create a foldereasily. ■ Crop, rotate pics. ■ Set wallpaper. ■Change app theme. [Reason for requesting permissions]*WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE To movepics or videos, rename, create afolder *READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Toshow pics and folders *GET_ACCOUNTSTo check purchase history. Usesit as encrypted form(hash).
Girlfriend Photo Editor 3.0
"Girlfriend Photo Editor" is an amazing and fun photo editor toaddbeautiful girls to your photos.This app is for every single boywhoneeds a girl in his life. If you are single or if you are tiredofalways leaving alone in the photos, this application is foryou!Show off your girlfriend with your friends and family.Edityouphotos easily by adding the cutest and most fashionablegirlsstickers to your photos.This app has new and stylishCollection ofbeautiful girlfriends in different position to makeyour photoedition more real.Features:- Simple interface and easy touse. -Select a photo from your phone gallery or take photo by usingthecamera.- Crop Option .- Choose any girlfriend you like.-Easyphoto editing controls.- Zoom in, Zoom out, Scale up, Scaledownand rotate the photo.- Add filters and effect will make yourphotosmore fun- High quality and Colorful HD images. - Save andShareyour photo with your friends or family via social networkslike ,Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Picasa, G+,Email.Downloadnow for free! This app gives you a virtual Girlfriendfor yourphotos.
Moments by Facebook
Moments is going away soon and will be removed from GooglePlay.Here's a bit more about the app: Moments instantly organizesthephotos and videos on your phone by time, location and the peopleinthem. It helps you create photo albums that you can share withyourfriends and family, so you can privately collect all the photosandvideos you'll want to look back on.
abPhoto (photo backup)
Acer Inc.
***Enhance your AcerCloud experience with the all-new Acer BYOCApps(abApps)***Snap a photo and auto-backup to your PCWhen takingphotoswith your smartphone or tablet, abPhoto automatically backsthem upto your PC.Enjoy your photos anywhereThe photos are pushedto all ofyour other cross-platform devices, making browsing yourphotoseasier than ever. Whats more, simple and easy steps to addoldphotos to abPhoto allows you to view a lifetime of memories.Tosharea photo is to share a memory· Private: abPhoto automaticallyremovesphotos from Acer's photo-sharing server if they are notadded toyour library within 30 days.· Beyond photos: With abPhoto,you canshare enhanced photos like Multi-angle view, Free focus,and Picturewith sound with your friends. Your friends can viewthese enhancedphotos by simply installing abPhoto.· Original size:With an AcerPrime account, there are no limitations orrestrictions on the sizeof the files you are sharing.
Photo Frame 1.6.1
Photo Frames is one of the best photo editor And beautiful framestoyour photos. Choose photo from Album and select a frame andgenerateyour photo frames.Enjoy the best photo frames in AppStore. WithPhoto Frame you can add new frames to your favoritephotos PhotoFrame editor is packed with templates, text with funfonts, photoeffects, backgrounds, stickers, grid and layoutoptions, emojis andexciting photo editor tools to make your photosextra special,really beautiful photo. Spice up your photo usingstickers, or getcreative with effects, using Photo Frame! PhotoFrame is a powerfulcollage maker for you to create amazingcollages using your photos,text with cool fonts and frames. PhotoFrame editor has a verysimple user interface, evey body can use,with a powerful photoeditor, Photo Frame that gives you everythingto create amazingcollage of your photos. How to use : - LaunchPhoto Frame app, thentap Grid, backgrounds or Photo Effects... -Select a photo or take apicture using camera or Gallery - Edit,crop, rotate your photousing Photo Frame - Save your collage oredited photos. - View yourphotos in gallery - Share The picture ToFacebook twitter IGWhatsapp Beetalk to your friends. Features: -Mutiple frame flowerfor use choose - It lets you combine multiplephotos with variousphoto layouts. - Pick the layout you like best;- Create aprofessional Photo Frame instantly. - Myriads of layoutsfor photogrids, and collage layouts. - Add text, emoticons,smiles, emojis,clip arts, stickers and text to your photos andcollage. - Choosephotos from your gallery; - See them laid out ina cool collage; -Edit it to make it your own! - Lots ofbackgrounds and stickers tochoose from! - A lot of magazinetemplates to choose from, fit forany occasion. - You can combinemultiple photos with various photolayouts. - Easy to add TEXT orSTICKERS! - Color filters can beapplied straight on your photolayout. - Myriads of layouts forphoto grids, and collage layouts.- Add emojis, smiles, clip arts,text, stickers and text to yourphotos and collage. - Dynamicadjustment of grid size - Add textwith fun fonts - Add photopattern from variety of backgrounds foryour collage layouts. -Stickers and emojis and smileys to decorateyour photos. - A lot ofshape layout collages. - Photo Frame is ana great collage maker andphoto editor! - Share your collage photoson Gmail, Whatsapp,Instagram, Facebook
Frame 1.6
Cheer Up Studio
Frame with lots of beautiful art frames can quick combinephotosinto cool art frame. In your life, you have a lots ofbeautifulmemories event: a party, dating, birthday, congratulationsevent,graduation, wedding,... with a lots of photos, with thissoftwareyou can save all your memories event into beautiful artframe andshare to your friends, your family,..All frames into thissoftwareis designed with high resolution, creative and not similarwithanother apps in store. Hope you love this software. With Frameyouhas awesome photo edit application which you can easy way toedityour photos and share!FEATURES: - Over than 100 grid frames,artframes with style square frames very beautiful - Easy to Frameandmake photo grid - Choose the images from gallery or takepicturefrom your camera - Move, zoom in, zoom out, pan around theimage tofit the frame - Auto save photos to sdcard/Picture_Frame/and showthem in gallery - Share photo via social networks :Facebook,Instagram, Twitter, Picasa, G+, Email, SMS, Zalo, v.v… -Set photoas live wallpaper with falling stars and meteor showereffects -Totally FREE 100%, NO SMSJust download Frame to havemoments ofrelax extremely fun and exciting!
Music Video Maker
Video Note LLC
* Video Slideshow Editor is the easiest way to create, editandshare amazing photo music videos and stories * VideoSlideshowEditor is the best video editor, photo slideshow maker& movieediting app* With your photos, videos and tons of freelicensedmusic, you can easily make fun, inspiring, or creativephoto musicvideosYou can make fun music videos just following4-steps: 1.Select photos & video clips from your photos galleryor anyPhotos app2. Add your favorite music, set timing, coolfilters, andtext 3. Share to your friends!4. Save videos privatelyso only youcan see themFEATURES+ Add photos and video clips+ Freemusic clips+Awesome filters+ Set the speed of the video asfast/slow as youlike+ Edit videos with creative effects andfilters, such as slowmotion, time lapse, and hyper speed.+ Sharevideo to your favoriteapps with you friends and families instantly+Clear interface andeasy gestures
Google LLC
The VR180 app by Google lets you set up and manage your VR180cameraright from your mobile device. Use the app to capture180-degree VRcontent with your VR180 camera, then transfer filesto your phone orthe cloud to save or discard clips. It also tellsyou about yourcamera’s status including capture activity, batterycharge, storageremaining, and more. • Set up your VR180 camera injust a fewminutes • Transfer your VR180 content in seconds fromyour camera toyour phone • View your VR180 content to select yourfavorite moments• Save VR180 content easily to Google Photos orYouTube or yourphone’s photo gallery • Share VR180 contentdirectly with yourfriends and family • See what your camera seeswith Live Preview •Remotely capture VR180 content even when thecamera is a few feetaway • Adjust camera settings
Big Camera 2.2.1
Bluestone Media Inc.
Big Camera is a powerful multifunctional photo editingapplicationfor everyone. Bigger make you greatens in your photos.Quickly andeasily Change Background from your photos. Adding Framesmake makesyour photographs look very different. 🌈Simple and freephoto editor🌈Magnify your photo in unique ways 🌈Conveniently changephotobackgrounds 🌈200+ different templets 🌈New content updatedeveryweek -----KEY FEATURES----- Bigger effect 💖Make you becomegiant.💖Make creative photo wiht change background. 💖Change yourphoto inunique ways. Beautiful scene 💖Quick warmth correction forimprovedcolor accuracy 💖Select from thousands ofphotos/Backgrounds/Tilesfrom the app or pick from your personalcollections. 💖Adjustphotos, pictures, images brightness, contrast.Keep things fresh💖With our growing catalog of additional effects,overlays, andborder packs. Save & Share 💖Save to maximumresolution of yourdevice. 💖Photo Sharing to Instagram, WhatsApp,Facebook, Twitteretc. So what are you waiting for? Start makingyour poster andmaking your flyer with this app now.
Keeping up with friends is faster and easier than ever.Shareupdates and photos, engage with friends and Pages, andstayconnected to communities important to you. Features on theFacebookapp include: * Connect with friends and family and meet newpeopleon your social media network * Set status updates &useFacebook emoji to help relay what’s going on in your world *Sharephotos, videos, and your favorite memories. * Getnotificationswhen friends like and comment on your posts * Findlocal socialevents, and make plans to meet up with friends * Playgames withany of your Facebook friends * Backup photos by savingthem inalbums * Follow your favorite artists, websites, andcompanies toget their latest news * Look up local businesses to seereviews,operation hours, and pictures * Buy and sell locally onFacebookMarketplace * Watch live videos on the go The Facebook appdoesmore than help you stay connected with your friends andinterests.It's also your personal organizer for storing, saving andsharingphotos. It's easy to share photos straight from yourAndroidcamera, and you have full control over your photos andprivacysettings. You can choose when to keep individual photosprivate oreven set up a secret photo album to control who sees it.Facebookalso helps you keep up with the latest news and currenteventsaround the world. Subscribe to your favorite celebrities,brands,news sources, artists, or sports teams to follow theirnewsfeeds,watch live streaming videos and be caught up on thelatesthappenings no matter where you are! The most importantdesktopfeatures of Facebook are also available on the app, such aswritingon timelines, liking photos, browsing for people, andediting yourprofile and groups. Now you can get early access to thenextversion of Facebook for Android by becoming a beta tester.Learnhow to sign up, give feedback and leave the program in ourHelpCenter: Sign up directlyhere: or installing the app? See need help? Please tell us more aboutthe issue. Facebook is only availablefor usersage 13 and over. Terms of Service:
500 fonts - Add Text to Photo 4.97.11
Add text on photos and pictures + 500 amazing fonts. Quick, easyandso many possibilities to make your photos with custom fontsintomemorable artwork. Create memes, great quotes, cool poster oryourown text watermark on top of your images. Beautifultypography, wordart, graphic design, text design, font design,typography designs oryour captions on the photos you love.Facebook: The variety ofcustomizepossibilities of 500 fonts: • Infinite multi-style textwith ourcaching system. • Filters to beautify your photos. • PhotoCollagemaker. • Move, rotate, stretch or mirror your pictures. •Draw,doodle, sketch, paint on picture. • Move, rotate, mirror,enlargeor shrink the text. • Perspective Correction Tool included.• Textcolor, stroke and glow is changeable. • GOLD fonttexturesincluded. • Random color gradient for background included.•HEX-Color adjustable. • Text opacity is adjustable. •Textalignment is adjustable. • Random color gradient for textincluded.• Create logos and your own watermarks with thetransparentbackground option. • Layer system with up to 12 layersfor a highercustomization potential. • Eraser Tool - Erase parts ofyourartwork, text to create unique picture effects. • Graphics,frames,shapes usable like Sticker. • Aspect Ratio for crop: Fromquickinstagram square crop 1:1 to 5:8 (16 variants). • Designtemplatesfor social media images: Instagram posts, Facebook posts,Twitterpost, Youtube channel art and thumbnails, Inspirationalquotes,Memes, Cards, Poster maker, Banner, Invitation makerincluded. •Save all your photos in your gallery or in cloud storageserviceslike Google Photos, Dropbox and alike. Save images in PNGor JPEGfile formats (Portable Network Graphic or JointPhotographicExperts Group Format). • Share your edited photos withyour friendson social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or instantmessaging applications. If you have any questions orsuggestions,contact us: [email protected]
Motion Stills 2.0.190280670
Research at Google
Motion Stills is an app from Google Research that lets youcaptureshort videos and transform them into beautiful cinemagraphsorsweeping cinematic pans using our advanced stabilizationandrendering technology. Create looping GIFs or combine clipsintomovies that you can share with your friends! Use Motion Stillsto:• Capture a short 3s clip with a simple tap or condense up toaminute of video into an easy-to-watch clip using the FastForwardmode. • Share your Motion Stills as looping GIFs or videosdirectlywith your friends. • Create movies by combining clips witha simpleswipe to the right. • Browse your recorded clips in astream, orflip through them one-by-one and watch them auto-play.
GemLens - Filters and Lenses for Social Media 4.0
*-- GemLens --* Custom lenses and filters for yourSnapchat,Facebook and Instagram! Some of the features GemLensoffers you!: -Save your favorite lenses, so you can rescan themeasily! - Asearch function so you can find the Snapchat lenses youwant -Install lenses with 1 click on the button - Search for lensesinour categories - Share the most exciting Snapchat Lenses withyourfriends and family! Snapchat released custom lenses onjanuary2018, it let's users create their own lenses (yea even youcan makethem!). Creative people started making and lenses and itsoonbecame a hype! We started Snapcata directly when theSnapchatLenses came out. Now Facebook and Instagram also have thecustomoption filter so we decided to rebrand Snapcata to GemLens!Now youcan find all your filters and lenses for all the platformsat 1place. We hope you have lots of fun using our app! Stupidbutneededdisclaimer----------------------------------------------------- ©2018GemLens lenses and filters for Social Media!. GemLens® isnotaffiliated with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Snap Inc andlogosare trademarks or registered trademarks of them. GemLens.comiscurated collection of the best Instagram filters, Facebookfiltersand Snapchat lenses on the web. GemLens is an independentarchiveand is not associated in any way with Instagram, Facebook,Snapchator Snap Inc. does not claim ownership of any oftheSnapcodes, Filters and Lenses shared on this website.AllSnapcodes, Filters and Lenses on this site are the propertyofInstagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Snap Inc. wascreatedfor the purpose of sharing Instagram filters, Facebookfilters andSnapchat lenses made by the community back to thecommunity. Alllenses not made by our team are credited in theirrespective posts.
Gallery New 1.09
Gallery LLC
Gallery is a free, next generation photo gallery that’s acompletereplacement to your native gallery.Its great galleria,photographygalleries, quickpic, dato, sb & photo album app foryourmobile. it is the Latest Gallery app. it is the gallery.Galleryappprovides google photo backup using Picasa. It is the photos&videos app. Its really "Gallery 2018" app.Gallery - PhoneStorageApp Beautiful 3D Gallery with latest graphics instead of oldone.Use special color Gallery 2018 for photos, hot videos,moviecollections etc. HD Gallery / 3D Gallery, Videos locker. Enjoywithunlimited gallery video and images for show your friendsusingQuick Photo gallery.Photo Gallery is working very simple justclickon gallery icon you will get your all images Group wise,PhotoGallery is the best alternative Photos locker, photo album,photoeditor and video editor for your photos and videos.IntegrateSmartGallery with your Google Photos so you can view and manage allofyour photos & videos in one HD Photo Gallery. Fast, lightandmodern gallery with special animated gallery looks foryourphone.Combining the beautiful look of material design andthesimplicity of Gallery style design philosophy, we made the appagreat pleasure to look at and to use. Set up PIN Lock forhiddenalbums. Easy to hide, unhide and view private albums inbestinnovative way using Photo Gallery HD.Encryption A+ PhotoGalleryis world’s BEST Photo Gallery app for your Android phone.Quick picgallery is the best gallery app designed for managing yourphotos.3D Photo Gallery & Album is the fastest app for viewingHDphotos, video, search photos and search video & managingalbumsWith advanced features, you can control the quality andsharpnessof your photos, so they look exactly how you want. GalleryLock/PinProtection/Hide Private Albums- user can hide privatephotos likegirl friend photos, hot photos, naughty photos, dirtyphotos,secret photos. Easily hide or exclude your private photosandvideos from all Gallery Lock apps and protect them with apassword.Photo SlideShow- Play slideshow of gallery photosinstantly in ahigh quality slideshow. You can change the intervaltiming,sequencing, and how the image is displayed in Galleriessettings.Photo Editor- Crop, Rotate, Brightness, Effects, Zoom inetc.Create and manage photo albums- Organize your photos and videosbycreating albums, setting your favorite albums andhidingunnecessary albums. Hide Photos, Video Hide-Hide photos&videos from your photo gallery and access them easily usingasecret PIN code. Features- Create an photo albums.Auto-stylechange on position/orientation change of device.- Set Pinlock,Pattern lock and Fingerprint lock- Selfie Camera photoalbums.-Crop photo view.- Folder Exclude & Restore- Slideshowanimation with unlimited photo pics of HD Gallery.- You cansetyour photo as Wallpaper.- Open photo with preferableapps.-Supported all the popular image and video formats- Showphotodetails.- Single or double tap or pinch to zoom.- Able GridPhotoview.- Able List Photo view.- Easy to share pictures-Multiselection move & copy paste files.- Create an photoalbums- CanChange Theme color from setting.- Move to differentAlbum- Hideyour private photos- Customize Background Color.- BestGalleryvideo player.- Set Your Favorite Theme Color- Change Themecolorfrom settingTag : Gallery Free,Gallery Vault,GalleryPrivate,HDPhoto Gallery,Gallery for samsung,Gallery for motog4,MerryGallery, Gallery Lock, Gallery Private, FotoGallery,Gallerylocker,Photos & Gallery,Photo View,Piceffect,FocusGallery,Gallery lock apps download,Enjoy 3DStyles,GalleryDownload,Gallery Private,Gallery ProJust downloadthis Gallery youwill be amazed, its very easy to use.Thank you somuch for yourpatience and support! :)
Snap Inc
Life's more fun when you live in the moment :) Happy Snapping! * **Please note: Snapchatters can always capture or save yourmessages,such as by taking a screenshot or using a camera. Bemindful of whatyou Snap!
Photo Wear Watch Face (for Wear OS) 4.2.33
Sparkistic LLC
Want to easily show off your best photos? With PhotoWear™, youcaneasily display any of your favorite nine photos right fromyourAndroid Wear watch! SIGN IN to Instagram and get your mostrecentor most liked photos or SELECT 9 of your favorite photos fromyourphone's gallery TOGGLE between photos right from your watchfaceNOTE: PhotoWear is only compatible with Android Wear OSwatches,and does not work with Tizen-based Samsung watches such asthe GearS2 or S3. ☆☆☆ Highlighted Features ☆☆☆ - Connect toInstagram toinstantly get pictures - Crop your photos and applyphoto filters -Change options like text font, battery indicator,and time position- Interactive watch face lets you select albumview or tap todisplay any of 9 photos full screen - New beautifulanalog watchface displays time in a unique circular style Havefeedback,feature requests, or want to participate in the betareleaseprogram? Check out or PhotoWear G+Community: Thepermission "read the contents of your USB/SD card" isthere so youcan select existing photos from your gallery. Use ofthis appconstitutes agreement with Sparkistic, LLC's END-USERLICENSEAGREEMENT.
Cloud Mail.Ru: Keep your photos safe 2.3.3038
Mail.Ru Group
Cloud Mail.Ru for Android - a free service for savingphotos,videos, music, presentations, documents and other files.With CloudMail.Ru all your photos will always be at hand. Uploadyour filesto your cloud drive and they will automatically beavailable on allyour devices. * Upload photos from your mobilephone. Adjust theautomatic "save to disk" in your cloud CameraUploads. In order tosave bandwidth, it is recommended to performdownloads whileconnected to a Wi-Fi. * Free up space on yourdevice: all yourimages are already saved in the Cloud. * Sharefiles and folderswith friends and colleagues in just one click. *Save bandwidth -you can send a link to a image, video or documentby SMS, e-mail,instant messenger or through a social network. *Cloud Mail.Ru forAndroid allows you to watch videos (including themost popularvideo formats: avi, mkv, mp4, mov, wmv) and listen tomusic. Cloudcan play a video file without downloading it on thedevice. Stillavailable ability to open a video into an externalplayer. * Manageyour files from anywhere - rename, delete, movethem betweenfolders. * Create shared folders with other users, addany filestogether. Use shared folders with friends to collectphotos fromparty or travelling. Work with documents in groups,using sharedfolder with colleagues. Collect and share familymemories - allfamily members can add photos and videos in a sharedalbum. * Keepyour important files in a safe storage location! Nomatter whathappens to your drive on your PC or phone, all yourfiles stored inthe Cloud will stay intact. * You can increase yourCloud storage.List of plans is located in the application side-bar.* The CloudMail.Ru app is available for Android smartphones andtablets. * Youdo not need any wires, flash drives and memory cards.All you needis the free app Cloud Mail.Ru and internet connection.Theapplication has been tested and is compatible with Androidversion4.0 and later.
Shoebox - Photo Storage and Cloud Backup
Couch Labs INC.
Shoebox is your personal photo collection with unlimited freephotobackup. Automatically backup your photos to keep yourmemoriessafe, secure and private. Carry every photo you’ve evertaken inyour pocket or on your tablet without taking up storagespace onyour Android phone or tablet. Don’t risk losing photos ifyou loseyour phone or your hard drive crashes. Shoebox is availableforAndroid phones and tablets, computers, and more. ★ Features: •100%private and stored with the same encryption used by banks•Unlimited cloud storage means no additional storage space takenupon your phone • Facebook photo backup to download and save allyourFacebook photos • Rediscover your memories with 'This DayinHistory' • Chromecast: Cast any photo or video in yourcollectiononto your TV • View your computer photo collectiondirectly on yourAndroid phone/tablet • View your phone’s photos onyour computerwithout plugging in via USB • Backup videos (Android4.3 or newer)• Share select memories with friends and family •Automaticallybackup your camera roll without plugging in to yourcomputer •Browse photos based on locations, camera, time of day,season, andmany more • View slideshows, and directly share photosto Facebook,Twitter, and more • Free and Unlimited. Our free plankeeps all ofyour photos safe at a resolution of 3264 pixels on thelongest sidewith no expiration • 14 days of Pro photo backup, whichbacks upphotos at their original resolution. Details ★Check out what others have to say about us: •Forbes - “Move OverFlickr, Photobucket and Picasaweb -- Here ComesMyShoebox...Thecross-platform capability here surpasses thelimitations of Google+pic-sharing options...” • TechCrunch -“MyShoebox offers a cloudphoto storage service that goes beyondwhat most of those othercompanies provide...” • PetaPixel - “Theservice offers nativeapps...that sync your entire photo collectionto the cloud withoutyou having to do any extra work” • GSMNation -“If your phone findsitself buried in the snow during thepost-dinner game of touchfootball, you won’t lose any of thepriceless family photos thatyou took earlier in the afternoon.” •Wedding Republic - “All ofyour photos are automatically backed upand you can access themanywhere. This offers an easy solution nexttime you’re at yourAunt’s house and everyone wants to see yourwedding photos!”
Captions for Instagram and Facebook Photos 2.2
Cut-Copy-Paste is too mainstream; Pick-Copy-Post is the newinternetsensation! And with Best Instagram Captions, we help youmasterthat, for FREE. With various filters and categories, get therightcaption for Instagram & Facebook in less than a minute.Justcopy your favorite caption and use in your Instagram &Facebookpicture. Just download the app right away to dive into anocean ofbest captions for Instagram for your next Instagramphotos. Everwondered how some people have a perfect caption ontheir Instagram& Facebook pictures? Have you ever envied yourfriend forgetting more likes than you? How do people interact witha stupidphoto with a just quirky caption? Well, you won’t be alaid backInstagrammer anymore. With Best Instagram and FacebookCaptions, youcan also attract the top more likes and followers onInstagram. Justbrowse through our handpicked masterpieces, use asyour caption andvoila! Your chain of likes and comments getstriggered. You areabout to become famous among your peers, andpeople will soon turnto you to get cool captions for their photos.You can also sharecaptions with your friends and partner rightfrom the app.Furthermore, you can upgrade your Instagram story andphoto sharingskills with our cool captions. We have custom curatedphoto captionsto harness your popularity. We bring to you quotesand captions thatgo perfectly well with the mood of your pictureand hashtags. Weunderstand your eagerness to post the picture onInstagram as soonas possible, and hence we make caption searchingreally easy foryou. We filter the captions on gender base (P.S Weare totally coolwith gender equality :smile: !). And here’s arange of categoriesBest Instagram Captions offer: • Attitude •Beauty • Couple • DP •Friends • Insta • Nature • Funny • Love • …& more Some of thefeatures that differentiate us in the marketare the User-FriendlyInterface and the Search and Filter feature.In Best InstagramCaptions, you can - Find captions by: • Category• Tags FilterCaptions by: • Latest • Popular Also: • Copy • Share• Favorite/LikeThus we leave no stone unturned to help you find aperfect match foryour favorite insta pic. Plus, a fresh set ofcaptions are added ona regular basis so that you never go out oftrend or caption. Sowhat are you waiting for? Click the downloadbutton right away anddive into an ocean of best captions for yourInstagram photos. Incase of any inconvenience or suggestions,reach us [email protected]
Famm - photo & video storage for baby and kids. 3.10.0
Famm is the best family app ever. Save beautiful familymomentsonline and share those photos with the ones you love. Fammis a funand easy baby photo album, kid journal and private photosharingapp for free. - You can upload pictures very fast, easy tosharephotos with your partner, family and close friendsanytimeanywhere. - Famm can be used by a single person too. - Max50photos could be uploaded simulaneously with high speed. -Createprivate collage scrapbook for family : Famm will pickuppicturesand create growth milestones every month automatically.Useful forchild care records. Age is displayed automatically. -Sort andorganize photos easily. - Messaging functionality isavailable.Messaging will be a part of the kid journal. - Leavecomments onyour favorite snap for record. - Completely private andsecure,share pictures only with people who matter the most. Famm isaclosed sns (social networking service). - No need of photobackup.They will be transferred to online storage andarchiveautomatically. - Famm will notify 100 days celebration,halfbirthday, birthdays and anniversaries automatically. - Photoscanbe shared with your relatives via sns app too. - Differentphasesof the life, from cute baby, toddler, kid to grown-up, useFamm aslife book. All the special moments, stories and beautifulmementosof your family will be collected within Famm.
WedPics - Wedding Photo App 4.3.6
deja mi, inc.
WedPics is a fun and easy way for the wedding party and gueststoshare their photos and videos in a personalized album. Entertheunique Wedding ID, take photos, apply custom filters,and...voilà,every photo taken at your wedding is instantly uploadedto youralbum!TOP 10 REASONS TO USE WEDPICS: 1. Capture unlimitedphotostaken by all of your wedding guests 2. WedPics isprivate(#HashTagsAreNot) 3. Filters, stickers, and text makecapturingwedding photos FUN for guests 4. Instantly enjoy everyphoto takenby your guests in 1 place. No more emailing or textingfor pictures5. Download everyone's photos in high resolution afterthe weddingday 6. Order prints directly from the app or website,deliveredstraight to your door 7. Folks with regular digitalcameras canupload directly to your WedPics website 8. Unlike otherapps,WedPics does not own your photos 9. Have full control overyourwedding album (delete or share any photos) 10. Easily inviteyourguests via Text, Email and Facebook. It’s as easy as sharingyourWedding IDHOW DOES IT WORK?From wedding showers to therehearsaldinner to your honeymoon, and every other social eventsurroundingyour big day - collect it all with WedPics! Gettingmarried? Set upyour WedPics App TODAY!If you would like a WeddingID to test theapp, please use ID: demoFEATURED ON:TechCrunch: “A(photo) sharingapp that replaces those stupid disposable cameras.That’s whereWedPics comes in.”Mashable: "A new app called WedPicsis looking torevolutionize how guests capture pictures atweddings."As seen onThe Knot, WeddingWire, WeddingChannel, WeddingChicks, NYT,Mashable, TechCrunch, The Next Web, ABC, NBC, BBC, andmanyothers!What are other wedding couples saying about WedPics? Seeour5 star reviews!
App Sharer+ 2.7.6
Zerone Mobile Inc.
App Sharer is a perfect application which helps toshareapplications with your friends. Thanks to this application youcanshare applications links and apk files. Applicationproperties★Sharing application' market links, apk files by Email,Dropbox,Google Drive, Bluetooth, Facebook, Twitter etc.★ Multipleselectionand sharing feature,★ Caching feature (You can disablethis featureby choosing 'fast share' on settings),★ Clean cache nowfeature,★Used cache size on settings,★ Running selectedapplicationfeature,★ Web sharing feature,★ Blocking web sharingusing cellulardata feature,★ Cancelable sharing.* ResetingsettingsSharingoptions a)Apk and Link: Shares google play store urland apk fileb)Address: Shares only app url c)QrCode: Shares app'sencodedgoogle play store url d)Apk with Expansion files: Sharesapps withexpansion files e)Copy to folder : Selected apps will copytoselected folder f)Copy to folder with expansion files :Selectedapps will copy to selected folder with expansionfilesProproperties★ Sharing apps with expansion files which isapps' sizeover than 100MB,★ Moving .obb expansion files to defaultfolderwith a smart tool★ Ad-free, clean usageBuy Pro: share apps by selecting apps which you want to sharethanclicking 'Share selected apps' or clicking an app thanselecting'Share' on opened menu. When you're apps ready for share,you canshare by apps which installed on your phone like Dropbox,GoogleDrive, Email, Facebook, Twitter etc. or you can share overbluetoothwith other devices. You can cancel sharing on processing.Allsharing options are under the 'other options' menu item.AppsharingoptionsLink : You can share apps' google play market url bythisfeatureQRcode : You can share apps' google play market urlqrcode bythis featureApk and Link : You can share apps' Apk fileand googleplay market url by this featureApk with Expansion files: You canshare apps' Apk files, expansion files and google playmarket url bythis featureWeb sharing : You can share apps by yourown app storeover webExpansion fileAndroid apps have expansionfiles other thanApk file which apps' size over than 100MB. Thisapps could not runwithout expansion file. You must have expansionfile on your phone.Expansion files have obb extension.Movingexpansion file'App Share+Pro' have a feature to open and move .obbexpansion files. After apkfile installed you should install obbfile before open application.When you select .obb file 'App Share+Pro' asks 'Do you want to moveexpansion file to default path?',you should select 'Yes' thanmoving .obb file start. When movingfinished your application readyto start.
Diary Book - Journal With Lock, Photos, Themes 🔐 3.0.1
Lucidify Labs
Diary Book - With Lock is a passcode protected, simple yetfeaturerich, free journal app. With multiple themes, rich textoptions anddifferent font styles, customize your diary with yourown taste.Keep your memories safe in the journal with Google Driveand localbackup options. With over 100,000+ downloads, Diary Bookis one ofthe most loved diary apps on Play Store. Top Features 🔒 InBuiltApp Lock - Fingerprint, Pattern, Pin and Password: Safeguardyourdiary with the inbuild lock settings. Set the lock by goint totheSettings > App Lock and choose the type of lock. Youcanenable/disable the fingerprint option too. 🌟 Rich TextOptions:Customise your text with numerous options including bold,italic,strike, highlight, font color, font size, font style etc.You canalso undo and redo in the text editor. 💾 Cloud Sync WithGoogleDrive: Always keep your memories safe with Google Drivebackup. Youcan also backup and restore from the local storage inyour device.🏞 Option To Attach Photos To diary: Multiple photos canbe attachedto the diary entry from gallery and camera. You canreorder thelist of images. 📚 Colorful Themes: With over 15 themeswithdifferent colors, make the app adapt to your favorite colorofchoice. 🌓 Night Mode: Relax your eyes by keeping the app innightmode. Auto night mode option is also present. 📅 Calendar View:Takea glance at your history of journal writing with the calendarviewwith easy navigation. 🏷️ Attach Multiple Tags: Add multipletags toeach entries to categorize and group them. 🙃 Add Moods ToTheJournal Entry: Record your emotion by adding a mood to thejournalchoosing from over 25 moods from the list. 🖨 Export AsPDF/text: Ifyou want to share the content with others or for yourown purpose,you can generate the PDF/text files for an entry or allentriestogether. 🔐 Safety Features: When the app is minimised, thecontentof the can't be seen in the recent apps list. Enable this bygoingto Settings and enabling "Hide app screen". 🖌 Otherusefulfeatures: - Speak to write the diary - Simple searchwithhighlighting - Daily reminder for writing diary - Auto lockwhenthe app is minimized - 24 hour and AM-PM format -Star/unstarentries - Sort entries: Oldest/newest first - Show/hidelines inthe text area Diary Book is carefully crafted to simplifytheprocess of writing journal. Your feedback is important to us.Writeus on [email protected] Keep In Touch: -Website: -Facebook: -Twitter: Share the app withyourfriends and family. Have a great time using the Diary Book :)
D Notes - Smart & Material - Notes, Lists & Photos 2.1.22
Notes Limited
D Notes will be the most beautifully designed and intuitive noteAppyou have ever used. Choose from many customization optionstopersonalize your note-taking experience. Get D Notes todayandstart capturing your thoughts. Features: ☆ BeautifulMaterialDesign ☆ Photo, Video, and Generic File Attachments ☆ BasicAdd,Modify, Archive, Trash, and Delete Note Actions ☆ VoiceRecorder ☆Unlock Protected Notes with Fingerprint or PIN Code ☆Manage Notesusing Categories and Colors ☆ Backup/Restore fromGoogle Drive andSD Card ☆ Multiple Themes, Fonts, and SortingOptions ☆ Widgets,App Shortcuts, and Reminders ☆ Export Notes ☆ PinNotes toNotification Bar ☆ Text-File Viewer ☆ Favorite, Search,Read-Aloud,and Share Notes ☆ To-Do List ☆ Google Now Integration ☆SupportsHyperlinks and Samsung Multi-Window ☆ Highly Customizable ☆No AdsPro Features: ☆ Auto Sync with Google Drive ☆ Auto BackuptoInternal Storage ☆ Speech-to-Text ☆ Multi-Note Selection ☆PinMultiple Notes to your Home-Screen Contact me via email, ifyouwould like to contribute to localization or if there are anybugsyou have come across. [email protected]
lollicam - photo, video camera
lollicam - BEAUTIFY, ENHANCE and TRANSFORM your photos, videosandselfies! lollicam's magical and unique real-time beautyeffects,face-tracking stickers and cinematic effects makeincredible photoand video experiences that can be shared instantly.Where to findus: Website: Our key featuresinclude: ◎FACE-TRACKING STICKERS AND EFFECTS: A wide array ofFace-trackingStickers / Geo Stickers and over 40+ Photo/Videofilters onlollicam allow you to make Cinematic Effects you wouldotherwiseonly see in movies. The possibilities to transform areendless onlollicam. ◎ YOUR OWN STICKER CREATOR: Craft your ownFace-trackingstickers and face-tracking texts using our new StickerCreatortoolkit! ◎ EMOJI STICKERS Utilize over 1,000+ emojis in youriPhonekeyboard as elements in your own custom stickers! ◎EXTREMESTICKERS You will feel like you are immersed in a realtimevideogame environment when using lollicam’s “EXTREME" STICKERS.Withthese Stickers, we've really taken things to the next level!◎REAL-TIME BEAUTIFY: Instantly Beautify your face with lollicaminyour photos, videos and selfies! Say goodbye to all thosetiringedits! ◎ EASY GIF CREATION: Create your own unique andhilariousanimated GIF’s with our easy to use Gif generator. ◎CINEMAGRAPH:Make your pictures move a la Harry Potter! AND SO MUCHMORE! Whereto find us: Website: