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Fake Call Cat Joke 1.7
Baby Apps And Games
Fake Call Cat JokeThis app is intended for entertainment purposes only and doesnotprovide true Cat Call.False Call Cat Joke - a joke game application where you can makeitlook like you calling Kitten! Raffle friends, including fakebellthe cat and show a friend, he will be very surprised!Share close, let think that phoning your favorite pet! Make fun ofalot of fun! In the game you can choose different cats for a call!Areal blast and a voice straight out of the tube!ATTENTION! This is not a real calling and only an imitation! Theappdoes not bear any harm and is only for fun!Thank you for playing with us leave us your feedback and we willtryto make our game even better and more interesting!
Fake call - prank 0.43
In fake call you can simulate an incoming call prank. How tousefake call - prank: Tap call now to activate fake call prank.Tapschedule to set a timer for fake call prank. Fake callprankfeatures: Set caller name. Set caller number. Choosecallerpicture. Choose a character such as police or pizza. Set aringtoneor use the default ringtone. Set a voice for caller. Recorda voicefor caller. Disclaimer: fake call game does not have arealincoming call feature - it just a simulated incoming call.
Slenderman Hide & Seek: Online Battle Arena 3
If you lack adrenaline and adventure, if you want to try anewonline game with horror elements, then our Slenderman Hide&Seek is waiting for you! Slenderman App Features Bydownloading ournew scary application, you will get a online hideand seek game inmultiplayer mode with friends, other users of theapplication inmode 3 vs 1. How to play Slenderman Hide & Seek?It's simple:one of you takes on the role of Slender, and the otherthreeplayers play the role of normal students who are so desperatetoescape from him. All that can help you stay safe is thedestructionof Slender dolls. Find them and do not leave them aliving place!You will find them in chests scattered aroundlocations. Do itfaster than Slender catches you! Slenderman Hide& Seekmultiplayer game benefits Ready or not, Slender isalreadyfollowing you! Our 4-player online horrormultiplayersimultaneously has the following advantages: cool andscaryatmospheric locations that will keep you energized throughoutthehide and seek game; terrifying sounds and an appropriatemusicalrange that will maintain a mood of horror; exciting scaryplot: youwill have to find Slender's chests in the most interestingandunexpected places, which will not let you get bored; the abilitytochoose a player: be a Slender and hunt for your friendsordesperately run away from him as a defenseless student;keephiding, watch your every step, look where you are going andbecareful - your neighbor Slender hears your every step. Areyouready to run away? After all, you are already next! Our app isnotabout any funny stories and your fun cool time with friends,thiscase is only about a terrifying survival on more than 2 playeror3, an atmosphere of fear and your desperate attempts to avoidaterrible fate. Do your best to escape from good killer! Hello,itis one from TOP 10 scary games of 2020!
Fake Call 1.1.8
Best tools to play practical jokes onyourfriends.Want to play jokes on your friends by a call or messagefromcelebrities, such as president, super stars, orsomeoneimportant?Want an incoming call to save you out of embarrassmentoruncomfortable situations, such as a boring conversationsorparties?Just download Fake Call and Message, you can edit fake callormessage with whatever numbers and contacts as you wish. Thefakecall and fake message looks like real ones and it's hard forothersto discern.Fake call & Fake SMS is completely free.Features:* Select fake call screen* Select fake call avatars from gallery* Customize caller name, caller number and ringtone* Set the type of fake message, such as inbox or outbox* Schedule fake call and fake message at any time* Schedule multiple fake call
Broken Screen Prank 6.3
Eijoy Entertainment
Be noted: Broken Screen is just a prank/simulated app used forfun,it simulates the broken screen effect to play with yourfriends. Itwill not harm your phone. Broken Screen Prank is aclassic funnyapp used to prank your friends. When you touch yourphone screen,the app simulates the cracked screen and loud crackingsounds onyour phone. It looks like you use your finger to break andcrackyour phone. The broken effect is so realistic that all yourfriendswill believe that your phone was broken and they will bescared.App Feature: ✔ Realistic crack wallpaper and breaking glasssound.✔ Crack your screen by touching or shaking. ✔ Destroy yourphonescreen by other effects such as fire screen and electricscreen.Recent changes: Enable to remove crack effect by clickthenotification; Support Android SDK Version 25; Improveuserexperience;
Fake phone call 25.0
Fake phone call is a useful tool when you want to get ridofsomeone. When you feel uncomfortably - pretend that someoneiscalling to you! You can set up a fake call and receive it as arealone. This tool uses your original ringtone and it looks like arealphone call, so everyone will think that you need to receive acall!Fake call is fully customizable. You can choose: - caller nameandnumber, - photo of calling person, - voice of the caller. Allthismakes that calls are very realistic!
Fake Call Santa Joke New Year 1.0
VR Apps And Games
Fake Call Santa Joke New Year False Call Santa joke - a joke isagame application where you socialize with Santa Claus!Rafflefriends, including fake call Santa Claus or Santa Claus andshow afriend, he will be very surprised! If you're bored, thenourapplication will help you! Show someone you know, let themthinkthat calls you Santa Claus! Turn on Christmas or New Year,create afestive atmosphere! In the game you can choose differentSant tocall! You will hear the voice of Santa right from yourphone!Unlock the entire phone list and then you talk to allSanta!ATTENTION! This is not a real call and only an imitation!Theapplication shall not be harm, and is only for fun and draw!Thisapp is intended for entertainment purposes only and doesnotprovide true Santa Call. Thank you for playing with us leaveusyour feedback! And we try to make our game even more interesting!
Cracked Screen Prank 2.8
Your friends and parents will absolutely be freaked out whentheysee the cracked screen, it's so realistic that they all thinkthephone is really broken. LOL. Ready to be a funny guy? Downloadourbroken screen game and make your friends laugh. Highlightfeatureto improve the success rate of your pranks: ★ Realisticbrokenscreen wallpaper and sounds. ★ 4 crackle effects to choose. ★Touchto crack. ★ Shake to crack. ★ Set time to crack. ★ Auto repairyourscreen when you return to the app. Besides Crack Screen, therearetwo other prank games in the app: Fire screen - You can lightthefire just on your screen with your finger, it is quiteawesome.Destroying phone - You can destroy your phone screenusingdifferent weapon like knife, hammer, and gun. Disclaimer:ThisCracked Screen is just a prank app used for fun andentertainment.It will not really harm your phone screen, it justshows therealistic cracked screen image and breaking sound. Foolpeople andbe happy!
Fake call police - prank 0.11
Fake call from the police with a real custom voice. Set afakeincoming call from police. Schedule a time to receive thefakeincoming call. Set a real voice when answering the call. Chooseapolice officer from the character gallery. Disclaimer: fakecallpolice - prank - does not have a real incoming call feature itis asimulated incoming call.
The Dawn Of Slenderman 3
JD Thunder
The Dawn Of Slenderman Best Slenderman Game for Android Collect8pages to win 2 levels with day and night mode 4 levels toplayOriginal realistic sounds Stunning 3D graphics Unlike othergames,this doesn't take up much space on your device No lagOriginalEight Pages made by JD Thunder Night time. You are lost inthforest. After walking around you realised that someone isfollowingyou. What will you do ?
Horror Clicker - Best Clicker Horror 1.43
Ratata -
Horror Clicker is a Halloween clicker with the heroes ofhorrorfilms, Creepypasta and SCP. Can you defeat the Boss Horror?Playalone or with the other together. Play with friends and findoutwho has the fastest fingers! You have not seen so manypumpkins!The most terrifying horror monsters: clowns, dolls,maniacs,killers, mummies, zombies and ghosts came for you. Tap onthescreen to shower monsters with pumpkins or shurikens. Usetheaccumulated super power. Cool weapons will help you take alargepiece of life from enemies. Discover all the heroes ofhorror,nightmares and horror stories! Some characters in the gameare aparody of the famous heroes of horror films and horror games!Sendyour feedback to and together we will createthebest clicker in the world!
Slenderman Must Die: Chapter 6 2
Poison Games
Can you escape from a Industrial Waste Area ? There’s a SlenderManhidden in the darkness. You must fight him to survive! ***Features*** - Three weapons: Pistol, Shotgun, AK47 and Axe! -SmoothControls - Good 3D Graphics - Gameplay from Poison Games thatyoulove.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Therewill always be a war somewhere to fight. You are in one ofthem. Asoldier, trying to find his way home. But somewhere in themiddle ofthat madness you got lost. You find yourself in themiddle of aIndustrial Area. It all looks so unreal! Scary... Find9 notes thatwill help you get away ! But PLEASE be aware ofSlenderman !
Slendrina: The Cellar 2 1,2.1
It's been a while, but now it is time to meet Slendrina in thedarkcellar again. This time, she is not alone. Her mother and hersweetbaby is helping here. Try to find 8 old books located indifferentplaces in the cellar. There are also keys that you need tofind forthose locked doors. If you want to send an email to me,pleasewrite in English or Swedish. Thank you all for your kindratingsyou have given me! You are the best! The game is free butitContains advertising. Good luck!
Electric Screen Prank PMM-2.1
electric screen prank app is a super funprankgame. Prank your friends and family with this free game.Makingjokes with this game is so simple; for example leave yourmobile ortablet unlocked and when somebody touches the screen shallbelievethe screen creates electricity when is touched. Theelectricityeffects and sounds simulate a electric shock.Have into account that this free app is just a game that simulatesaelectric screen shock. It is designed to joke with your friendsandfamily. Kids and children also can have so much fun with thisapp.Besides the electric screen prank, the app also includes aminigame, which is used to obtain coins and unlock new lightningeffectscolors.The game consists of several parts: the electric screen prankgame,the mini game Potty vs Bugs and the free coins virtual store.Atthe beginning the only available electric lightning color istheblue one. Other colors as red, yellow and green have tobeenunlocked. In order to do so the user needs to collect coins.Coinscan be collected in several ways: playing the mini game PottyvsBugs, sharing on social networks (Facebook, Twitter or GooglePlus)or watching rewarded videos. Each video the user watches gives+50coins. If the player shares on any social network of thementionedabove also gets 50 coins but only for the first time thathe/sheshares.The free mini game included is Potty vs Bugs, anadventuresplatformer game based on a story of a potato, which hasto pass 80levels over 4 worlds to complete his mission. The game isreallyaddictive and fun. The player will discover plenty ofchallenginglevels, secret bricks full of rewards, hiddenundergroundscenarios. Jump, run, swim, shoot fire balls and take aballoon tofly to the sky. There are plenty of different bugsawaiting thepotato arrival. Many insects all over the 4 worlds, 8final bossesin their respective castles. How to play this game isan easy task:move right or left, use the downward arrow of the gamepad controlto duck. Ducking on some tubes can make you go downthrough thepipes and find secret underground levels. Use therightmost buttonto jump, and the one right on its left side to runand shoot fireballs. To run, the player has to keep the run buttonpressed whileit moves right or left. Jumping is a bit tricky, sinceit dependson how long the user keeps the jump button pressed. Assaid before,the mini game is a great way of collecting coins tounlock newelectric lightning color. Every level on the game isplenty ofcoins, some of them can be seen as part of the scenario,other arehidden on visible bricks and blocks, and the player canalso findcoins in secret blocks. The sky levels are a bonus to addmorecoins to the score of the game, which are used later to providenewcontent of the electric screen part. Remember that to storethecoins collected in a level, the user has to finishthatlevel.The design of the game is made thinking on create a environmenttoenjoy the prank app electric screen and have fun playing theminigame Potty vs Bugs, all this joint to have a final goal,unlockingthe strobe flash light effect. This shall be availableonce theuser collects 2500 coins, then the user can have theelectriclightning visual effect and the electric shock sound effectalongwith the strobe flashlight effect. Have into account that inorderto enjoy of such effect your mobile device shouldhaveflashlight.
The Fear : Creepy Scream House 2.2.91
Boomerang Games
“Something had started happening to Marta. She was actingstrangely.A couple months later, it was diagnosed that she waspsychopath andits cure had not been existed. She was performingscary behaviors.She had started damaging herself. The only choicewas taking her tothe asylum and breaking up with her. I was sodesperate but it wasthe best thing for our family. I met withSerena after taking her tothe asylum and I married with her toforget Marta. Me and mydaughter have been happy, but its like Ifeel something at nights. Ihave dreamt suicide of my ex-wife for acouple days. I sometimeshear some weird sounds and all of thesemake me scared. I don’t talkabout that with my girl and daughterbecause I don’t want to makethem worried. I don’t know what to do.The only thing that I know isI can’t stand all of these anymore...Mike” Suddenly everythingstarted going wrong. Someone is followingyou and your family is inthreat. You should come back home quicklyand see if your wife anddaughter are fine. Don’t let your fearbeat you and arrive your homebefore getting late for everything. -Deeply affecting story - Highgraphics - Fearful and tensionatmosphere - 8 different languagesTurkish , English , Russian ,Chinese , German , French , Japaniese, Spanish - Plug in yourheadphones for the best - Do you havephobia like horror games andwant to lurch because of horror sounds- The Fear is a paranormalhorror and creepy game - Live in thehorrific horror stories andfeel the scream sounds - If you are afearless player, you willface with your phobias in a terrible andhaunted house - Do notlook scared in front of your demon enemy.Because she is like asatan - You will feel the terror in your bones- That devil slenderenemy give the creeps - Your evil enemy fledout. Find her or shewill come back to haunt you. Because there isno inner angst in hereyes like hell
Fake call girlfriend prank 0.26
Prank call - set a fake incoming call from a girlfriend. How tousefake call girlfriend - prank: Tap call now for an instantsimulatedincoming call. Set a voice when answering the call thattalk back.Choose a girlfriend picture from the character gallery.Changecaller id with picture and any number to make the prankbetter.Disclaimer: fake call girlfriend does not have a realincoming callfeature it is a simulated incoming call for prank.
Snake in Hand Joke - iSnake 3.3
Eijoy Entertainment
Snake in Hand (Prank app) display an crawling and hissing snakeonthe screen, it is one of the most funny and scary snake gamein2018. You can use it to prank and scare your friends easily.Youmust love the scary games. Snake Hissing on Screen Prankdisplays asnake run animation with hissing sounds. The green andlong snakeworms will crawl from side to side just in the foregroundof yourscreen, no matter you are playing game or surfing theInternet. Thegraphic and animation is so realistic that yourfriends abusolutelybelieve that there is a scary snake in phone.How to prank yourfriends? Set the appear time and give the phone toyour friend orleft it on the table. You friends will be scared whenthey see thesnake in screen. Additionally, Snake on Screen HissingJoke can beused as a snake simulator for cats. Your cat will beexcited to seethe snake on phone. Play the snake game with yourlovely pets now.
Xray Scanner Pregnant Prank 1.7
Vasya Bond
Xray Scanner Pregnant PrankX-ray Pregnancy Prank - this application simulator joke, whereyouwill be able to make ultrasound pregnancy as a joke! The gameusesa camera for a more realistic effect!This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and doesnotprovide true X-Ray.Warning x-ray simulator app only and will not harm your healthandloved ones!Act out and play a joke on your family and friends!Surprise your friends, take X-rays ultrasound friends and you seeachild or something else as a joke!Make an X-ray of your stomach and see what surpriseawaitsyou!Thank you for choosing our apps! Leave feedback and we will makeourgames even better!