Top 49 Games Similar to PUPPY POP

LG Pocket Photo
LG Electronics, Inc.
Print and share your magical moment instantly Taking the momentandphotographing with LG Pocket Photo, The memories you saved onyoursmartphone can be printed in classic black and white mode. Ifyouwant special prints, Decorate with various accessories and iconstocreate interesting situations - App function updated – In caseofBluetooth connection failure on PD221, PD233 model, youshoulddownload the update tool for PC from "" and updatethefirmware. App is fully reformed for easier use of pocketphoto.Picture decoration functions are reinforced. Functions areadded todecorate picture with various methods such as brush,sticker, etc.Depending on App support policy, the OS versionsupported by PocketPhoto app may change.
Music Flow Bluetooth 0.5.18
LG Electronics, Inc.
This application allows you to control LGE’s latest Home AudioandHome Speaker devices. Music files on your mobile device canbeplayed on the Home Audio and Home Speaker system viaBluetooth.Compatible Products: Mini Audio System Portable SpeakerSystemSoundPlate Sound Bar High Power Speaker System -Some modelsmay notbe compatible with this app. (such as non-Bluetoothsupportedmodels) -The application may experience operationproblemsdepending on the phone’s performance.
LG QPair 5.0.15
LG Electronics, Inc.
There are 2 version of QPair application, one specifically for GPad8.3 LTE and one for general use. This application is forgeneraluse. If your tablet is not for G Pad 8.3 LTE and haveinstalledQPair for G Pad 8.3 LTE, please uninstall and installthis versionof QPair for Wi-Fi GPad.Call notification : Callnotification fromyour phone will appear on the tablet. You cancheck caller ID andsend a decline message.Message notification :Message notificationfrom your phone will appear on the tablet. Youcan read the messageand reply.SNS notification : Once phonereceives an SNSnotification, the same notification will appear onstatus bar of thetablet.QMemo transfer : If you save QMemo on thetablet, the samefile will be saved to Gallery on thephone.Internet via phone :Connection will be established viaInternet via phone (Wi-Fihotspot). Phone data charges may apply.(This feature is notsupported for updates since August 2017 due toAndroid OSlimitations.)This app uses Accessibility services.QPairfor Wi-FiGPad works with phones running Android 4.1 or later. Somefeaturesmay be limited depending on carrier’s policy orcompatibility ofyour phone model.Both of your phone and tabletneed to be installedto use QPair for Wi-Fi GPad.QPair does notwork on tablets otherthan LG Electronics.
LG TV Remote 5.4
LG Electronics, Inc.
[Caution] This application is compatible only with LG SmartTVswhich are released in 2012 or later. If you own a LG SmartTVreleased in 2011 or before, please use the “LG TV Remote2011”application. You can use LG TV Remote after pairing your TVandmobile devices through the same WiFi network. The Mini TVfeaturemight not be available for certain channels due to provisionofcontents under copy protection regulations.[Supported Models]’12TVLM9600, LM9500, LM9400, LM8600, LMG860, LM76XX, LM67XX,LM66XX,LM64XX, LM6300, LM62XX, LM6100,LM5900, LS5800, LS57XX,PA6900,PA4700 Series’13 TVLA9700, LA9600, LA8800, LA86XX, LA7900,LA74XX,LA7100, LA69XX, LA6800, LA66XX, LA6500, LA64XX, LA62XX,LN61XX,LN57XX, LN570B, PH67XX, PH6600, PN6700, PN5700, PH4700,PN4700SeriesUB83XX, UB82XX, LB57XX, LB58XX, LB49xx, PB69xx,PB66xx’14TVUB80XX, UB82XX, UB83XX, UB92XXLB49XX, LB57XX,LB58XX,LB61XXPB65XX, PB66XX, PB69XX[Main Features] - MiniTV :Continuouslywatching live channels on your mobile device.* Mini TVfeaturemight not be available to certain smart mobile devices.*Mini TVfeature only supports DTV, ATV, AV/SCART & COMP.- Hotkeys forvolume/channel control, input list and channel list. - MiniHome :Access to premium Content Providers and MyApps servicedirectly . -Touch Pad : Control LG Smart TV on screen pointer(likemagicremote) using touch pad. - SmartText : Easy text inputviasmartphone. (Typing will be limited in someenvironments)-QuickMemo: Instantly captures TV screen, so you canadd comments,drawings, humor.The below features are supported onlyin 2013 TVmodels.- Unified search: Searching for smart TV contents(like CPand Youtube contents) with keyword - Smartshare: Mediafiles(listed from Smartshare on TV) are listed on mobile deviceandexecuted on TV as being chosen.- ON NOW: What's on right nowthatyou might enjoy? On Now recommends programs suited to yourpersonaltastes, based upon your pre-selections.
Always On Display - Like Galaxy S9, LG G7 4.4_release1
##Warning I always try to improve battery runtime but it isnoteasy. None-AOD supported devices before Galaxy S7or LG G5likeGalaxy S6 or LG G4, they doesn't have Low-Power-Display sobatterymight be used more fast then before not using AOD with appssuchlike this app. This App was made by Korean High School Student.Myhobby is developing apps not my job. I can not develop appduringSchool Test Term. Thank you for using. #Permission InfoInternet -For Advertisement SMS - Show SMS Noti ReadPhoneState -Show missedcall noti
Music Flow Player 1.9.71
LG Electronics, Inc.
Music Flow Player is an exclusive HiFi wireless audio app ofLG.Youcan use Music Flow Player to listen to music which youlistened tousing your phone through LG HiFi wireless audio.You canintegrateand control to play different or same songs from variousplacesaround your house such as smart phone, tablet, PC, etc. atthe sametime using Music Flow Player.Also, you can control easystreamingof Audio Streaming Service that is supported by LG HiFiwirelessaudio.Easily enjoy and share your songs at any time and anyplacethrough Music Flow Player.※ for more discussion :visit (user forum beta)
G5 launcher theme 2.1.0
LG G5 Launcher brings a personalized and intelligent Android LGG5Launcher which contains cool functions. LG G5 Launcher is asmartapp that lets you customize your Android device to suit yourstyleand needs. LG G5 determines your most habitually used appsandplaces them on the home screen for your suitability. LG G5Launcheris a professional launcher with beautiful User Interfacedesign andeasy to use. Features: • Fast and Smoother than systemlauncherwhile occupying less space. LG G5 Launcher works quickly onalldevices. It won't slow down your phone, and animations runsmoothlyeven if you are using an older android phone. • The mainhomescreen layout your widgets so you can see time andweatherinformation displayed directly on these widgets. • Youcancustomize the layout and icons on your home screen. • ArrangeAppsin alphabetical order to help you find your apps easily. •GalleryLock hide the Photos that you do not want to display in yourPhoneGallery. • Imaginary animation transition effects. Alloperationsdone with smooth animation transition effects. • Widget:Weatherforcast widget, search widget, swithes widget and 2016calendarwidget!
Theme for LG G5 1.1.7
Super Android Themes
Theme for LG G2, G3, G4, G5 - is not just a regular mobilehomescreen decoration, it contains a vast collection of themes andHDwallpapers, enabling you to create and personalize a themethatbelongs only to you!Features:Theme collection: Over a dozenthemecategories, 3D, cartoon, cool, tech, business, basic,fashionable,pets, DIY themes and many more. Everything you need canbe foundhere.Beautiful wallpaper: Tens of thousands of HDwallpapersupdates everyday!Celebs, cartoon, sports car, movies,abstract, andmagical live wallpaper to make your phone look newevery time yousee it!Personalization:Customizable app icon size, 3Dweather, newsalerts, online themes creation, and plenty of othertools to helpyou create a theme that is truly unique
LG Tone & Talk 3.0.60
LG Electronics, Inc.
Renewal Tone & Talk™ enhanced functions from BT Reader Plus.1.Main Features - Reading SMS, MMS, Wechat, message frommessengerand SNS applications - Check battery level of headset -Change thesetting of voice prompt language on the headset to otherlanguages- Guide for headset button functions * Please allow Tone& Talk“Notification access” in Android settings so you can useVoicenotification. settings -> security -> Notificationaccess 2.Supported models - Mono : HBM-216, HBM-260, HBM-280,HBM-290 Stereo: HBS-510, HBS-600, HBS-700, HBS-730, HBS-750,HBS-760, HBS-770,HBS-800, HBS-801, HBS-810, HBS-850, HBS-900,HBS-910, HBS-1100,HBS-A80, HBS-A100, HBS-820S, HBS-780, HBS-920,HBS-F110, HBS-1125,HBS-1120, HBS-1010, HBS-930, HBS-835S, HBS-835,HBS-830 * Devicesnot on the list are not supported. 3. Keywords LG,Bluetooth, Tone& Talk, SMS reader * Voice memo may not functionproperly onsome devices. * Music playback control may not functionproperly onGalaxy Note5. * App may not function properly on somedevices whichare not set Google TTS. **This app uses Accessibilityservices.
LG Health 5.40.9
LG Electronics, Inc.
LG Health tracks your activity levels and provides an interfaceandrelated content based on that information, so all types ofuserscan customize the app to fit their own activity levels.BeginnerYou can see beginner exercise info when exercise is notpart ofyour daily routine. The exercise circle shows the progressto yourgoal over 24 hours. Tap the circle to see the type ofexercises youhave done. Advanced You can see advanced exercise infowhenexercise is part of your daily routine. The exercise circleshowsthe progress to your goal over 24 hours by type and intensity.Tapthe circle to see your weekly exercise trends in a graph. Youcanalso add logs manually. Tips
 You can see personalized tipsabovethe exercise circle. Tips are shown according to yourlifestyle andexercise patterns. Accessory Manage your fitnessactivities, trackyour weight and monitor your diet using LG SmartWatch and ToneActive. Conditions The App supports all LGsmartphones and includesNon-LG Android smartphones as well. Tabletsand some mobile devicesmay not be supported. Some functions may notbe available based onregions/service providers/devices. LG Healthrequires Android OS4.4 or above. Please note that LG Health isintended for fitnessand wellness purposes only and is not intendedfor use in thediagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in thecure,mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.
LG Mobile Switch (Sender)
LG Electronics, Inc.
LG Mobile Switch (Sender) gives you the freedom to move yourphotos,video, music, text messages, calendar, app and more to yournew LGdevice. 1. Who needs this app? Any other Android™ owner whowants totransfer photos, videos, music, text messages, app andmore to newLG device. 2. Which device needs this app? Old otherAndroid™device. 3. How can transfer data betweeen devices?Wirelessdevice-to-device transfer and wired OTG device-to-devicetransfer 4.What can be transferred? Photos, video, music,documents, call log,contacts, text messages, calendar, app andvoice memo. 5. What isneeded to transfer? - Old Android™ device :Android 4.1 or higher -New LG device : recent LG device (From LGG3 with Wi-Fi transfer,From N OS with wired transfer) Note: * Somefunctions may be limiteddepending on old device'smanufacturer/model. * Old LGBackup(Sender) function.
Wallpapers for LG G2
Wallpaper Art
☸ If you are looking for a way to change the look of yourLG,Wallpapers for LG G2 will be perfect for you! This wallpaper forLGwill give you the change to test more strong colors on yourphoneand choose the one you like the most! You will simply lovethiswallpaper theme for LG G2! ☸ Stop looking for other wallpapersforLG and get the one that has it all! Download Wallpapers for LGG2now! Start enjoying the beautiful colored wallpaper for LG andtellyour friends about it also! ❖ Wallpapers for LG G2 is great ifyouwant bright colored wallpaper! Give your Android device a newlookwith this free live wallpaper now. Look at the HD screenshotstosee how this amazing design will look on your phone! ♕ Howtoinstall ♕ •Download Wallpapers for LG G2 and wait for the apptoinstall; •Open the app and begin personalizing the newlivewallpaper HD; • Select "Set Active Theme" and the installationiscomplete! •Start using the new beautiful live wallpaper! ♕Morefree new amazing wallpapers! ★ Visit our developer page latestlivewallpapers in HD version to personalize your Android phoneortablet! Do you like this live wallpaper for Android phone?Thenplease rate and review! ❖ A phone colorful live wallpapercancompletely change the way you use and interact with your phone!Youcan do more than just decorate your device! The Wallpapers forLGG2 lets you customize your wallpaper with theamazingpersonalization features! ✤ Change wallpapers! You can pickadifferent type of wallpaper from the app's menu! You needtodownload a wallpaper once. After that you can change it any time!✤Customize the different elements and colors! ✤ Choosetheinteractive effects! Pick the way in which your phone brightcolorwallpaper reacts when you touch the screen! ✤ HD graphicsandamazing design! Our team has created apps to customize yourphoneor tablet. Try the amazing Wallpapers for LG G2 today!Startenjoying the wallpaper colors on your device! ❖ Personalizeyourphone with the latest new live wallpaper that works on anyAndroidversion. Download Wallpapers for LG G2 now and start testingtheseamazing features on your Android phone or tablet!
Amazed Theme designer
Are you bored with your android system and want to trysomethingnew? Install the theme for LG and enjoy a brand newlauncher anddesigned with the latest stylish interface! You can notmiss thisincredible theme !!! Apply theme will be 100% differentfrom theothers! That's all for free !!!!! We are proud to have madethistheme especially the free theme designed for you! The LGthememakes your phone look like the real phone you want. Thisstylishtheme is inspired by the latest Android smartphone, but itcan beused with all Android smartphones. ✨ The theme for LG givesyou anew and unique style, a huge collection of wallpapers, iconpacks.We already thought everything for you. All the beautifulskins havebeen tested extensively and are compatible with 99% ofthe majorAndroid devices. You can use it on your Samsung Galaxy,RedmiXiaomi, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, HTC or Lenovo! Theme for LG canbeapplied to hot smartphones like oppo A37 / oppo a57, liveV5s,Huawei P10 Plus, galaxy J2 Ace / galaxy S8! Next to the themeforLG, we also provide theme for oppo F3 / A37 / a57, V5s / V5pluslive theme, Huawei P10 Lite / P10 Plus theme for galaxy J2 / J2Ace/ S8 / S8 + and some other hot and sleek smartphone themes. Andwewill continue working to provide a more personalized style foryou.What can be changed with this cover? - Background Home Screen;-Drawer screen; - Menu screen; - Application icons; - FoldericonsHow to apply this cover? - Install LG V30 Theme - Install& open launcher - Find your theme in Local - Click theApplybutton tablet Of course, it has high definition format and canbeapplied on both the phone and the guide! Looking for the besthoodfor Android to show off your style? That's exactly what weprovide!All kinds of furs for all types of folk! Tech themes,materialdesign themes, cool themes, abstract themes and more arewaitingfor you to choose! Designers from around the world arecreating newideas every day! Thank you for choosing the LG V30theme. If youhave found your taste, rate five stars and share itwith yourfriends. Your support will definitely inspire us to createmore newthemes! What about compatibility with my phone? Looking forthebest look for Android to show off your style? That's exactlywhatwe provide! All kinds of furs for all types of folk! Techthemes,material design themes, cool themes, abstract themes andmore arewaiting for you to choose! Designers from around the worldarecreating new ideas every day! Thank you for choosing the LGV30theme. If you have found your taste, rate five stars and shareitwith your friends. Your support will definitely inspire ustodesign more new themes! You can find more Oppo, Vivo,Samsung,Xiaomi / Redmi, Huawei, Lenovo themes as theme for oppoa37, themefor V5s, theme for galaxy J2 / galaxy S8 + and so on ourhomepage:✨are some amazing themes I recommend to you: ✨ Theme for Oppo A37HD: ✨ Theme for Huawei P8 HD: https: // /bYSMa8 ✨ Theme for My 5 HD: ✨ Theme forGalaxyJ5 Prime HD: BnR6Zz
LG TV Plus 4.5.1
LG Electronics, Inc.
With the LG TV Plus app, control your smart TV, view photos,andplay videos and music from your phone on the big TV screen!Broadenyour Smart TV experience with the LG TV Plus app. Theremotecontrol function enables you to operate the LG webOS TV.Easilybrowse your photos, videos, and music on your smartphone fromtheLG TV Plus app and enjoy them on the big screen. [Notes] Thisappsupports only LG webOS Smart TV released on and after 2014. Youcanuse LG TV Plus after pairing your TV and mobile device on thesameWi-Fi network. [Supported Models] '14 ~ ’19 webOS TV"EC93xx","EC97xx", "EC98xx", "EF95xx", "EF98xx", "EG91xx","EG92xx","EG95xx", "EG97xx", "EG99xx", "JL90xx", "LB63xx","LB65xx","LB67xx", "LB68xx", "LB69xx", "LB70xx", "LB71xx","LB72xx","LB73xx", "LB75xx", "LB86xx", "LB87xx", "LC71xx","LF51xx","LF54xx", "LF59xx", "LF63xx", "LF64xx", "LF65xx","LF72xx","UB82xx", "UB84xx", "UB85xx", "UB88xx", "UB93xx","UB95xx","UB98xx", "UC89xx", "UC97xx", "UC9x", "UF63xx", "UF64xx","UF67xx","UF68xx", "UF69xx", "UF77xx", "UF83xx", "UF84xx","UF85xx","UF86xx", "UF87xx", "UF93xx", "UF94xx", "UF95xx","UG73xx","UG87xx", "UG88xx", "G6", "E6", "C6", "B6", "UC9","UH98xx","UH96xx", "UH95xx", "UH93xx", "UH92xx", "UH88xx","UH87xx","UH86xx", "UH85xx", "UH84xx", "UH79xx", "UH77xx","UH76xx","UH75xx", "UH74xx", "UH68xx", "UH66xx", "UH65xx","UH64xx","UH63xx", "UH62xx", "UH61xx", "UH60xx", "UH55xx","UH10xx","LH66xx", "LH63xx", "LH60xx", "LH59xx", "LH58xx","LF63xx","LJ68xx", "LJ64xx", "LJ62xx", "LJ61xx", "LJ60xx","LJ57xx","LJ55xx", "SJ95xx", "SJ85xx", "SJ80xx", "SJ75xx","UJ98xx","UJ94xx", "UJ88xx", "UJ78xx", "UJ77xx", "UJ76xx","UJ75xx","UJ74xx", "UJ72xx", "UJ69xx", "UJ68xx", "UJ67xx","UJ66xx","UJ65xx", "UJ64xx", "UJ63xx", "UJ62xx", "UJ61xx","UJ60xx","US80xx", "W7", "W7S", "G7", "E7", "C7", "B7", "EG9A7","B8x","C8", "E8", "G8", "LK54xx", "LK57xx", "LK61xx", "LK62xx","SK79xx","SK80xx", "SK85xx", "SK95xx", "UK61xx", "UK62xx","UK63xx","UK65xx", "UK67xx", "UK75xx", "W8", "B9", "C9", "E9","W9", "Z9","R9", "FK75xx", "LM57xx", "LM62xx", "LM63xx", "LM65xx","SM80xx","SM81xx", "SM82xx", "SM85xx", "SM86xx", "SM90xx","SM95xx","SM98xx", "SM99xx", "UM71xx", "UM72xx", "UM73xx","UM74xx","UM75xx", "UM76xx", "UM77xx" '17 webOS miniBeam "HF80Jx","HF85Jx","HF65Fx", "HF60Hx", "HU80Kx", "PF1xxx", "PF50Kx"[Requiredpermissions] 1) Mandatory app permissions - Storage :Accessphotos, videos, music content on your device to display onthe TV.- Location : Mirror your smartphone screen to your TV.(Availablefrom LG Smartphone(Android O or later)) 2) Optional apppermissions- Calendar : Read calendar information on your device todisplay onthe TV. (Available from 2016 webOS TV and above) ※ Youcan stilluse the service without giving the optional apppermissions. ※ Ifyou are using an Android version lower than 6.0,you may not beable to approve app permissions optionally. In thecase, pleasecontact the device manufacturer for update availabilityto Android6.0 and above, and try again.
Remote for LG TV 4.6.3
This app is a remote control application that lets you controlyourLG television. The application works on all TVs equippedwith"Smart TV" technology and connected to your (WiFi orEthernet)network. Operation: At first launch, the application willsearchyour TV on the network. The application will then be asked toenterthe code that appears on your TV in order to establish asecureconnection. And voila, you can now control your LG TVdirectly fromyour smartphone. For any comments or questions writeus. DISCLAIMER"Remote for LG TV" is neither an official LG product,nor are weaffiliated with the LG company.
LG SmartThinQ 2.4.1001
LG Electronics, Inc.
LG SmartThinQ application will connect smart homeappliances(refrigerator, washer, dryer, oven, robot vacuum, styler,and etc…)together to offer you with “Better life with IoT” (Homemonitoring,Smart Diagnosis, Remote Control, Energy Saving, Recipe,and etc.)which will provide safer, greener, fresher, and more funhomeenvironment. SmartThinQ is compatible with Android OS4.1(JellyBean) and above. Stop wasting time doing household choresand enjoymore family time with SmartThinQ. [Permissions] - Photos,media andfiles: Needed to check available memory and to downloadmodulesspecific to your registered products and to transfer orsavepictures only for certain products. - Make calls and callsettings:Needed to automatically identify your preferred country,languagesettings and connect customer center after smart diagnosis.-Location : Needed to get Wi-Fi router information whenregisteringthe product. (Google policy) • Optional - Contactinformation :Needed to access your other LG apps, such as LG SmartWorld TV andLG Health, without signing in first and alert therefrigeratorsensor to text messages. - Camera : Needed to provideQR coderecognition capability. - Mike : Needed to provide smartdiagnosis※ If you have some trouble when you try to login, pleaseupdateandroid webviewsystem.※If the app does not function correctly, try to reinstall itafteruninstalling it from your phone. Keyword: LG, LGelectronics,smart, smart appliances, smartThinQ, smart thinQ, smarthome,smarthome, washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, andetc
LG webOS Magic Remote 2.3
Use your mobile phone as Magic Remote and enjoy LGwebOSfunctionality.Attention: Application functionality compatibleonlywith LG webOS TV.Main functions:• Magic Remote functionality(Justpoint your mobile phone toward your Smart TV to move cursoraroundthe screen, like a computer mouse) (Gyroscope required);•One-clickconnection;• Buttons layout editor - create your ownlayouts andchange another!• No more gyroscope requirement -touch-padimplemented!• Power TV On/Off buttons for Wi-Fi andInfrared port;•Channel switch and Application launch dialogs.Note:• mobile phoneand webOS TV pairing required for the first app startonly; •mobile phone and webOS TV should be in the same localnetwork.
LG 360 CAM Manager 5.2.16
LG Electronics, Inc.
LG 360 CAM captures high quality photos and videos withdynamic5.1ch sound, up to 360°.LG 360 CAM seamlessly captures theworldaround you with one click.You can view and share the images&videos you shoot on a computer or smartphone.You can usethesmartphone app to shoot, view and share 360° / 180° photosandvideos from your smartphone.* LG 360 CAM (sold separately)isrequired.- LG 360 CAM and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectionSimplyinstallthe LG 360 CAM Manager for Android on your smartphone andconnectto your LG 360 CAM.For initial connection, LG 360 CAMconnectsautomatically without Wi-Fi password.When you want toconnect LG360 CAM with another smartphone, disconnect the currentsmartphonefirst, then a Wi-Fi password will be requested.LG 360CAM's initialpassword is "00+last 6 digits of serial numbers"Youcan changeWi-Fi password using settings menu in the LG 360 CAMManager app.-Camera : Remote ShootingYou can use the LG 360 CAMManager forAndroid as a remote control to shoot photos on your LG360 CAM.Youcan check real-time preview while shooting orcapturing.You canalso change camera options - resolution, soundchannel, shoot mode,manual mode, timer, spherical/half sphericalmode, FoV (Field ofView) change - to preferred shooting and captureby the app.360° /180° photos and videos capture are possible.-Gallery : ViewingYoucan use LG 360 CAM Manager for Android to viewthe images andvideos you shoot.You can browse the external SD cardof LG 360 CAMto view photos and videos of your choice. Spin around,enlarge, orshrink… Experience the playful and unique fun of seeingthe entirespace around you in a spherical image or video.- Sharingon SocialNetworking ServicesYou can share the 360° (spherical)photo onGoogle Photo and Google StreetView. You can share the360°(spherical) video on YouTube and Facebook. Other socialnetworkingservices show 360° (spherical) photo and video inequirectangularformat. Show the world a whole new way of capturingeverything atthe moment when the image was taken by 360°(spherical) photo andvideo, providing a being there experience.Youcan enjoy 360°(spherical) photos and videos in a very immersive wayusing LG G5and LG 360 VR (sold separately), 3D interactive soundwill enhancethe presence of your experience.
LG Service India 1.1.0
LG Service India facilitate mobile based solution to connect LGforservice.LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd officially launched lgserviceIndia mobile application to serve its customers.Features inLGService India application:* LG India Customers can opt forLGservice to their LG products.* Request & TrackService:Make or Track a Service request forrepair/maintenance/Installation/ Dismantling.* AMC: Can applyforextended warranty : Warranty purchase for IW /OOWproducts.* Product Enquiry by submitting product detailsandget back call from lg representative.* Call to LG,Write toLGfor any issue and complaints.* Best way to connect LGforservices like installation,repair,maintenance by lg serviceindiaapplication.* Get rid of searching service centers nearbyyou,just install lg service india application and directlyrequestfor service lg representative will get back to youshortly.How tomake use of lg mobile application:1. Join LG Familyby registeringyourself.(first time)2. Login with your credentials3.Add yourproducts4. Request for service5. Track service request6.Opt forExtended Warranty7. Product Enquiry8. Write to LG
Smart TV Remote for LG SmartTV 2.2.2
Universal WiFi Remotes
Turn your phone into the best remote control for your NetcastorWebOS LG Smart TV, and get a set of features that no other apphas,even the official LG remotes. Control multiple TVs over WiFiandstop searching for the plastic remotes. Use keyboard foreasiertext input, touchpad for navigation, etc.Some of the featuresthatmake this a better remote than your plastic remotes:-CONTROLMULTIPLE TVS from a single app- VERY LIMITED ADS nobodyhatesfull-screen ads more than us- NOTIFICATION REMOTE to controlyourTV from any app or even lockscreen- JUMP TO ANY CHANNELstraightfrom the app, without having to scroll through channels onthe TV-JUMP TO ANY TV APP straight from the app- CREATE CHANNELSHORTCUTSon your homescreen. Do you want an ESPN shortcut on yourphone'shomescreen ? Now you can do that!- CREATE APP SHORTCUTS onyourhome screen. Have a "Netflix" button straight on yourphone'shomescreen that launches it on your TV!- MUTE ON CALL muteyour TVwhen the phone ringsPlease note that this application cannotturnon your TV. Your TV is not connected to WiFi when it is OFF, soitcan't accept commands
LG TV SmartShare-webOS
[Overview]※ “LG TV SmartShare-webOS” offers different servicethan"SmartShare" that comes pre-iinstalled on your LGElectronicssmartphone. In other words, SmartShare has been upgradedtointegrate pre-installed Gallery, Music, Video players, all withthesame functions.[Service overview]LG TV SmartShare-webOS lets youtoenjoy video, music or photo on your smartphone from your LGSmart+TV(webOS).※ The service is available regardless of whetheryou havethe Tag On sticker (The sticker may not be on some modelsdependingon the release date per country).[How to use]1. Connectyoursmartphone on the same Wi-Fi network as the TV.2. Select andplaythe file from the LG TV SmartShare-webOS application.3. Tab"Share"icon on the top right of image viewer or media player, thenselectthe TV to view the file on to play it on the TV ofyourchoice.[Caution]- Both the smartphone and TV must be on thesamewireless network.- Miracast is supported by the smartphonemodelsfrom LG Electronics only and is available from the LGSmartTV(webOS) application.- Supported media formats are asfollowing:■Image : JPEG, PNG, BMP■ Music : MP3■ Video clip- Videocodec :DivX6, XViD(except 3 warp-point GMC), MPEG-4- Audio codec :MPEG-1Layer II, MPEG-1 Layer III (MP3), AAC■ Subtitle :SMI[Supporteddevice]- TV : LG webOS models released in 2014-Smartphone : LGmodels higher than G2, or Samsung models higher thanGalaxyS4[Contact us]LG Twin Towers, 20 Yeouido-dong,Youngdeungpo-gu,Seoul, Korea
Theme for LG G6 1.1.9
Hot Launcher
theme for LG G6 theme is ready for your android phone! Applyneatsamsung theme for LG G6 theme, and enjoy thousands of freethemesand wallpapers! theme for LG G6 theme gives you theme for LGG6live wallpapers with colorful android system backgroundandbusiness theme for LG G6 home screen. theme for LG G6providescolorful android system business icon pack .This beautifulthemefor LG G6 theme is specially made for guys who lovecolorfulandroid system and neat samsung. theme for LG G6 theme is aperfecttheme with HD live wallpaper and brings you a businessexperience.Make your device business and neat samsung withcustomized app iconpack, lock screen themes, organized folders,sliding screeneffects, HD wallpapers and widgets. You will lovethis neat samsungtheme for LG G6 theme to customize your androidhome screen. Nomatter you like colorful android system HD livewallpaper or neatsamsung mobile phone, you will love this colorfulandroid systemtheme with business decoration. Beautify your androidhome screenwith this theme for LG G6 theme now! theme for LG G6theme isavailable on most android phones.Features1、theme for LG G6themelock screen with colorful android system neat samsung HDlivewallpaper.2、colorful android system neat samsung iconpacksdecorate your home screen.3、theme for LG G6 theme HD livewallpaperwith colorful android system style gives you a visualexperienceyou've never seen before.4、theme for LG G6 theme providesadvancedsecurity system and lock screen themes. Your android systemwill beprotected, safe, secure, fast and convenient, with lesspowerconsumption.5、colorful android system skin with neat samsungiconmakes you feel business.6、3D dynamic launcher makes yourandroidphone neat samsung style.7、DIY HD wallpaper in the bestthemecenter and turns your creative ideas into unique themes rightonyour phone! theme for LG G6 theme - How to apply?theme for LGG6theme is specially designed for Launcher. Install ourlauncherfirst and apply it successfully. theme for LG G6 theme doesnotsupport any other Launcher app. theme for LG G6 theme withcolorfulandroid system business HD live wallpaper is free now!theme for LGG6 theme will let you enjoy a faster and smoothermobile operatingexperience. theme for LG G6 theme has colorfulandroid systemballoon and wallpaper, with the neat samsung iconpack style. Afterapply theme for LG G6 theme successfully, you canalso only changethe background wallpaper and lock screen wallpaperwhile keepingthe colorful android system neat samsung icon thesame. If you donot like this theme for LG G6 theme, you can alsouninstall itanytime, you can always find your favorite themes on3DLauncher.There are pink, red, yellow, lovely and romanticthemesfor cute girls; Blue, gray and black theme for business, techandauto & vehicle fans; Colorful themes for cartoon andmovieaddicts; Abstract themes and live wallpapers for art fans;Cutepets & animals for animal lovers; Football andbasketballcelebrities for sports fans; Greenery themes for thosewho lovenature; And the starry night theme for those who lovestars. Duringholidays, you can find our beautiful festive themeswhen it's timeto celebrate. There are also 3D themes, livewallpapers and otherfashion elements to redefine your vision. themefor LG G6 theme ismade for launcher to customize your mobile phonewith theme for LGG6 theme live wallpaper and neat samsung lockmenu. Anything youlike can be put into your home screen!
MiClock / LG G4 Clock Widget 2.0.76
Arond Design SRL
A minimalistic yet fully customizable clock widget that is meanttoprovide ways to display the time on your home screen instyle.Thewidget is available in multiple styles, is resizable, canbe usedon both the home screen and the lock screen.The fonts,colors,relative element sizes, visibility and text style of eachwidgetelement can be customized - this allows you to make thewidget yourown and harmonize it with other visual elements of yourhomescreen.Enjoy!* Support for adding widgets to the lock screenhasbeen removed in Android 5.0LG G4™ is a trademark orregisteredtrademark of LG Corp.
Keyboard For LG 1.307.1.106
Launcher 2018
❈If you are looking for an amazing keyboard for your Androiddevice,Keyboard For LG if for you. If you researching for moreanswers,check our list: • Forget about the standard keyboard,Keyboard ForLG special design can change the way you seesmartphonecustomization from now on; • Keyboard For LG match yourAndroiddevice keyboard to your personal style; • You will moreextraoption, like instant translate, while using Keyboard For LGon yourdevice as is not just a simple keyboard; • With KeyboardFor LG youcan choose an amazing sound effect for it; • For more,check our HDscreen shots of Keyboard For LG to get a better ideaof how awesomeit is. ★★★ The new Keyboard For LG will change thebackground ofyour keyboard with a unique design and amazing color.With keyboardthemes for Android you can personalize the smartphonekeyboard. Tryone design and see how new keyboard themes cantransform yourphone!★★★ ✧ Give your standard keyboard a new look !This keyboardtheme will change the look and shape of the keyboardbuttons, so nowit is easier to write.✧ ✧ Get this keyboard themeand start using itinstantly! Installation and the steps toactivate the keyboard arevery easy!✧ ★★★ How to install and useKeyboard For LG★★★ • Makesure you have GO Keyboard - Emoji,Wallpaper or New 2018 Keyboardinstalled on your Android phone ortablet. • Download Keyboard ForLG • Open the new keyboard themeand select "Set as Active Theme" •Start using the new freekeyboard theme! ★ Notice ★ If you do nothave GO Keyboard - Emoji,Wallpaper or New 2018 Keyboard installedyet, not to worry, youwill be redirected to a download page whereyou can install thecompatible keyboard! ✧ Do you want more themesfor keyboard?✧ Visitour developer page and download more freekeyboard themes! ◆Contact us [email protected] if you haveany themerequests! We’re always looking to publish amazing new freekeyboardthemes for Android! Stay connected with us on social mediaand youwill find out when we publish new themes for keyboard. Thisthemeuses a free font which can be foundat
Video & TV Cast | LG Smart TV - HD Video Streaming 2.20
2kit consulting
Upgrade your LG TV (webOS or Netcast LG Smart TV) and towatchweb-videos, online-movies, livestreams and live-tv showsdirectlyon your biggest screen with the no#1 web video caster.Noadditional streaming box required. Mp4, m3u8, hlslivestreams,video over https and of course Full HD are supported.>>>VIDEO & TV CAST vs. MIRACAST Video & TV Casthas some bigadvantages compared to Miracast screen mirroring:MULTI-TASKING:You can close the app while casting! Your phone caneven be shutdown, pr you can do a phone call, text a message orprepare thenext video in the browser while casting. FULL HD:Casting in FullHD is possible even on Android devices with lowscreen resolution.Miracast is restricted to the resolution of yourAndroid device.LESS WIFI-USAGE: Because with Video & TV Castonly the LG TVloads the video during casting. When using Miracastall videos arerouted through your phone. DEVICE SUPPORT: Video& TV Castworks on all Android devices. Miracast does not.>>>IMPORTANT NOTES FOR APP USAGE, PLEASE READ With Video& TV Castyou can browse through the web and stream anyweb-video,online-movie, livestream or live-tv show you want on yourLG SmartTV. Mp4, m3u8 and other video formats are supported, ofcourse infull hd. Just navigate to your favorite website and sendtheembedded video with a single tap to your LG TV. Thediscoveredvideo will be shown below the browser. A tap on the videolink willsend it to your LG TV immediately. * To enable videocasting pleaseopen the LG App Store (LG Smart World / LG ContentStore) on yourTV, search for 'TV Cast' and install the freecompanion app. *Please enter the ip-address of your Android deviceby using thenumber pad and up/down/left/right keys on your TVRemote or scrollwheel on your Magic Remote. * NOT SUPPORTED Videos:Third partyapps, Flash video, Google Play movies, Netflix, Amazonand HBO andother DRM protected videos web-videos, online-movies,livestreamsand live-tv shows. * Please test your websites andvideos in thefree edition! If casting fails, upgrading will NOTmake it workmagically. * To play mp4, m3u8 or other videofilesdirectly on LGjust paste the full video-url in the browser addressbar. *Sometimes it is necessary to play the video on your Androiddevicebefore the videolink gets detected. * If the connection doesnotwork, please try to restart your Android device, LG TV andwifirouter. * If a specific web-video, online-movie, livestreamorlive-tv show does not cast, please check our FAQ or get supportviaTwitter @videotvcast or by Email to [email protected] Wewillhelp you as soon as possible. Leaving negative Play Storereviewswithout any information about your issue will not give us achanceto help you. * Refunds: Only within 24 hours after purchase.Pleasesubmit the Google Purchase ID. >>> QUICK START GUIDEFORCASTING VIDEOS 1) Download the LG TV app "TV Cast" on your TV.Youcan find it in the LG App Store (Smart World / LG ContentStore)either in the entertaiment category or by searching for "TVCast".2) Open Video & TV Cast on your Android device, tap ontheconnect button and get your ip address. 3) Enter the ip addressofyour Android device in the TV app. 4) Start casting bypressing"tap here to cast". 5) Enjoy your web-video,online-movie,livestream or live-tv show and share our app onTwitter or Facebook:) Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated withLG Electronics orany other trademark mentioned here.
LG Electronics, Inc.
This application is a universal Wi-Fi remote control launcherthatallows a user to control network-connectable devices releasedsince2012. If both a smart phone and a LG device are connected tothesame router, you can use your phone as a traditional remotecontrolafter a simple connection process. This applicationautomaticallysearches all connectable devices in your home. Ifselecting aconnectable device, you can download a remote controlapplicationfor the device. ■ Compatible Products Blu-ray DiscPlayer Blu-rayDisc Home Theater System Blu-ray Disc Player withBroadcastingTuner Network Media Player (Smart TV Upgrader) SoundBar SoundPlateIt may not be supported depending on the model.(models withoutWi-Fi support) It may not operate properly dependingon the phone’sperformance. ■ Please check before using! Check thecondition ofthe Wi-Fi connection before using. It may not operateproperly ifthe Wi-Fi signal is weak. Requires Android 2.3 or later.
Cable Remote Control 7.0.3
Cable Remote Control General Considerations: With the CableRemoteControl you can control beyond your Xfinity receiver or otherSetTop Box models (there are over a thousand controls), your TV,DVD,Home Theater, BD and more. * The application now works ondevicesthat have an infrared (IR) emitter and on our Wi-Fi / IRadapterPlug Remote Control * Now also compatible with LED bulbs andDVRControl STB Brands: Sky Directv, Tivo, AZbox, AZamerica,Duosat,Motorola, Xfinity, Samsung, Insignia, Sony, Philips,Philco,Technicolor, Comcast, Arris, Airtel, Changhong, Cisco,DigitalBox,Echostar Europe, Elsys, Google, Huewei, My Sky, NetDigital, Pace,Realiance, Skybox, Sun Direct, Zinwell, etc. *Supported XfinityReceiver Models: ALL Xfinity Receiver models *Supported SKYReceiver Models: SKY/DirecTV SD SKY/DirecTV HDTV/HDTV+SKY DRX890iSKY HD (International) SKYBOX F5 TaTa SKY SKY DSB-P990VSkyDRX/DSB-P Series Sky Foxsat HDR Series SKY Livre *SupportedDirectv Receiver Models: ALL Directv models * ListDeviceCompatible: HTC One (M7) HTC One Max LG G2 LG G Flex LG G ProLiteLG Spirit H LG Optimus F6 LG Optimus G Pro LG Optimus L9 IISamsungGalaxy Note 3 Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy S4 MiniSamsungGalaxy S4 Active Samsung Galaxy Mega Sony Xperia Z(Japaneseversion only) Sony Xperia Z1 (Japanese version only) SonyXperia ZLZTE Nubia Z5S HTC One (M8) Huawei Honor 6 Huawei Honor 6Plus LG G2Mini LG G3 LG G3 S (Vigor) LG L90 LG G Vista LG VoltSamsung ATIVSE Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Samsung Galaxy Note 4Samsung GalaxyNote Edge Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung Galaxy S5 ActiveSamsung GalaxyS5 Duos Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Samsung Galaxy S5 DuosSamsungGalaxy S6 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Xiaomi Mi 4 ZTE Grand MemoII LTEZTE Grand X Max ZTE Nubia X6 ZTE Nubia Z7 ZTE Nubia Z7 MaxHTC One(M9) HTC One M9+ Huawei Honor 7 LG G Flex 2 LG G4 LG V10MedionP10341 (ALDI) Oppo Mirror 5 Oppo Mirror 5s Samsung GalaxyS6Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Xiaomi Redmi Note2Prime ZTE Grand X Max+ ZTE Nubia Z9 Xiaomi Mi 4C Gionee MarathonM5Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Xiaomi Redmi 3 Letv Le 1s Letv LeMaxLenovoVibe X3 Panasonic P55 Novo Huawei Honor 8 LG G5 UlefonePowerUlefone Vienna Xiaomi Mi 5 Xiaomi Mi 4s Xiaomi Mi 3s PrimeXiaomiRedmi Note 3 Pro Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Xiaomi Max LeTV le 1sLetv leMax Huawei P9 Plus LeEco Le 2 LeEco Le 2 Pro LeEco Le Max 2LenovoVibe X3 LG V20 Motorola Moto X Force Asus Zenfone 3
LG Bluetooth Remote 1.32
LG Electronics, Inc.
This application is a Bluetooth remote control integratedlauncherapplication that can control media products, released since2012,connectible to Bluetooth.With a smart phone and LGproductconnected via Bluetooth, "LG Bluetooth Remote" can be usedas atraditional remote after a simple connection process."LGBluetoothRemote" automatically searches for the remote controlapplicationsavailable when connecting to a device.Select the deviceconnected,and you are allowed to download and use the remoteapplication forthe product Compatible productsMini AudioSystemMicro AudioSystemDocking Speaker SystemPortable SpeakerSystemAV ReceiverSystemSoundPlateSound Bar-Some models may not becompatible withthis app. (such as non-Bluetooth supported models)-"LG BluetoothRemote" may experience operation problems depending onthe phone’sperformance. Check before using!Check for the Bluetoothconnectionbefore using.If the Bluetooth signal is weak, it cancauseoperation problems.
Quick Circle Apps 5.1.6
Yoav Sternberg
Collection of apps for your Quick Circle case in your LG G3,Withthis apps, you can do plenty of actions without unlock yourdevicelike control your music or turn on the torch.AND IT IS OPENSOURCE- !!!!Enter ourfacebook include those models:* Quick Torch - torchapplication forQuick Circle and regular torch app* Quick Music -music applicationfor Quick Circle that enables you to use anymusic player (unlikeLG's one)* Quick Calendar - show your nextevents in the QuickCircle* Quick Notifications - mirror yournotification, so you'll beable to see them without unlocking*Quick Toggles - Control yourWifi, Mobile data, Brightness...without unlocking* Quick Stopwatch- Count time with one click*Quick Calculator - Calculate stufffast* Quick news - read theimportant news from your feedly feed*Quick Compass - find thenorth* Quick Dialer - call withoutunlocking* Quick Dice - roll adice* Quick scanner - scan QRCodeYoucan choose which module do youwant to show from LG settings -Settings >> QuickCircleCase>> Select AppsBig credit tothe great designer JeppeFoldager‏ for the app iconPermissions:*Camera - For torch module*Calendars - For calendar module*Notifications - For notificationsand for music (RemoteControllerrequire this permission)* Draw onSystem - For torch module(QSlide)* Call and contacts - for dialermodule* Audio record - forrecorder module* Device admin: ProvideDouble tap to sleepfunctionalityPermissions for the toggle part:*Access and changeWi-Fi state - for connect, disconnect and receivedata about thewifi (still no internet permission)* Access andchange netowrk state- for connect, disconnect and receive dataabout the mobile data(3G/LTE)* Bluetooth and Bluetooth admin - forenable and disablebluetooth.* Write settings - for read &write settings likebrightness level, airplane mode, sound mode...
Quick Torch 2.0.1
Yoav Sternberg
Quick Torch is a simple-designed, ad-free easy to use Flashlight/Torch.The App support LG's Quick CircleFeatures:* Elegant,simpleuser interface.* Bright flashlight using device's LEDflash.*Ability to use torch outside the app and with screen turnedoff.*Supports Android 4.0 and up.Big credit to the great designerJeppeFoldager‏ for the appicon!UPDATE:
Cooler Phone for LG 1.0.4
Cooler Phone for LG better support on the phoneLG.Professionaltemperature monitoring and control applications todetect andshut-consuming resource heavy applications to minimizeCPU usageand temperature lower power.Features:✓ Trackreal-timetemperatureMonitor CPU hinhhien market information in realtime,and temperature display. curve changes. detectoverheating✓DynamicCPU utilization analysis automatically, anddetectionapplications using excessive system resources to determinethecause for overheating the device.✓Mot touch tocoolingequipmentClose apps with a tap overheating simple tominimize CPUusage.✓ Prevention of high temperaturesClose theapplication hasthe ability to cause an increase in temperature, andprevent thetemperature from rising phone back.tag: cooling device,coolingdevice, cpu cooler, refrigeration equipment, cooling device,highspeed CPU cooling
Lucky Clover 3D Theme for LG 1.1.9
Launcher 3D Pro
Lucky Clover 3D Theme for LG is a 3D launcher theme which hasluckyclover live wallpaper and designed plant icon pack.Personalizeyour phone with the world's leading 3D animationtechnology. ThisLucky Clover 3D Theme for LG is specially designedfor you guys wholikes clover wallpaper. Now get a free Lucky Clover3D Theme for LGwith lucky clover live wallpaper for your androidphone. Downloadand apply Lucky Clover 3D Theme for LG for free todecorate yourAndroid phone in Lucky Clover 3D Theme for LG style,you will get a3D weather and 3D clock. Our app’s biggest attractionis that youcan truly enjoy a 3D theme visual and interactiveexperience. LuckyClover 3D Theme for LG for is designed to let youenjoy a fastermobile operating experience.Lucky Clover 3D Theme forLG isdesigned for Launcher users to enjoy a whole new visualexperience.Activate each theme’s unique set of 3D theme liveinteractiveeffects by long press, there are endless surpriseswaiting for youto explore. Features of Free Lucky Clover 3D Themefor LG Use LuckyClover 3D Theme, no need to root, you can easilyprotect some appsfrom peepers by hiding them in a specialfolder.Lucky Clover 3DTheme for LG has world leading 3D transitioneffects on screens andfolders switching and Elegant and simple 3Dscreen navigation.LuckyClover 3D Theme for LG screen lock (locker)protects your phonefrom strangersUse Lucky Clover 3D Theme for LGautomaticallysorting function. Sort your apps into folders and makeyour desktoptidy.Free Lucky Clover 3D Theme for LG stunning iconsdesigned forpopular apps and system apps and amazing 3D transitioneffects withlucky clover live wallpaper Lucky Clover 3D Theme forLG app iconpacks to give you a new designed phone you neverusedLucky Clover3D Theme for LG DIY themes: you can become adesigner to make yourown theme hereCompatible with all phonemodels, including Samsung,Huawei, OPPO etc.Things to expect in 3DLauncher’s 3D themecenter:- Over a thousand sets of differentthemes and tens ofthousands of beautiful wallpapers. Regardless ofyour taste,there‘s always something here that’s right for you.- Thelatest 3Dthemes, along with a large variety of golden themes, VRthemes,cartoon themes, with custom made recommendations based onyourpreferences.
LG Peg Solitaire
LG Electronics Brasil
From your table top to your phone, LG Peg Solitaire is a gamewithsimple rules but deceptively complex with the objectiveofeliminating pieces until there's only one left.Are you up tothechallenge? Download now and flex your brain muscles!Features:★Sixdifferent boards★ Login with Play Games★ Profile Picture★Score★Ranking among your friends and among all users
Simple FlashLight 6.4
ANDROID marshmallow available 1. Add the Settings menu - led onwhenapp starts - keep the flash led on - timer 2. LG-G5 availableLG-V10available G-FLEX2 available LG-G4 available NEXUS5available(android version 5.0, lollipop version) 3. Thewidgetupdates Flashlight for your phone! Unbelievably simple butveryuseful flashlight application. Your phone's camera will usetheflash as a flashlight. Wow flash light for the followingreasons:Android Flashlight application in the marketplace iscurrently thebest flashlight. Useful in many cases for smartphonesflashlight,the application uses the maximum brightness. It is easyto use foreveryone. - widget add
Pixel UX Theme for LG G6 1.1.0
Need a new theme??? ...............Like new new? The world'sfirstLG G6 light theme with true material keyboard new? Welcome toPixelUX. This is my take on the Pixel Ui on LG G6 using UX 6. Whatyouwill find is the high standards and attention to the smalldetailsthat you have come to expect from my designs. I believe Ihavepreserved the look quite nicely in a soothing and allfamiliarstyle that deep down you have longed for. So let'stransform yourphone into something new. ***Please note that whenupdating youneed to reapply the theme after the update has beeninstalled***This is not a 100% complete replica of every element ofthe Pixelas there are limitations to what can be done in a lighttheme.There are a few elements such as the quick settings thatmustremain light. I have pushed this theme as far as it can bepushedand no other designer would even attempt such a difficultstyle.You will also see the original material style keyboard onpresentedvia LG keyboard. Many have attempted but not achieved thecorrectlook. These high standards are what I set for myself to giveyouthe best possible experience and the highest quality of themesandsupport. This is a custom built theme for the LG G6 deviceONLYthat is meant for all users with no root required!!! You canapplythe theme by going to settings, themes and selecting thisthemefrom the selections available! There are 30 different appsthemed~~~This theme is only for the LG G6 Please note that refundswillnot be given for installations on non LG G6 devices.~~~ Pleasekeepin mind that this is only for LG System apps and does notsupportthird party apps. If you wish to have third party appsthemed youwill need to use alternative methods. Stock LG launcherisrecommended for best results! Third party launchers maypresentissues with applying the icons. Themed apps: ~Framework ~LGAlarmClock ~LG Backup ~LG Browser (Carrier specific - note thatsomecarriers removed this app) ~LG Calendar ~LG Camera ~LG Contacts~LGEasy home launcher ~LG Email ~LG File Manager ~LG FM Radio~LGGallery ~LG Hifi recorder ~LG Home Launcher ~LG Messages ~LGMusic~LG Phone ~LG Keyboard ~LG InCall UI ~LG Quick Memo ~LGQuickRemote ~LG Quick Voice Plus ~LG Settings ~LG Smart Share Cloud~LGSystemUI ~LG TV app (carrier specific) ~LG Update Center ~LGVoiceRecorder ~LG Weather If you experience any issues pleasecontact medirectly instead of rating poorly and I will do my bestto assistyou with your issue. I am often very quick to reply tousers whohave questions or may experience issues. User satisfactionis ofthe utmost importance to me so help me help you! I cannotoffersupport to users who are using heavily modified systems assomeelements may be beyond my control and the author ofsaidmodifications may have compromised the stability and integrityofthe system.
Key Plus for LG G6,V20,G5,V10 1.30
LG G6, V20, G5, G4, V10, G3, G Pro 2 and G2 (supported devicesgivenbelow) allows you to launch apps by holding the volumebuttons whenthe phone is locked. With Key Plus for LG, you canchoose which appsto launch, including a built inflashlight.Features:✓ Configureseparate events for Volume Up andDown buttons*✓ Built-in flashlightallows you to toggle your cameraflash just by holding the volumekey, without unlocking the phone✓Turns off flashlight automaticallyin a few minutes (up to 60minutes based on your choice), to preventbattery drain due topocket activation✓ Launch any app on yourphone✓ Launch an "OkGoogle" voice search prompt✓ Supports LauncherShortcuts as well.You can Direct Dial a contact, start Google MapsNavigation to apreset destination, open a bookmarked site andmore.✓ Root accessNOT required✓ No ads. Completely free, withoptional donation viain-app purchase* Volume Down button actioncustomisation is notsupported in Android 5.0 and above due torestrictions from LG.Volume Down will continue to launchcamera.Requirements:✓ Stock LGROM (or ROMS based on it)✓ QuickMemoinstalled and workingproperly✓ Not compatible with Quick CirclecaseSupportedDevices:All variants of LG G6, V20, G5, G4, V10, G3, GPro 2, G2including carrier specific versions of Verizon, AT&T,Sprint,T-Mobile, others and mini models such as Beat, Lite, Stylus,Dualand moreDeveloped:By Naveen Naushad forAppTunersDisclaimer:This isNOT an official app from LG Electronics.Key Plus has beendeveloped by AppTuners for selected range of LGphones.
Stock LG G Flex 1/2 Wallpapers
This application is a collection of beautiful high resolutionstockwallpapers from G Flex 1 and 2 devices. It comes with 21highquality images and a premium looking UI for easy access.Youcanapply wallpapers directly from this app or save them to yourdeviceand use as lock-screen background as well.Check thescreens-hotsfor more details.
Live Wallpaper for LG G3
T-Me Clocks
There are beautiful flowers wallpapers everywhere, but areyousearching for a special live wallpaper for lg? Live WallpaperforLG G3 is developed to meet your needs and more. You will enjoythebeautiful flower clock live on your Android screen. Thebeautifulvivid colored flower will make you fall in love with it.Choose thecolor on your liking and one of the special interactiveeffectsspecial created to compliment the clock. Download now theLiveWallpaper for LG G3 and convince yourself of the awesomenessofthis live wallpaper. Live Wallpaper for LG G3 is greatforsmartphone users that want new personalization apps! GiveyourAndroid device a new look with this amazing free livewallpaper.Look at the HD screenshots to see how this amazing designwill lookon your phone! ★How to install★ •Download Live Wallpaperfor LG G3and wait for the app to install on your Android device;•Open theapp and begin personalizing your free live wallpaper; •When youare done, select "Set Active Theme" and the installationiscomplete! •Start using your new live wallpaper! ★More freelivewallpapers!★ Visit our developer page for more amazingwallpapersto personalize your Android phone or tablet! Do you likethis freelive wallpaper? Then please rate and review! We lovereading yourreviews! A live wallpaper can completely change the wayyou use andinteract with your phone! You can do more than justdecorate yourdevice! The Live Wallpaper for LG G3 lets youcustomize yourwallpaper with the amazing personalization features!✱ Changewallpapers! You can pick a different free live wallpaperfrom theapp's menu! You need to download a wallpaper once. Afterthat youcan change it any time! ✱ Customize the different elementsandcolors! ✱ Choose the interactive effects! Pick the way inwhichyour live wallpaper reacts when you touch the screen for auniqueexperience! ✱ HD graphics and amazing design! Our team ofdesignershave created apps to customize your phone or tablet. Trytheamazing Live Wallpaper for LG G3 today! It is amazing freelivewallpaper today! Personalize your phone with a unique designthatworks on any Android version. Download Live Wallpaper for LG G3nowand start testing out all these amazing features on yourAndroidphone or tablet!
Stock LG G5 Wallpapers (QHD)
This application is a collection of beautiful high resolutionstockwallpapers from latest 2016 G5 flagship. It comes with 31high-resQHD images and a premium looking UI for easy access.You canapplywallpapers directly from this app or save them to your deviceanduse as lock-screen background as well.If you have any issuewiththis app, please contact us before leaving negativecomments.Checkthe screens-hots for more details.
Theme for LG Stylus 3 HD 1.0.1
Amazed Theme designer
Bored with your existing Android system and want to trysomethingnew? Install Theme for LG Stylus 3 and enjoy a completelynewdesigned launcher with the latest stylish LG Styluslauncherinterface! Theme for LG Stylus 3 is an excellent theme withLiveWallpaper for you to experience the LG Stylus phone UI onyourAndroid devices. Theme for LG Stylus 3 makes your phone tolooklike the real LG Stylus phone like LG Stylus 3 and otherlauncherof LG Stylus you want. 👉You can’t miss this awesome LGStylustheme!!! Apply theme will be 100% different from others!!!This isall for FREE!!!!! 👉We are proud to make this theme,especially freetheme designed for you! 👉 This stylish theme isinspired by thelatest android phone, but it can be used with everyAndroidsmartphone. ✨LG Stylus Theme gives you a new unique style, ahugecollection of Wallpapers, icon pack. We have already thoughtallfor you. All beautiful skins have been tested extensively andarecompatible with 99% of the major Android devices. You can use itonyour Samsung Galaxy, Xiaomi Redmi, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, HTCorLenovo! LG Stylus Theme can be applied to hot smartphones likeoppoF3 plus, vivo V5 plus, Huawei P10 , galaxy J2 Ace! 👉BesideLGStylus Theme, we also provide theme for oppo F3 plus, themeforvivo V5 plus, theme for Huawei P10, theme for galaxy J2 Aceandsome other hot and stylish smartphone themes. And we willkeepworking hard to provide a more personalized style for you. Whatcanbe changed with this skin? - Home screen background; -Drawerscreen; - Menu screen; - App icons; - Folder icons How toapplythis skin? - Install Theme for LG Stylus 3- Install &openlauncher - Find your theme in Local - Click Apply Button CanIapply it on my tablet? Sure, it has high definition format andcanbe applied both, phone and tab! Looking for the best skinforAndroid to show your style? That's exactly what we provide!Allkinds of skins for all kinds of folk! Tech themes, materialdesignthemes, cool themes, abstract themes and more are waiting foryouto choose! Designers across the world are coming up with newideasevery day! Thanks for choosing Theme for LG Stylus 3. If youfoundit meet your taste, rate five stars and share it with yourfriends.Your support will definitely inspire us to design more newthemes!What about the compatibility with my phone? Looking for thebestskin for Android to show your style? That's exactly whatweprovide! All kinds of skins for all kinds of folk! Techthemes,material design themes, cool themes, abstract themes andmore arewaiting for you to choose! Designers across the world arecoming upwith new ideas every day! Thanks for choosing LG StylusTheme. Ifyou found it meets your taste, rate five stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️and shareit with your friends. Your support will definitely inspireus todesign more new themes! 👉 More theme for Oppo, Vivo,Samsung,Xiaomi/Redmi, Huawei, Lenovo, LG Stylus themes like themefor oppoF3 plus/a57, theme for vivo V5s/V5 plus, theme for galaxyJ2/J2Ace/S8/S8+ and so on please find in our homepage
Inversion Theme LG V20 & LG G5 1.0.15
Full black and white theme built for the LG V20 and LG G5.Customblack and white accents have been applied throughout thephone. Allof the icons are stock. 3rd party applications do not getthebackground applied so everything matches. Simply apply thisthemein the chooser and enjoy the darker side of life.~This themewillonly work on the LG V20 and G5. The G5 is a new addition. Youmustbe updated to android 7.0 to use this with the theme store.Carrierdoes not matter. Will not work on any other LG devices andnorefunds will be given if you download it to a different deviceandit does not work**NO ROOT REQUIRED**Best method to apply.Applystock theme first, install theme. Apply new theme and benefit.Ifyou are already on this theme and having difficulties,pleasefollow these instructions.- apply stock theme- deletecurrenttheme- download new version- apply theme****Some itemscannot bechanged, LG has defined what can and cannot be themed.Example: theorange notification bubble and number inside. THIScannot bechanged. There are other items such as the drop downnotificationscards are stuck white****Themed apps:~Framework~LGAlarm Clock~LGBackup~LG Browser (Carrier specific)~LG Calendar~LGCamera~LGContacts~LG Easy home launcher~LG Email~LG File Manager~LGFMRadio~LG Gallery~LG Hifi recorder~LG Home Launcher~LGMessages(Carrier specific)~LG Music~LG Phone~LG Keyboard~LG InCallUI~LGQuick Memo~LG Quick Remote~LG Quick Voice Plus~LG Settings~LGSmartShare Cloud~LG SystemUI~LG TV app (Carrier specific)~LGUpdateCentre~LG Voice Recorder~LG Weather
TCL nScreen Pro 3.0.03
This is a free app.TCL nScreen Pro help to connect your smartphoneto your smart TV through WI-FI, then you can show the video /Music/ Picture from smart phone to smart TV with your family&friend , and you can use smart phone as a remote control unittooperate TV through this app. This app will help you takefulladvantage of your TV's big screen and good sound effect.Thisappshould be installed to android smart phone.Main Features:1.Mediasharing: Simplay transfer your phone's photo, music and videotoyour Smart TV to diskplay or play, so you can take advantageofyour TV's big screen.2. TV Remote control: Allows controllingyoursmart TV simply over the local network. your phone can act asaTouch pad or TV Remote(IR Remote).3. YouTube video shared tosmartTV.How to connect your smart phone to your smart TV:1. Yourphoneand TV should connect to the same wilreless router, be sure tokeepthem in the same local network.2. This app was only tested forTCLSmartTV. Theoretically, it can be used for other TV whichsupportDLNA.3. TV Remote Control function doesn't work for non-TCLsmarttv. Media Share works for most of SAMSUNG, LG, SONY, ToshibaSmartTV.4. This app can works with the following SmartTVs, If thisappis ok for you, please response your SmartTV's Model name,theseinfo will help other users.Support non TCL models (providedbyusers, not tested by developer):SAMSUNG 6400, SAMSUNG 40 6203GXDLG47LM, LG 47LW5700, LG 42LN5710, LG 42LW573S,LG lb652v,LGPB6600,LG47LM6400Sony BRAVIA, Sony Xperia,Sony Z1lzh620Details stepof mediasharing:1.Click “TCL nScreen” on smart phone. Connect smartphonewith smart TV via same Wi-Fi;2.Click “Media Sharing” tobrowsemedia files;3.Send media to TV to playback. (with one ofthefollowing options)a)Drag & Drop folder/file to the TV iconontop of the screen;b)Swing phone towards TV to launch thefirstfile;c)Play the media on phone and click the TV sharingicon;4.While playing on TV, shake the phone to play previous ornextfileDetails step of Remote control1. Click “TCL nScreen”onSmartphone. Connect Smartphone and Smart TV to the sameWi-Firouter;2. Click “Remote Control” to operate Smart TV.
XCam LG Settings 1.6.7
This is a companion/donation app for XCam LG. It allows finetuningand control over a number of camera parameters that werepreviouslyunavailable on any LG camera.* NOTE: There is a betaversion of themain camera app that supports G3 Marshmallow (6.0).Follow the linkin the app to the main support thread.** NOTE: LGbroke raw outputcapability in their Android 5.0 Lollipop firmwarerelease for theG2 and GPro2, but I will continue to look for a wayto get itworking again.Requirements:1) Stock LG firmware (theversion ofAndroid that came with your device)2) Latest version ofXCam LGinstalled (this app will bring you to thedownload)Features:1)Control image properties such as JPEG Quality,Contrast, Saturation(G2 only) and Sharpness2) Control the minimumshutter speed forBurst, Intelligent Auto, Night, Normal and Sportsshot modes3)Control the bitrate for video modes4) Capture rawsensor data inNormal shotmode (if supported by device)5) Configurefeatures suchas Video focus-lock, Audio Source, Automatic NightMode,ChromaFlash (G2 advanced driver and GPro2 only),Focus/RecordingSounds and Shotmode Menu Options.Support:User Guide- G2 forum- LGforG3 forum-'t find an answer, please email us.
Flashlight for LG phones 1.8
Flashlight Team
Flashlight with Compass and battery informationFREE!!BrightestFlashlight for your LG G4, LG G5, LG G6 and manymore!Integratedbattery bar to show you how much battery is left,what is thetemperature of your batteryFlashlight with your Phone'sLED, nowwith Compass to help you find your way!Turn your phoneintobrightest flash light instantly using built in Camera LED!Youcanalso enjoy the Flashlight app for camping lantern : )Now youcanhave LED light with you all the time. Don't leave home withoutit!Compass to navigate during complete darkness!FeaturesBrightestFlashlight Integrated Battery BarBatteryTemperatureCompassEasy touseTurns light on start.Save Battery.Turns led off on "Back","Home" or "Power" button to savebattery.Compass Accuracy: Theaccuracy of the compass is mainlydependent on your mobile devicesensor efficiency and inteference.It is recommended to calibrateyour device sensor by moving it inthe figure of 8 for bestaccuracy of your compass.No GPS tracking!
HD LG Wallpaper 1.07
RumaTech Inc.
Now with Auto fit and 150+ Wallpapers Collections and NewUserInterface alsoPlease Rate this App & Review it.FreeApplicationEnjoy it !!!!!Its a Offline AppWe Make All Wallpapersfor yoursmartphoneHow to use:Step1.Open the App Step2.Tap onOpenStep3.Tapthe wallpaper Symbols to Choose wallpaperStep4.Thenset wallpaperSee easy to use try it nowAlsoSupportingSamsung,Nokia,LYF,Vodafone,LeTv,Micromax,Lenovo,Gionee,Vivo,Motorola,Oppo,Xiaomi,Alcatle,AsusZenfone,Huaweiand others Android smartphones.
Wallpapers - G4,G3 1.0
This application contained wallpapers from LG G4, LGG3.*HDwallpapers with minimal user interface*Support almost everyphoneand tablet*45+ High Quality Wallpapers*Attractive &HighQuality wallpapers*Easy to use, Friendly UI*No need ofinternet*Setas Wallpaper*Share it With Friends*Save it onDeviceWallpapers willupdate soon. Keep enjoying.
LG webOS Connect v1.1.6
Share your media content on LG webOS TV.Simple setup, slightconnectand easy-to-use control.Beam media from default gallery aswell.Sendonly what you want to show!Requirements:- mobile phoneand webOS TVshould be in the same local Wi-Fi network- in order toplayslideshow, TV needs an access to the Internet- ONLY LG webOSTVs aresupported
Quick Memo 1.7.4
js Oh
You can leave a note as soon as quickly having theapplicationalways on top. You also can write it with just your handeasily.*Feature - Start app from notification bar - Start app withlongpress of search key - Write a memo on the screen you see rightnow- White, Yellow background is available - Save the memo andshareit with your friends *Use the capture function of your mobilephonewhen the background is transparent (not lollipop) // How ToTakeScreenshots Of Android Device // power key + volume down key
Blue Darkness Theme LG G6 G5 G4 - V30 V20 V10 1.1.4
Important;For G6 & V30 ; Please re-apply the theme aftertheupdate.For G4 G5 V10 V20 K10 & Stylus2 ; Please duringtheupdate, uninstall the theme and reinstall it.Compatility:* LGG6Android 7.0+* LG G5 Android 7.0+* LG G4 Android 7.0+* LGV30Android 7.0+* LG V20 Android 7.0+* LG V10 Android 7.0+* LGK10(2017) Android 7.0+* LG Stylus 2 Android 7.0+* Android 7.0+AndAbove All LG DevicesHow to Select Theme:* GoToSettings/Display/Theme Choose Theme* Or Restart Phone andRe-ApplyThemeHow Can You Fix it if There is a Problem the Theme:*Uninstalland Reinstall ThemeAny Problem / Bugs / SuggestionReportMe At:[email protected] via gmail or hangouts#g6 #g5 #g4 #v30#v20#v10 #lg #lg theme #theme #genisys