2.0.6 / December 9, 2016
(4.0/5) (41)


Super Fruit Slot Machine brings you a real, true to life slotsexperience without the bloated extras!If you are bored of themedslots games, and you want to enjoy a retro slot themed game, justas they should be enjoyed, then this game is for you!NO In-apppurchases - no need to buy coins!FREE ways to get extra coins!Highquality art!Practice like you were sitting at the slots inVegas!Here's what some of our current users have said!*****"FINALLY a slots game where I don't need to actually spend any REALmoney!"**** "Decent, Enjoyable, and would pick up and play alot!"***** "At last someone has brought out a Slots game with aproper slots theme!"Will you be the next user to give this app thetop rating? Download Super Fruit slot machine and spin to WIN!

App Information Super Fruit Slot Machine Free

  • App Name
    Super Fruit Slot Machine Free
  • اسم الحزمة
  • Updated
    December 9, 2016
  • الحجم
  • إصدار الأندرويد المطلوب
    Android 2.3.3 and up
  • الإصدار
  • المطور
    Fragranze Apps Limited
  • عدد مرات التثبيت
  • Price
  • الفئة
  • المطور
    4 Park Lane Business Centre, Park Lane,Colchester,Essex, UK CO4 5NL
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Welcome to Make A Shake, The Milkshake Making game for yourAndroid!Everybody likes a milkshake, but some people preferstrawberry, others banana, that's fine, because in this game youhave the choice of so much fruit and ice cream, it's enough to makeeveryone happy!Make so many drinks, choose glasses, decorations,mix the drinks, create awesome flavor combinations,this is aninteractive game that is so much fun for all ages!Buy extraingredients from the store, create your own drink recipes by mixingflavors together!So download it today and start making awesomedrinks to enjoy!
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BaldFaced - Turn yourself Bald using your Android device and seewhat you look like! Watch - as your photograph transforms you intoa Bald face! Take your own photos or choose from your existingphoto library - the choice is yours! Why not share your photographsusing the inbuilt Facebook, Twitter & Email function! Or savethem to show your friends via Picture Text Messaging! Whatever youchoose, have fun and enjoy BaldFaced! Remember... Wigs areoptional!