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정오의데이트 4.26
Mozzet Co.Ltd.
Noondate introduces three people every noon in your location ORyourchoice of region including our second largest user-populatedregion,North America (US/CANADA)! As of May 2015, we are proud tohavematched over 4.9 million users :) 241+ official couples so far- wegive presents to couples who officially report to andinterviewNoondate Find your match by simply selecting one out ofthe twocards every noon! Broadcasted on KBS, MBC and reported onvariousfamous Korean media reports. ♥ User Guide ♥ ① Log in withyourFacebook account or register an ID ② 2 profile cards willarriveevery day at noon! ③ Select a card to see the person’sdetail whereyou can express your interest ④ If the person likesyou back,congratulations, it’s a match! ⑤ A chatroom will openunder the“interesting friends” tab where you can start aconversation! ♥ WhyNoonDate? ♥ 1.Your contact information is kept100% confidential.2.Facebook authentication increases credibilityof the individualswho may be suggested as your potential match3.We carefully reviewevery applicant and only approve those withan appropriate and acompleted profile. 4. We do the work for you.No need to bothersearching for your ideal type. 5. With moredetailed personalinformation you provide, our semantic matchingalgorithm willsuggest you a better match! ♥ FAQ ♥ Q. How long doesit take to getmy profile approved? A. It normally takes 24 hoursto process andapprove new user profiles as we carefully review allinformation forany inappropriate content. Users with misleadinginformation may bepermanently banned from our service. Q. IsFacebook accountmandatory to create a Noondate profile? A. No, butFacebook log-inis recommended to fully optimize the service weprovide for ourusers. For instance, logging in with Facebookallows users to avoidbeing matched with Facebook friends. Q. Wouldlogging in withFacebook appear on my wall or newsfeed? A. No, weguarantee yourprivacy at all circumstances. Q. I didn’t get anycards today. A.Matches may be not available sometimes depending onyour location,interest, and preference settings. Keep your optionsopen to receivecards every day! Q. How do I get better matchsuggestions? A. Thisdepends on the personal information providedby the user. The moreand detailed your profile is, the better thematch based on your keyinterests and similarities. Q. Can I usethe service on the web? A.Yes, we also provide web services ----- Storage: We are able to store photos andvideos that users uploaded ontheir profile Phone : By receivinguser's device information, we areable to sort abusing users (e.g.,multiple signup users) Location :It is needed when using "Check-inNow" gps-based matching serviceSMS : It helps users to easily andcomfortably continue their signupprocess Microphone : It is neededwhen using "Show me your voice"service. ----- Web Service: Facebook Page: http://blog.noondate.comDeveloper: mozzet Contact:[email protected] We welcome yourfeedback and suggestions.
SKOUT - Meet, Chat, Go Live
Skout Inc.
Instantly meet people near you or around the world! See whoisbroadcasting in Live. Broadcast yourself and feel thelove!Discover new friends nearby or around the globe. Millions ofpeopleare connecting and meeting through Skout every day. Useexcitingin-app features to increase your chances of friending orchatting!Start Skouting and make new friends, or meet new people,anytime,anywhere. Features: Meet people by preference andproximity, chat,broadcast yourself and watch others’ streams, seewho checked youout, get updates from nearby users, save yourfavorite users,browse profiles and pictures, promote your profilewith in-appfeatures. Download and join Skout now!
Jaumo Dating, Flirt & Live Video 4.17.4
Flirt. Chat. Date. Dating should be simple, fun, and fulfilling.Notstale, complicated, or awkward. That’s why we’re just here tohookyou up and then get out of the way so that you can flirt yourway todiscovery, friendship, or true love with ease. Morepresence. Betterrelationships. Meaningful experiences. These arethe things you careabout, and we’ll help you get there. Yes, ItActually Works Ournimble one-tap sign up makes it a breeze tostrike up new bonds withsingles and people near you right now.Over 30 million Jaumo memberscan attest to this fact. Join ourcommunity today so you can see foryourself. Flirt for Free Unlikemost dating apps, using Jaumo won’tcost you a cent. You can hop onour platform, reach out to someonethat catches your eye, and enjoylunch together by the weekend - allwithout breaking the bank sinceJaumo is free to use. When you’reready to go pro, we let youtest-drive the red carpet version of ourapp for seven days, forfree. Bonding Made Better Under the rightconditions, an innocentlittle wink could lead to an unconditionallove that lasts alifetime. Made by just two friends who want toconnect people, ourprimary goal is to get you bonding with as manynew people as you’dlike, as often as you’d like, as easily aspossible. Jaumo plantsthe seed, and you get to decide whether itblooms. Private. Safe.Secure. Nothing’s more priceless than yourprivacy and security,which is why we ensure that you’re always incontrol. Who you areand where you remain anonymous until you decidewho you want togrant that access to and when. Your secrets are safewith us, andwhen you’re ready to open up, we make it easy to updateyourprofile.
Badoo - Free Chat & Dating App
Badoo is the world's largest dating app.Over400,000 new people join us daily. What are you waitingfor?Download NOW!“A mass phenomenon” – WIREDJoin the free dating network that’s bigger, better and safer.Wecheck each photo and verify profiles so you can chat with andmeetyour new favourite person.BIGGERIf all Badoo users held hands they’d reach 10x round theearth350 million people, 190 countries, 47 languages400,000 new users sign up every dayBETTERVote via swipe or browse profiles (even offline)See if you’ve crossed paths or have mutual friendsPeople can only send 2 messages unless you replySAFERChoose to only chat with verified usersWe verify with a photo, Facebook or a callAsk for a live selfie when you start chatting
Glam - Premium Dating App
Cupist Inc.
"Impressive development&Potential for continued growth" -Chosento 2016 Facebook Start Program service Join now and you'llget freepoints. Qualified dating for special you Everyday meetyour charmingdate ㆍHow charming is my profile to another gender?Find out mycharm in real-time. You can make a charming profilewith ourguideline. ㆍMeet more charming person by upgrading yourprofileProfile rank will be updated in real-time. Experiencehigher qualityand matching rate following your developing profile.ㆍMatching withscientific analysis Rate other's charm, send "like"to the one youlike. By analyzing your data, Charmy will introducethe best one foryou. ㆍWe take legal responsibility, and ONLYintroduce you actualmember We match you with ONLY activatedmember. We never introduceyou fake person, nor lead you to pay forthe fake membership.ㆍStrict protection for privacy, real namenon-required We do notrequire your real name, and protect yourpersonal information aspriority. None of your personal informationwould be delivered tothe 3rd party without your permission. We'remonitoring the service24/7, 365 days in real time. - From Charmy,with ♥ ---- CustomerSupport : [email protected] Affiliate contact: [email protected]
MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People
Meet, Chat, and Go Live on MeetMe!MeetMe helps you find newpeoplenearby who share your interests and want to chat NOW! It’sfun,friendly, and free!Join 100+ MILLION PEOPLE videochatting,messaging, streaming, and making new friends every day!It’s forall ages, all nationalities, all backgrounds — EVERYONE!Sowhat areyou waiting for? Download the best app for meeting newpeople!***#1 Social App for Meeting New People in the US ***OnMeetMe youcan…- Video chat with local people- Chat with new peoplenear youand around the world- Livestream and feel the love- Findpeople whoshare your interests
LOVOO 30.1
We are LOVOO. The single app with heart. The single app thatchangeswith you. The single app, that you curse today and downloadyetagain tomorrow. We are the place for meeting new people since2012.People for a night, for a few months, perhaps for a lifetime.Nomatter what you're looking for, with us you have the chance tofindit. We believe, that love can happen anywhere. In the tram, inthecoffee shop around the corner - or on a dating app. You neverknowwho you will meet and how this encounter changes you. Love isrisk.Every time anew. We also believe that technology can nevermake thechemistry between two people visible. You only knowwhether it fits,if you give it a chance and try it. What have yougot to lose? CHATAND DATING IN A FREE DATING APP With more than420 million messagessent per month, LOVOO is your free single appfor chat and dating.Meet singles near you, chat and go on aspontaneous date. Discoverthrough the dating app people from yourneighborhood Play Match andfind singles for a chat or a flirtBreak the ice with an icebreaker- the new chat feature - andincrease your chance for an answer by70% Write to other singles inthe dating app-also, without having aMatch Check the radar, tofind out who is near you that momentUpload your own pictures andtell people in your profile more aboutyou Use all basic functionsfor free on LOVOO Increase your chancesto chat with PremiumWhether on the couch, in the train or onvacation - LOVOO, thedating app, can be used anywhere and connectsyou to peopleinstantly.Wherever you are - take a look in the nearbylist or theradar of the single app and you know who is near you andonlineright this moment. Over 50 million users from more than20countries already use the dating app. You like someone? UsetheMatch Game in our single app to show that you are interestedwith asimple swipe to the right. When you like each other, you'vegot amatch. Boom! But don't worry: Even without a Match you start achatand have fun as a single in the dating app. GET PREMIUM FOREVENMORE LOVOO Up thrice as many chats per day > Sendmoreicebreaker and increase your chances to flirt. Three timesmorematches per day. Play Match all you want and have anunlimitedsupply of likes. All likes and profile views at a glance> Seewho likes you and checked Better chances in the dating app>Start a chat with new people from your area before any others.Upto 2x more likes and glances per day > Get displayed moreoftenthan others and receive more feedback. Find your favoritesagain> See all likes you have given to others and find peopleyouliked in Match again in the app. Hide your profile views >Divedeep and visit other profiles unnoticed No advertising EnjoyLOVOOcompletely ad-free for chat and dating. It doesn't always havetobe the true love. Whatever you're looking for - LOVOO is yourwingman. Get the single app for chat and dating for free now!
Lesbian Chat & Dating - SPICY 4.17.4
HEY YOU! Great to have you here. Do you want to meet newlesbian,queer or bisexual people? It’s super simple with SPICY –the brandnew chat and dating app for women. Find out who you like,and YOUdecide where to take it. We have over 20 million members andmorethan 100,000 join every day. With SPICY, it's easy to spot ahotlady! We celebrate diversity and welcome all lesbian, biandtransgender (LGBTQ) people to join the party. ✔ YOU DECIDEWepresent you with the most interesting women around you. Inthematch game, choose who you like and who you don’t. You onlygetmessages from someone you like, and you decide who can startaconversation with you. In SPICY, you have full control andyouwon’t be bothered by unwanted visitors. ✔ YOU’RE ALWAYS INCONTROLBehind SPICY is a small team with a great mission: we wantto makeconnecting more fun, safe and awesome for women. Yourexactlocation and your personal data remain secret. At SPICY,everyoneis safe and anonymous. ✔ COMPLETELY FREE SPICY is made forus womento find the right lady. Forget the traditional datingservices,fee-based lesbian apps or complicated flirt chats. SPICYis new,different and game-changing. Please send feedback orcomments to:[email protected] Have a lot of fun and THANK YOU foryour review:) Cheers, the girls from SPICY
W-Match: Dating App, Flirt & Chat
Waplog Social Network
Join the perfect dating app! Flirt with new people. Chat withpeoplearound you. Waplog Match is the best dating and chatting appto meetnew people around you. Simply like or pass. If you bothlike eachother, you will be matched then you can start a chat inthe app.Join Waplog Match today and find your perfect match! Everylovestory is beautiful, but yours will be perfect!
Neenbo - chat, dating and meeting 3.5.9
Neenbo chat, dating and meeting is the TOTALLY FREEdatingapplication, which will show you the people who are nearyou,looking for someone to chat, make new friends, flirt or evenagreat love. Wherever you are, at your house, on the bus, attheballad, you can send a hello and start a good conversation.TOPSTORIES OF THE MOMENT AT NEENBO Dating, chat, meet with women,withmen, flirting, meet new people, free chat, women around,love,friendship, friends. - See people who live or are around -Play thegame of meetings - Chat on chat - See who visited yourprofile andmuch more... Start flirting and having fun right now.You do NOThave to pay to read messages or open meetings. IT'STOTALLY FREE!
InMessage - Chat, meet, dating 2.9.3
Tap Genius
InMessage, the popular free dating app specially designed forpeoplelooking for love, provides a private and trusted way tochat, dateand hang out with both local singles or people aroundthe world.With InMessage dating app, date directly withpeople nearby,get quick matches, enjoy online dating, make friendsonline or justmeet new people. Download InMessage datingapp and enjoy atotally private chat online or set up a date andhang out with hotlocal singles.  InMessage Highlights:-Private onlinechatting: Chat online with friends or any InMessagehot singlesprivately. -People nearby: Set up a date directly andhang out withnearby InMessage local hot singles. -Quick match:Browse profiles ofanyone you are interested in and start onlinechatting immediately.-Get featured: Pay to get featured, boostyour popularity andincrease publicity. Dating with moreluck.  -Easy to use:Easily log in with Facebook, Instagram oran email address to startyour online dating journey. -Personalizedsettings: Funny stickersand chat bubbles to spice up your onlinechatting. If you are up formeeting new people or a dating app,you’ve come to the right place.InMessage Main Features: ChatOnline – Chat and meet new peoplenow with InMessage ✓Chat onlinewith friends or any InMessage userprivately. ✓Check out tons ofhot local singles recently online ornearby, browse profiles ofpeople who share your interests and startto chat online. ✓ Enjoysafe online chatting and online dating andpotentially meet yournew favorite people.  Quick Match – Richprofiles highlightyour personality and interests ✓Swipe right tolike someone, swipeleft to pass. If someone likes you back, it’s amatch! Enjoy thedate then. ✓Browse profiles of anyone you areinterested in andstart online chatting immediately. ✓Discover newpeople withsimilar tastes and interests and then set a date. ✓Allows youto know the users who viewed your profiles and chatonline withthem. Like/like + - Express more than just like ✓You canmanage thelist of users that have tagged you as “Like” and chatwith them. ✓1Like + equals to 10 Likes. Express those strongfeeling of lovewith Like +. Optional Premium – Get featured inorder to boostpopularity ✓Get 15x popularity with 6+ features toincreasepopularity and visibility; it’s easy to find someone todate, flirtor chat with. ✓Discover who’s interested in you thenstart chattingand online dating.  ✓See who is your favoriteand make aromantic relationship happen. ✓Advanced filter to narrowyoursearches and get a more accurate match. Personalized settings–Personalize your chatting and dating ✓Personalize chat bubbleswithlovely themes to make your chatting stand out.
 ✓Expressyourfeelings with funny stickers while chatting with others.
✓BlockList: Prohibit selected users from contacting you. Boostyouronline dating experience! Contact us
If you have anyquestions,please feel free to contact usviaemail:[email protected] Download InMessagedatingapp, and start flirting and chatting with anyone you likerightnow!
Mamba - Online Dating App: Find 1000s of Single 3.78.0 (4470_1b37f807)
Mamba is the best dating website and the app for dating all overtheworld. Let’s chat!❤ Here everything is a game of chance like inareal life. Swipe left – swipe right – one match – one “Hi” andyourlife is changed forever! Download an app right now and startnewrelationship. MAMBA IN NUMBERS✔     40million man and women areregistered in Mamba; ✔    Over 3 million usersmeet each other everyday; ✔     Mamba ispopular in more than 50countries of the world;✔     Now over 100000 users are online,1/3 of them are new; ✔    Over 1 million newprofiles every day.ADVANTAGES MAMBA IS A FREE AND SAFE place fordating andcommunication. Technologies based on digitalintelligence detect andblock fake activity and suspiciousprofiles. Our support team is atyour service 24/7. FASTREGISTRATION via social networks Create anew profile or authorizevia Facebook. It takes just 10 seconds tostart meeting people!NEW! Live streams A new way of online dating.Watch live streamsand chat with men and women you’re your city.Over 11000 livestreams daily. Check yourself as a streamer andbroadcast formillions audience of Mamba! SEARCH FOR PEOPLE NEARBYor in otherlocations! ✔ meet and chat with people nearby now; ✔ theapp showspeople with whom you are close during the day, for examplein thearea of your office or work. ✔ socialize with girls and guysfromall over the world: chat with charming Ukrainian women,cuteRussian woman and hot European women. FILTERS All people lookfordifferent: some look for friends, some for romance or flirtandothers seek a date, love and relationship. How to pleaseeveryone?Use advanced settings filters by dating purpose. Chat withpeoplewith the same goals. Would you like to make new friendsconsideringall your preferences? Use filters for appearance type,income,family status, children and even sexual preferences. Areyoudreaming to meet a sweetheart? It is easy! Go to “Encounters”andMamba will find people who match your criteria.. If you like auserswipe right and swipe left if not. If you have a match yougetnotification and can start chatting immediately. -- If freeoptionsare not enough for you, you can use paid benefits: • Makeyourprofile more popular and thousands will see it; • Hide yourprofileso that only your favorite users could view it; • Sendpresents tousers you like, congratulate friends on birthdays andotherholidays; -- Mamba® is a mobile dating app which is popular inmorethan 1000 cities. Meet people in New York, Los Angeles,Chicago,Miami, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Houston, Atlanta, SanJose,Dallas, San Diego, Orlando, Boston and other cities. Mamba isaninternational online dating app. You can meet men and womenfromthe USA, Great Britain, Ukraine, Australia, Russia, India,Germany,Norway, Canada and others.
Fav Talk - Chatting about same interests 1.8.9
* You can find the people who have interests in common with you.*You can choose other people to have a talk with from thechattinglist. * When a person finds you, he/she is automaticallyadded toyour chatting list. * You can change the settings to alloworrefuse other people searching you.* Try chatting with newpeoplewho have similar interests~
Qeep Dating App: Singles Chat, Flirt, Meet & Match 4.2.6
qeep Chat & Dating App
Want to meet singles in your area? Looking for online chat,flirt,date or a perfect match? You are at the right place! Qeep isthemost popular online chat and dating app for locals. Qeephasinterest-based matchmaking algorithms which helps you to chat&meet with Singles in your area who like to do the stuffs asyouwould like. It is easy, quick, simple & moreover,completelyFREE! Download our Mobile app, meet your match andarrange a Datetoday! YES, IT ACTUALLY WORKS! - Register for FREE tomingle withlocal singles. - Meet exciting new Dates every day -Nearby: Swipethrough daily photos of like-minded local singles -Get a constantflow of Matches 24X7 - Check "New Singles" that haverecentlyjoined in your location. - Qeep is Free - Yes! You read itright -100% location-based Qeep has created over 2 Million Matchesjustthisyear!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Qeep’sUnique features: * All your information & Photos aresafe withfull data protection! * User privacy is Qeep’s Toppriority, 100%private & secured! * Handpicked Profiles, soonly & onlyreal users, no fakes in Qeep! * Nudity is strictlyprohibited withstrong backend moderation! Qeep is a greatinterracial &international dating app to meet beautiful Girlsand handsome singleman in your city & around the world.Present yourself and meetbeautiful Single girls & attractivehot guys nearby andhopefully one day soon you will find your truelove! Qeep is theonly dating app that finds you matches based onwhat you really careabout…and it’s 100% FREE. You will definitelyfind your date withus. Happy Flirting! ▷ Whether you are lookingfor Asian date, datingbeautiful black women or guy, brazilliangirls, ethiopian women orswedish girls, we’ve got your back infinding a match. ▷ Qeep worksfor every kind, whether it iscatholic match, Christian dating,muslim dating or jewish date. Goon a date today! ▷ Just grab acoffee and meet beautiful ladies atyour single swipe, flirt forfree ▷ Get date ideas, learn how toflirt with girls or how to get aboyfriend or even how to know if aguy likes you, from fellow userson Qeep. ▷ Forget about thoseold-fashioned dating apps, Date elite& high-class singles withstyle, Meet mature ladies or woman ornew people every day youcrossed your path with. ▷ Whether you are aman seeking women orwoman seeking man to hook up, Qeep has goteverything for you witha single swipe. Unlike other love datingapps or free dating sites,Qeep opens new opportunities to find yourperfect match, true love,casual date or quick flirt or evenmarriage. There are plenty offast dating website or apps but Qeepstands out of the crowd, as itis a great matchmaker that brings youbest matches & manypossible avenues of chat in harmony! Findyour girlfriend,boyfriend or lover anywhere across the globe, Qeepgoes beyondboundaries, just swipe anywhere in the world or meetlocals whenyou are traveling and search by location, ethnicity orreligion.All users on our mobile app are genuine singles lookingfor love.Meet interesting and like minded verified singles in yourcity onWorld's best dating and matchmaking app. Woohoo! You are intheright place to fall in love with your boyfriend or girlfriendtruly& madly. Qeep is hassle-free for Singles to findbeautifulwomen or men online for flirting & dating. Try it now!HappyMatchmaking! ================================ The app is freetodownload and use. Some in-app items will require payment. Wealsohave the most FREE features to help you start dating! Youmightknow someone who's in a relationship/dating because of a matchtheyfound on Qeep. It's your turn! Find the partner of yourdreams& a beautiful relationship with our best match. We arehere tohelp you build true relationships, find date or perfectmatch oreven life partner. Have something to say? Reach [email protected]
Paktor: Meet New People
Paktor Pte. Ltd.
The most popular dating app in Asia,lookingfor new friends has never been this fun and easy!> Completely FREE to swipe, like and chat with yourmutualmatches> Absolutely safe and confidential, like people aroundyouanonymously> Easy to meet people with the same interests in GroupChatFeature> Simple and fuss-free: match across borders and let us takecareof any language barriersEnhance Paktor's experience with Premium Subscription:> Unlock advanced filters to find perfect matches:job,education, height and countries/distances> View suggested profiles increase your chances ofmatching> Receive daily Paktor points to send gifts anddirectmessagesPaktor Guarantee Program:We are 100% confident you'll meet someone through Paktor and wearenot boasting on this!> Opt-in to the Program and we guarantee you'll go on anactualoffline date with someone you meet on Paktor as long as youadhereto our guide.> If you don't go on an actual date, we will give you3additional months of membership subscription for free!(Terms and Conditions ask this permission to access the gallery so that the userscanupdate their profile with their nice existing photos.We cache the other user's photos in the external storage afterthefirst load from the network in order to retrieve it fasternexttime. And also, this saves the network usage for theuser.We would like to use your current location to customizeyourexperience and connect you to interesting people nearby.When we ask for your camera and photos access, we want to helpyoucreate a perfect dating profile on Paktor.We would like to access your phone country code as an ease ofusefor phone login.
weTouch-Chat and meet people 2.3.5
WT Tech Limited
weTouch is one of the most popular and unique social apps thatexistin the market today. Now, it’ much more than just that! Youcan meetnew people not only through “match” and “chat” but alsothrough ourall new Livestream feature. This feature lets you golive anytimeand share your life, talents, opinions and much morewith users fromall around the world.Simply start your ownLivestream and startbuilding your fan base.weTouch focuses onboth, professional andamateur streamers as we believe thateveryone deserves a chance andplatform to showcase their talent.Through our new Livestreamfeature, you can do allanytime..anywhere. So, let's get started!【weTouch features】 Justtap the heart or swipe right if you likesomeone, OR tap the “X” orswipe left if you are not interested insomeone. Chats: Thisfeature is significant in knowing and meetingnew people. Justleave a message to friends/lover or a streamer youlike. The bestbit is that this feature is absolutely free. Nearby:This featureallows you to quickly meet and choose people you wantto know nearyou. Don’t worry about your privacy as you’re always incompletecontrol – your exact location and personal information willneverbe given without your permission. YOU decide if, when, and howyouwant to connect. Live : A brand new feature that makes our appevenmore unique and exciting. Livestream allows you to surfacrossrooms easily. Best place for someone who's searching forexclusiveand entertaining content. Find your true love or hotcuties NOW!Start a new social life RIGHT NOW and be the nextweTouch Star!More innovative features are coming out soon! Thewhole world isdifferent after you tap the download button.“Notice"*If you haveany questions or suggestions, please contact us [email protected]*You need to have more than 50 Facebook friends toregister.* Yourprivacy and safety are our priority.* We monitor andreview anyillegal behavior (eg: fraud, paid dating, advertising,etc.).Please report if you see any.
hi5 - meet, chat & flirt
Ifwe Inc.
hi5 is the best place to date, chat, or meet new people! -Findoldfriends or make new ones. -Meet people by location, age, andmore.Download the hi5 app to: -Make a quick connection with ourdatinggame -Chat with people nearby or around the world -Playpopularmeeting game “Pets” Sign up today! Please note: We takeyourprivacy very seriously. Your exact location andpersonalinformation will never be given without your permission.YOU decideif, when, and how you want to connect. hi5's PrivacyPolicy islocatedat:
Tagged - Meet, Chat & Dating 4.0.10
Ifwe Inc.
Welcome to Tagged! 🔥🔥 Tagged is the #1 place to link up withnewpeople, chill and play games with over 300 Million other users!So,what makes us different from other apps? On Tagged, we KEEP ITREAL💯. You can do YOU and be accepted for who you are. No needtochange your personality on here, you’re already ⚡LIT⚡! Thequestionis, are you ready?! DOWNLOAD NOW and join our Fam ASAP! 🙌🏾🙌🏽 Witha single swipe of the thumb you can: - Watch a Live stream,orstart your own!📽 - Make a quick connection with ladies andguysnearby - Match with people just like you, thanks to our 🔥algorithm- Compete in our addictive game, PETS 🐶 🐱 - Chat with newfriendsWe look out for you too! - We take your privacy veryseriously.Your exact location and personal information will NEVERbe givenwithout your permission. YOU decide if, when, and how youwant toconnect.
Online Dating - Find True Love 6.5
Online Dating is the new application of love. chat, ask, meet,findthe true love.Join this great community, the best free datingsitesthat will help you to get rid of those weights we sometimescarry,and as a result you will have a life with more love, fullerandhappier. Start a love relationship, date today, love today.Inthisapp you can start, ask any questions related to love online.Youcan ask for advice about a specific situation, or comments ifyouhave any idea what to do for love. Remember that love is notjustthinking about a couple, but also is to love family andfriends.Youcan also feel totally free to use your knowledge, yourexperienceand your good advice to help other people with theirdoubts andproblems. Do you know how to fight some disappointment inlove, ordo you know the key to forgiving more easily? You want tosay Ilove you? Are you looking for love? Share it and help otherswithyour questions.How does it work?* Ask a question, choosingtheforum corresponding to the related topic* Wait while otherusersread your question and write your answers* Respond to commentsandgenerate a deeper conversation* If you want to help otherpeoplewith your doubts, look for some topic that you can help andwriteyour answer* Contribute to a better community by giving "Like"tothe answers that you find usefulIf you have any commentsorsuggestions about the app, do not hesitate to write us, and iftheapplication helped you, do not forget to rate us.
Mail.Ru Dating 3.76.7 (4399_526b6620)
Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll help you to find yourperfectmatch! [email protected] dating is the leading dating site inRussia.Millions of users, both guys and girls, are searching andfindingeach other every day. Looking for passion, romance, aseriousrelationship, or even that special someone to start a familywith?With [email protected], it’s all possible - you can find whateveryou’relooking for! Find new friends, new relationships andnewexperiences on our site. Every day over a million guys andgirlsfrom different countries are online on our site. Startchatting andfind love or friends right now – install [email protected] Datingapplication! What you’ll get with [email protected] app: • You cansearch for your partner by differentcriteria: age, height, weight,relationship goals, and location.It’s easy, fast and free! • Youcan choose what you’re looking for:just chatting, dating, orfinding a serious relationship, makingfriends or starting afamily. It’s up to you! • We’ve made ourapplication asuser-friendly and straightforward as possible. Thisapplicationcombines all the best dating app features and makes iteasy for youto chat and meet new people. Passion, adventure and newpeople arewaiting for you. Find love, make friends and see whatdestiny holdsfor you right now – just download the dating app andstartsearching. Remember, fortune favors the brave! Online datinghasnever been so easy, just install our dating app and startdatingfor free!
BoyAhoy - Gay Chat & Friend 5.8.3
Skout Inc.
BoyAhoy is the global network for meeting gay men.Instantlymeetlike-minded men near you or around the world. Discover newfriendsat a local bar or in Barcelona. Millions of gay men areconnectingand meeting through BoyAhoy every day. Use excitingin-app featuresto increase your chances of friending or chatting!Expand yoursocial network, with the tap of a button. It’s so muchfun, youwon’t be able to stop. Find your party, chat, make newfriends, ormeet new people, anytime, anywhere. Features: Meet gaymen byproximity, chat, see who checked you out, get updates fromnearbyusers, buy and send gifts, save your favorite users,browseprofiles and pictures, promote your profile with in-appfeatures,earn points to unlock premium features. You don't have topay toget notifications!Download and join the BoyAhoy partynow!Pleasenote: We take your privacy very seriously. You’re alwaysincomplete control – your exact location and personalinformationwill never be given without your permission. YOU decideif, when,and how you want to connect.
Smax 50.7
Chat and meet people nearby. Hundreds of profiles online atanymoment, in your neighborhood, your town, your state… +2milliondownloads! Download the App, it’s free! With SMAX: •Discoverhundreds of online profiles in your area! • Chat instantlywithtext, pictures and videos! • Swipe right when you like aprofile,or pass to see another one. When you and another personlike eachother, it’s a match and you receive a Double Smax! • Useour searchfilters to find the profiles you’re interested in. •Visit theirprofiles and check out their public and privatepictures! • Goingout of town for the week-end? Change your settingsand discovereven more people outside of your area by browsingprofiles inanother city and all around the world! • Receive freenotificationsfor new messages and Double SMAX) Downloading the appand using itis free. We also propose several packages for extrafeatures(optional). - For more chats, purchase credits (pack of 20,60, 150or 300) - For "Powers" subscribe to SMAX (subscription for aweek)
AmoLatina: Latin Dating - Match&Chat with Singles 3.8.1
Match, chat and flirt with single women and men on AmoLatina,yourplace for Latin dating! Meet someone special online and useourextensive chat features on the go. Join FREE to start onlinedatingwith a Latin twist today! Love online dating? With over 25years’experience and a dating network of over 20 millioninternationalmembers, AmoLatina is the best way to find, meet anddate singlewomen and men from across the world. Latin Dating - 5Reasons totry now! 1. Online dating profile - create yours in justa fewsimple steps 2. Match with verified members & chatwithbeautiful singles 3. Discover your match & flirt on the go4.Meet & date amazing singles 5. Find & browse profileimagesLatin Dating has never been easier - or more fun! Chat withsingleswho want to find out more about you. Our profileconfirmationsystem ensures there are no fake accounts, so you canchat safelyand securely. ONLINE DATING Discover and join millionsof singlewomen and men looking for a date! Who knows, your nextgirlfriendor boyfriend could be waiting here... CHAT & FLIRTGet closerto your favourite matches - you’ll love using our profilebrowsing,quick search, offline messaging, instant Chat, stickers,and more.SAFE & SECURE All profiles are verified, so you canenjoy yourAmoLatina experience. Our leading anti-scam system keepsyou safeand we have a zero tolerance policy to rule-breakers.CUSTOMER CARE24/7 AmoLatina’s Customer Care team is available 24/7.You can getin touch using WhatsApp for convenience, Live Support ona desktop,and also on the phone. Discover love with Latin Datingtoday!
Lovely - Your Dating App 4.17.4
Choose. Chat. Connect. Hot guys are a dime a dozen. Findingsomeonewho’s as smart, talented, and compatible with you, not somuch.You’re not indecisive; you’re selective. We get it. And we getyou.Introducing LOVELY: dating for the modern woman with goals.Browsefrom a large pool of vetted, capable men in your area.Choosewithout the pressure of committing long-term. And ifhe’scompatible, maybe you’ll give him a shot. It’s totally yourcall.Browse Today’s Men for Free Unlike most dating apps, usingLOVELYwon’t cost you a penny. You can hop on our platform, browseabuffet’s worth of intriguing men, and decide whether someoneisworth your time at your own convenience - all without whippingoutyour credit card. When you’re ready to go pro, we roll out theredcarpet for you and unlock the premium version of our app for7days, for free. Possibilities Without Pressure Under the spellofCupid’s arrow, a guiltless little wink could lead to anundeniablelove that lasts a lifetime. Until then, you get toconsider as muchas you want because we understand that variety andaffinity areparamount to you. Anything else won’t cut it. Whetheryou want todive in feet first or dip a toe in this pond, LOVELY hasgot youcovered. Date On Your Own Terms Nothing’s worth riskingyourprivacy and security, which is why we ensure that you’re alwaysincontrol. Who you are and where you are remain anonymous untilyoudecide who you want to grant that access to and when. Plus, yougetto decide who’s allowed to strike up a chat with you. Yoursecretsare safe with us and when you’re ready to open up, we makeit easyto update your profile. Yes, It Actually Works Ourimpeccableone-tap sign up makes it a breeze to quickly strike upnew bondswith sophisticated candidates near you right now. Over 25millionpeople use and trust the LOVELY dating app whom can allattest.Join our community today and you’ll see for yourself.
Gay Dating & Gay Chat – DISCO 4.17.4
Do you want to meet new gay people? It’s super simple with DISCO–the brand new chat and dating app for guys like you. We haveover20 million members and more than 100,000 join our datingnetworkevery day. With DISCO, it's easy to spot a hot guy! Wecelebratediversity and welcome all gay, bi, and transgender people(LGBTQ)to join the party. DISCOver your Love! Join the Party! ✔DISCOVERSOMEONE NEW We present you with the most exciting gaypeoplenearby. In the match game, choose who you like and who youdon’t.DISCO is an excellent way to discover new friends, startarelationship or keep it casual. ✔ YOU’RE ALWAYS IN CONTROLBehindDISCO is a small team with a great mission. We want tomakeconnecting more fun, safe and awesome for the gay community.Youdecide who can connect with you and where to take it. AtDISCO,everyone is safe and anonymous. ✔ IT'S FREE DISCO is made forgaypeople to find the right guy. Forget the traditional LGBTQdatingservices, fee-based gays dating apps or complicated flirtchats.DISCO is new, different and game-changing. Please sendyourfeedback or comments to: [email protected] Have a lot of funandTHANK YOU for your review :) Cheers, The guys from DISCO
Tinder 9.4.1
With 20 billion matches to date, Tinder is the world’s mostpopularapp for meeting new people. Think of us as your mostdependablewingman—wherever you go, we’ll be there. If you’re hereto meet newpeople, expand your social network, meet locals whenyou’retraveling, or just live in the now, you’ve come to the rightplace.We’re called “the world’s hottest app” for a reason: we sparkmorethan 26 million matches per day. How many dating apps dothat?Swipe. Match. Chat. Date. Tindering is easy and fun—SwipeRight toLike someone, Swipe Left to pass. If someone likes youback, It’s aMatch! We invented the double opt-in so that two peoplewill onlymatch when there’s a mutual interest. No stress. Norejection. Justswipe, match, and chat online with your matches,then step awayfrom your phone, meet up in the real world and sparksomethingnew.Now, start swiping. And remember, when in doubt, SwipeRight.Trust us, the more options you have, the better-lookinglifebecomes. Welcome to Tinder—the largest, hottest communityofsingles in the world. Don’t be shy, swipe on over. MOREFEATURES?THAT’S A PLUSUpgrade to Tinder Plus for premiumfeatures,including: Unlimited Likes so you can Swipe Right to yourheart’scontent, Passport to chat with singles anywhere around theworld,Rewind to give someone a second chance, one free Boost permonth tobe the top profile in your area for 30 minutes, andadditionalSuper Likes to stand out from the crowd.GET THEGOLDTREATMENTUpgrade to Tinder Gold for a first-class swipeexperience:Passport, Rewind, Unlimited Likes, five Super Likes perday, oneBoost per month, and more profile controls. But wait, itgetsbetter. Save time and aimless swiping with our Likes Youfeature,which lets you see who likes you before you swipe. Think ofit asyour personal Swipe Right concierge—available 24/7—bringingall ofyour pending matches to you. Now you can sit back, enjoy afinecocktail, and browse through profiles at your leisure.Goodbyeswipe fatigue. Hello #GoldLife
Sweet Dating: Chat and Romance
Down, Inc.
Discover the people you're near and get to know them in a safeway!You'll receive a genuine and unique message from the sweetest/most romantic singles near you - and it will tell you which isyourbest feature or photo! Then you can choose if you want to letthemtalk to you or swipe them away! <3 <3 We have 4Millionsingles (and growing) who want to meet you! <3 <3 Wewant tohelp you find romance and get that special tingle when youmeetyour new love! ~ Join the fastest growing dating app and waytodiscover someone in your area ~ * Romantic and Surprising Chat **You're Special, Be Treated Like It! * * Get more than just thesamemessage from every guy! * * Safe and confidential * * You Have100%Control of Your Dating and Love Life * [Sweet's Fast Dating]How WeMade Easy Dating: 1. Safely swipe through the top people whoarenear you. 2. There’s someone you like? Like them secretly:theywon’t find out… unless you are mutually interested in eachother!3. When you've both liked each other, you can chat freely andgetto know the cutie on the other end! 4. When you're someone'stopchoice and they really want you to notice them, they'll send youaSweet Like telling you exactly which part of your profilestoodout: your school, work, about description, or a specificphoto.Sweet Likes are very valuable and rare, so it's super specialtoreceive it! 5. Respond to your Sweet Like to accept the matchandallow the conversation, or swipe them away from your Messagesifyou're not interested. You're in control! √ Sweet was designedonthe basis of mutual opt-in: you’ll never receive any rudemessagesfrom someone you did not like. √ Here at Sweet, yourprivacy is apriority: be assured that on Sweet, your location isalwaysinvisible to other members! √ Downloading Sweet and usingtheservice is completely free! The “Sweet Like” feature isoptionaland allows you to stand out to the very best people nearby.You getone free Sweet Like to try it and can upgrade to get more. ~Ifyou're looking for safe love and romance, you've found therightdating app! ~ Swipe, discover, and chat with other cutesingles whohappen to be unique, special, and cute, just like you.Join 4MSingles to romance on Sweet today! Find love today! · Benoticed!Sweet Like the best people to go to the front of theirqueues ·Find dates faster & better: extra features to be morevisible,stand out to singles, and hide from Facebook friends · Lookyourbest: choose cute pics from Instagram & Facebook photosforyour profile
Fiesta by Tango - Find, Meet and Make New Friends 5.80.1
Fiesta by Tango is a brand new location based social networkingappwith over 320 million global users for meeting new people,videochatting and connecting with people around you and worldwide.Withmillions of users, it’s easy to meet interesting peopleyou’vebumped into in real life, whether you’re at the gym, inthesupermarket or on a train. Follow your favourite people, seetheirprofiles, play Encounters and chat with new friends or evenapotential date, wherever you are.
Fatch - Find Friends, Chat 1.5.0
Meet different people from all over the world! Like or Skip!Browsethe photos and profiles of people near you. Like or skipthem!Start chatting right away if they also like you! SendMessagesWithout Matching! Take the first step to start up afriendship withpeople you like and send them a message. Impressthem with yourmessage, and start chatting! See Who Visited YourProfile! See thepeople who visited your profile and viewed yourphotos, interestsand what you wrote about yourself! Maybe they arehesitant, yousend the first message! See Who Liked You! Your timeis valuable.Don't lose time and instantly see those who liked you!You canstart messaging if you like them too! Send Them Hearts, WinTheirHearts! Don't leave it to chance when it comes to gettingtheirattention. Send a heart. They will be able to see you as soonasthey download the app!
Surge: Gay Dating & Chat 5.11.4
Surge Gay App s.r.o.
Surge is the most convenient way to meet gay guysnearby.Features:-Browse through unlimited number of profiles withmultiple photos-Chat with the ones you match with- Get notified ofnew messageseven when the app is on background- Upload up to 5pictures to yourprofile- Send photos and videos in chat thatpermanently disappearafter being viewedSurge is determined toprovide a safe experience.You must be 18 years old / young to useSurge.
happn – Local dating app
happn is a DATING app with more than 40millionusers which allows you to easily find the people you'vecrossedpaths with IN REAL LIFE (yes, those who caught your eye,but youdidn't dare to approach 😏)! With happn, we give you theopportunityto create your own luck⚡️!🤷♂️HOW DOES IT WORK ♀️?It's simple:1.When you cross paths with someone in real life who has thehappnapp, their profile appears on your app.2. Check your Timeline to find all the profiles you've crossedpathswith. For each profile, you can see how many times you'vecrossedpaths, as well as the location and time it happened (no, noneed tobe a detective)!3. Fancy someone? Send a secret Like. We promise the otherpersonwill not know about it unless they like you too (yes, youmight belucky😉). Would you like to get noticed? “Say Hi 👋” to sendanotification! Sending a “Hi” costs one credit.4. You Like each other? It's a Crush⚡️! But wait, that's notit...Find the right words to start a conversation (show off yourwritingskills)!5. You can also choose to defy fate and play CrushTime, thegamethat makes you guess who Liked you amongst four profilesyou'verecently crossed paths with.CRUSH IN TOTAL CONFIDENCE🔹 happn is fully created on a principle of reciprocity: wepromise,you'll never receive a message from a profile you arenotinterested in.🔹 On happn, confidentiality is also one of our priorities:yourlocation will not be shown to other members.🔹 Downloading and using the app is FREE!Well OK, the optional feature to “Say Hi 👋” is charged, butnotehowever, that a number of “Hi👋 ” notifications are offered touserswhen signing up 🎁.
OkCupid Dating 21.1.0
Better dates come from better connections. That’s why OkCupidshowsoff who you really are, beyond just a photo. You should getnoticedfor what makes you, well, you—because you deserve whatdatingdeserves: better. HOW IT WORKS Rich profiles highlightyourpersonality and interests. Questions inform our algorithm so wegetto know your deal breakers, and what you care about most.OkCupidDiscovery helps you search for people who share yourpassions. Ourone-of-a-kind messaging system lets you focus only ontheconnections you're interested in, and none of the ones you’renot.Sounds like a nice change, right? DON’T TRUST US “Want tohave‘hell yes’ first dates? OkCupid is the perfect wingman”-Huffington Post “OkCupid may be the OG of dating sites, butthatdoesn’t mean it’s done innovating.” - Glamour “OkCupid isgivingyou a chance to really connect with someone…” - Elite DailyUPGRADEYOUR EXPERIENCE Though OkCupid is absolutely free todownload anduse, we offer an optional premium subscription thatunlocksexclusive features. • See who likes you without having tolike themfirst • Search with advanced filters and additionaloptions • EnjoyOkCupid ad-free
Meet People and Chat: Eskimi 5.6.7
Meet new people and have instant chat with 20,000,000+ realpeopleworldwide.Use instant messaging with strangers, meet realpeople,flirt and even find a date in your city or across theworld!Enjoyfree private chat, dating, fun flirting games and more.ApopularNigerian dating app with lots of people online is waitingfor you.Download ESKIMI app and find new friends and love today!
Mingle2 - Free Online Dating & Singles Chat Rooms 5.0.1
Mingle Dating For Free
With millions of users, Mingle2 is the best dating app tomeet,chat, date and hangout with people near you! It is one ofthebiggest free online dating apps out there. Meeting likemindedpeople, making new friends, dating, or just hanging outandchatting online has never been easier. Whether you are lookingfora marriage, relationship, date, or just making new friends,Mingle2has someone for you! Our mission is to help you connect withpeoplelike you. Why Join? By joining Mingle2, you can - Send andreceiveunlimited number of messages for free - Send and receiveunlimitednumber of nudges / winks / hugs for free - Add unlimitednumber ofnew friends for free - Find people near you and see who'sonline tostart chatting instantly for free - Get recommendedmatches everyday for free - Play Mutual Match with unlimitedsingles for freeOne of the best things that Mingle2 does is that wenever limityour interactions like other dating apps do! Mingle2 isfree andunlimited: you can chat and hang out online with as manynewfriends as you wish! There are many apps for chatting andmeetingpeople, but Mingle2 gives you unlimited everything toimprove yourchance for finding like minded people nearby. How touse Mingle2?1. Sign up! – 30 second sign up to create your profile2. Browseprofiles of local singles in your area 3. Find someoneinteresting?Start a chat message! 4. Don't know what to say? Sendthem a nudgeor add them as friends 5. Play mutual match to meetsomeone specialNo Fakes! For Mingle2, we strictly monitor who useour app. If youdon't want to talk to someone, you can block themwith one click.We love our members and want everyone to have thebest experiencepossible. Our Mission Our mission at Mingle2 is"helping peopleconnect”. We invite you to be a part of ourcommunity. Mingle2 isfree to use and available multiple platforms.Download our app,meet your match and have fun!
Zoosk Dating App: Meet Singles 4.19.2
Zoosk Inc.
With the Zoosk dating app, 3 million messages sent daily, 8millionverified photos, and 40 million members worldwide you’llenjoymeeting singles on a dating app that works hard to makedatingeasier for you. * Zoosk was named ‘best dating app of 2016’byWallethub: for yourself why so many local singles love Zoosk…*Personalized SmartPick™ introductions based on your likesandpreferences. * Zoosk’s Photo Verification feature that letsmemberssubmit video selfies to confirm that they look like theirphotos. *More ways to meet and chat with other localsingles—quickly matchup or browse for who you like. * Advancedsearch options includingbody type, religion, height, and more. * Ahelpful customer supportteam to give you extra when you need itZoosk’s BehavioralMatchmaking™ technology is constantly learningfrom the actions ofmore than 40 million members so we can set youup with peopleyou're more likely to hit it off with. Whether you’relooking forlove, a relationship, or to meet new people in town, letthe #1dating app help you find more singles who are more yourstyle.First Comes Like™ Subscribe Today! Become a paid subscribertoenjoy these benefits: * Chat with other subscribers. * Say yestoyour SmartPicks. * See profiles of who’s viewed you.SubscriptionPrices** 1-month subscription: $29.99 3-monthsubscription: $59.996-month subscription: $74.99 12-monthsubscription: $99.99 **Pricesare in U.S. dollars, exclude anyapplicable sales tax, may vary incountries other than the U.S., andare subject to change withoutnotice. Please note that with allsubscriptions: * Yoursubscription payment will be charged to yourpayment method. * Yoursubscription will automatically renew andyour payment method willbe charged for renewal 24-hours prior tothe end of your currentone/three/six/twelve month subscriptionperiod. * To learn how toturn off the auto-renewal of yoursubscription visit our FAQs at Once you turnoff auto-renewal, yoursubscription will expire at the end of thecurrent subscriptionperiod. For more information about Zoosk’scancellation policy, seeour Terms of Use Agreement at and our FAQsat Havequestions or want to contact us?Browse more resources: * Help: * PrivacyPolicy:* Terms of Use Agreement: * SuccessStories: * OnlineDatingSafety Tips:
TryDate - Free Online Dating App, Chat Meet Adults 2.4.0
Connect like never before!The concept is easy, simply navigateandswipe between profiles around your area, decide whom you like,anda match will be created if that same person likes you back. Youandyour match won’t be able to see each other’s profile or knowwhoyou are talking to except that you’ve both liked each other.Chatand interact to gradually reveal yourself and the personbehindyour match. Giving a chance to learn about each other’spersonalitybefore looks.Find SinglesNavigate between profile photosaroundyour area or at a preferred location. Liking a someonewillpotentially become a match if the same user likes youbackMatchedup and ChatYou both cannot view each other’s profileimages. Chatand interact to gradually reveal yourself and theperson behindyour match.Profile RevealedWhen profile is revealed,you both canfinally auto view each other’s entire profile, mainpicture, andgallery imagesExtra Free Features-Directly messageothers withoutwaiting for a match-Revise or unsend chat messageswhenchatting-Use Facebook account or unlink Facebook at anytime-Werunmany hub promotions in Ohio, California, New York andMiami(Florida). Upcoming promotions will soon server in Houston(Texas),London (UK), Toronto (Canada), Australia, Germany, Brazil,Israel,and India. Stay tuned as we constantly gain more profiles intheseareasPositive Apps BenefitsPreviously people use to try dateonlineusing old hookup dating apps/sites for the purpose of bestmeetingother girls and boys or local straight & gay adults.Most ofthese top network date apps/websites serve a uniform purposeand donot totally focus on people who are actually searching on howtofind love rather than a flirt, hook up, or a one night stand.Thisis where TryDate comes in with a top unique and fun newdatingconcept. We now eliminate the ability for guys to playcasualrandom hookup/flirting black games and focus them onactuallytrying to find love, meet, and date serious singlesmen/womennearby who are looking for a real relationshipLimitations&Best UsageAlthough young kids (boys/girl) and teenagers maybeinterested in start using our free Android app to meet/gainnewsocial friends and teen friendship connections near them,wecompletely limit the app usage to mature adults from the age of18year and up. If you are under this age, please do not downloadthisappPlenty of top free online dating apps focus onconnectingchristian, jewish, latin, white, black, gay, lesbian, orevenvegan, farmers & college people. Our free service isofferedequally with no limitations regardless to your region, raceororientation (straight & gay). We do encourage interracialbi,pregnant/married, and military plus trans lesbian/gay singlesatage 50 and older to use this mobile app to meet & dateadults.If you plan on playing an online sextings game/quiz gamestrying toget hookups or messaging and sharing daily sugardaddy/mama/cougardating contents, this dating app is not foryouGood Safety SiteTipsAlthough we make best efforts to create anelite platform freeof fake profiles, we ask you to avoid sharinganyfinancial/personal information (snapchat, instagram,kik)transferring money or making a black online payment, ormeetingsomeone based on the relationship you established withhim/her viaTryDate app. When you do go out on a local date, try tomeetpublicUpcoming 2018 Top UpdatesWe now focus on improvingthevirtual user experience and flow by adding fun new ideas, hotbnfeatures, anime sims colorful me graphics, excitingvideoanimations, and cool love games. Although TryDate is offeredinEnglish only, it will soon be available in español(spanish),Russian, Italian, Arabic, Filipina, Japanese and morelanguages tocomeWe want our users to first enjoy and achievesuccessful localrelationships and couples love date stories totell. Feel free toshare your feedback using our online dating site
CMB Free Dating App
Coffee Meets Bagel
We totally get it. You’re tired of wasting time endlesslyswiping,browsing, and messaging - only to never hear back. You onlywant tospend time on relevant, high quality matches. Every day atnoon,you‘ll receive potential matches (we call them“Bagels”)preselected for you so you don’t have to swipe all day.Ouralgorithm takes into consideration both basic criteria likeage,height, religion, ethnicity, and more nuanced factors likeyoursocial network and interests. Fellas, you will receivehighlycurated matches preselected for you by our algorithm. Fortheladies, you will only be sent Bagels that have alreadyexpressedinterest and are serious about connecting with you! Why?Because weknow your time is extra-precious. :) Once there is amatch, we’llconnect you via a private chat room and provideicebreakerquestions to get your conversation started. We evenfollow up toencourage actual dates. For our LGBTQ members: Everyday at noon,both men and women will receive potential matchespreselected justfor you.
Meet24 - Love, Chat, Singles 1.31.3
Send voice messages in just 2 clicks - only in Meet24! Join nowforFREE, and you can:- see a lot of guys and girls online whoareready to chat- find singles nearby and see the distance betweenyouand your friends- send video messages- exchange photosJoin nowandget many new friends immediately!Download and join ourdatingnetwork right now!User profiles containing profanity, spam,nudityor other content that is inappropriate, copyrighted, illegaloroffensive are strictly prohibited.24/7 contentmoderation.Forbidden content won't be published
iPair-Meet, Chat, Dating 5.1.1
Sunfun Info Co., Ltd.
iPair is a chat room app which has more than 8 million usersthatyou can make friends easily here. iPair provides the serviceofchatting, meeting, and dating. You can stop being lonelyanytimeand anywhere through the special matching system whichdeveloped byiPair. The specialty of iPair app More than 8 millionmale andfemale users. ●5 stars rating on App Store ●Safetyguaranteed byIPO company ●24 hour review team ●Special matchingsystem whichraises the matching effect up to 300% The feature ofiPair app●[Nearby] Find people nearby who also want to chat anddate throughGPS. ●[Date] Find out people who want to meet and dateright now!●[Meet Your Match] Through tapping Yes/No to easily meetyour date.●[Chat] You can always find someone to chat with, sendingpicturesand stickers is available as well. ●[Search] You can searchnewfriends by age and location filter. Others you need to know※Yourprivacy and safety come the first to us. ※We supportmanylanguages: Chinese, English, Japanese… ※7/24 customerservices( ※Need 4.0 above version &GPSMoreintroduction: If you have any problemsorsuggestions for us, please go to our customer servicewebsite( and leave us some feedback; we willhelp yousolve the problem and satisfy your needs as best as wepossiblycan. Thanks for your assistance andsupport!------------------------------------------------- iPairmakes lovesimple and makes moments touching. iPair makes friendingfaster,succinct andeffective.-------------------------------------------------
Free Dating App & Flirt Chat - Match with Singles 1.691
Flirt and Dating Apps
You're looking for a cool chatting platform where you can dateandmeet other people? You'd like to register immediately and forfreewithout having to provide an email address? You'd love toconnectwith tons of other singles trying to find somebody to date,flirtor chat with? Then this dating chat is exactly what you need.Someadvantages of the app: - registration is free (not even anemailaddress is required) - no hidden in-app purchases or credits -allfeatures of the app can be used immediately and to theirfullextent - quickly meet women and men in your area - yourdistancefrom other singles is shown in km - instantly allows you tosendmessages in the blink of an eye - see who has visited yourprofileConvinced? Then find true love or a flirt right now and takethefirst step towards a happier life. New singles join everyday,seeking their personal happiness, just like you. So don't waitanylonger and download our free dating app to your mobile phonenow.And immediately start flirting and chatting! Completely freeofcharge!
JustSayHi- Dating App. Chat & Meet Singles Nearby 3.6.3
Don’t be shy, Just Say Hi! JustSayHi is a FREE online socialchatnetwork! With millions of single women and single men,JustSayHi isthe best video dating app to meet, chat, and date localsingles ormeet new people around the world! We think seeing videosforprofiles is the most fun way to meet and chat with real peopleandmake new friends! See videos and photos of people around youandaround the world! Don’t feel like browsing through profiles?Wealso have social chat rooms where you can connect and hangoutwithlocal singles or simply chat in our World Chat Room. Whetheryouare looking to chat with new friends, meet, or find a datewithsingle women & single men, we have the right personforyou.Love to meet new people, make friends or find a date tohangoutwith tonight? It's easy! You can start by seeing video clipsofsingles and when you like someone, just click the heart. Iftheylike you back, we will connect both of you. Want to help breaktheice? Send them a ‘Hi’! You can send unlimited messages, videosandphotos to each other. They say a picture is worth a thousandwordsand a video is at least a thousand pictures! We created avideobased social app, because you can express yourself moreaccuratelywith videos and let your personality shine through!Finding a dateis quick and easy with JustSayHi.Our Features?- groupsocial chatrooms- private inbox with photo, video and audio- makefans (peoplethat like you)- or friends (people you like back)-video and photoprofiles- FREE way to meet new friendsWhy useJustSayHi?- meet newpeople- make new friends locally or globally-generate fans - seefunny and interesting videos of people- localchat room, world chatroom, and many othersTired of traditionalonline dating sites? Thentry JustSayHi, you will love it. We haverevolutionized the worldof free online dating by showing videos ofsingles and providingchat rooms to connect you to hot singles allover the world.
Blendr - Chat, Flirt & Meet
Find nearby dates with Blendr, thefree,socially flirtatious chat-to-meet app. Blendr uses yourAndroid’slocation services to connect you with the fun singlesclosest toyou who share your interests and want to chat itup!With more than 180 million users around the world, Blendr isthebest way to break the ice with more people around you. So, are you looking to find new people or what? Blendr is freetojoin and use. No excuses -- get your Blend on already! The180million people of Blendr are waiting to chat with you.
Wamba - meet women and men rc_4.47.0 (4495_d5482003)
New friends, new meetups, new couples every day! Get likesandmatches absolutely for free. Download Wamba and go on a datetoday!What is Wamba? • Real freedom of choice. Make friends,expresssympathy, flirt using Wamba. Don’t miss your opportunity tomeetyour love with Wamba! • It is a free, quick and easy way tomeetpeople. Download, register and start making new friends rightnow!Best guys and girls are already here. Don’t miss your chance!•Make connections in any area. Get to know people wherever youareat the moment. Quick, easy and absolutely free! • Onlyrealmatches. Show sympathy and pick your date now. Get to knoweachother better and ask someone out today! • New connections,newcouples every day. Download and start your unforgettableexperienceof meeting new exciting people right now! Download Wambaand go ona date today!
TriChat - online dating chat 1.4.4
Looking interlocutor involved only those who are online rightnow.In 3 separate chat rooms for each interlocutorseparately. Newsearch engine, using the preferred gender, age.Added ability tosearch by geolocation. Now it is possible toblock thecompanion forever! Users are too often blocked, will beblocked bysystem. So we will try to clear the chat fromuninterestingcompanions. Now available a large number ofemoticons andvideo, audio, photo messages. Now you can saveconversations withinteresting people for furthercommunication!Enjoy yourcommunication in our chat!
1km - Neighbors, Groups, New relationships 4.2.7
When needing village friends if there's no one who can talkto?within 1km around me Let's communicate and get along withjoiningclubs! Within a 1km radius Nice guys first ever met Start anewrelationship with hot buddies near neighbor New friends,Variousstyles of meeting Find new fun in your 1km radius - who isneararound me? '1km photo' Because the photo view is in a line, youcansee 4 photos of your kiromi's photo around you at once! Checkwhatpeople are near close you, be friend with ones you wantto!Comfortable anonymous bulletin board, '1km Say' Are thereanyplaces that you can comfortably tell all the stories you wantto?The place you can sympathize and be consoled with the storiesfromdaily things to the things that hard to say. Where the peopletalktogether, '1km' is that kind of place. Real-time Chat withKiromiwho you want to be more friendly, '1km Chat' Whenever,Whereverwith Kiromi who your are interested, you can chat withfreechatting given everyday! Meetings near my place, '1km Club' Youcanget along with those who have same interests naturally,fromgathering from neighborhood to talking of the hottest issue inrealtime. We have a lot of various enjoyable culture clubs suchasmovie club, climbing club, seeking the most delicious foodclub,study club, bicycle club, playing instruments club, dance clubandso on. Also, we are doing lots of lively activities, focusingonoff-line meetings regularly ---- Group meeting and Blind date?Areyou still going on group meeting and blind date? It's notanunfriendly meeting and a blind date, it's a natural meetingSNSthrough communication and gathering. 7 benefits oflocation-basedsocial media service by 1km distace range 1) Worker'shobby inweekend : Social media for worker's hobby like clubs,gatherings atwork etc. (ex)Study club in weekend, dating club,bowling club inweekend, movie club etc) 2) Various small gatheringfor the hobby:climbing club, boarding club, biking club, travelingclub, studyclub etc 3) Social media for Free chat : Free chatavailable foreveryone, getting along with new friends by freegathering club 4)Location based Social Media: Making friendsthrough free chattingwith neighboring university students andbusinesspeople. 5) ClubSearch: Join a club you want with categorysearch function 6)Creating Club: Anyone can create club, or groupchat 7) Real TimeMonitoring: Surveillance on inappropriate chat orclub even onweekends
JustDating 3.12.0
Christopher Davis
JustDating is just that, an app dedicated to helping singlesfindeach other for friendship, dating and meaningful relationships.Ifyou’re single and finding it hard to meet new people,JustDatingcan help! Join free today and start browsing thousands ofprofilesand photos. With our advanced search facility, you canreally findwhat you’re looking for. Once you’ve found someone you’dlike toget to know better, all you have to do is send them amessageintroducing yourself. Or, if a few people have caught youreye, youcan send a greet automatically when you swipe right! Itreally isthat simple. And the best part is not only can you messageas manypotential dates as you like, you can do it any time andanywhere!JustDating Features: × Find attractive members nearby oracross theworld on one page to quickly find your match (No need toswipe). ×Search for dates by tapping the 💜 if you like the person,and bytapping the “X” if you aren’t interested. × Send apersonalizedgreeting to the ones that you especially like. ×Directly messagethose you find interesting and invite out for anight of romanceand fun. × If you’re bored and looking for a nightout, find datesor activities that other members have posted andsign up to jointhem. You can also post your own activity or dateand wait for theright partner accept your invitation. No moreresisting! Date yourmatch, and have a good time! Other things youneed to know:-JustDating is safe and secure. Your privacy andsafety is ourfirst concern. View our Privacy Policy. -Must be atleast 18 yearsold to register for and use JustDating. -Payment willbe charged toyour Google account at the confirmation of purchase.-Subscriptionswill automatically renew unless auto-renewal isturned off at least24-hours before the end of the current period.-Your account willbe charged for renewal within 24-hours prior tothe end of thecurrent period. -Subscriptions may be managed by theuser andauto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user'saccountsettings in the Play Store after purchase. -No cancellationof thecurrent subscription is allowed during the activesubscriptionperiod. -JustDating is a service that merely providesan avenue formeeting potential partners. We do not guarantee thatyou will findyour ideal match. -24/7 customer service withinJustDating. -Usersare unable to chat with same gender for now.Important:Uninstalling JustDating will not automatically stopyoursubscription. You must cancel your subscription to endyoursubscription. If you uninstall the app without cancelingyoursubscription, you will still be charged.
Hitwe - meet people and chat 4.3.2
Hitwe is the best free social discovery with more than 100millionregistered users. Hitwe's main advantages are:✅ No need towait fora match. Send messages right from the start ✅ We have gameelements- your own pet evolution✅ Fakes and scam protection✅Intuitivedesign✅ Ability to send your photos and GIFs✅ Fakes andscamprotectionDon't waste your time! Join us right now! 💖
Free Dating App - YoCutie - Flirt, Chat & Meet 1.232
App Fiction GmbH
100% Free Dating App. Really. YoCutie invites you toexperiencedating in a whole new way! From limitless matches to openchats,you can date how you want, where you want, and when you want.The100% free app has unique video dating for ease of matchesandconnecting with people you find interesting. How it worksSwipethrough videos and pictures of other Cuties, give Yo’s and assoonas there is a YoCutie Match, you can start chatting, flirting,andmeeting new people! Features Join the free dating app thatallowsyou to: - Login with Facebook, Google+ or Email - Verifyyourselfand only hear from other verified users - Add a video toyourprofile to increase your matches - Swipe through profiles withease- Flirt with singles near you - Meet new people - Chat withpeopleyou find interesting - And Find love YoCutie is not justdating, itis opening up chatting and meeting singles in a uniqueway. Withvideo dating and scammer protection, the free dating appopens thedoor for singles to not just date, but to have apersonalizeddating experience that will lead you to your dreampartner. YoCutieis designed for everyone to find their idealpartner, no matterwhere you are in the world! From New York,Houston, Los Angeles,and all the way to Chicago and Dallas.Download now to discoveryour new soulmate!
Free Dating & Flirt Chat - Choice of Love
Choice of Love
Choice of Love provides freedatingservices. Here you can search for a partner without anyhiddencosts. Discover interesting people and find the right partnerforyou.Immediately upon registration, you will have access toextensivesearch and filter functions that help you meet singles inyour areawho match your criteria. Chat with them, exchange photosandarrange a date. You may even find the love of your life. Andwithour “Faces” feature, you will easily find out who thinks youareattractive.We are the alternative to fee-based services and have a strongfocuson transparency: All our functions are available free ofcharge andwithout restriction for as long as you use the app. TheChoice ofLove dating portal is funded through advertising, whichisunobtrusively displayed in our app.Would you prefer to see no advertising? No problem! Enjoy ourappwithout ads for a small fee. For a maximum of 1,99 USD permonth(or other defined period) you can use our app without ads.This isthe only fee-based feature we offer – but withoutanyobligation.You will enjoy the following features:✓ Free partner search guaranteed✓ Free chat for singles✓ Check your attractiveness with “Faces”✓ Comprehensive profiles✓ Enable ghost mode to be invisible for other users✓ Verified members✓ Upload up to 10 photos✓ Effective fake and scam protection✓ Encrypted data transmission✓ Customer service+++ Support +++Are you experiencing technical problems or would you like tomakesuggestions?Simply drop us a line at: [email protected]