Top 49 Games Similar to SimGun2 Custom

Ultimate Weapon Simulator 3.0
Start your journey through the world of guns with eWeapons™UltimateWeapon Simulator. If you are big fan of guns, with thisgunsimulator you will have the best modified simulations of someof themost famous weapons and guns in the world. Pistols andrifles,machine guns and shotguns await you in one of the best gungames onthe market. The only thing you need to do is to downloadeWeapons™Ultimate Weapon Simulator app.You will have amazingvirtual gunsright there in your phone because eWeapons™ UltimateWeaponSimulator app is one of the best simulator games. Withrealisticsounds of guns and big selection of some of the mostpopular riflesand pistols, together with authentic weaponmechanics, this firearmssimulator will become your favorite way toentertain yourself everyday. You just need to choose one of yourfavourite guns like apistol or a rifle; pull the trigger and thatis it, one of the bestgun games can start. Features of eWeapons™Ultimate WeaponSimulator:◎ huge selection of weapons⚒ authenticweapon mechanics ♫realistic weapon sounds♕ high resolutiongraphic◎ realistic fire andsmoke♕ realistic recoil effects◎unlimited ammo︻╦══╤─ gun slowmotion◎ camera flash♩ ♪ ♫ great gamemusicYou can visit uson:Facebook: some suggestions and yourimpressions about eWeapons™ UltimateWeapon Simulator.Contact us one-mail:©2017eWeapons™Ultimate Weapon Simulatorapplication has been created forentertainment purposes only.
Toy Guns - Gun Simulator VOL 2 2.2
Toy Guns - Gun Simulator VOL 2 is one of the best weapon gamesforkids and you can be sure that your kids will have great funwiththis toy gun simulator for Android. It is a fact that alllittlekids love toys the most. They can play all the time withtheirfavorite toys. And now you can give them fantastic virtualtoys andwithout going to a toy store. With our simulator game youcan havethe best virtual toy weapons on your Android phone and forfree. Wehave made this weapon simulator for all little kids in theworldand we are sure that this will be one of the best games forboys.But, colors of toy weapons are so beautiful that also girlswilladore this gun simulator. This, also, will be one of the bestgamesfor girls.Fantastic things you and your kids will have withToyGuns - Gun Simulator VOL 2. In the first place is a hugeselectionof toy weapons that we have prepared for your kids. Andthissimulator game can start when your kids choose the right weaponforthem. They will have a great time with this gun simulator andyouwill have some time just for you. But more great things we haveforyou and your kids. Realistic toy weapon sounds and authentictoyweapon mechanics this gun weapon simulator will bring toyourAndroid phone. All of this great things just for your kids andforfree. One of the best gun games for kids can start when yourkidschoose appropriate toy weapon. And this, probably, will beaproblem because all the toy guns are amazing. They won't be abletostop shooting until they try all the weapons. The amazing thingisthat with this toy gun simulator your kids will haveunlimitedammo, so they can shoot as long as they want. Great funall thetime with fantastic simulator game. Now you will have muchmorespace in your house because real toys will be exchangedwithvirtual toy guns. Since we know that toy weapons are themostpopular toys for boys, we have made this gun app especiallyforthem. But, also girls will have a fantastic time with gunsimulatorfree. So, don't waste your time anymore and give to yourkids thebest virtual toy guns. You will be satisfied when your kidsaresatisfied and with Toy Guns - Gun Simulator VOL 2 they willbetotally delighted. Have a great time with your kids, shootwiththem from virtual weapons on your Android phone and enjoy ineverysecond with them with Toy Guns - Gun Simulator VOL 2 - thebest toyweapon simulator in the world.Toy Guns - Gun Simulator VOL2Features:- big selection of toy guns- high resolutiongraphics-realistic toy guns sounds- authentic toy weaponsmechanics-unlimited ammunition- ideal for kids funToy Guns - GunSimulatorVOL 2 was created by Toy Guns For Kids
Weaphones™ Gun Sim Free Vol 1 2.4.0
Welcome to the world of Weaphones, the ultimate firearmssimulatorfor your phone or tablet.Blurring the line between digitalandphysical, Weaphones combines the two to create a fullyinteractivereal world experience. Switch off the safety, load themagazine,rack the slide and fire, all without having the copscalled onyou.Ergonomically designed, Weaphones fit naturally intotheshooter’s hand. All the important controls are located withinafinger’s reach. The ability to resize, flip, zoom and relocatetheWeaphone assures perfect fit no matter the size of handorscreen._______________________________» Realistic Sound,Smoke,Flash & Recoil Effects» Full Interaction and Control»AuthenticWeapon Mechanics» Mini-Games and Accessories» DetailedFull HDGraphics» 100% Customizable to Fit User’s Hand Size andPreference→ Lefty Flip → Rotate 180° → Scale → Move» UserAdjustableVariables → Unlimited Ammo → Auto Reload →WeaponJamming/Overheating → Accelerometer Reloading → CameraFlashShooting → Multi-Device Linking Android to Android or iOStoAndroid (e.g. C4 and Detonator)» Weapon State Indicator (“Why AmINot Shooting”)» Ultra Detailed Step-By-Step Animated TutorialforEach Weaphone» Multi-Touch, Accelerometer & CameraFlashSupport» Social Media DrivenFutureContent_______________________________WeaponTypes:PISTOLSASSAULTRIFLESMGSLIGHT MACHINE GUNSNIPERRIFLESHOTGUNGRENADE &C4CROSSBOWRPGMINIGUN40MMGRENADELAUNCHER_______________________________» Check out thead-freeversion for more exclusive benefits
Guns Sound 1.18.5
This guns simulator is the most realistic simulation shotsofweapons. This weapons simulator is a large collection shotssoundsfrom different types of weapons. This application containsalmostone hundred different types of weapons, such as machineguns,machine guns, grenades, pistols, revolvers, as well assniperrifles and shotguns. This collection of sounds of shots gunswillsuit everyone who is interested of differences weapons types.Eachweapon has a brief description and an unlimited amount of ammo.Soif you want to play war with your friends or just want toscaresomeone, then this collection of gun sounds for you! For theshotyou just need to click on the gun or hold it for a fewshots.Choose your favorite gun and struck terror in theneighborhood, allthe neighbors and animals will be wary of you.
eWeapons™ Gun Weapon Simulator 1.2.9
Start your journey through the world of guns with eWeapons™GunWeapon Simulator. If you love playing gun games you will fallinlove with this weapon simulator. With this gun simulator, youwillhave modified simulations of some of the most famous weaponsandguns in the world. eWeapons™ Gun Weapon Simulator is an appwithrealistic sound effects and a big selection of some of themostpopular guns. When you see the visual effects of thisfirearmssimulator, we are sure that it will become your favoriteway toentertain yourself every day and one of your favorite gunshootinggames. eWeapons™ Gun Weapon Simulator is one of those gunshootinggames where you will feel like you are holding a realpistol inyour hands and when you hear the sounds of firing guns,you willget the impression like you are in a real war zone. Get thebestmodified simulations of guns like sniper, shotgun, submachinegunor assault rifles and revolver right in your phone. Go aheadandfind out why this app is one of the best weapon simulator appsonthe market. With eWeapons™ Gun Weapon Simulator, some the bestgunsin the world will be right there in your pocket. It is veryeasy toplay and the feeling you will get is amazing, so, chooseguns youlike the most, pull the trigger and one of the best weapongamescan start.♕MINI GAME♕♕SHOOTING RANGE GAME♕Inside theeWeapons™Ultimate Weapon Simulator app you have a possibility toplay afantastic mini game – shooting game. We have prepared for youa gunshooting range game. This is a first person shooting gamewhere youselect your weapon, shoot targets and pass up to anotherlevel. Youwill definitely enjoy this first person shooting gamewhich willmake you feel like a professional shooter.Features ofeWeapons™ GunWeapon Simulator:◎ huge selection of weapons⚒authentic weaponmechanics ♫ realistic weapon sounds♕ highresolution graphic◎realistic fire and smoke♕ realistic recoileffects◎ unlimitedammo︻╦══╤─ gun slow motion◎ camera flash♩ ♪ ♫great game musicYoucan visit us on:Facebook: some suggestions and yourimpressions about eWeapons™ GunWeapon Simulator.Contact us one-mail:©2017eWeapons™Gun Weapon Simulatorapplication has been created forentertainment purposes only.
Weapon stripping 3D
Sega SVD
Simulator of guns disassemble and assemble (field stripping)-assault rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, submachineguns,pistols, revolvers, shotguns; you can fire it, or study howitworks, or compete with your friends..This game is yourpersonalarmory.You can disassembly such firearms, as:- AK (alsoknown asAK-47 or Kalashnikov Assault rifle)- VSS Vintorez (specialsniperrifle)- AK-74M (as known as 5.45 mm Kalashnikov Assaultrifle)-SR-3M (special assault rifle)- AKS-74U (the shortenedKalashnikovfor special operations and police operations)- M4A1Carabine- APS(Stechkin Automatic Pistol)- APB (Silent automaticpistol)- PM(Makarov Pistol)- Glock 17- M1911-A1 (aka Colt 1911)- TT(TulskyTokarev pistol)- PP-19 Bizon- Steyr AUG- MP-40- PPS-43(SudaevSMG)- StG-44 (Sturmgewehr 44, MP-43, MP-44)- PPSh-41(Shpagin SMG)-SVD (Dragunov Sniper Rifle)- Nagant revolver-Thompson submachinegun (Tommy gun, Chicago typewriter )- Mosinrifle- DP-27 machinegun- Mauser C96 M711- Luger "Parabellum" P08-Walther P38- GSh-18-M1 Garand- M240 machine gun- H&K G36-Barrett M82A1- H&KMP5- FN P90- Fyodorov Avtomat- Uzi- Mossberg500- FN SCAR-LWeaponsdisassembly and assembly are not only you cando, also you canlearn how each one fires in different modes:automatic, single,without some details...Will be differrentRussian, Soviet and othercountries rifles, guns, machineguns,pistols and other weapon infuture.
Gun Builder Custom Guns 1.1.7
Start your journey through the world of guns with eWeapons™GunBuilder Custom Guns. With this gun app you can build pistolstomatch your own taste. Forget about the same old pistols,becausewith this custom gun builder, you can create originalpistols noone has ever seen before. When you select your pistol,build it,you are ready to start shooting in one of the best gunshootinggames. It will be a real pleasure for you to shoot fromvirtualpistols you have built on your own.eWeapons™ Gun BuilderCustomGuns is an app that has realistic gun sound effects andexcellentvisual effects, so, we do not have any doubts that thisweaponsimulator will become one of your favorite gun games and bestwayto entertain yourself on a daily basis. You will have anamazingtime with this custom gun app and you will definitely feellike areal gun expert when you see your custom gun looks.If you area fanof gun games, download our gun app now and have one of thebestweapon builder apps on your phone. If you are one of the peoplewholove guns, then this app is perfect for you. It is very easytobuild virtual pistols on your phone, just choose the part ofthepistol you want to build first and the building can start. Intheapp you will find a big selection of designs for your guns andthisis what makes this gun builder simulator so special.When youaredone with building your custom gun, you are ready to startshootingand the best part is that you can shoot as long as youwant,because you do not have to worry about the ammo. WitheWeapons™ GunBuilder Custom Guns you will have unlimited ammo andthis is whatmakes this simulator game much more interesting. One ofthe bestweapon builder simulator apps you can have for free and weare surethat you will have a lot of fun with one of the best gunshootinggames on the market.Features of eWeapons™ Gun BuilderCustom Guns:♕huge selection of different pistol parts♕ shoot fromyour custompistol♕ unlimited ammo ♕ authentic pistol mechanics♕realisticpistol sounds♕ flash♕ high resolution graphics♕ realisticfire andsmoke♕ realistic recoil effects♕ slow motion♕ share custompistolon social networksYou can visit us on:Facebook: some suggestions and yourimpressions about eWeapons™ GunBuilder Custom Guns.Contact us one-mail:©2017eWeapons™Gun Builder Custom Gunsapplication has been created forentertainment purposes only.
Toy Guns - Gun Simulator 2.2
Toy Guns - Gun Simulator is one of the best gun games in theworldand your kids will have great time with this gun simulator.Kidslove fun, kids love toys and now both things they can have onphonewith Toy Guns - Gun Simulator app. We know that the mostpopulartoys for boys are weapons, we made this gun simulatorespecially,but not only for them. When girls see colorful toyweapons on phonethey will enjoy in virtual weapons maybe even morethan boys. Youwill see that this is not only game for boys, ToyGuns - GunSimulator can, also, be one of the great games for girls.Your kidswill forget all old toys, now they have toy weaponsimulator - oneof the best gun games free, for greatest fun all thetime.Every newday will be funnier than another with virtual toyguns that youwill have with Toy Guns - Gun Simulator application.Largeselection of toy weapons we prepared for your kids. Andthissimulator game can start when your kids choose the right weaponforthem. They will have great time with this gun simulator andyouwill have some time just for you. This weapon application istheright gift for your kids. If you want to surprise them youdon'thave to go to toy store, just download free simulator game andletyour kids play with best virtual weapons. From all gun gamesforkids your kids will love Toy Guns - Gun Simulator the mostbecausethis is the best simulator game in the world. With this toygunsimulator your kids are safe, and you can let them go outsidewithyour phone and to play with other kids the mostinterestingsimulator game. Authentic toy guns mechanics, real toyweaponsounds and big selection of toy guns your kids will have withToyGuns - Gun Simulator . With gun weapon simulator your kidswillhave best virtual gun such as single-fire arrow blaster,electronicdisc blaster or single-fire revolver blaster and a lot ofother toyguns. Now you will have much more space in your housebecause realtoys will be exchanged with virtual toy guns . Kidstoys that youwill have on your phone with best toy guns applicationare sorealistic and so good that your kids won't want to stopshootingfrom different toy weapons . And they don't need to stopshootingbecause they have unlimited ammo and they can enjoy ingreat toyguns as long as they want. You will be satisfied when yourkids aresatisfied and with Toy Guns - Gun Simulator they will betotallydelighted. Have great time with your kids, shoot with themfromvirtual weapons on your phone and enjoy in every second withyourkids with Toy Guns - Gun Simulator - the best toy weaponsimulatorin the world.Toy Guns - Gun Simulator Features:- bigselection oftoy guns- high resolution graphics- realistic toy gunssounds-authentic toy weapons mechanics- unlimited ammunition- idealforkids fun!!! CAMERA PERMISSIONIn order to give you morerealisticshooting experience this app uses your CAMERA FLASH.
Wicked Battlefield Gun - Machine Gun Simulator 1.0
DragonFire Free Games
Wicked Battlefield Gun - Machine Gun SimulatorEnjoy Ultimatemachinegun simulation with real gun camera 3dIf you love theshooting fromreal big weapons like machine gun and rocketlauncher. play a realvirtual reality of machine gun 3d weapon. Inthis fps shooting game,you will feel reality of shooting fromweapon like machine gun androcket launcher from which you areunable to shoot in real life.Moreover, in this free shooting game,you have tyler of realbattlefield situation where you are underheavy gunfire. Facing realsoviet marksman and tanks and gunshipgunner strike. In this deadlygunshot, you are left with no optionbut to shootout your enemiesfrom your 3d machine gun and userocket launcher for targeting theenemies Apache gunner.Frontlineis under real army war 3d and as ahero of the war for the nationyou have to shoot and shoot until allof the enemies kill shot.Bravo delta force soldier! it's the lastchance for our survival todeal with the enemies as we are havingthis is one of our laststrong hold and having most modern and heavyweapons.counter theenemies with your best and heavy weapons anddon't forget toupgrade your weapon to kill more and more enemies .because this isthe only option to deal with enemies army strike.***WickedBattlefield Gun - Machine Gun Simulator features ***=Realistic FPS(First Person Shooter) scenario= Unlimited challengingbattlemissions= GREAT ACTION GAME= Fabulous sound effects= RealCrimecity 3d environment= Easy GUI and controls= TOTALLY FREE=Firstperson shooting= SNIPE THE ENEMY= Real war battlefield= THEBESTGAME= ADDICTIVE GAME= SHOOT AND KILL= Superior Gunnergun=REALISTIC COMBAT EXPERIENCE= Use the RPG to shot downbattlehelicopters= ATTACK ENEMY WITH MODERN WEAPONSDragonfire freegamesteam worked hard to make this top action shooting gamesimulationto be playable on all devices. If you have any issue orsuggestiondon't forget to review us.
Weapon Builder Simulator Free 1.2.4
Advanced Weapon Tech
Weapon builder simulator is app that allow you to tune up weaponsasyou want! From the popular military assault rifles to thepolicepistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, sub-machinegunswith unlimited ammo, realistic muzzle flashes and ejectingshellsand functional attachments. Every single weapon is for freewithall attachments unlocked. Contains many differentcamouflageaccessories such as optics, lasers, lights, reflexsights, grenadelaunchers and much more! All guns are completelycustomizable! Ifyou are in love with guns as we are you'llexperience anunforgettable experience! Airsoft fans willlovethis.***FEATURES***✔ Unlimited Ammo✔ Super Slow motion✔ Shakephoneto fire✔ Selective fire✔ Realistic smoke and muzzleflashes✔Realistic Sounds✔ Functional grenade launcher ✔ AuthenticWeaponMechanics✔ All screen supported ✔ Modern weapons ✔ DetailedHD& cool graphics✔ Simulation shootingWe collected the bestarmsin the world*** WEAPONS INCLUDE ***• AR M4A2 assault rifle• AK47custom• Smith & Wesson 327• Saiga 12 full autotacticalshotgun• Desert Eagle .50cal• SCAR MK20 support sniperrifle•SIG516 assault rifle• Barrett .50cal anti-material sniperrifle•Glock 19 German handgunAnd much more…Download the bestweaponbuilder app for free now! Build weaponry on your own way!Share itwith your friends!
Battlefield Gun Simulator : Heavy Weapons & Guns 1.0
Thumbs Up Games
Battlefield Gun Simulator : Heavy Weapons & GunsRobust 3Dgunnersimulator for rifles, Machine Gun, Shotguns & gun camera3dIt'stime for enjoying real guns & shooting effects of sniperrifles,assault rifles, ultimate gunner destroyer weapons, MachineGuns,Shotguns & handguns. Moreover, this free to shoot gamewillprovide you the ability for enjoying the best simulation ofshootingwith real gun camera simulator.For most realistic physicsandsimulator for gun camera & guns weapons sim, game willbedesigner in the real battlefield scene. as the player of thearmywar shoot soldier, you are provided with the most powerfulanddangerous weapons. So that so can get the real simulatorforshooting effects and sounds. Fire from different angles and feelasthis in the real war.As a bravo delta force soldier, use bestFPSgun camera to aim & shoot the enemies tanks & helicoptertofulfill the goal of victory. Use you bazooka and Machine Gun&complete your journey through amazing gun shootsimualtor.==Feature ==* Realistic FPS (First Person Shooter)scenario* BESTACTION GAME* Amazing sound effects* Easy GUI andcontrols* SNIPETHE ENEMY* Pukka war battlefield* TOP Gunner gun*ultimatechallenging battle missions* Real Crime city 3denvironment*REALISTIC COMBAT EXPERIENCE* Use the RPG to shot downbattlehelicopters* First person shooting* THE BEST GAMEThumbs Upteamhave put all of their effort to produce this game in abestpossible form which is user friendly and addictive. We wouldloveto have your valuable response. Your appreciation and criticismishighly appreciated. make gun strike against your enemies.
eWeapons™ Gun Simulator Free 1.1.0
Start your journey through the world of guns with eWeapons™GunSimulator Free. If you like playing gun games, in this app youwillfind a collection of guns which include some of the bestpistolsand revolvers you can have right there with you onyourphone.eWeapons™ Gun Simulator Free is one of the best gunsimulatorapps and it will bring you modified simulations of some ofthe mostfamous guns that include revolvers and pistols. Thisweaponsimulator app has realistic sound effects and a big selectionofthe most popular guns. When you take a look at the visualeffects,this firearms simulator will become your favorite way toentertainyourself every day. With eWeapons™ Gun Simulator Free youwill feellike you are holding a real revolver or a pistol in yourhands, andthe realistic sounds of the guns will place you right inthe middleof a war zone. All you need to do is to choose yourfavourite guns,load them, pull the trigger and one of the best gungames canstart.Features of eWeapons™ Gun Simulator Free:♕ hugeselection ofweapons♕ authentic weapon mechanics ♕ realistic weaponsounds♕ highresolution graphic♕ realistic fire and smoke♕ realisticrecoileffects♕ unlimited ammo♕ slow motion♕ flash♕ great gamemusicYoucan visit us on:Facebook: some suggestions and yourimpressions about eWeapons™ GunSimulator Free.Contact us one-mail:©2017eWeapons™Gun Simulator applicationhas been created forentertainment purposes only.
Gun Builder Simulator Free 1.4.3
Advanced Weapon Tech
Gun builder simulator is app that allow you to tune up weaponsasyou want! From the most popular military assault rifles tothepistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, sub-machinegunswith unlimited ammo, realistic muzzle flashes and 3Dejectingshells and functional attachments. Every single weapon isfor freewith all attachments unlocked. Contains many differentcamouflageaccessories such as optics, lasers, lights, reflex sightsand muchmore! All guns are completely customizable! If you are inlove withguns as we are you'll experience an unforgettableexperience!Airsoft fans will love this.***FEATURES***✔ UnlimitedAmmo✔ SuperSlow motion✔ Shake sensors to fire✔ Realistic smoke andmuzzleflashes✔ 3D gun bullets and shells✔ Realistic Sounds✔AuthenticWeapon Mechanics✔All screen supported modern gun weapons✔DetailedHD & cool graphics✔ Simulation shooting✔ Selectivefire✔Shooting Range✔ Over 150 levelsWe have collected the bestfirearmsin the world for our simulator:***WEAPONS INCLUDE***•BushmasterACR (adaptive combat rifle) • 1911 pistol • Dragunov SVDSniperrifle• MPA .45 ACP submachine gun• M4 Tactical Shotgun•AR-15custom carbine Assault RifleWhen you completely build yourweaponyou can take screenshot and share it with friends or viasocialnetworks. Whatever you choose in build options will be savedonyour device so you do not have to worry about saving. Intheoptions you can choose how to shoot with your gun, select slowornormal motion, chose unlimited ammo or the normal number ofbulletswithin magazine. It’s the same for vibrations, smoke effectsandscreen rotation. Download the best gun builder app for freenow!Use your android device as ultimate fun weapon and play withyournew virtual shooting app!This application is made forentertainmentpurpose only.Any logos, names or images described herearetrademarks and property of the manufacturer and usedforidentification purpose only.
eWeapons™ Revolver Guns Sim 2.0
Start your journey through the world of guns with eWeapons™RevolverGuns Sim, one of the most realistic revolver simulator.With thisweapon simulator you will have modified simulations ofsome of themost famous revolvers. So, if you are a fan of gungames, you havecome to the right place.eWeapons™ Revolver Guns Simhas realisticsound effects of guns and the best selection of themost popularrevolvers. When you see the visual effects of this gunsimulator weare sure that this app will become one of yourfavorite gun shootinggames and the best way to entertain yourselfevery day.If you wantto know how it feels like when you have arevolver in your hands,our gun simulation app will help you findout. Download thisfirearms simulator and start your amazing tripthrough the world ofguns like revolvers and pistols. It is veryeasy to play, and thefeeling you are going to get when you play itis great. Choose therevolver you like the most, load it, pull thetrigger and let one ofthe best weapon games begin. With thisrevolver app you can practiceyour shooting skills and feel likeyou are in a real shootingrange.Features of eWeapons™ RevolverGuns Sim:◎ huge selection ofrevolvers◎ authentic weapon mechanics◎ realistic weapon sounds◎high resolution graphic◎ realistic fireand smoke◎ realistic recoileffects◎ unlimited ammo◎ flashYou canvisit us on:Facebook: some suggestions and yourimpressions about eWeapons™ RevolverGuns Sim.Contact us on©2017eWeapons™Revolver Guns Sim application hasbeen created forentertainment purposes only.
Weaphones™ Gun Sim Free Vol 2 1.3.2
The creators of the most authentic mobile firearms simulatorbringyou next chapter with Weaphones: Firearms Simulator MiniArmory Vol2Continuing our tradition of blending realism with fun,Volume 2features all new weapons, from a machine pistol to a pumpshotgun.Experience how these weapons operate, with realisticreloading,chambering and stoppages. Don’t just play the game, grabyourdevice and it becomes a digital weapon, all the importantcontrolsare within a finger’s reach. Leverage the power of thebuilt inaccelerometer and flash capabilities for a more genuineexperience.Become a sniper as you chamber that massive .50 caliberround orimagine yourself as Rambo hip firing the60._______________________________» Realistic Fire, Sound,Smoke,Flash & Recoil Effects» Full Interaction and Control»AuthenticWeapon Mechanics» Accessories & Paint Options» DailyFreebieWeapons to Try Out» Detailed Full HD Graphics» 100%Customizable toFit User’s Hand Size and Preference → Lefty Flip →Rotate 180° →Scale → Location» User Adjustable Variables →Unlimited Ammo → AutoReload → Weapon Jamming/Overheating →Accelerometer Reloading →Camera Flash Shooting → Slow Motion Rateon Pistol» Weapon StateIndicator (“Why Am I Not Shooting”)» UltraDetailed Step-By-StepAnimated Tutorial for Each Weaphone»Multi-Touch, Accelerometer& Camera Flash Support» Social MediaDriven FutureContent_______________________________Weapon Types:»PISTOL»REVOLVER» SMG» ASSAULT RIFLES» MARKSMAN RIFLES» LIGHTMACHINE GUN»SEMI AUTOMATIC SNIPER RIFLES» BOLT ACTION SNIPER RIFLE»PUMPSHOTGUN» AUTO SHOTGUN» GRENADE LAUNCHER
Gun Camera 3D 5.0.4
From authors of Gun Camera - More Real Gun Camera Simulator!Now3D!Great guns and shooting effects: Assault Rifles, MachineGuns,Shotguns, Handguns...View guns in 3D environment, view themfromdifferent angles, select one of them and enjoy shooting effectsandsounds. Taking one of this great guns at your hands you willfeelhow it looks like in real life.Application will use yourcamerapreview and simulate FPS gun camera game where you can shootrealtargets and save gun previews to gallery.Enjoy this collectionofguns and shoot everyday with gun camera 3D!
eWeapons™ Toy Guns Simulator 1.1.3
Start your journey through the world of toy guns with eWeapons™ToyGuns Simulator. If your kids love playing gun games, then withthistoy gun simulator they will have the best virtual toy weaponsmadefor children. This weapon simulator will bring somethingtotallynew to you.eWeapons™ Toy Guns Simulator has great toy gunsoundeffects, huge selection of toy weapons and the best visualeffectswhich make this toy gun simulator the best way to entertainyourkids every day. You will have one of the best modifiedsimulationsof guns like revolvers, assault rifles or pistols thatwerespecially created for children. This is an amazing game forboys,but since the weapons are so colorful, this simulator gamewillalso become one of the best gun games for girls.It is very easytoplay and the feeling your kids will get will be great. Alltheyneed to do is to choose the toy gun they like the most and oneofthe best gun shooting games for kids can start.FeaturesofeWeapons™ Toy Guns Simulator:♛ huge selection of toyguns♛authentic toy weapon mechanics ♛ realistic toy weapon sounds♛highresolution graphic♛ realistic recoil effects♛ unlimited ammo♛slowmotion♛ flash♛ great game musicYou can visit us on:Facebook: some suggestions and yourimpressions about eWeapons™ Toy GunsSimulator.Contact us one-mail:©2017eWeapons™Toy Guns Simulatorapplication has been created forentertainment purposes only.
Ultimate Weapon Simulator FREE 1.4.1
Gun Core Studio
Ultimate Weapon Simulator Free! The collection of mostpowerfulfirearms in the world such as snipers, assault rifles,pistols,shotguns, machine guns and rocket launchers. Take one ofthis greatguns at your hands and feel how this looks like in reallife. Toplay you only need to choose a weapon, pull the trigger andyou'llhear different sounds of shots! Shells will dropdownrealistically! If you run out of bullets just click onreloadbutton and ammo will reload automatically. Transform yourdevice into shooting rifle or gun! Large arsenal and more awaitsyou in thegame.Weapon Included:- AK-74- AR -15 M4A2- FN Scar-Barrett M82.50cal sniper rifle- German HK417A2 prototype- RPG7 -Banelli m4shotgun- Uzi gun and silencerand more..!Download withfriends ,play in the war at home, in the forest, in the car, in theyard andelsewhere. -Features--* More then 15 most used Weaponin theworld* Shell drop down realistic* Slow Motion* Muzzleflash*Unlimited Ammunition* Offline access to lots of weaponry*RealisticSounds * Widget that's allows you to fire at anytime!* Allscreen supported.You can also add a widgets on your homescreen anduse gun sounds at any time. Set as Widget. How to set: Goto homescreen > Long press on desktop > Find UltimateWeaponSimulator > Choose a widget.About Weapons:Weapons are usedtoincrease the efficacy and efficiency of activities suchasself-defense, and warfare. In a broader context, weapons maybeconstrued to include anything used to gain a strategicmaterialadvantage over an adversary.
eWeapons™ Gun Club Weapon Sim 1.1.5
Start your journey through the world of guns with eWeapons™ GunClubWeapon Sim which is one of the best gun weapon simulator app.If youlike playing gun games then this firearms simulator willbring toyour phone best modified simulations of some of the mostfamousguns. With this weapon simulator app you will have the bestvirtualguns in only one application.eWeapons™ Gun Club Weapon Simhasrealistic sound effects of guns, huge selection of some of themostfamous guns and when you take a look at its visual effects,this gunsimulator app will become your favorite mean ofentertainment. Ifyou are in the mood for gun shooting games, getsome of the bestmodified simulations of guns like assault rifles,sniper rifles orpistols right there on your phone and get thefeeling like you areholding a real rifle or pistol in yourhands.♕MINI GAME♕♕SHOOTINGRANGE GAME♕Inside the eWeapons™ Gun ClubWeapon Sim app you have apossibility to play a fantastic mini game– shooting game. We haveprepared for you a gun shooting rangegame. This is a first personshooting game where you select yourweapon, shoot targets and passup to another level. But, watch out!You have the required score andthe number of bullets is limited.You will definitely enjoy thisfirst person shooting game whichwill make you feel like aprofessional shooter.Features ofeWeapons™ Gun Club Weapon Sim:◎huge selection of weapons◎authentic weapon mechanics ◎ realisticweapon sounds◎ highresolution graphic◎ realistic fire and smoke◎realistic recoileffects◎ unlimited ammo◎ slow motion◎ camera flash◎great gamemusicYou can visit us on:Facebook: some suggestions and yourimpressions about eWeapons™ Gun ClubWeapon Sim.Contact us one-mail:©2017eWeapons™Gun Club Weapon Simapplication has been created forentertainment purposes only.
Ultimate Gun Simulator 1.3
Arms Digital
Ultimate Gun Simulator - perfect gun app with big arsenaloffirearms for all weapons lovers and for all the people wholovesimulator games and who enjoy playing weapon games. Gunsimulatorwill bring large arsenal of virtual weapons to your phone.But thisis not the only thing that weapon simulator will bring toyou.Also, with gun simulator, you will have authentic weaponsmechanicsand realistic weapon sounds. All those things will makeyou feellike you have real firearm in your hands. With this gun appyouwill have best modified simulations of assault rifles,grenadelauncher or machine gun. You don't need to search forperfectweapon simulator anymore because, with this gun app, youwill haveall best virtual weapons. If you ever dreamed that you area bravesolder and that you are fighting in the war or you justliked toplay with weapons when you were a little kid then thisweaponsimulator is perfect for you. Great weapons that you willhave withgun weapon simulator will leave you breathless. And nowyou canhave virtual weapons always with you with best gun app.Since weknow that different people like different kinds of weaponswe triedto make perfect weapon app where everyone can findappropriateweapon. And we hope that we did it and that here you canfindperfect weapon for you. Only choose rifle or pistol, what youlikethe most, pull the trigger and start shooting. Unlimitedammunitionis another great thing that you will have with weaponsimulator.Now you can shoot all the time from your virtual weaponsand youdon't have to worry how much bullets are left to you. WithUltimateGun Simulator you will, also, have mirror effect and slowmotion soyou can enjoy even more in this simulator game. Show toyourfriends best weapon game and shoot with them from virtualpistolsand rifles. Features of Ultimate Gun Simulator:- big arsenalofweapons- authentic weapons mechanics- high resolutiongraphics-authentic gun sounds- unlimited ammunition- realisticfire, smokeand recoil effects- camera flash- mirror- slow motionLove famousweapons, but you have never seen them? There is noproblem anymorebecause with gun simulator you will have greatmodified simulationsof assault rifles and semi-automatic pistol forfree and you canbuy more weapons like grenade launcher, machine gunor otherassault rifle or semi-automatic pistol. Feel proud ofyourcollection of virtual weapons, transform your phone to virtualgunand all of this with perfect weapon simulator free.Firearmssimulator you can get if you download Ultimate GunSimulator. Nowyou know how to play, you know how many virtualweapons are waitingfor you, only thing that is left to you is todownload gunsimulator free and to enjoy in great fun with UltimateGunSimulator. Interactive weapon features:★ ASSAULT RIFLES ★ ★MACHINEGUN ★ ★ SEMI - AUTOMATIC PISTOL ★ ★ GRENADE LAUNCHER ★Ultimate GunSimulator app was created by Arms Digital and this appis createdonly for entertainment purposes.
Golden Guns Weapon Simulator 1.1
Start your journey through the world of weapons witheWeapons™Golden Guns Weapon Simulator. Something completely newandsomething completely fabulous we have prepared for you.Modifiedsimulations of some of the most popular weapons, but ingoldenedition, you'll find here. So, grab a golden gun that youlike themost and let one of the best weapon games begins. Withrealisticweapon sound effect and with a huge selection of the mostpopularmachine guns and pistol and with authentic weapon mechanicsthisfirearms simulator will become your favorite way toentertainyourself every day. You will have the feeling of holding arealshotgun or revolver in your hands.With eWeapons™ Golden GunsWeaponSimulator you will have the best virtual golden weapons onyourAndroid phone. It's very easy to play and the feeling isgreat.First, you need to choose the appropriate assault rifle ormachinegun, then you need to pull the trigger and that's it. One ofthebest weapon games can start. Give your Android phone thebestvirtual firearms and in the golden edition. Now it is possibleandit's free. And a huge collection of golden guns we havepreparedfor you. But not only this. With this gun simulator freeyou willhave authentic weapon mechanics and totally realisticweaponsounds. And, we are sure, that once you try our simulatorgame youwon't be able to stop until you try all the weapons. Also,withbest gun weapon simulator you will have unlimited ammo so youcanshoot from your favorite golden gun as long as you wish. Don'twaitanymore and try now one of the best golden gun games. Sharewithother people this weapon simulator, show them virtual weaponsonyour phone and let them enjoy the best weapon game. All this andalot of fun you will have with eWeapons™ Golden GunsWeaponSimulator - the best gun weapon simulator. Wait no moreanddownload the best weapon app now!Features of eWeapons™ GoldenGunsWeapon Simulator:☛ huge selection of weapons☛ authenticweaponmechanics ☛ realistic weapon sounds☛ high resolutiongraphic☛realistic fire and smoke☛ realistic recoil effects☛unlimited ammo☛slow motion☛ camera flash☛ great game musicWeaponsincluded:☛REVOLVER☛ MACHINE GUN☛ GRENADE LAUNCHER☛ FLINTLOCK☛CARBINE☛SHOTGUN☛ SEMI AUTOMATIC PISTOL☛ ASSAULT RIFLE☛ PISTOL☛BAZOOKAYoucan visit uson:Facebook: some suggestions and yourimpressions about eWeapons™ GoldenGuns Weapon Simulator.Contact uson e-mail:©2017eWeapons™Golden Guns WeaponSimulator application has been createdfor entertainment purposesonly.
Ultimate Weapon Simulator FREE 1.2.3
Advanced Weapon Tech
Welcome to Ultimate Weapon Simulator, large arsenal ofassaultrifles, pistols, shotguns and snipers.If you are a big fanofweapons as we are then this is perfect gun app for you. Wechosethe BEST weapons with high precision, caliber, durabilityandfirepower. With realistic weapon sound, rich feature, FullHDgraphics and authentic mechanics, you can also build the weaponasyou want. Every single weapon is for free with allattachmentsunlocked. Contains many different camouflage accessoriessuch asoptics, lasers, lights, reflex sights and much more! But,this isnot all. Also, with firearms simulator and gun custom in oneyouwill have adjustable slow motion, so you can choose how manyslowgun can shoot, unlimited ammo, vibration, shake sensor to soyoucan enjoy even more in this simulator game. When you start fireyouwill hear powerful sound effect of the gun, 3D shell will dropdownrealistically and you will feel like you have real weapon inyourhands! FEATURES: ✔ Unlimited Ammo✔ Super Slow motion✔ Shakesensorsto fire✔ Realistic smoke and muzzle flashes✔ 3D gun bulletsandshells✔ Realistic Sounds✔ Authentic Weapon Mechanics✔Largeselection of accessories, optics, lights, lasers, reflexsights,camouflage✔All screen supported modern gun weapons✔ DetailedHD& cool graphics✔ Simulation shooting✔ Selectivefire***WEAPONSINCLUDE***• M4 assault rifle• AK 47 with adjustablestock• GermanP22 Semi-automatic pistol• H&K MP7• Hunter gunBuckmark22pistol and more.***How to play***RIFLE & PISTOL:Slide >Trigger > Magazine > Slide > TriggerREVOLVER:Hammer >Trigger > Reload Button to reload bullets >Trigger DOUBLEBARREL GUN: Hammer > Trigger > Open Barrel >Eject Bullets> Bullets In Barrel > Close Barrel > Hammer> TriggerDownload game with friends and play at home, in theforest, in thecar, in the yard and elsewhere! You will feel like areal soldier!You'll experience an unforgettable experience! Airsoftfans willlove this. Each weapon is fully functional! Transform yourphone into the virtual weapon, start playing simulator game and youwillsee.Download the best gun builder game for free now! Buildweaponryon your own way! This application is made for entertainmentpurposeonly.
Machine gun 1.13
This simple app simulates assault rifle. First load bullets,thenuse breechblock, chose fire mode and shot.
Guns Sound 2 3.5
Guns Weapon Simulator
The most realistic guns sound simulator. Turn your phone intoguns.Completely free guns sound app. This app include all kindsofweapons: pistol, sniper rifle, assault rifle, shotguns,machinegun, cannon,rocket launcher and grenade.Over 100+ kinds ofgunsweapon for your choose, if you are a guns lover, you will beableto find your favorite guns sound in this app.If you want toplaywar and shoot game or scare others, then this guns sound appisjust for you.Main feature: - Over 100+ kinds of guns forchoose.-Shake the phone, or click the guns to fire. - Endlessbullets.-Realistic guns firing animation effect.- Shocking gunssound.-Volume adjustment function.- Vibration effect. - Sharewithfriends.Guns choose:- United States 9mm Desert Eaglepistol-Germany 9mm Walther P99 pistol- Austria 9mm Glock17 pistol-Italy9mm Beratta 92 pistol- Belgium Browning M1935 pistol- AmericanColtpistol- Spain Ruby M1914 pistol- XM8、Label M1886、ROSS MKassaultrifle- Soviet Union AK47 assault rifle- Korea 7.62mmUSAS-12Shotgun- United States W1200 Shotgun - Machine guns:H&kMp5、UZi、MP18、Maxin Machineguns、STG44- RPG、Grenades、Canoonand soon.- many other handguns, rifle,and machinegunsweapons.Select yourfavorite guns, play war and shoot game with yourpartner, thepeople and animals around also will be away from andalert you!
Gun Sounds - Army Guns 1.3
Free real army gun sounds! The Gun Sounds – Army Gunssoundssimulator is the most realistic simulator shots of weapons.Thisapplication contains 16 different types of army weapons:pistolBeretta 92FS, revolver S&W 500, sniper DKS 501, UZI,shotgunM870, sniper CDX-MC Kraken, AK-47, six-barrel MinigunM124,anti-tank rifle Lahti, machine gun M1919A4, mortar AT-4 CS HP,landmine, tank Abrams, cannon M119, rocket launcher U5J4K andsixbarrel howitzer. So if you want to play war or shooting gameswithyour friends or just want to prank (scare) someone, then thisAppfor you! The Gun Sounds – Army Guns game is not a weapon usedtoharm people rather, it produces sounds of different armyweapons.New Gun Sounds – Army Guns game features:• Very realisticandawesome gun sounds• Here you find High quality guns Images• 8gunsare in the first sheet, just swipe your phone and you will find8more.• Simple UI with 16 guns choice• Easily to use, just clickonbutton and it will shootWith Gun Sounds – Army Guns youcan:•Listen to high quality clips of powerful and deadly classicguns•Play shooting games like war or other army games• You canprank youfriends, girls or girlfriend, boys or boyfriend withthisapplication• Pretend a very strong soldier, who alwaysprotectsyour country • Pretend to shoot your dog or cat with thisAppGunSounds – Army Guns application contains shooting sound ofthisguns:• Beretta 92FS is a semi-automatic pistol designedandmanufactured by Beretta of Italy. The United States ArmedForcesstarted use them in 1985.• S&W 500 is afive-shot,double/single action large-caliber revolver produced bySmith &Wesson.• DKS 501 is a long range projectile sniperweapon. Thisrifle allows the soldier to cause extreme damage toenemies fromvery long range, more destructive critical hiteffects.• M870 is apump-action shotgun manufactured by RemingtonArms Company. It iswidely used by for sport shooting, hunting,self-defense andmilitary organizations worldwide.• CDX-MC Kraken isa multi-caliberrifle using an innovative barrel change system. •Kalashnikov AK-47is a semi-automatic and automatic assault rifle,developed in theUSSR. • M134 Minigun – six-barrel rotary machinegun with a highrate of fire which can also fire at a high sustainedrate. TheMinigun is used by several branches of the U.S. military:US Army,US Air Force and US Navy.• Lahti is a Finnish 20 mmanti-tank rifleused during the Second World War (WW2). It hadexcellent accuracy,penetration and range, but its size madetransportation difficult.•M1919A4 is a.30 caliber medium machinegun that was widely usedduring the 20th century, especially duringWorld War II, the Koreanand the Vietnam War. • AT-4 CS HP is an84-mm unguided, portable,single-shot recoilless smoothbore weaponbuilt in Sweden by SaabBofors. AT4 is in United Kingdom (UK),Ireland, Germany, France,United States, Canada, Sweden, Denmark,Brazil, Philippine,Malaysia and other countries armed forcesarsenal. • Land mine isan explosive device concealed under or onthe ground and designedto destroy or disable enemy targets.• Abramsis a main battle tank,heavily armored, powered by a gas turbineengine and equipped witha powerful gun.• M119 is the US designationfor the L119 light gun,a lightweight British 105 mm howitzer alsoused by the US Army. •U5J4K is a rocket launcher, armored andself-propelled - rocketartillery. The weapon can hit targets from42 km (26 mi) to 300 km(190 mi) away.• Howitzer. It is a six barreldeadly weapon. Thegame is not designed to promote violence as itonly gives thesounds of the gun. The game is available for users ofcompatibledevices that run on the Android operating software andcan bedownloaded from the Google Play store. It takes a few clickstodownload and as the size of the game is not large, it canbedownloaded in a couple of seconds. Make your phone more funbydownloading this game.
Gun sound 2.0
Gun Sound Builder
Turn your phone into guns. The most realistic gun soundsimulator.Completely free gun sound app . This app include allkinds ofweapons: pistol, sniper rifle, assault rifle, shotguns,machinegun, cannon, rocket launcher and grenade.Over 100+ kinds ofgunsweapon for your choose, if you are a guns lover, you will beableto find your favorite guns and sound in this app.If you wanttoplay war and shoot game or scare others, then this gun soundisjust for you.main feature: - Over 100+ kinds of guns forchoose-Shake the phone, or click the gun to fire. - Realistic gunsfiringanimation effect.- Shocking gun sound.- Volumeadjustmentfunction.- Vibration effect. - Share with friends; Gunschoose:-United States 9mm Desert Eagle pistol- Germany 9mm WaltherP99pistol- Austria 9mm Glock17 pistol- Italy 9mm Beratta 92pistol-Belgium Browning M1935 pistol- American Colt pistol- SpainRubyM1914 pistol- XM8、Label M1886、ROSS MK assault rifle- SovietUnionAK47 assault rifle- Korea 7.62mm USAS-12 Shotgun- UnitedStatesW1200 Shotgun - Machine guns: H&kMp5、UZi、MP18、MaxinMachineguns、STG44- RPG、Grenades、Canoon and soon.- many otherhandguns, rifle,and machineguns weapons.Select yourfavorite guns,play war and shoot game with your partner, the peopleand animalsaround also will be away from and alert you!Have fun!
Gun Simulator FREE 1.2.1
Gun Core Studio
Gun Simulator Free! The collection of most powerful guns intheworld. If you are interest in modern weapons, pistols, guns,withhigh caliber, powerful sound this app is just for you! In thisappyou can find a lots of popular military and police gunswithdifferent caliber, sound, bullets! To play you only need tochoosea weapon, pull the trigger, or shake it and you'll heardifferentsounds of shots! Shells will drop down! If you run out ofbulletsis just click on the reload button and ammo willreloadautomatically. Application contains most popular pistols intheworldGuns included:- Austrian Glock 9x19mm- German HK Usp-AmericanColt 1911 .45 - Russian TT pistol- Desert Eagle .50cal or12,7mmgun, - Italian Beretta M9, and many others like IMI, SigSauer, CZ,Hk, Walther Arms!Download with friends , play in the warat home,in the car, in the yard and elsewhere. --Features--* Morethen tenmost used firearms in the world* Slow motion* Shell dropdownrealistically* Realistic Sound* Offline access to lots ofweaponry*All screen supported* Unlimited ammunition* Easy touseinterface.About guns:Pistol is a firearm lightweight,portable,short barrel, designed to be operated with one hand. Apistol isusually a small weapon good grip and quick handling,originallymade for personal use in stocks of small-scope.Pistolsaregenerally semi-automatic - a projectile fired by each timethetrigger is compressed, replacing another cartridge in thechamber,ready for the next shot. There are also some models fullyautomatic- that can fire several shots while you hold the triggerdown.Thepistols are graded by size, defining in several countriesof thepermitted use or not, differentiated by their powers.Guns ofthesame caliber may use different ammunition, increasing its powertoimpact, puncture or internal damage to the target.Any contentnotowned by this developer belongs to their respective owners.Ifthere is an issue with this app contact us via the email address.
Real Guns & Firearms Simulator 3D 1.1.2
Patrick König
Featuring the most realistic and immersive weapon simulationinstunning 3D graphics. All weapons are inspired by realexistingguns and behave exactly like real firearms. Train toclearmalfunctions (i.e. jams and light strikes) and make use of theslowmotion feature while inspecting the firearm models in fully 3D.Ofcourse, all weapons are featuring realistic and unique soundsforinteractions and firing.This simulation is so realistic thatyoucan use it to teach people how to handle real firearmssafely.Currently featuring pistols (single-action anddouble-action),rifles and machineguns.More guns will be added. Makesure to givefeedback what kind of weapons and features you want tosee beingadded next.
Submachine gun 1.6
Submachine gun is a small and quick-firing weapon. This simpleappsimulates a real submachine gun!
Weapon stripping Lite
Sega SVD
Disassemble and assemble weapons -assaultrifles and submachine guns, or fire it, or study how itworks, orcompete with your friends.. (This is the lite-version forlow_enddevices)This game is your personal armory.You can disassembly such guns, as:- AK (also known as AK-47 or Kalashnikov Assault rifle)- VSS Vintorez (special sniper rifle)- AKS-74 (as known as 5.45 mm Kalashnikov Assault rifle)- SR-3M (special assault rifle)- AKS-74U (the shortened Kalashnikov for special operationsandpolice operations)- M4A1 CarabineWeapons disassembly and assembly are not only you can do, alsoyoucan learn how each one fires in different modes: automatic,single,without some details...Will be differrent rifles, guns, machineguns, pistols andotherweapon in future.
100 Weapons: Guns Sound 2.7
Gun Sound Builder
Guns sound app is only a weapon simulator, over 100 weapons foryourchoose. Touch the screen or shake the phone to play gunssound. Ifyou are a gun lover, you will be able to find yourfavorite weaponin this application.Main features:- Over 100weapons images andsound.- Two play mode: shake and touch.- Bulletsdo not need to bereloaded.- Volume adjustment function.- Vibrationeffect.- Sharewith your friends.
Gun Builder Simulator 2 FREE 1.08
Advanced Weapon Tech
Gun Builder Simulator 2 allow you to build gun the way you want.Tryout and customize the best guns in the world with largeselection ofparts, attachments, camos for any combat situation,optics, lasersights and red dot sights, adjustable stocks. Createunique customgun with our app! This is a combination betweenconstruction andsimulation! Gun Builder simulator lets you to doeverythingvirtually, switch off safety, adjust the fire select,chamber andfire your favorite guns. You can choose what to buildassaultrifles, handguns or shotgun. After you finish customizationlock& load and start shooting, do not worry about ammunitionit’sunlimited! This gun builder simulator game do not includeanypurchases it all completely free! We selected the best guns thatisallowing to get customized![Weapons included]- Ukrainian Vepr308assault rifle- Russian Ak 47 Short version- American AR 15assaultrifle- Belgian F2000 Modern Bullpup Assault RifleAndmuchmore…[Features] - Realistic Fire, Sound, Smoke, RecoilEffects& 3D Bullets- Authentic Weapon Mechanics- Full HDGraphics-Shot from your customized weapon- Large selection ofaccessories,optics, lights, lasers, reflex sights, grenadelaunchers,camouflage- Each gun fully customizable- Simulationshooting game-Shake phone to fireThis is not toy gun builder it’s areal gunbuilder with real gun parts that existing! Withhigh-resolutiongraphic you can zoom gun and see the details.Whatever you choosein build options will be saved on your device soyou do not have toworry about saving. In the options you can choosehow to shoot withyour gun, select slow or normal motion, choseunlimited ammo or thenormal number of bullets within magazine. It’sthe same forvibrations, smoke effects and screen rotation. Sharewith otherpeople this simulator game, show to them virtual guns onyour phoneand have great time with best gun app.Download the bestgun buildergame for free now! Build weaponry on your own way! Thisapplicationis made for entertainment purpose only.
Machine Gun Simulator FREE 1.6
Gun Core Studio
Looking for weapons with great firepower with a lot ofammunitionand durability and efficiency? Machine Gun Simulator isjust foryou! Come on to try this powerful weapon and feel anunforgettableexperience. App contain light and medium machineguns, withmuzzle flash, cartridge belts, smoke and sound effects.To play youonly need to choose a weapon, set mode to burst,semi-auto orfull-auto, pull the trigger and you'll feel realisticsound andshots. You can also set options to slow and guns will shotin slowmotion. If you run out of bullets just tap on magazine orclick onreload button and ammunition belt will reloadautomatically. Thereis an option that allows you to shoot in burstmode, full auto andsemi-auto. With counter of burning bullets youcan know exactly howmuch you're fired bullets, also you can comparethe number of firedbullets with your friends and compete who willmore. Weaponsincluded:- AK Rpk 7.62mm- FN Fal (LMG) 7.62mm- FnMinimi 5.56mm-M240B 7.62mm- Hk121 7.62mm- MK46 5.56mmandmore...-Features-* Morethen 8 most used machine guns in the world*Selective fire* Slowmotion* Counter of burning bullets* Shell dropdown* UnlimitedAmmunition* Easy to use interface* Smoke effect*Device lightflashes* Realistic sound* Widget to fire at any time*Offlineaccess to lots of weaponryYou can also add a widgets on yourhomescreen and use gun sounds at any time. Transform your device intofirearms!About Machine guns:A machine gun is a fullyautomaticmounted or portable firearm, usually designed to firebullets inquick succession from an ammunition belt or magazine.They aredivided into "light", "medium", "heavy" or"general-purpose", eventhe lightest machine guns tend to besubstantially larger andheavier than other automatic weapons. Somemachine guns have inpractice sustained fire almost continuously forhours, otherautomatic weapons overheat after less than a minute ofuse.
Toy Gun Weapon Simulator 2.0
Toy Gun Weapon Simulator is fantastic gun simulator for kidsandwith this toy weapons simulator your kids will have great fun.Forall kids this simulator game is great thing. Children adoretoyweapons, especially boys. And with Toy Gun Weapon Simulatortheywill have best toy guns in the world. This weapon simulatorwillbecome one of the best games for boys. But, when girls seecolorfultoy weapons they will be fascinated and this gun simulatorwillbecome great game for girls. Your kids will forget their oldtoysbecause now the have toy weapon simulator - one of the bestgungames free, for greatest fun all the time. Since we know thattoysare the most important thing for every kid we made this toygunssimulator for all kids in the world and for their fun. Letthemspend their time in a quality way and give them best toyguns.Download Toy Gun Weapon Simulator and let them play one of thebestweapon games. Big selection of toy weapons we prepared foryourkids. This simulator game will start when your kids choosetoyweapon that they like the most. You will see that they willadorebest toy weapon simulator. Virtual weapons are so muchrealisticand you kids will love toy guns, maybe even more than realtoys,you will see. They will adore gun weapon simulator that muchthatthey won't want to stop playing this great game for kids. Andtheydon't need to stop because with this gun game for kids theywillhave unlimited ammo and they can enjoy in virtual toy guns aslongas they wish. Only best things we prepared for you kids:authentictoy guns mechanics, realistic toy weapons sounds and, themostimportant thing, big selection of different toy guns. And allthisthings just for children's fun. Be good parent, give to yourkidsgreat present without going to a toy store, just download ToyGunWeapon Simulator app. With this gun simulator kids will playwargames all the time and, the most important thing is that theycan'tbe hurt, you don't have to worry. Now they have virtual toygunsand their old toys will be exchanged with new toy weapons. Andyouwill have more space in your house because, now, with ToyGunWeapon Simulator, your kids won't need so much toys. Now theyhavebest toys for kids on your phone. You will be satisfied whenyourkids are satisfied and with toy guns simulator they will betotallydelighted. Have great time with your kids, shoot with themfromvirtual weapons on your phone and enjoy in every second withyourkids with Toy Gun Weapon Simulator - the best toy weaponsimulatorin the world.Toy Gun Weapon Simulator Features:- bigselection oftoy guns- high resolution graphics- realistic toy gunssounds-authentic toy weapons mechanics- unlimited ammunition- idealforkids funToy Gun Weapon Simulator was created by Toy Guns ForKids.
Custom Gun Simulator FREE 2.2.02
Advanced Weapon Tech
Custom Gun Simulator is a 3D gun builder that allow you to buildgunthe way you want. Try out and customize the best guns in theworldwith large selection of parts, attachments, optics, lasersights andred dot sights and camos for any combat situation.Create uniquecustom gun with our app! This is a combinationbetween constructionand simulation! Custom Gun simulator lets youto do everythingvirtually, switch off safety, adjust the fireselect, chamber andfire your favorite guns. You can choose what tobuild assaultrifles, handguns or shotguns. After you finishcustomization lock& load and start shooting, do not worryabout ammunition it’sunlimited! This gun builder simulator game donot include anypurchases it all completely free! We selected thebest guns that isallowing to get customized!Features:- RealisticFire, Sound, Smoke,Recoil Effects & 3D Bullets- AuthenticWeapon Mechanics- Full HDGraphics- Large selection of accessories,optics, lights, lasers,reflex sights, camouflage- Shot from yourcustomized weapon- Eachgun fully customizable- Custom Camouflage-Save gun and use it forlater- Simulation shooting gameShare withother people this simulator game, show to them virtual guns onyour phone and have greattime with best gun app.Download the bestgun builder game for freenow! Build guns on your own way!
Shotgun 1.9
Reload shotgun and shot! Real weapon in your phone!
Guns Sound 3 2.4
Guns Weapon Simulator
Guns sound app free! New shocking guns sound is just for you ifyoulove guns weapons.Choose a gun, the guns fires shooting byshakingor touching the phone. Turn your phone into gunssimulator.Includeall kinds of guns weapons: pistol, revolver,sniper rifle, assaultrifle, shotguns.If you want to play war andshoot game or scareothers, then this guns sound app is just foryou.Gun soundfeatures:☛ 55+ kinds of gun weapons for your choose☛Shake thephone or touch the guns image to fire☛ Unlimited bullets☛Realisticguns and fire animation effect☛ Shocking guns sound andbeautifulUI☛ Volume adjustment☛ Vibration effect☛ Share withfriends☛FreeGuns sound app is purpose for entertainment.Selectyourfavourite guns, the people and animals around also will beawayfrom and alert you!
The Makarov pistol 2.9.1205
9-mm Makarov pistol (PM) is a self-loading pistol developedbySoviet designer Nikolai Fedorovich Makarov in 1948. Adoptedin1951. It is a personal weapon in the Soviet and post-Sovietarmedforces and law enforcement agencies.The player has to gothroughmany trials using for the shooting of the legendary Makarovpistol.The game uses the graphics of real combat weapons. For themark ofshooting you need to develop the skill of aiming, it canbepurchased for earned points for the successful passage oflevels.The player will have to shoot on bottles, moving andstationarytargets. The game uses targets used in real training atshootingranges, for example, a figured target, a bull's eye, aTexas star,a bianchi table and others. For each hit on the targetthe playerreceives a certain number of points. The condition forpassing thelevel is to obtain the minimum number of points for aparticularlevel, as well as the defeat of targets for a time.
Custom Weapon Simulator FREE 1.08
Advanced Weapon Tech
Custom Weapon Simulator is a gun builder that allow you to buildgunthe way you want. Try out and customize the best weapons intheworld with large selection of parts, attachments, camos foranycombat situation, optics, laser sights and red dotsights,adjustable stocks. Create unique custom weapon with our app!Thisis a combination between construction and simulation! CustomWeaponsimulator lets you to do everything virtually, switch offsafety,adjust the fire select, chamber and fire your favorite guns.Youcan choose what to build assault rifles, handguns orrevolver.After you finish customization lock & load and startshooting,do not worry about ammunition it’s unlimited! This gunbuildersimulator do not include any purchases it all completelyfree!Weselected the best weapons that is allowing togetcustomized![Weapons included]- American AR 10 assault rifle-Mostpopular pistol US made Beretta M9 hand gun- M4 SBR Carbineassaultrifle fully customized- German made H&K G36C powerfulassaultrifle - Russian VSS VintorezAnd much more…[Features ] -RealisticFire, Sound, Smoke, Recoil Effects & 3D Bullets-AuthenticWeapon Mechanics- Full HD Graphics- Simulation shooting-Largeselection of accessories, optics, lasers, lights, reflexsights-Each weapon fully customizableThis is not toy gun builderit’s areal gun builder with real gun parts that existing!Withhigh-resolution graphic you can zoom gun and see thedetails.Whatever you choose in build options will be saved on yourdeviceso you do not have to worry about saving. In the options youcanchoose how to shoot with your gun, select slow or normalmotion,chose unlimited ammo or the normal number of bulletswithinmagazine. It’s the same for vibrations, smoke effects andscreenrotation. Share with other people this simulator game, showto themvirtual guns on your phone and have great time with bestgunapp.Download the best weapon builder app for free now!Buildweaponry on your own way! This application is madeforentertainment purpose only.
Antique Weapons Simulator 1.2
Advanced Weapon Tech
It is time to go back into history before the modern warfareweaponswere invented. Trace back the journey and the flash forwarduntiltoday’s arsenal. Imagine living in that old classic WesternAmericawhen owning a gun was not a crime and many guns wereavailable atpeople's disposal.Go through a world of weapons of themost uniqueone's such as the flintlock gun, single actionrevolvers, caplockguns, lever rifles and the most unfamiliar ones;the old and ancientones, the ones that sheriff, cowboys andpirates use for theiradventures. Through this game that willsimulate the reality of gunshots, you will experience a differentform of gaming. When you seethe visual effects of this firearmssimulator, we are sure that itwill become your favorite simulatorapp!Antique gun simulator offerseverything you should expect fromsuch gun simulator games, and iteven sets the bar to a higherlevel by offering realistic effects,authentic weapon mechanics andhuge collection of historic guns thatyou didn’t know exist!Weaponsincluded:- Percussion Lock Deringerpistol- Lever Action Model1873- Flintlock Musket- 1842 FlintlockPistol- Peacemakerand moreawaits you in game!Features:- RealisticEffects, Smoke, Fire,Sound, Recoil - Authentic action- Full HDGraphics!-Auto-Reload - Vibration- All screen supported- SlowMotion-Realistic 3D Bullets and shellsGet Antique Weapons Simulatornow!
Weapon sounds 1.12
This app contains sounds of machinegun, shotgun, grenade, cannonandmuch more. Listen it and play with friends!
Gun Camera 3D Simulator 1.2
Do the sounds of shots make you swoon? Do you wants to learnsafehandling of the gun? Feel the power of weapons with the GunCamera3D Simulator - virtual reality app. You have a lot of ofpistolsand rifles as a player. Each model weapons like a realobject,which you hold in front of the eyes. Cool special effectsand nightvision cameras give the realistic for game. Receive anincredibleemotion, checking weapons augmented reality and learn tosafelyhandle a gun.Attention! Do not forget that this is a game anditdoes not bear any danger to health. Do not use a real weaponforshooting. It is safe only in the augmented reality programs.
Weaphones™ WW2: Gun Sim Free
Experience the weapons of World War IIlikenever before. Weaphones WW2 Free Edition redefines what thetermfirst person shooter means. Don’t just play the game, be partofit. Take hold of your device and experience what it’s like toload,charge, clear and shoot a firearm.With Weaphones WW2 you can live out your greatest gunfightfantasies and remain 100% safe. Weaphones features some of themosticonic firearms of WW2, from the German Luger to theAmericanbelt-fed M1919. Many of the weapons are customizable; addbayonets,scopes, bipods and more! If you don’t know how to operateaparticular weapon, brush up with our fully animatedstep-by-steptutorials.From the high-definition, battle bruised, pistols, riflesandmachine guns, to the authentic weapon mechanics mixedwithrealistic smoke, recoil, muzzle flash and sound effects,Weaphonesis all about realism. Everything is adjustable to suit theuser.Change the size of the weapon to place all controls withineasyreach. Rotate and flip to best suit the device and handpreference.On supported devices, enable the camera flash featureand furtherenhance your experience by leveraging the power of thebuilt-incamera flash to simulate a real muzzle flash.Experience all this and more with Weaphones WW2FirearmsSimulator._______________________________» Realistic Fire, Sound, Smoke, Flash & Recoil Effects» Full Interaction and Control» Authentic Weapon Mechanics» Customizable Weapons» Free Updates and Free Daily Weapons» Detailed Full HD Graphics» Customizable to Fit User’s Hand Size and Preference→ Lefty Flip→ Rotate 180°→ Scale→ Move» User Adjustable Variables→ Unlimited Ammo→ Auto Reload→ Weapon Jamming→ Accelerometer Reloading→ Camera Flash Shooting» Weapon State Indicator (“Why Am I Not Shooting”)» Ultra Detailed Step-By-Step Animated Tutorial forEachWeaphone» Multi-Touch, Accelerometer & Camera Flash Support» Social Media Driven Future Content_______________________________Weapons List:LUGER P08WALTHER P38WALTHER PPKM1911A1WEBLEY REVOLVERSTEN MARK IIMP 40PPSH 41THOMPSON M1A1M1 CARBINESTG 44M1918A2 BARM1 GARANDK98KMOSIN NAGANTM1919 A4/A6MG42M2 BROWNINGM2 FLAMETHROWERTYPE 97 HAND GRENADE
Kalashnikov assault rifle 2.0.03
The Kalashnikov assault rifle is a regular weapon of soldiersandsergeants. To learn how to shoot it, you need to practice.Inthissimulator, the player is invited to perform a complicated1stexercise shooting training (1 USS). The task is to hit theemergingand moving targets. Only 4 types of targets: machine guncrew,infantry group, target target, breast target. The time to hiteachtarget is 10 seconds. For the whole exercise, the arrow isgiven 12rounds.
Revolver Simulator FREE 1.2
Advanced Weapon Tech
Revolver Gun Simulator. For all enthusiasts of mobile appgamesshould be excited about Revolver Gun Simulator Free. This is agunapp that mimics the normal functioning of the real revolvergunthat is known for its efficiency in the battlefield. It is a2Dmobile app game that enables the gamer to shoot as well asinteractwith events that are associated with real battlefields.This app isperfect for those individuals who adore the simulatorgames due toits wide collection of features as well asfunctionalities. A vastcollection of the features for this gamemake it interesting sincethe gamer will have an opportunity toexplore variety levels andapproaches of the game. When the game isloaded on a mobile, itwill prompt the gamer various optionsincluding: UNLIMITED AMMO,MOTION, SMOKE EFFECT, VIBRATION, SHAKEand SCREEN ROTATION. Thedefault option of this Revolver Simulatoris SMOKE EFFECT whichwill guide the user on different options ofrevolver gun simulatorsavailable to be used when playing thegame.This gun app has a ZOOMIN feature that allows the gamers tozoom the target in order tohave a clear shot. However, the revolvergun that needs to bereloaded five times have an advantage over theone that is reloadedfour times since one is not likely to run outof riffles whileshooting easily, giving the gamers a chance totraverse allpossible levels of the game.Features:✔ Unlimited Ammo✔Super Slowmotion✔ Shake sensors to fire✔ Realistic smoke and muzzleflashes✔Realistic Sounds✔ Authentic Weapon Mechanics✔All screensupportedmodern gun weapons✔ Simulation shootingFor those who lovevirtualweapons, they should feel free to download and install thisgunsimulator in order to experience the excitement associatedwiththis Revolver Gun Simulator. The game is played offline,thereforethe users should not worry of incurring extra costs oncethey havedownloaded and installed this gun app.This application ismade forentertainment purpose only.
Guns 1.117
Guns is a realistic simulator with shooting range experience,whichhas most popular guns/weapons and their information,includingHandguns, Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Assault Rifles,SniperRifles, Machine Guns, Grenades, Knives.Tap the screen orshake tofire, tap menu for settings.Camera permission is only forcamerapreview in target mode, won't actually take pictures.
Guns Sound HD 1.4
Guns sound HD is the most realistic guns sound shootingexperiencesimulator, which have most popular guns.This guns soundapp is alarge guns weapons collection from different types ofweapons.including pistols, revolvers, shotguns, sub-machine guns,assaultrifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, grenades, tank,rocketlauncher. 100+ guns weapons to choose for you.This collectionofgun sound will meet everyone who is interested ofdifferencesweapons types. Guns sound HD main features: - 100+ gunsweapons;-Touch the guns image or shake the phone to play guns soundeffect;- Volume adjustment function; - Realistic guns sound;- Gunssoundcan set as ringtone.- Share with friends; Guns weaponschoose:-Czech CZ-75 9mm pistol- Belgium Browning HI-Power-AmericanColt,Desert Eagle Semi-automatic pistol.- Austria 9mmglock17handgun.- Pump-action shotgun Remington Model870.-AA12、AK-102、SCARL assault rifle- American M16、XM8 assaultrifle-United Kingdom 7.62mm L42A1 rifle- Machine guns:MAC10、MP-5、Miniguns、STG44- RPG、Grenades and so on.- manyotherhandguns, rifle,and machine guns and so on.If you want toplayfight game with your friends or want to scare others, thenthiscollection of guns sound is just for you!Choose your favoriteguns,everyone will be wary of you. Have fun!!
iGun Pro -The Original Gun App 5.26
Downloaded over 55 Million times worldwide, iGun Pro is one oftop500 downloaded game apps of all time. With 390+ weaponsavailableand more added weekly, the best gun simulation app justkeepsgetting better!!!Features: Fire - Ultra-Realistic gunsimulationincluding both motion blur and smoke with an easy tolearninterface let use quickly begin using your collection. Collect-The largest library available on any mobile platform with over390guns just a tap away!Learn - iGun Pro has a massive libraryofspecs, history, usage and statistics of all the firearmsfeaturedin the app. Customize - Gun Wall - Display your guns toyour way,Determine your shooting experience with adjustable recoil,motionblur, and slow motion Make your weapons your own withskinpackagesAccurate, high-resolution reproductions of a wide rangeofweapons including assault rifles, shotguns, handguns,sniperrifles, rocket-propelled grenades (RPG), machine guns,mini-gun andolder antique guns. We have a HUGE selection of over390 guns,including:- The Minigun- The Gatling Gun- RPG- AK-47- M16-Glock17- MK-19Don't see a gun from your favorite game? Developerswhoare always listening for what you want next! Give us feedbackonour Facebook page at iGun Pro isaregistered trademark of Crimson Moon Entertainment LLC. TheiGunPro logo, Crimson Moon Entertainment, and the CrimsonMoonEntertainment logo are all trademarks of Crimson MoonEntertainmentLLC and may not be used without explicit writtenpermission.
Gun Simulator Builder 3D 1.06
Advanced Weapon Tech
Welcome to ultimate gun builder simulator 3D! If you lovebuildinggun games with shooting this game is for you!BUILDINGSIMULATORWith this gun simulator you can paint guns withany coloryou want, add different texture on gun skin, addattachments likescopes, change triggers, foregrips and more! Afteryou finish yourperfect build you can save it and start buildingnext! Every gunlooks good when you apply camouflage on it!GUNSIMULATIONLove smellof gunpowder in the morning? With realisticweapon mechanics, soundeffect, muzzle flash and feel of real gunthis app will be yourfavorite! Ultimate gun simulator with ultimateguns like Ak 47,M16, sniper rifle, shotguns and more!Features:- 3Dpro gunsbuilding- million custom combinations of camouflage on gunskin!-color picker and a variety of camos- various gun attachments!-realistic gun mechanics- unlimited ammo- high resolutiongraphics-3 MODES: INSPECT, BUILD, SIMULATOR- simulation shooting-slowmotion- selective fireMany more features and guns will beadded!Getnow Ultimate gun building game!