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XYZ Player 1.3.3
XYZ Player, is a smart and speedy player that supports almostallvideo formats available. It allows you to play local video filesaswell as online streams smoothly! XYZ Player can play 720p/1080pHDmp4, mkv, m4v, mov, flv, avi, rmvb, rm, ts, tp and many othervideoformats in Android. Almost all popular streaming protocolsaresupported by including HLS(m3u8), MMS, RTSP, RTMP, andHTTP.Features: * User friendly Interface * Material Design(RecommendedBy Google) * Efficient Resource Handling * AD FREE Someof thescreens are from the Big Buck Bunny licensed under theCreativeCommons Attribution 3.0 Unported. (c) copyright 2008,BlenderFoundation /
FFT Spectrum Analyzer 17
- Spectrum analyzer- Graph view- Waterfall view-Adjustablefrequency range- Adjustable scales (linear, logarithmic,etc.)-Different window functions- Hold button- Microphone input-Detectmain frequencies
Private Photo, Video Locker 32.0
Kohinoor Apps
Calculator Gallery Vault may look like simple calculator withthenaked eye but has a secret gallery lock behind it. If you enterthecorrect password, this will actually allow user to Keep safephotosand videos behind fully functional Calculator.TopFeatures⦁Photos& videos protection: Selected files will behidden and can onlybe accessed with correct password.⦁SecretLocker: You can only openprivate photo vault by typing correctpassword into our SmartCalculator or your fingerprint (forsupported devices).⦁IncognitoBrowser: an inbuilt private browserfor your safe browsing ofprivate websites and downloading ofphotos, videos and audios fromweb and lock instantly inside secretlocker and leaves no tracks inyour system.⦁Fake Password: SmartCalculator supports Fake Passwordto show fake content in extremecases when you need to open secretlocker in front of otherpeoples.⦁Direct Sharing: Share your lockedPictures, Videos or Filesdirectly to social apps. No need tounlock.⦁Music/Apps/Docs/Contactsprotection: Hide your personalaudio,contacts,apks or any documentseasily.⦁App Lock: Powerful andfaster App lock with different lockthemes for your better privacyof your apps. Fingerprint App Lockand fingerprint gallery vaultsupported to compatibledevices.IMPORTANT: Do not uninstall thisapp before unhiding yourpersonal files otherwise it will be lostforever. Activate UninstallProtection to prevent this app frombeing uninstalled by othersespecially kids.⦁Other usefulfeatures:⦁ Face Down Phone will helpyou to perform chosen actionin emergency situations when someonecame suddenly. for exampleclose smart calculator app, open websiteor open other appimmediately.⦁ Capture images and downloadPictures, Videos fromsecret browser inside the app itself.⦁ AppDisappears from recentapps list. If you got any call when usinglocker then lockerimmediately closes itself and also if suddenlysomeone came nearyou and you just screen off then locker willcloses automatically.⦁Supports “Calculator App Protection” toprevent calculator vaultfrom being uninstall by kids or strangersand also prevent forcestop your app lock by other applications.MoreAmazing Tools:⦁Customize color of your full app. DIY color themesinto our SmartCalculator.⦁ Amazing image viewer with shuffle andslideshowoptions to relax and view photos.⦁ InbuiltAudio/Videoplayer.Inbuilt AppLock Features:⦁ Choose from Multiplenew themesand backgrounds for applock.⦁ Intruder Selfie : catch thesnoopersand capture selfie who try wrong password, pattern orfinger printin your app lock.⦁ Fake Cover: Fake App lock cover offorce closescreen appears over locked apps and only you know tricktoopen.This app uses the Device Administrator permission.TopreventCalculator being uninstalled, Calculator need DeviceAdministratorPermission and Calculator never use any other DeviceAdministratorpermission except uninstall prevention.This app usesAccessibilityService. To keep applock at best and help users withdisabilitiesto remind unlock apps.Useful FAQ: Q). My hidden filesare storedonline?A. No, your hidden files are stored inside phonelocally.Q).Got new phone or phone stolen or broken. Can i recoverhidden filesfrom old phone?A. No, currently we do not supportonline backup ofyour hidden files so that you can not recover anyof files from oldphone.Q). How do I change my password?A. Open yoursecret vaultfirst and Go to settings of calculator gallery vaultapp and clickon Change password option.Q). Forgot my password andhow torecover? A. Enter 7777 = on our smart calculator. This willopenpassword recovery screen to recover your password inyourregistered email id with an app.contactus:[email protected]
Linux CLI Launcher v6.13.1
Francesco Andreuzzi
Are you sick of all those colorful and chaotic launchers? DidIcons,App Drawer and Dock bother you enough? Do you miss thosetimes whenyou could do whatever you wanted with a simple command?Then, T-UILauncher and its Linux-like CLI (Command Line Interface)is exactlywhat you need. Features: • T-UI commands (likeuninstall, open, sms,..) • Native Android/Linux commands •aliases, use your favouritecommands faster • suggestions, to helpyou compose your commands •RSS reader • in-app notes, for yourto-do list • reply to yournotifications directly from yourlauncher • online theme repository,share your own setup with thecommunity • TUIXT, in-app text editor• extremely highlycustomizable launcher • CLI music player • fullLinux-like CLIinterface Some T-UI commands: • uninstall [app] • sms[contact][text] • call [contact] • calc [expression] • search[google,playstore, youtube, files] • wifi • flash • share [file] •mv / cp[file] [dest] + many other Linux commands Useful links: Wiki-> Google+ community -> -> Twitter-> Telegram ->'t install this if you don't like having a CLI as yourhomeLauncher, if you hate Linux or those two things together. Thisappuses the Device Administrator permission.
Keep Me Out 2.0.10
Vikesh Dass
Addicted to your mobile device? Wanting to cut down yourMobileDevice usage time? Are you having a hard time focusing onyourstudy just because of the smartphone? Do you have a bad habitofDrunk Texting ? Keep Me Out allows you to lock yourself out ofyourmobile device for a time period that you want. Now you canenjoysome quality, device-free and distraction-free time! You willstillhave access to the lock screen and its widgets, so you canstillmake emergency calls and answer calls. Lock your device toStayFocused Note : This app uses the Device Administratorpermission Touninstall the app read instructions at this page: have an issue, please email me at [email protected] before leaving a negative review ! Translators : German-Sascha Fiege
GST Rate Finder 1.56
[PLEASE UNINSTALL AND REINSTALL IF THE APP IS CRASHING ONYOURDEVICE]A simple app to search through the various goodsandservices and their respective GST Rates and details.Searchtheentire list or respective categories of taxes for GoodsandServices.Leave a comment if you liked the app or send usyoursuggestions.
7-Day Weight Loss Plan 1.4
7-Day Weight Loss Plan This application show the informationabout7-Day Weight Loss Plan. If you want to know how to cooking forloseweight or diet. YOU'VE FOUND IT!! This app should be helpfulforthose who count calories, want a meal regiment that is under1400calories. Or even those who want to try famous 7 day diet. Inanycase, if you need to lose weight fast, 7-Day Weight Loss Planappmight be for your best choice. Install this App Now, andstartgetting healthy and losing weight!
A new & improved Express App gives you insider access tothelatest style, exclusive offers & EXPRESS NEXT Rewards. •Viewapp-exclusives, offers and sales at a glance in the newOfferssection. • Check out new arrivals & the latest trends •Viewyour EXPRESS NEXT account & redeem Rewards • Scanitemsin-store to see details & customer reviews • Find anEXPRESSstore We’re listening! Keep the feedback coming by going toHelp inyour EXPRESS App to tell us what you think, or contact [email protected] Be sure to keep an eye out formoreapp improvements and new features. By clicking INSTALL, youconsentto the installation of this app on your mobile device andanyupdates or upgrades, including for performance andfunctionalitypurposes. You can uninstall the app at any time.
The Cleaner - Speed up & Clean 1.8.10
Liquidum Limited
Newly redesigned with a beautiful updated interface, The Cleaneristhe same free Android optimizer and speed booster app you love,nowwith a detailed dashboard to give you an at-a-glance overviewofyour phone's health. Speed up your phone or tablet with thememorycleaner, free up storage space and clear cache, batchuninstallunneeded or potentially malicious apps with the appmanager, andprotect your privacy with the included app lockfunction. You canalso make your games run faster and improve theirperformance withthe Game Booster. Best of all, The Cleaner is asalways as easy touse as it is beautifully designed, all in alightweight app thatwon't hog your Android's memory, so cleaningyour RAM and phonestorage is easy and fast. MEMORY OPTIMIZER Freeup memory and boostyour device's speed with a simple tap STORAGECLEANER Clean upstorage by deleting junk files such as cache andAPK files APPMANAGER Batch uninstall apps and identify apps withunnecessarypermissions GAME BOOSTER Speed up your games and improvetheirperformance APP LOCKER Protect your privacy by locking yourappswith a PIN SCHEDULED REMINDERS Never forget to clean yourdevice sothat it's always running optimally The Cleaner is free, sotry ittoday to speed up your Android! And please leave us a rating!
Calc Vault-Photo,video locker,Safe Browser,Applock 10.0
Donna Danley
Calculator Vault is completely free to Hide unlimited PicturesandVideos. Really want secret locker for your personal files inyourphone? you can not skip this app. Keep safe gallery and No needtoworry when giving your smart phone to friends and family whenSmartCalculator Plus app installed in your phone.Top Features☆HidePictures & Videos: Your files will be secretly stored andcanonly be viewed in this app after you enter correct passwordintosmart calculator.☆ Safe Browser: Surf through internet usingsafebrowser and even download photos and videos which will bestoredsecretly inside this app. You can even bookmark your favoritesitesto access them easily.☆ App Lock: Powerful App Lock system tolockprivate and social apps along with Fingerprint App Lock optionforcompatible devices.Advance Features► DisguisedandinconspicuousGallery Lock app icon magically disappears andgetsreplaced with a secret G-Scanner icon. You can also start thisappwithout icon from your phone's Settings/Apps/GalleryLock/MANAGESPACE.► Share to HideYou can directly hide pictures andvideos fromphone gallery or SD card by sharing to Gallery Lockapp.► FakeVaultCreate Fake vault with different password forstoring fakephotos and videos.► Face Down LockThe app will performaction givenby you when your device faces downward. You can chooseto close theapp or open a website or other app in emergency.►FakeCoverDisguise your apps lock screen to prevent from breakingintoyour password. Fingerprint scanner and fake force close dialogwillhide the real lock screen.► Intruder SelfieAutomaticallytakesIntruder selfie when someone tries to break in your privacybyentering wrong password or pattern.► Inbuilt Image Viewer andVideoPlayerSupport Inbuilt Image Viewer to view pictures andslideshowthem with transition effects.Support Inbuilt Video Playerto playvideos with any media player installed in your phone.►UninstallProtectionPrevents Secret Gallery Lock app from beinguninstalledfrom kids or strangers.This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission.This app uses Accessibility Service.QuickTips✔ In orderto Change PIN quickly go to Settings tab and click onChangePassword.✔ After you Hide Pictures and Videos, Export iconinGallery lock brings back your media whenever needed.✔ EasilyChangeSlide Show interval using the Settings tab.✔ Use Theme iconto makethe Vault Lock Screen colorful so you don’tgetbored.---------FAQ--------Q: If I uninstall the app, can I getmypictures back if I reinstall the app?A: Re-installingcannotrecover those deleted files. So please make sure to unhideandbackup all your hidden files before uninstalling this app.Q:Whatabout if I lost my phone or broken?A: Your files are storedonly onyour device and not online.Q: Can I take out my media fromthisphoto and video Locker?A: Yes, you can easily export photosandvideos using couple of stepsQ: Photos and videos arestoredtogether or separately?A: You can hide photos in photo lockerandvideos in videos locker inside this app.Q: If I forgotmypassword?A: If you Forget Password you can always RecoverPasswordby your registered e-mail id and regain access to this appby,Input7777 then = button in our Calculator App to send yourpassword intoregistered email.Need Help?Feel free to mail usat:[email protected]
Hide App, Private Dating, Safe Chat - PrivacyHider 2.9.6
Do you want to hide your social & dating apps? TryPrivacyHider!With Privacy Hider, you can hide your frequently usedsocial& dating apps, meanwhile it also can help you hide theirpopupnotifications.Privacy Hider can hide apps from yourlauncher,recent apps list, app management in system settings.Moreover,Privacy Hider provides multiple solutions for privacyprotection,enabling you to run multiple accounts at the same timewith twocloned apps, hide pictures and so on.Features:★Hide App -Protectuser privacy, hide apps on your device, like WhatsApp, etc.•HideApps from local space: Hide the installed Apps you want tokeepsecret. Create a safe space to secure sensitive information ofthehidden apps.•Safe space for new Apps: You can hide a new appbyinstalling from Google Play.•Erase trace in recent : ThehiddenApps will not be shown in “recent Apps list”•Managenotifications:The notifications of hidden Apps can be chosen not todisplay inthe status bar•Mock Notification: You can mock appnotifications asother notifications★Cover Privacy HiderYou can useCover PrivacyHider, Privacy Hider will not be seen on yourlauncher, you canaccess it through a disguised calculator. Once youexit PrivacyHider, it will turn to the calculator interface to lockagain, andkeep working as a calculator.★Clone App - Log in to multiaccountsof social networking apps at the same time on one device,likeFacebook, etc.•Run multi-accounts at the same time on onedevice,receive both notifications withoutinterference.•Managenotifications: The notifications of cloned Appscan be chosen notto display in the status bar•Mock Notification:You can mock appnotifications as other notifications★HidePictures•Protect yoursecret pictures, avoid embarrassing situationthat other peoplefind them accidentally.★Private Browser•You cansurf privatewebsites safely and save your favorite sites inPrivacyHider.•Private Browser will protect your privacy data andoffer youreal private browsing experience.★AppLock in PrivacyHider•Setpassword, lock your apps in Privacy Hider.FAQ:1. How tohide appscompletely?The apps you create in Privacy Hider areindependent ofthe system. To completely hide apps, you canuninstall it in yourphone system, or later opening this app inPrivacy Hider to chooseto uninstall from system.2. Why does PrivacyHider request so muchaccess permissions?Privacy Hider creates avirtualized environmentto hide apps, so it requires necessarypermissions to ensure normaloperation.3. Why does Privacy Hidertake up larger storage, trafficand battery consumptionrelatively?The used storage, flow and powercalculated under PrivacyHider are consumed by the hidden Apps andcloned Apps.4. We stronglysuggest you not to uninstall PrivacyHider.If Privacy Hider getsuninstalled, all your data in PrivacyHider and the apps being usedin Privacy Hider will be clearedtogether. We strongly recommend youto enable PreventUninstallation to avoid any accidentaluninstallation, go to“Sidebar-Prevent Uninstallation-Enable”. Evenenabled, you canstill uninstall Privacy Hider in PreventUninstallation.EmergencyContact: If you spot any emergency problemthat can not beresolved, please contact us via Facebook or FacebookMessenger bysearching "@privatemeapps", and we will get back to youas soon aspossible.Facebook PageLink:
Third Eye 1.1.9
Mirage Stacks
Use Third Eye and catch all the mobile snoopers with ease. ThirdEyeapp will ease your task of catching your friends and familywhilethey try to access your mobile. Third Eye will take a photowhilesomeone tries to access your mobile with wrong PIN, PatternorPassword. You can catch the snoopers red handed using this app.Itprovides lot more cool features. Features : 1. The appautomaticallytakes a photo while someone enters the wrong PIN,Pattern orPassword. 2. Notification about wrong attempts while youunlock thelock screen. 3. Last unlock time feature will show youthe previouslock screen unlock time. With that, you can easilyfind if someoneused your mobile without your knowledge. 4. Adetailed photo logs ofthe mobile snoopers. 5. Lot morecustomization settings. Note :“This app uses the DeviceAdministrator permission.” This app usesthe "Monitor screen-unlockattempts" device admin permission todetect the wrong attempts inyour mobile lock screen. Without thepermission, the app may notwork properly. Note : To Uninstall theapp, please turn offintruder detection feature in the app anduninstall the app. Else,you can directly use the Uninstall optionavailable inside the app.
Hide Images and Videos 2.2.5
My Gallery is a free app that allows you to import photos andvideosfrom the device's gallery into the app and hide them behindapassword to be able to create your own gallery. By using thisappyou will have a high protection on your photos and videos.Whatmakes this app special ? My Gallery app stores images andvideos inthe device storage without server, So it guarantee a veryhighprivacy. Features : .Very easy to use. .Safe and secure..Fingerprint. .Select any number of images or videos fromdevice'sgallery. .You can prevent uninstall app or clear data..Passwordprotection. .Rotate and zoom images. .Sharing images andvideos..Restore images and videos to gallery. .Support hiding andplayingGIF images. .Video player. ** To avoid losing your data ,ifyouwant to uninstall this app don't forget to move your imagesandvideos back to gallery.
Smart Cleaner - Speed Booster & Junk Clean 1.1.6
Smart Cleaner - Speed Booster & Junk Clean is a light toolforprofessional phone cleaner & booster for android allFREE!Smart Cleaner can speed up your phone and clean junk fileseasily!With this app you can smart clean your phone, get moreinternal ROMstorage. It is an app which is crucial to anyone whohas memorymanagement issues.Speed up your phone and free yourstorage freenow! Easy to Use● Simple, intuitive user interfacewhich canoptimize your Android in just a few clicks● 1 tap to speedup yourdevice with shortcut from home screen.● Smart optimize yourAndroidwith auto boost● Easily to detect and uninstall unwantedapps withapp manager.Optimize and Clean● Speed up your phone andremove junksafely● Clean application cache, download files,clipboard contentand so on● Fast, compact and efficient with lowmemory and CPUusage, free up valuable storage space● Quickly andeasily uninstallmultiple unwanted applicationsMonitor your System●Check the usageof your CPU● Keep track of your RAM and internalstorage space●Check out your battery levels and temperature Howabout SmartCleaner - Speed Booster & Junk Clean ? Free try itnow!100%FREE and EXTREMELY LIGHT & SAFE! Thank you very muchfor yourattention to our application.Please contact us if you haveanyquestion or suggestions.
Mitula Cars 5.0.1
Mitula is a search engine for used cars that scans multiplewebsitesto show you relevant ads on one application. By using justoneplatform you can be sure of finding the best used car offers atthelowest prices. We have millions of ads for used and new cars.Whatcan you do on Mitula Cars? ✔ Choose the type of vehicleyou\'relooking for. You can search by make, model, fuel type andlocation.We do the rest. ✔ Contact the publisher of the addirectly. ✔ Filteryour search by price, mileage, year as well asmany other features.✔ Save your searches to receive notificationsand emails when adsare updated and new cars added. ✔ Add the carsyou like to yourfavourites or discard the ones you aren\'tinterested in to simplifyyour search. ✔ Share the ads on socialmedia or via email. ✔ Locateaffordable cars close to you. An appdesigned to give you the mostpersonalized results possible andmake your car search simple,comfortable and intuitive. Availablein more than 40 countries and15 languages. You can find cars inLondon, Birmingham, Manchester,Leeds, Bristol, Sheffield, Glasgow,Cardiff, Edinburgh, Newcastle,Reading, Norwich, Liverpool,Nottingham, Sunderland, Belfast andthousands of other locations.Download the app for free and let usknow your opinion. It helps usto deliver a great service. For moreinformation visit
Profile Analyzer for Instagram 5.1.2
Discover the best profile analyzer application. Meet thisstunningand elegant application. Easily analyze and manage yourInstagramprofile and instantly identify who is doing what on yourprofile. ①Profile Visitors - Find who viewed my profile ② Premiumslots -Promote yourself in app. 200K+ active users will se yourpromote. ③Multi account - Add much accounts and manage it. ④ Yourfans -Which people you don't follow back. ⑤ Safely login - We'reusingofficial API. That's why your information is most safely. ⑥Mutualfollowers - You can find users follow you and you followusers. ⑦Customization - Personalize the application by yourself. ⑧Nolimits - We have no hourly limits. ⑨ Unfollowers - Seewhounfollowed you. This application made by andallrights reserved. If you need help, please send [email protected] or rate and comment on Play Store. Note: *Wenever save or keep your Instagram password in our servers. Alsowenever share your Instagram password with any third party orstoreit in any of our servers. All this information is storedlocally onyour android device and is deleted permanently as soon asyou logout or uninstall the app. You can check our privacy policyhere: Important warning:*This app is never means affiliated to Instagram * App makes useofInstagram APIs
This application helps you to extract installed applicationsandgenerate an APK file on your device so you can share inGmail,Dropbox, Google Drive.. - Fast and easy to use. - Extract alltheapplications in your device User and System (ONLY ROOT DEVICE) -Bydefault the file is saved in / sdcard or internal memory /APKExtractor Pro / - The search option will help you to findanyapplication applications - Compatible from version 4.0 tothelatest version of Android 5.1.1 and the future version ofAndroid M- The application is extracted apk format - Pressinganyapplication you could remove or uninstall one or moreapplicationsat once - In the folder by pressing you can re-installor deleteany file sharing - Also you can see the details of anyapplicationor access the store for more details - The APK ExtractorProapplication is integrated advertising that can be removed atanytime for.
Intruder Selfie™ 1.3.5
Intruder Selfie™ allows you to easily see who has tried tounlockyour device without your authorization.Jealous partner?Thinksomebody has quickly looked at your phone while you weren'tpayingattention? Don't worry! With Intruder Selfie™ you will knowat anytime who unlocked your device!Intruder Selfie™ takes apicture ofanybody that enters an incorrect password. You can thenview thepictures of them in a gallery.How to use1. Enable DeviceAdmin2.When somebody turns the device on, a picture is taken. Youcan seeit in the app.This app uses the Device Administratorpermission. Weneed this to detect failed unlock attempts. Touninstall this app,touch Uninstall from the menu. If that doesn'twork go to AndroidSettings, Security, Device Admins, and deactivateIntruderSelfiebefore uninstalling.
Oscilloscope 2.2
Digital dual-trace storage oscilloscopeFeatures-Advancedautocorrelation triggering- 1 or 2 traces- Microphoneinput-Adjustable gain and frequency- Tap to hold
Sattaking App 1.0
RE-DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THOSE APPLICATION IS NOT WORKINGPROPERLY.THIS MAY SOLVE YOUR ISSUE.Due to policy issue in app, Irequest youto please uninstall the earlier version and re-installlatestversion of app for more feature.Thanks You.In this app, youcan seesuper fast results direct to your mobile with just a clickaway.Youjust need to download and install.Have a FunEnjoy!!!Disclaimer:Please not that this application is web basedand if you have anycomplaints please contact respective owners.Official website ofresult linked: http://www.satta-king.inand
LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum 1.53.0
LINE Corporation
70 million downloads world wide!! LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum isthefluffiest puzzle game ever! Collect, connect and pop TsumTsumbased on the popular Disney Tsum Tsum plushes. Mickey Mouse,Winniethe Pooh, Frozen and more beloved Disney characters arehere!Before you download this experience, please consider that thisappcontains social media links to connect with others andin-apppurchases that cost real money. How to Play -Collect TsumTsum andset your favorite as your MyTsum. -Connect 3 or more of thesameTsum Tsum to pop them. -The more Tsum Tsum you connect, themorepoints you'll get! -Trigger off Fever Mode to rack up a wholebunchof extra points! -Each Tsum Tsum has a different skill. Usethe onethat matches your play style! Find a strategy that works foryou!LINE Disney Tsum Tsum is published by LINE under licensefromDisney.
Applock - GodGirl 1.0.2
AppLock Pattern Theme - GodGirl belongs to the main applicationofAppLock, please download it at first! What is AppLock ? AppLockisa light app protector tool to protect your privacy in mobileapps.★ AppLock can lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger,SMS,Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls and any app youchoose.Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy. Ensuresecurity. ★AppLock has PIN and Pattern lock, choose your favoritestyle tolock apps . Pattern lock is more easier and faster tounlock . PINlock has random keyboard. Much safer for you to lockapps . No moreworry people may peep the password or pattern. Moresafe! ★Richthemes We have built-in sets of beautiful Pattern andPIN themesfor your choice, will continue to update. ★ With AppLock,you will:🔒 Never worry about a friend borrows your phone to playgames withmobile data again! 🔒 Never worry about a workmate getsyour phoneto look the gallery again! 🔒 Never worry about someonereadsprivate data in your apps again! 🔒 Never worry about kids messupSettings, send wrong messages, paying games again!——MainFeatures—— * A key lock, simple, quick! * Lock applicationtoprevent others are free to buy, uninstall applications! *Locksetting to prevent misuse of the phone to change thesystemsettings! * Privacy lock, to prevent others from seeing youralbum,video and a variety of sensitive applications! * PatternLock:simple and fresh interface, unlock faster! * PIN lock:randomkeyboard. Much safer for you to lock apps * Lock any appsusingpattern(e.g Twitter, Gallery, Camera) * Home Screen Locker *Lockscreen timeout * Lock 3G, 4G data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more *Locknew apps * Uninstallation Prevention * Set Lock Time toonlyactivate lock at certain time * Easy-to-use and user friendlyGUI——How it Works—— ■ Download and install the TransparentPatternLock. ■ Go in setting and enable the lock. ■ Set yourpattern. ■ Tounlock draw your pattern and you open the lock and seeyou homescreen. Contact US: [email protected]
NavBar Animations (No Root) 2.2
If you are looking for an app to Customize and Enhance yourphone'sNavigation Bar without having to Root or install Xposed, youare inthe right place. Navbar Animations offers awesome customanimationsthat will add some life to your boring old navigationbar.Pleaseread the entire description before leaving a negativereview. Also,if you are facing an issue, please mail us first sothat we can canhelp you out and improve the app. Note:If the Profeatures don'twork after you purchase, please uninstall andre-install the appfrom Google Play or reboot your phone.If the appdoesn't work onyour device try disabling the Developer options.Notefor new LGdevice users : Set the app scaling for Navbar Animationsto'Fullscreen 18:9' in the settings. The default is set to 16:9whichis why it will not work. What does this app do?NavbarAnimations isa personalization app that adds cool animations toyour navigationbar which can be configured to make it your own.Choose from a widevariety of custom animations packs and never letyour navigationbar be boring again! We are constantly working toadd new featuresand improve app performance, do stay tuned forweeklyupdates.Features :• Enable Navbar Animations and chooseananimation pack.• Set animation speed, color overlay andanimationtriggers.• Auto start on boot option.• Pro Features :•Remove allads.• All Animation packs(Current and future)available.How doesthis app work?Navbar Animations adds a layerunder your existingnavigation bar where all the animations areplayed. Due torestrictions in the Android system, it is notpossible to add alayer above the existing navigation bar.Will thisapp work on myphone?If your phone already has a Software NavigationBar (likethis : ), thenall theanimations will work as they should. If your phone does nothave aSoftware Navigation Bar like in Xiaomi Mi phones, this appwill notwork. This app does not work in some apps like GoogleChrome!Yes,since this app does not have root access or specialprivileges, wecannot overcome these issues. Nevertheless, we areconstantly wokingto make this app better, stay tuned for weeklyupdates!Have anyissues or suggestions?Chat with us on Facebook,like the page foroffer codes and updates: us an e-mail:[email protected] website:http://navbaranimations.axndx.comHelp us with translationshere:
Ball-Hop Anniversary
Renown Entertainment
Play the best skew ball style game on your Android withscoreboosting bonus targets!Roll the ball, earn tickets andredeemnostalgic prizes. Customize your ball and tablet theme. Signin toGoogle Play Services and compete in the global leaderboardsfor thetop score.AMAZING 3D GRAPHICSThe best looking alley rollergame onmobile that looks and feels just like the realthing!CUSTOMIZE YOURGAMETons of balls to redeem and several funthemes to earn anduse.OVER-ACHIEVEEarn achievements by redeemingsets of prizes withyour tickets. Play against others for the topscore on the worldwide leaderboards.FEATURINGSim qualityphysicsVibrant 3D graphicsand effectsBonus target multipliers toachieve super highscoresMultiple balls, themes and prizes tounlockPlay withoutinternet or WiFi*Install BALL-HOP ANNIVERSARYNOW!*___HOW TO PLAY•Swipe up on the screen to launch a ball• Aimfor the Bonus Icons toenhance your game ADVANCED• Swipe down toretrieve balls that don'tlaunch• Tilt and Sensitivity settings arein the Pause menuTIPS•Tilt and perform bank shots for extremecontrol• 3 Bonus Icons = OnFire!• 6 Bonus Icons = BurningUp!SUPPORT• Please email us at thesupport address in ContactInformation• If you don't receive areply within 5 business days,check your Spam/Junk folders• We careabout our customers and willdo our best to help you out___BACKINGUP DATAYour data is saved onthe device and currently there isn'tsupport to move save databetween devices. If you uninstall thegame without backing up, youwill lose your data. You can usebackup tools like Titanium Backupor any other backup program onGoogle Play. However, we do notencourage/support this and will notbe able to provide support ifanything goes wrong.
Talking Notification Girl 1.69
This App can speak out any notifications like chat, mails, callsandalerts etc. in a way you want. We have given many options totweaknotification as per your interest. More voice language isavailableby default under Android Settings -> Language &input ->Text-to-Speech Output. We are working on the moreintuitive animatedavatars for fantastic user experience and youcan expect advancedavatars in near future. Please write to [email protected] anyissues------------------------------------------------------- Ifyou findyour phone is talking continuously even after uninstallingTalkingNotification Girl App then follow the below steps We arestronglybelieving that you have enabled wrong option "TalkBack" intheAccessibility service which is an integral part of the phoneusedto talk continuously for any events. Can you pleasedisableTalkBack accessibility Service under Settings ->Accessibility-> TalkBack or Settings -> Accessibility ->AccessibilityYou should enable only Settings -> Accessibility->Notification Avatar -Free------------------------------------------------------- Pleaseletus know if you are looking for any extra features, We willconsiderits feasibility and add it to this app.
Photo Lock App - Hide Pictures & Videos 40.0
Donna Danley
Photo Lock App is completely free to hide unlimited photosandvideos. Do you want your personal life really personal? KeepSecretyour gallery and No need to worry when giving your smartphone tofriends and family when Photo Lock app installed in yourphone.TopFeatures☆ Hide Pictures & Videos: Your files will besecretlystored and can only be viewed in this app after a numericPIN orPattern is entered.☆ Safe Browser: Surf through internetusing safebrowser and even download photos and videos which will bestoredsecretly inside this app. You can even bookmark your favoritesitesto access them easily.☆ App Lock: Powerful App Lock system tolockprivate and social apps along with Fingerprint AppLock optionforcompatible devices.Advance Features► Share to HideYou candirectlyhide pictures and videos from phone gallery or SD card bysharingto Photo Lock app.► Fake VaultCreate Fake vault withdifferentpassword for storing fake photos and videos.► Stealth Mode(Replaceapp icon)Photo Lock app icon magically disappears and getsreplacedwith a secret icon e.g. News, weather, radio, etc. You canalsostart this app without icon from your phone'sSettings/Apps/PhotoLock/MANAGE SPACE.► Face Down LockThe app willperform action givenby you when your device faces downward. You canchoose to close theapp or open a website or other app inemergency.► FakeCoverDisguise your apps lock screen to prevent frombreaking intoyour password. Fingerprint scanner and fake forceclose dialog willhide the real lock screen.► IntruderSelfieAutomatically takesIntruder selfie when someone tries tobreak in your privacy byentering wrong password or pattern.►Inbuilt Image Viewer and VideoPlayerSupport Inbuilt Image Viewer toview pictures and slideshowthem with transition effects.SupportInbuilt Video Player to playvideos with any media player installedin your phone.► UninstallProtectionPrevents Photo Lock app frombeing uninstalled from kidsor strangers.This app uses the DeviceAdministrator permission.Thisapp uses Accessibility Service.QuickTips✔ In order to Change PINquickly go to Settings tab and click onChange Password.✔ After youHide Pictures and Videos, Export icon inPhoto lock brings backyour media whenever needed.✔ Easily ChangeSlideShow interval usingthe Settings tab.✔ Use Theme icon to makethe Vault Lock Screencolorful so you don’t getbored.---------FAQ--------Q: If Iuninstall the app, can I get mypictures back if I reinstall theapp?A: Re-installing cannot recoverthose deleted files. So pleasemake sure to unhide and backup allyour hidden files beforeuninstalling this app.Q: What about if Ilost my phone or broken?A:Your files are stored only on your deviceand not online.Q: Can Itake out my media from this photo and videoLocker?A: Yes, you caneasily export photos and videos using coupleof stepsQ: Photos andvideos are stored together or separately?A:You can hide photos inphoto locker and videos in videos lockerinside this app.Q: If Iforgot my password?A: If you Forget Passwordyou can always RecoverPassword by your registered e-mail id andregain access to this appby click on forgot password option on lockpadNeed Help?Feel freeto mail us at: [email protected]
My Schedule 5.5.0
Biesbrouck Arnaud
My Schedule is the ideal diary for those who have movedworkingschedules. Seize your schedule on your telephone andtransporteverywhere. Furthermore thanks to your personalized codesof color,facilitate the understanding of your schedule. NewFeatures: - Easysharing of your schedule - The hour meter worked -A guide
Crazy Cleaner - Memory Cleaner and Phone Booster 2.3.1
Mighty Apps Production
⚡️The Craziest Cleaning and Boosting app in Google Play –CrazyCleaner and Booster 🙃😜😝Crazy Cleaner and Booster is themostpowerful phone optimizer. It’s a Phone Booster, Junk Cleaner,CPUCooler and Battery Saver. Crazy Cleaner and Booster can helpyouboost speed, clean up junk, cool down CPU, save battery lifeandmanage all your apps. Crazy Cleaner and Booster is the lightestbutmost powerful phone optimizer you've even seen.Crazy CleanerandBooster's Features:✅Clean Up JunkOur advanced file scan enginecanfully scan the android system to find all the junk files suchassystem caches, app caches, useless apk files, residual files,andmore. You can completely remove them all to free up storageandoptimize performance.✅Boost Up SpeedMemory-hungry apps runninginthe background will slow down your phone, Crazy Cleaner andBoostercan help you find the culprits, stop them to reduce memoryusageand boost your phone’s performance.In addition, you can createan1-tap boost icon on your home screen, so you just need one taptoboost your phone. Speeding up your phone has neverbeeneasier.✅Cool Down CPUCrazy Cleaner and Booster can analyzeCPUusage dynamically, and detect apps that cause your phonetooverheat. Then it will help you close these apps, cool downyourphone immediately, and prevent the phone temperature fromrisingagain.✅Save Battery LifeThere are apps that eat up yourbatterylife. Crazy Cleaner and Booster can analyze battery statusand stopthese power-hogging apps to help you save power, extendbatterylife.✅Manage All AppsCrazy Cleaner and Booster allows youtouninstall multiple apps with just one click. The best part isthatno root permission is required!Boost your Android for FREE!
Calculator - Photo Vault & Video Vault hide photos 2.1.3
Green world inc
Calculator+ Vault for photo, The best calculator photo vault,hideyour photo, security the hide private photos Calculator+ Vaultforphoto is a photo hide app that lets you hide yourpictures,Calculator+ Vault for photo looks like a beautifulcalculator, andworks very well, but have a secret photo vaultbehind it. all hidephotos will be encrypted, uninstall the app willnot delete thepassword, or remove the photos. Calculator+ Vault forphotoFeatures ► Hide private photos under the calculator ► Welldesignedcalculator, you can calculate with it very well. so, no onewilldoubt it. [Well designed calculator] Calculator+ Vault forphotofirst is a well designed calculator, All the calculatorfunctionsare correct. [Hide Photo] Some pictures are not suitablefor yourpersonal album, Calculator+ Vault for photo can hide it foryou.[Encrytped photo] All hidden pictures are encrypted, So, evenifothers find the file, there is no way to view the photos[Smallsize] The app size of Calculator+ Vault for photo is verysmall, itwill not take up a lot of your mobile phone space
Minimal Clock 1.8.3
IMPORTANT: Minimal Clock is a widget (not an application), itwillonly appear in the widgets section of your phone. It willnotappear in the applications list! If it does not appear inwidgetssection, try uninstall and reinstall the app! thank you:)Foranyone looking for the reliable (but battery draining)version, youcan download it from this link: clock widget for yourhomescreen. Minimal Clock islightweight and easy to use and has asimple design that many userswill love.Features- 2x2 Widget(resizable)- High resolution widgetoption (Warning: high resolutionwidget will decrease battery lifemore than regular widget)-Displays hour, am/pm, day of week,minute, and battery (arc)- Customcolors for clock face border,clock face fill, battery arc, hourtext, am/pm & day of week,minute text, minute face fill, andminute face border.- Colorssupport alpha (transparent)- Optional24hr format- Optional batterypercentage- Optional date format(8/20, 20/8, Aug 20, 20 Aug)-Adjustable text and line thickness-Easy access to settings bytapping bottom right corner of widget-Optional tap to launchselected appTo add this to your homescreen,go to your app drawers.Then navigate to your widgets section, andfind Minimal Clock. Holdit down and move it to the screen you wantto add it to.I amcurrently a student working on this app for funand in my freetime. If there are any problems or suggestions,please send me anemail at [email protected] Also if you wouldlike to possiblydonate :) here is a link to my paypal:
YAMAP - Social Trekking GPS App - 5.4.6
YAMAP is The Most Popular Outdoor App in Japan. YAMAP makesyouroutdoor adventures, like mountain trekking and skiing, saferandmore fun with your smartphone. YAMAP does not require amobilesignal to track and log your outdoor activity. Our detailedoutdoormaps provide information you need like elevation, parkingandtrailhead locations. YAMAP lets you build an online outdoorjournaleasily so you can share your love of the outdoors! ■□■ VideoaboutYAMAP ■□■ ■□■ThreeMain Features of YAMAP ■□■ 1) Safe ◆YAMAP makes yoursmartphone aspecial GPS device for the outdoors. YAMAP couldprovide accuratepositioning information with YAMAP's maps in Japanand yoursmartphone's GPS, even if you are in places not reached bymobilephone signals, such as in mountainous regions. 2) Convenience◆YAMAP Hybrid Maps YAMAP's maps are used as digital ones withyourdevice, and as ones on paper by downloading them to your PC(ortablet PC). 3) Share ◆You can easily share your outdoor datawithyour family and friends through YAMAP. Finishing your outdoorandsaving your data, you can uploads it to your online'ACTIVITYREPORT' where you can view your route, outdoor data, andacomprehensive workout history. ■□■ Online Support Message Board■□■ ■□■ Note ■□■ - Continued use ofGPSrunning in the background can dramatically decrease batterylife. -Thanks to our friends from Icons8 for their icons. ■□■YAMAPOperating Company ■□■ YAMAP INC.  E-mail : [email protected]: +81-92-710-5511
Ice Box - Apps freezer
Catching Now
If your device is already root, you can install it directly.Ifthere is no root, you need to go through a verycomplicatingoperations to enable Ice Box. Please read the fulldescriptionbefore making decision. Non RootSetup: is a box to freeze and store the apps you rarely used. Appsinbox will be HIDDEN from launcher and won't be able to stealyourbattery or cellular data in background. You can easily launchthemfrom Ice Box, just like launch from a home screen folder.They'llbe frozen automatically after screen lock or back tolauncher andcan't do anything in background. Long press singleicon, or drag toselect multiple icons can: - Run App. -Freeze/Defrost app. - ViewApp's system detail. - Open on GooglePlay. - Uninstall. Supportlauncher shortcut: - Freeze All Apps -Freeze All + Lock Screen -Defrost and Run Specific App MoreFeature: - Fingerprint lock. -Notification shortcut. - Android 7.1quick shortcut. - Double clickshortcut to freeze. - Support Taskerplugin. How to use non rootmode There is not necessary to switch tonon root mode if yourdevices are already rooted. 1. Make sure yourdevice is runningAndroid 5.0+ and you know how to use adb clearly.2. Go to"Settings - Accounts", remove ALL ACCOUNTS including yourGoogleaccount. 3. Run "adb shell dpmset-device-ownercom.catchingnow.icebox/.receiver.DPMReceiver " onyour computerterminal. 4. Reboot your phone then can add youraccounts back.After setting up Ice Box will grant the DeviceAdministratorpermission on your device to freeze/defrost apps.Please rememberto click "Defrost All" in settings if you want touninstall IceBox.
AppLock : Fingerprint & Pin 2.53
AppLock allows you to lock apps and protect your apps usingPattern, Pin , Fingerprint and crash screen.---- Features -----▶Lock Apps/ App LockerAppLock allows you to lock apps like gallery ,messageapps , social apps and email apps with fingerprint , pin ,patternand crash screen.▶ Capture Intruder PictureIf someone triesto openlocked apps with wrong password , AppLock will capture thepictuerof intruder from front camera and show you when you openAppLock.▶Lock Recent AppsYou can lock recent apps page so no onecan see thecontent of recently used apps.▶ Custom SettingsUseseparatecombination of locking methods with different pin orpattern for aspecific apps.▶ Crash screenset crash screen forlocked app , so noone can know that if an app is locked.▶Fingerprint SupportUsefingerprint as secondary , or use onlyfingerprint to un-lockapps.▶ Improved Lock EngineAppLock use twolocking engines ,default engine is fast and the "Improved LockEngine" is batteryefficient with more features that does not drainyour battery.▶Turn Off AppLockyou can turn off AppLock completely ,just go toapp settings and turn off the app.▶ Lock Timeoutyou canto re-lockapps after some time [1-60] minuets , immediately orafter screenoff.▶ Simple and Beautiful UIBeautiful and simple UI soyou canperform any task easily.▶ Lock Screen Themelock screenchangescolor according to the app that you locked , every time whenlockscreen appears you will experience AppLock differently.▶PreventUninstallTo protect AppLock from uninstall you can go toAppLocksetting and press "Prevent ForceClose/Uninstall".FAQs---------- Q2: How can I create different pin& pattern for eachapplication?A: Select the app that you wantto lock from App list,Lock the app and then click on Custom, Thenenable "CustomSettings" and then change pin, and pattern. Q 3: Howcan I preventsomeone from uninstalling my AppLock?A: Go to settingsand click on“Prevent Force Close/Uninstall”. Then Lock your mobileSettings. Q4: Will AppLock works if I restart my Mobile?A: Yes itwill startworking, and your locked apps will be protected. Q 5: Howcan Icheck which apps are locked?A: In the top right corner ofAppLockFrom the drop-down menu select “Locked Apps”. Q 6: What does“Lockrecent apps” do?A: This option prevents someone from seeingyourrecent Opened Apps. Q 7: I installed AppLock, but there isnooption to lock my apps with the fingerprint?A: It depends onyourmobile if your mobile has a fingerprint scanner and Androidversion6.0 (Marshmallow) then finger print app lock method willalso work.Q 8: In my Huawei device when I open AppLock it againasks to Onthe Option of AppLock service?A: Because you have notadded AppLockin your Protected Apps list of your Huawei Mobile. Q9: What is"Crash Screen"?A: If you enable Crash screen for someapplicationit will show a window with a message of “App Crashed”after longpressing "OK" you can go to lock screen. Q 10: How toenable Crashscreen option in AppLock?A: In, App List lock yourdesired appClick on “custom” and enable custom settings, and thenenable“Crash.” Q 15: How to uninstall AppLock?A: First RemoveAppLockfrom Device Admin from mobile settings or AppLock settingsand thensimply uninstall it.Permissions:• Accessibility Service:This appuses Accessibility services to enable "Improved LockEngine" andstop battery drain.• Draw Over Other Apps: AppLock usesthispermission to draw lock screen on top of your locked app.•UsageAccess: AppLock uses this permission to detect if a lock appisopened.• This app uses the Device Administrator permission : Weusethis permission to prevent other users from uninstalling thisappso your locked content can be fully secured.
Calculator 6.0.10
Xlythe (Calculator)
Calculator is a simple 4 function calculator, with a panel thathasmore advanced functions when you need them. It includeshistory,real time graphing, base conversion, and more. It alsocomes with alockscreen widget, a floating calculator, and a wearapp so you canuse whichever is most convenient.The goal is a simpleanduncluttered calculator.Because Calculator is a full replacementforyour stock calculator, we recommend you disable the one thatcamewith your phone. If you long press your original calculator,anddrag it to App Info, you can Disable it where you'd normallyfindUninstall.And, while this release has a few extra bellsandwhistles, Calculator is still an open source project. You cancheckit out at
Wave to Unlock and Lock
Do not support Xiaomi Redmi 3S. Wave Lock(Wave to Unlock) is theappuse proximity sensor to lock and unlock the screen by way waveyourhand over the proximity sensor. Protect power button on yourphone.[NOTE] ● The app makes error fingerprint so you should turnofffingerprint before using this app ● This app uses theDeviceAdministrator permission to you can lock the screen whilewavingyour hand overlay the proximity sensor ● If you can unlock,pleaseopen settings and enable "Fix Unlock" function to retry ●When wavelock not working maybe wave lock service is killed bySystem orClean Master app. Please try to check power manager onyour deviceI think can it set app in list power save this can makeapp not runstable ● On Xiaomi device. Please try to do thefollowing tip tomake the app run stable: 1. Open app 2. Open recenttask 3. Dragand drop wave lock icon to bottom when wave lock iconwill appearwith icon lock ● To uninstall the app you can click thebutton"Uninstall" in-app or go to"SystemSettings—>Security—>Device Administrators" touncheckAdministrator permission for Wave Lock and afteruninstalling WaveLock app same as normal way. If you can'tdeactivate DeviceAdministrator please try to restart your device toretry or sendfeedback to me to receive more supports. [Feature] ●Supportmultiple languages (English, Vietnamese, Swedish, Spanish,Russian,Greek, Italian, Polish, German, Indonesian, French,SimplifiedChinese, Hungarian, Arabic) ● Wave hands over proximitysensor tolock and unlock screen ● In pocket(Do not turn on screenwhen toput your phone in pocket) ● Easy pause and play appvianotification center. ● Disable in Landscape to avoid lockscreenwhen playing game or watching video ● Allow set sensitivityforproximity sensor ● Set time delay before lock screen WaveLock(Waveto Unlock) app free and very easy use. When to use app ifyou issueany error, please feedback for me Setup and enjoy!!! Ifapp notworking you can use old versionhere: like the app, don't forget rate five stars ★★★★★ orreview.They are appreciated for me. Thank you so much Help us totranslateto yourlanguage: help from translators: Gustav Dersjö - Swedish Gilbertoleomar- Spanish Cuneyt O - Turkish dukenukemf - Russian GeorgeChorafas -Greek eu.lorenzozanni94 - Italian DanieL - Polish ThomasGorzka -German Facebook fanpage: P/s:Communicategoogle+ groups withme Thankyouvery much.
Photo,Video Locker-Calculator 20.0
Calculator is the Vault app can secretly Hide Pictures, HideVideosand Lock Apps without anyone knowing as gallery lockinstalled inyour phone looks as just a regular calculator.Yourfiles will besecretly stored in vault and can only be viewed aftera Numeric PINis entered on calculator panel of this app.Also thisPhoto,VideoLocker can be used as regular calculator for dailyuse.How to use✔Hide Pictures and Videos : Click on Plus Button atthe bottom ofmain screen and then select media from gallery andclick lockbutton to hide into Photo,Video Locker-Calculator app.✔Lock Apps:Go to App Lock tab on main screen and Lock your Apps byselectingthem to keep safe from others.✔ Intruder Selfie: Enablingintruderselfie lets you capture intruder's photo and show them whenyouentering into smart hidden calculator.✔ Fake Cover: you canenableadvanced security where you can set fake cover of Force closeofapplications which are locked and only you know trick to openyourapp lock interface.✔ Finger print app lock: you can enableyourfingerprint for locked apps to open it without also used for your smart hide calculator.✔ Wi-fisecurity: nowyou can have control over your switched like wifi andBluetooth byour strong app lock security.Features:• AccessPhoto,Video Lockerby typing Numeric PIN on calculator panel of thisapp.• Lock appsusing Classic PIN pad.• Support all Picture formatsin gallery locklike GIF, JPEG, PNG etc.• Backup PATTERN UNLOCK.•Beautiful Themesfor calculator and app lock screen.• Easy toManage, Delete,Unhide, Move Pictures in gallery vault.• AmazingInbuilt Imageviewer with Slide show, Rotate, Share and Shuffleoption.• Supportsapp protection to prevent Calculator from beinguninstalled bystrangers.“This app uses the Device Administratorpermission.” Youcan activate device Administrator permission forthis app toprevent accidentally Uninstallation of app and avoidloss yourdata.• Powerful and Instant Lock Apps system to keep safeyourprivate media.• Finger Print unlock for both calculator andapplock for supported devices.• Intruder Selfie. Instantselfiecaptured when someone tried wrong password on your app lock.•FakeApp lock cover. Enable double security or fake screen over yourapplock. you can set force close app screen for locked apps.• youcanlock wifi and bluetooth with password protection of applock.•Disappears from recent apps list.• Dark Mode feature helpstosecretly open personal photo,video locker during nightwithoutanyone knowing.• Latest Material Design with easy touseinterface.This app uses Accessibility Service.USEFUL TIPS :✔ForgetPassword? Recover Password by your registered e-mail id andregainaccess to the app.✔ Change PIN? Go to Settings tab and clickonChange Password.✔ Unlock Media? After you Hide pictures andVideosfrom this gallery lock, use unlock button in this app tounhidemedia whenever needed.✔ Advance Protection? Turn “ON”appprotection option from settings after you Hide pictures andVideosto keep safe without losing it.✔ Relax and View Images?UseSlideShow option and set slide interval from settings.✔Beautify?Use Theme icon to change color of Lock Screen so you don’tgetbored.FAQ: Q: Forgot my password. How to Reset?A: Enter 8888numberin Calculator and press EQUAL(=) button. password recoveryscreenwill open.Q: I uninstalled app and my locked photos gone. CanIrecover?A: No you can not. once you uninstalled appwithoutrestoring files back to your gallery, you will lose lockedfilesforever. re installing can not recover those deletedfiles.AnySuggestion or Feedback?email: [email protected]
Virus Remover and Cleaner 1.3
Do you want to boost working functionality of your Device ?Doyouwant to Clean your gadget from different types of Virus ? thenthisapplication is a best source and meet your requirement, use itandmake your mobile device active and full functionalHow to Use:-just install this application , tap to open by clicking onitsIcon. press "CLICK TO SCAN" button application willautomaticallydetect dangerous permission and files residing in yourmobiledevice and will show you that you can remove byUninstallingapplications and deleting files .
AppLock 2.2.16
summary: Are you worried about your phone book, mobilevideopeeping. Do you worry about your phone settings aremodifiedothers. Do you worry about the phone is child-buy the game,chaoticsetting. Do you worry about losing important data, secretpeeping?Do you want a nice lock screen? has AppLock help: He nolonger hasto worry about your smartphone to your friends to play!You nolonger have to worry that someone could see your phone! Neverworryabout your lock screen too ugly! Do not worry about the kidsbuythe game! A key lock, simple, quick! Lock application topreventothers are free to buy, uninstall applications! Lock settingtoprevent misuse of the phone to change the system settings!Privacylock, to prevent others from seeing your album, video and avarietyof sensitive applications! Digital Lock: Choose a variety oftypesof digital lock screen! Gesture Lock: simple and freshinterface,unlock faster! DIY Lock: Use your photos to makeapplication lockscreen, you can add filters to your photos so youcan see your mostbeautiful day! More features coming soon ...Please feel free tolet us know! [email protected]
App Locker 1.14
App Locker is the most secured and light weighted app. AppLockerlock - unlock any types of files you want to protectfromunauthorised person and provide app lockingfunction.***Features*** ➢ Lock the apps App Locker lock the appswhich youwant to prevent unauthorized access and make it secure. ➢File LockApp Locker can lock your all types of files like datafiles, imagesfiles, videos files etc. To lock the file we usedencode - decodetechnique which was the best way to protect. ➢ Shareencrypted fileUser can share encrypted files and code with friends,to decryptuse shared code. ➢ Light weight and fast App is lightweight by appsize and RAM memory, fastest performance than otherapps. ➢ HideApp Locker icon User can hide the icon of App Locker sootherunauthorized can't see/open . ➢ Easy file lock-unlock Filelock -unlock with single click and simple UI to better understand.➢Multiple pattern, pin and gesture themes Multiple Pattern, pinandgesture themes to set screen according to user choice. Usercanalso select any color as a background. ➢ New installed applockalert At the time of install new app, App Locker will givealert tolock new installed with single click. ***How to Use *** Tolock app- Open App - Select app which you want from list - DoneChangePattern or Pin - Open App - Go to Menu - Select change lockProtectUninstall - Go to Menu - Setting - Enable Device admin HideAppIcon - Go to Menu - Setting - Start - enable start with call -Hideicon - done Show App Icon - Call #12345 (default no. is #12345usercan change from setting ) - open app - Go to Menu - Setting-Disable hide icon - done File Lock - Open app - Go to Menu -FileLock - Browse file - tap file - tap Lock icon - done FileUnlock -Open app - Go to Menu - File Lock - Browse Locked file -tap file -tap Unlock icon - done ***Permissions*** Get tasks - Toapply lockon selected apps. Vibrate - Vibrate on pattern, pin forhepaticfeedback. Receive boot complete - For restart the lockingprocess.Process outgoing calls - To hid-show app icon on fix Readexternal storage - To lock selected file. Manage documents- To getphoto path. System alert window - For showing app lockscreen onlocked apps. Package usage states -To get managed statesforandroid version 5.0 and upper. Write external storage -Forunlocking files. Email - To send reset pass code. This app usestheDevice Administrator permission - It's only used forpreventingintruders uninstalling App Locker. Please be assured thatAppLocker will never use this permission to access your privacydata.
Lemon Cleaner 1.220
Pro Freeware
Keep your Android phone clean, safe and fast by usingLemonCleaner!With 20+ features inside: remove junk, boostmemory,speed-up game, reclaim space, manage auto-runs, monitorthetemperature of CPU and Battery, detect similar photos andoptimizethe big photo. Now you can become the Master of your owndevicewith the ultimate cleaning app for your Android!When youuse,it maycontain ads ,please understand us.With Lemon Cleaner, youcan keepyour Android phones always running like new:*• One tap toboostyour Android phone's performance.• Clean the cache of 5,000+APPsand junk files to recover storage space.• Kill background taskstofree up system RAM and extend battery life.• Manage/uninstallallof your APPs and APK files.• Speed up your mobile games forbettergame experience.• Monitor the temperature of your device andcooldown it as you want.• Manage the service, event and auto-runsofyour android system.• Detect and clean the similar photos tofreemore space.KEY FEATURES:• One-tap Boost - Convenient&Effective: Check & Clean up & Speed up & OptimizeyourAndroid device for better performance with just a simple tap.•AppManager - Organized & Orderly: Uninstall unwanted Apps&Remove unused APKs to free up the storage space; Easy to moveAppsto SD card and move Apps to phone internal storage.• MemoryBoost -Fast & Responsive: Kill your undesirable backgroundrunningtasks and release RAM to speed up your Android device andextendbattery life.• Junk File Cleaner - Clean &Refreshing:Eliminate hordes of junk files that riddle your deviceby quicklyemptying cache and residual files to release valuablestorage spaceand to prevent slowdowns.• Privacy Manager - Secure& Safe:Manage the permissions of all of your APPs and allow youto removethem all; Enable or disable your start-up APPs andservices on yourphones; Automatically erase your secure data thatleft on theclipboard.• Similar Photo Cleaner - Detect the similarphoto inyour device and remain the unique one to free upmorespace.Supplementary privacy provision:Lemon Cleaner newly addstoget mobile phone state,calls and contacts authority.It ismainlythrough the contact list for you to identify all the numbers,andblock known spam calls and the numbers that you do not wanttoanswer. The app will never upload and store your contacts andyourcall history.
Finger Scanner Gestures 1.2.4
TTH Studios
FINGERPRINT GESTURESYou don’t like using hard home key or itisbroken this application is a best solution for you. You onlytouchfingerprint if your device has fingerprint to replacehardkey.FEATURESBy lightly touch or swipe fingerprint you can,*Comeback home screen. * Open recent apps. * Open quick panel.*Volume control panel. * Open assist app * Open anapplication.....NOTICE 1. We request admin permission to supportlock screen,it will prevent you uninstall app from home screen.Please open appand click DELETE to uninstall. 2. We cannot preventvibrationemitted by system when authentication is failed. 3. Youmaybe notable to use fingerprint to unlock while using Apps Locker.4. Thisapp maybe not working on some devices because there is notAPIfingerprint from the manufacturer.\nWe are really sorry aboutthatbut we cannot support this case so please kindly uninstall appifit is not working.FEEDBACKIf you have any problem while usingtheapplication, please give us some comments we will check andupdateas soon as possible.Email: [email protected] you somuch!
Volume Unlock
If your device has broken power key, you can use Volume Unlocktoinstead it. Volume Unlock will help you wake lock screen so youcaninteract with screen.[Featured]✔ Support widget to screenoff✔Support Screen Off from notification✔ Unlock by Volumekey.✔Support auto enable with start on boot✔ Simple to use[GuideUser]✔Enable Volume Power.✔ Add the widget to the home screen touseScreen Off.Note!✔ This app uses the Device Administratorpermissionto you can use the shortcut "Screen Off", thenotification and thewidget to lock the screen✔ May be you need towait for a few secondto use the app after you kill app.✔ If you areusingwidget/shortcut/notification of Volume Unlock to Screen Off.Touninstall the app you can click the button "Uninstall" in-app orgoto "System Settings—>Security—>Device Administrators"touncheck Administrator permission for Volume Unlock andafteruninstalling Volume Unlock app same as normal way. If youcan'tdeactivate Device Administrator please try to restart yourdeviceto retry or send feedback to me to receive more supports.Ifnewversion, not stable working. You can use the older version.Linkdownload Volume Unlock is applicationfree.Setup and enjoy!.If you like Volume Unlock app don't forgetrate 5stars ★★★★★ or review. They are appreciated for me. Thank yousomuchP/s: Communicate google+ groups withme
Bluetooth App Sender APK Share 15.4
Looking for an app to send or share APK of apps with yourfriendsover Bluetooth? Try this amazing Bluetooth based sharing app-Bluetooth App Sender to share apps with your friends. It is averysimple to use and smart tool to share your applications withyourfriends. The app also allows you to manage your apps anduninstallundesired apps.On this app, you can view a list of allinstalledapps on your device along with their details. Details thatyou canview for the app include the device permissions that the appisusing. With these app manager features, you can alsouninstallunwanted apps when you are not using them. The app notonly letsyou share the app over Bluetooth, but you can also sharethese appsthrough email, Facebook or any other social medianetworks. Appsharing becomes really easy with this Bluetooth APKSender app.ThisBluetooth Sender app includes amazing features –✓View allinstalled apps and view details of each app✓ Send any appfrom yourphone to another phone through Bluetooth, email or othersharingmethods✓ Share apps using Facebook or any other socialnetwork✓View app details such as app permissions on your device✓Uninstallunwanted apps in just one click✓ Run any application fromthe listto previewAre you ready to experience the power of thissmartapplication sharing app to share apps from one device toanother?Downloads this app now to get started. It is freetouse!************************SAY HELLO************************Weareconstantly working hard on making the “Bluetooth App SenderAPKShare” app better and more useful for you. We need yourconstantsupport to get going. Please feel free to email us foranyqueries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello.Wewould love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature ofthe“Bluetooth App Sender APK Share” app, do not forget to rate usonplay store.
Prize Bond Monitor 3.9.9
Muhammad Asif (Capripio)
NOTE: If you recently update Application and it won't workpleaseuninstall and re-install. Prize Bond Monitor, is best andeasy wayto check your bond's prize on your cell phone. Get relieffrom longlist and scrolling through it. Here Few features: CheckSinglePrize-Bond Check Bulk Prize-Bonds Check Series Prize-BondsStorePrize-bonds 100% accurate results Complete details on prizewinningbond (Bond No., Prize Value, Date of draw, Place of draw,Draw #,Prize Position) Note: Bond List update with-in 12 Hours oflistout, we are working hard to update as soon as possible but weusehuman hand here. Update: I am working on bond save/storefuturehopefully you will see soon. Advertising Policy Disclosure:We lovecreating apps, and want to keep them free forever. In orderto keepour development running, Prize Bond Monitor is ad-supportedtogenerate some revenue. When you click on advertisementsdeliveredby Prize Bond Monitor, you will typically be directed toathird-party’s web page.
AppDetox - App Blocker for Digital Detox 3.6 beta
Get more social time for your life, block apps and spent lesstimeon the phone! AppDetox helps you to calm down your mobileappusage, and take a digital detox. You are able to set your ownrulesfor your apps to detox from some heavy usage andstopprocrastinating and phubbing. Lock your apps with thisapplocker.Every time you violate one of your own rules, AppDetoxwill remindyou to take a break and stop your heavy app usage. Youcan alsokeep track of these violations in a log. Some people areusingAppDetox for parental control of their kid's screen time. Getyourdose of AppDetox now! Any kind of feedback is welcome!
Software Update for Phone -2017 1.11
Tools And Photo
Software Update for Phone -2017Software can be updated on aregularbasis and accordingly new software and be installed. For aslong assmart phones has been around there has always been updatesto theirsoftware. To get the best performance from your Androidphone ortablet you should make sure you're running the latestsoftware.Inmost cases these updates will show up on your phone whenthe timeis right, but for those of who are not willing to wait asecondlonger than necessary there is a way to check for theseupgradesmanually.App Features:Check Application versionupdate.UninstallApplication Clear Data Remove Cache for thisappCheck UpdateAndroid OS last versionThe app displays followingessentialinformation * Current version of the app* Update versionof theapp* Package id of the app* App title* Installation date oftheappIt's fast, clean and hassle-free! Download now!Thank You….
Navigation Bar - NavBar
Screen your phone or tablet too large, you need use a navigationbarbut it is quite difficult. Navigation Bar will help to behavioreasywith navigation bar on your device. [Featured] ✔ Supportvirtualnavigation key with: + BACK KEY(Not Root). + HOME KEY. +RECENT TASKKEY. + SHOW NOTIFICATION. + LOCK SCREEN KEY Easy moveon screen ✔Auto hide when you don't use ✔ Start on boot app.[Guide User] ✔Enable "Show Virtual Navigation Bar". and afterenable Accessibilityfor the app. ✔ Long press icon arrow moves tohide Navigation Barafter tap notification to show again. ✔ Doubletap arrow move iconto quick open recent task Note! ✔ This app usesthe DeviceAdministrator permission to you can use the shortcutscreen off onvirtual Navigation Bar(this feature uses to lock thescreen) ✔ Thisapp uses Accessibility services. This is necessaryfor featuresBACK, HOME, RECENT TASK, NOTIFICATION work. ✔ Whenapplicationkilled. Please wait for a few second to applicationinitializeService again and you can use it. ✔ If you activatedAdministratorpermission for this app. To uninstall the app you canclick thebutton "Uninstall" in-app or go to"SystemSettings—>Security—>Device Administrators" touncheckAdministrator permission for Navigation Bar and afteruninstallingNavigation Bar app same as normal way. If you can'tdeactivateDevice Administrator please try to restart your device toretry orsend feedback to me to receive more supports. NavigationBar isapplication free. Setup and enjoy!. If you like NavigationBar appdon't forget rate 5 stars ★★★★★ or review. They areappreciated forme. Thank you so much
App Manager - Apk Installer 1.0.26
Simply DroidApps
App Manager makes it so easy and straightforward to manageyourinstalled Apps and APK files in phone storage, all withintwotaps.Major features include:◆ App Uninstall - Group installeduserapps and system app updates in specific order (name, installtimeand size). Display detailed information about each app beforeyoudecide to uninstall it.◆ App Backup - Backup your important AppasAPK files in your storage for future restore.◆ APK install -HaveAPK files in your phone storage? Want to know whether it'sbeeninstalled or just redundant file? App Manager is able topresentyou with accurate details.◆ App Move - Group apps that canbe movedto SD card.If you like this App Manager tool and would alsowant tocatch latest product update and news, please followdeveloper'ssocial media account:♥ Twitter:♥Google+: thoughtsabout App Manager are more than welcome, please leavereview inGoogle Play or contact me directly [email protected] I canguarantee that every single feedbackwill be replied.
Recent Notification 3.2.2
Have you ever missed an important notification shown in yourdevicestatus bar? No worries! Recent Notification can safely storethemfor you. Relax and read them when you find time. Find outwhichapplications are spamming annoying notifications anduninstallthem. Features: - Notifications are grouped byapplication. - Readthe full details of notifications in the samestyle shown on thestatus bar. (e.g. inbox, big and regular style) -Easily filternotifications by day. - Swipe to remove notificationsas a group orindividually. - Automatically deletes oldnotifications on aspecified days limit. - Tap the notifications tolaunch therespective application. - User interface developed usingMaterialDesign. Permissions: To read notifications, enablenotificationaccess on device settings. No in-app permissionsrequired whileinstall or to run this application. More Information:- For yoursecurity privacy, this application will not readnotificationsposted by system applications. - Ongoing notificationsposted bymusic or any other apps will not be saved to spare devicestorage.Privacy: - Notifications saved on this application cannotbe readby anyone. - No internet access is required to usethisapplication. This guarantees that your notifications arestoredonly on your device.