3.2 / March 27, 2017
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Step onto the battlefield and carry out the surgical strike in thejungle, face the fierce combat with the enemies hidden in thejungle bushes. The enemy guerillas have taken over the jungle andyou have to carry out the mission Jungle Combat to eliminate allthe targets. In Surgical Strike: Mission “Jungle Combat” you haveto take command of your group and take up the enemy impenetrablebase and then go on the offensive and launch attacks against yourenemies. Take direct control of the jungle base and carry out theheavy surgical strike with kill streaks over the enemy. Commandoelite forces and SWAT fury battlefield in frontline counterterrorism strikes is necessary for the jungle combat. Enemy snipersand assault strikers are hidden in the camps, and all over theruins of the jungle, some are hidden in caves waiting to hunt youdown.Step into the battlefield and be the best First Person Shooterin this FPS game, move all around the jungle and hunt the enemiescoming in waves after waves, use your weapons efficiently, don’tlet your ammunition get low, lookout for power packs and ammunitionrefills. Some trained terrorists across the border have enteredinto the country and trying to spread the rampage over the border,mission Jungle Combat is to be carried out on priority bases and anefficient surgical strike against the enemy is to be carried out onpriority basis.This surgical strike jungle combat is a face-to-facecombat game, shoot targets at will and don’t let the enemy take youdown, these enemy guerillas have taken the camouflage of marineuniforms and taken over the jungle and forest base camps. As anelite commando and surgical strike specialist, you have beenassigned the task to clear up the jungle area and take out theterrorists hideouts and bunkers, us your best warfare weapons,machine guns, shot guns, assault guns.Trained to take-up any combatand slay hordes of enemies, destroy all enemy soldiers andterrorists. Surgical Strike: Mission “Jungle Combat” is a FPSstrategy game. Customise your base and take down enemy’s eliteforces, dominate them into fierce jungle combat featuring fullycontrollable epic Kill streaks. Find the target, aim, and shoot forthe bravo headshot, kill all terrorists, suicide bombers and jungleguerillas so they don’t stand a chance.As the sole surgical strikespecialist and combat battle surviving Commando of a renegadeattack against a ruthless jungle army, you are stranded, use all ofyour specialized skills to carry out the best surgical strike injungle combat and survive the onslaught of the enemy forces andavenge your fallen soldiers. New and improved ammunition andweapons are at your disposal to help lead the fierce jungle combatagainst the rebel forces to victory. Fight with your whole arsenaland utilize your weapons like machine guns, sniper rifles, rocketlaunchers, shot gun.Surgical Strike jungle combat mission is anextreme challenging and a real bloodshed commando action game. Asan ultimate assassin sniper with fury iron fist, face the hugeagainst the well-equipped army of enemy loaded with heavyartillery, be a hero of army who is willing to sacrifice his lifeto save his country from the deadly enemy.Surgical Strike CounterJungle Combat is one of the most immersive and realistic 3D battlesin this FPS shooting game. In the wake of taking over the mountainjungles the only chance to avoid territorial devastation is in thehands of the few elite soldiers like YOU.Buckle up and stand tofight the war for survival.

App Information Surgical Strike Jungle Combat

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    Surgical Strike Jungle Combat
  • اسم الحزمة
  • Updated
    March 27, 2017
  • الحجم
  • إصدار الأندرويد المطلوب
    Android 3.0 and up
  • الإصدار
  • المطور
    Green Chilli Studios
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  • المطور
    Shahrah-e-Faisal Karachi, Sindh Pakistan
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Hey jockey, get ready for the adventure of the ultimate Horse DerbyRacing, the racecourse arena is all set for the wild stallions tochallenge the racing quest on the dusty tracks as these wild frenzyhorses show the strength and stamina in this derby championship,strap up your saddle tight as this is not going to be easy, let thestallions gallop on the muddy tracks and show the audience thestunts in jumping, endurance riding, reining, cutting and riding.Jockeys are ready for the gallop show down, choose your favoritehorses from various breeds, take your mustang into the royalchallenge derby, the best race horses are Arabian breeds, fastswift and elegant with instant gallop skills, take up thechampionship and be the champion simulator jockey of this frenzyhorse derby racer simulator game with extreme adventure on thehorseback riding the tamed animal on the race tracks showing theutmost mustang power in this strength grand chase to the victorystand.The trained Jockeys are mostly from the western part of thecity, these cowboy jockeys and town sheriffs have some good breedof these animals in their horse farms and they tame and train thewild and west stallions and ponies for the derby racing. Take yourbest Italian frenzy stallion and mustang into the racingcompetition against the best horse trainers and jockeys, take thepride of riding and playing the best racing simulator, don’t letloose. Race around the various tracks like deserts, mountains andpaddy fields and finish the race as the winner and champion beforethe time ends, this need a lots of practice and diligence.Duringthe derby racing compete and face challenges like jumping thehurdles, clearing the obstacles, cross the muddy water puddles,barricades and hedges in this wild run chase, take up thedominance, endurance and challenge, dodge, hampered opponents andrivals before they reach the winning point. The audience is bettingon the best stallions, the bet is raising high the race is gettinghot and the mustangs taking up each other to get on to the numberone position. The frenzy jockey and mare riders are well trained tokeep the horse running, the saddle is well prepared and thestallions are showing the ultimate stamina and stunt skills andsurfing to complete the racing lapse. Don’t gamble on technique, gofor the speed and swiftness, steer your mustang for winning theworld royal derby championship racing.Experience the thrill,excitement and adventure on riding the strongest mustangs,stallions and wild horses of Arabian and Texas breed in thisamazing and legendary derby quest challenge of 2017, be the bestjockey and control your tamed stallion with ultimate control inthis racing track and race all over the stadium entertaining theaudience. Earn the fame and fortune, gallop your stallion andmustangs, skillfully race through perilous round tracks.
F18vF16 Fighter Jet Simulator 1.1 APK
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F18vF16 Fighter Jet Simulator is an extreme air-to-air dogfight airattack jet airplane simulator games, indulge into the realbattlefield and horrific dogfight attack to claim the supremacy ofthe skies. Be the best jetfighter and modern jet warplanessimulator.Prepare your F18 and F16 for immense air strike over themilitary and army secret bunkers and installations over the hiddenislands. It’s typically jet fighters, no commercial airliners, noBoeings, airbuses and Cessna. Face the world’s best jet fightersand jet airplanes the fierce dogfighter between F18 and F16inducing navy frigates, armed vessels and submarines & gunsfactories. Become a military skilled fighter Pilot selected fordeadly air attack missions. The most advanced simulation of fighterairplanes. F18vF16 Fighter Jet Simulator jets are an intense,action-packed, fighter jet flying mission simulation game, fly inhyper realistic military F-18 fighter jet planes and take off fromthe navy aircraft carrier, you've been assigned the objective oftaking out enemy army bases sited on remote islands It is up toyou, the jet fighter pilot and complete the task and return safelyafter mission accomplished, don’t go behind the enemy lines or yourwill be shot with the heavy antiaircraft guns.In F18vF16 FighterJet Simulator and dogfight air attack hunt down the enemy’s F16& F18 Hornets and Fighting Falcons, engage into air to airstrike and dogfight simulation and air strike missions eliminatingthe objectives with exotic controls, simulate over the red canyon,hill climb mountains, deserts and oceans and hunt down your enemieshiding in military bases with sharp shooters and snipers all overthe bases. F18vF16 Fighter Jet Simulator is the most addictiverealistic game with great controls, take advantage over theenemies, you are an ace expert army and navy fighter jet air strikeand air to air dogfight specialist, simulate and get ready to takethe fight in strike combat. Gear up for the best flight in F18vF16Fighter Jet Simulator fully equipped with long range guidedmissiles, air to air combat, supersonic speeds, and flying likeeagles on the pacific oceans in war.F18 and F16 Fighter Jets arefully equipped with assault gunner machine guns, ARM, SARM,missiles and other powerful air war fare weapons to take up theenemy’s Migs, SU27, F14 Tomcat, F/A-18 Super Hornet, Green Hornet,Stealth jet fighters and drones air crafts and jet fighters as theyare the master assassins and sharp shooter within the air combatand dogfight, your jet fighters planes F16 and F18 aresophisticated machines with military war craft combat air force jetfighter air strikers with no competition in supersonic speed andmaneuverability, your jet fighters with dogfight capabilities likeF16 & F18 air warrior.All eyes are on you for the ultimate skywars in this F18vF16 Fighter Jet Simulator jets 3D game. Buckle upand engage into your dogfight and air strike missions and hold yourcockpit tight; your jet is fully loaded with ammunition supply.Burn these tank machines into rubble and return back victorious.
Wild Crocodile Beach Attack 3D 2.1 APK
Green Chilli Studios
The beach is clam and cool, play your role as a vicious wild andangry crocodile in this beach attack simulator and search for adelicious feast. Attack the picnickers and be a dangerous alligatorsimulator and hunt for the prey. Step into the scaly skin of one ofthe most dangerous predators in wild, angry and hungry crocodilealligator, attack your prey and satiate your hunger, keep calm andlook at your prey through the wild terrifying eyes of a crocodile.Experience the thrill of attacking in wild crocodile beach, attackthe oblivious prey and hunt down the humans and animals whatevercomes in between your way, tear them apart. Take control of mostwild Predator’s reptile swamp monster, all animals in beach arescared from the bloodthirsty hungry eyes, sharp teeth, deadly roarof the wildlife simulator alligator rampage.In Wild Crocodile BeachAttack 3D Simulator, play crocodile games for free and attackhumans enjoying on the crazy beach where the crazy bikers are allaround showing stunts on crazy beach bikes, stay away from fgolshark games and crocodile swap pool with megalodon killing spree becareful in the waters as angry sharks are also on the rampage andattacking its predator for food, you can attack and eat cruncheverything and keep the killing spree going, you can hunt theswimmers, scuba divers, can attack killer angry whales and sharks,dolphins, underwater creatures. As an angry wild beach crocodileand hungry angry alligator attack, you can spread thrill, rampage,chaos, terror, gore, blood all across the sunny beach and be thefieriest reptiles with wild hunting skills of a crocodile crocsthat ever lived in the shoal of megalodon. Feed the your vicious,ruthless, ferocious, brutal alligator, because he has a very bigappetite and wants to attack a lot. The wild beach crocodile ishungry and angry and is on the rampage and is in attacking mode,this ravenous giant wild beach crocodile lurches upon its franticprey, coming out from the deep blue sea waters, swimming,crouching, targeting its prey. The wild beach crocodile isdangerous with immense and deadly razor sharp teeth and powerfuljaws; the wild crocodile chews and chomp the flesh of its prey. Thewild beach crocodile silently swims towards the beach and seashoreand emerge suddenly from the sea waters, crawl your way onto theshore of the crazy beach, hunt and keep frightening the unawarehumans and animals equally. In Wild Crocodile Beach AttackSimulator, take control over these giant angry and hungrycrocs-crocodiles in this action packed free crocodile game withalligator simulator. Open up your rippling eyes, swim though thewaters and attack the people and animals, its time for abloodthirsty wild crocodile hunt. Play as wetland carnivorousreptile and crawl towards people and animals to attack them in thiscrocodile simulation game. Swim and Crawl! Hunt and Attack!In wildcrocodile beach attach 3D simulator, you can attack and eat cruncheverything and keep the killing spree going, you can hunt theswimmers, scuba divers, can attack killer angry whales and sharks,dolphins, underwater creatures. As an angry and wild crocodile andhungry alligator attack, you can spread thrill, rampage, chaos,terror, gore, blood all across the sunny beach and be the fieriestreptiles with wild hunting skills of a crocodile crocs that everlived in the shoal of megalodon. Feed the your vicious, ruthless,ferocious, brutal alligator, because he has a very big appetite andwants to attack a lot.Wild Crocodile Beach Attack 3D Simulator isan action filled simulation game with anger and thriller, showingthe wild rampage and anger of the beach crocodile with pride, enjoythis angry swamp crocodile realistic simulator with unlimited fun.
City Taxi Parking Sim 2017 2.2 APK
Green Chilli Studios
Fasten up your taxi seat belts and get ready for the exciting andthrilling drive in Taxi Extreme Drive Simulator 2017 the latesttaxi simulator in town. Drive.Roam around the astonishing beautifuland colorful city in your extreme crazy yellow cab taxi drive andtake a wild ride which will take your breath away with the fever ofthe game. Park your yellow cab extreme taxi in proper city parkingtaxi lanes. Don’t drift your yellow cab taxi as it’s a passengervehicle, Feel the thrill of steering your extreme yellow cab taxithrough beautiful but dangerous city rushed roads and hilly tracksand reach your destination in time for passenger pickup and parkingyour taxi. Transport and commute passengers without the hassle andrisk by parking the taxi at the correct taxi-parking stand. Yourduty as an efficient airport taxi yellow cabbie is to transportpassengers between the airport and the city. Your major task is topick and drop passengers to there right destination in a given timeand park your taxi in airport parking lot carefully.Taxi drivingand taxi parking gets more exciting in this game of taxi parking,drive on the hill roads and experience a gorgeous hill station nearthe city. Be a perfect yellow cab and taxi cabbie in one of thebest 2017 taxi extreme simulator, race your taxi through the hugebig roads loaded with heavy traffic, pick up passengers and drivethem safely to their destinations. Drive your Taxi extreme 2017simulator ultra drive and parking as a legendary city and hillstation taxi parking driver on hill climb mountains. Buckle up andget ready for the ride of your life, drive the taxi as taxi drivesimulator 2017 and earn respect. Get to experience how it feelsbeing a real extreme taxi duty driver! Get to know the driving andparking secrets of a real extreme taxi duty driver and simulator.Doing some speed driving in the big city during the city rush isnot like walking in the park. No, speed driving in a big cityduring the city rush is not for everybody. In Taxi Extreme DriveSim 2017 your aim is to drive and park your limo yellow cab taxithrough the checkpoints in order to reach the target parkingposition without hindering your extreme taxi with any obstacle. Youhave to adjust your speed to achieve your taxi parking goal, thatmeans you don't want to drive furiously to cause any accident.Yourgoal in this taxi extreme drive simulator and parking addictiongame is to park your NYC Yellow cab taxi in the designatedlocations while avoiding obstacles. Your precision driving skillswill be tested and pushed to the limit! However be careful not tocrush or the game is over. As a professional taxi driver andsimulator, drive your yellow cab and taxi on hill roads and hillclimb mounts and gain awesome experiences, some tourists andpassengers need to go to a hill station, drive your taxi and takethem onto the gorgeous hill station like never before.Drive like acrazy taxi driver on the beautiful hill stations, towns and cites,enjoy beautiful sights, drive on the beautiful hill roads, driveslowly around the steep corners. Select your challenge in taxidriver simulator from different rides and begin the syndicate ofyour taxi craziness and mania, be the most outrageous taxi driverand simulator and be your own boss.Taxi Extreme Drive Sim 2017 taxiparking and driving has realistic and challenging parkingsituations and tricky levels that require precise steering andplanning.
Army Airplane Tank Transporter 2.2 APK
Green Chilli Studios
Control Tower, this is the Captain, we are completed with tankcargo loading and starting engines, ready to take off.TransportingArmy Tanks in Airplane is an ultimate experience and biggestresponsibility to become an Army Airplane Tank Transporter andcontrol of your airplane preparing for takeoff, the armytransporter airplane loaded with panzer tanks and drop them offinto the frontline battlefield. Transport high profile militarywarheads, tanks, vehicles and war equipment for the army and groundbattle forces.Army airplane tank transporter flight simulator is anobjective based army tank cargo plane game where you need to loadand unload the high value panzer combat armored tanks in the cargocompartment of army transport airplane. Every army needs airtransportation pilots to transport cargo as an air bridge betweenthe home base and the frontline, every commander counts on theirskills. Play your role as an ace jet fighter and cargo airplaneflight simulator pilot and drop battle tanks into the surgicalstrike areas, army off road vehicles and artillery to deliver armyvehicles, tanks and nuclear warhead in enemy area.Your ArmyAirplane Tank Transporter 3D is on the runway, drive the armytanks, warheads, vehicles and transport Army war tanks through thecargo airplane, this is a tough task, you need to play your role asan army aviator and Tank Cargo Airplane Transporter and FlightSimulator, take off your tank cargo plane and play your chances!!Drive trucks, tanks, jets, transport planes, boats, helicopters andmore. Load, fly and deliver cargo between islands and army baseairports.Army Airplane Tank Transporter is an army and navy tankcargo plane game where you need to load and unload the high valuecombat armored tanks in the cargo chamber of army tank transportair cargo airplane. Be the cargo management in-charge on the runwayand ensure that the passenger luggage doesn't go missing. Militarytank and machinery cargo plane is a new chapter in transportationgames and is here to take you on an awesome adventure ride. Freighthandling and shipping is a major job for the airport ground crewand that is what you will be doing in this simulation Army AirplaneTank Transporter. The army aviation airplane C-130 is parked insidethe hanger, waiting for the tanks and other army goods to besupplied in the army base camps, military bases with snipershooters. Drive army jeeps and tank to load into the airliner andair cargo plane carrying freight to transport in war zone. Time tostart your day as a cadet cargo pilot; It’s the ultimate army cargoduty of cargo tanks and truck driving on extreme hills and steepmountain paths. There are multiple jobs for you so cadet let’sbegin. Tank driving, truck transport, cargo delivery and airplaneflight as an army professional. Simulate, navigate and load all thetanks carefully and maneuver them on the plane so they fit inperfectly within the indicated spot.This army tank cargo planetransport game needs cargo compartment for huge army tanks. Afterloading all the given tanks you need to pilot your army tankaircraft carrier safely to the runway area and take off into theair. Fly on high altitudes, don’t perform crazy stunts as this aircargo is very important, steer over the red canyon, plain and hillytopography and take your tank cargo Boeing airplane to sky. Soarover the blue water fearlessly!As Army Airplane Tank Transporter,fly cargo plane to transport military jeeps and war tanks in thebattlefield. Play Army Airplane Tank Transporter game to deliverarmy & military vehicles, tanks and nuclear warhead in enemyarea.
Parking Lot Real Car Park Sim 3.2 APK
Green Chilli Studios
Do you think you are cut out to be a super limousine driver? Tryyour parking skills in Parking Lot Real Car Park Simulator, anamazing car parking game that requires precision drivingskills.Parking lot real car parking simulator multi-story arealistic 3D game require you to show top skills in steering,acceleration, and obstacle avoidance in various variety of carslike hatchback, sedan and limousine, be aware of the traffic ridersas they traffic in the city is immense, get those vehicles parkedin parking lots and multi-story parking free spaces. As the frenzymulti-story parking lot real car driver, you will drive theseawesome cars around the city and parking corners, obstacles, andparking lot borders and park your cars with accuracy andtechnique.In this frenzy Parking lot and real car-parking simulatoryou will learn how to navigate a realistic parking environment.Steer the limo and offroad trucks and jeeps meticulously, use gearsfor shifting into the designated parking space. Avoid crashing intomulti-story obstacles and barriers and other cars! As an expertcity builder and construction crane driver you have driven a lot ofheavy cranes and trucks, but this parking lot real car parksimulator is quite a challenge. Follow the waypoints and directionsto find your way.If you’re a lover of parking games, then thisParking Lot Real Car Park Sim, you will love to play this wonderfulparking game. Drive and park your favorite and unique fun cars likehatchback, huge luxury sedan, limousine, trucks, jeeps, offroadvehicles and drift into the parking lots in luxury sports andmuscle cars. Feel the Ultimate Challenge on parking and driving onraised platforms only just wide enough for your car. Take up avariety of precision driving and parking lot challenges in yourparking career like reverse parking, three-point corner turns,negotiating bridges and tight corners with hurdles.Try frenzyparking in a stretched and huge limo in Parking Lot Real Car ParkSim, its not an easy task, choose various environment in multipleparking lot levels with infinite entertainment and fun. Thismulti-story parking lot is full of real hurdles and obstacles, theenvironment is similar like crime city of San Andreas where theprisoners have taken over after a jail break and hard time runningfrom the prison. Do you think you can park the limo in thiscritical situation? Challenge yourself by trying to be as fast asyou can without crashing and beating the given time in thismulti-story parking lot game.Hold the steering tight and stayalert, as the multi-story twisting curves of the parking lot willtest your skills and patience. Drive and park you cars carefullyand don’t take up speed to reach the parking lot real car park simdestinations in your classy limo and luxury sedan hatchback offroadtransporter vehicles. Packed with exciting driving missions, thisgame of Parking Lot Real Car Park Simulator 3D has beautiful cityscape sights of roads, side restaurants, coffee shops, mini martsand lot more. Push that accelerator throttle, steer, and try yourbest to park in tricky spots! Don’t let curvy paths and treacherousturns slow you down. Becoming a limousine driver is not easy it isa hard job and to do the parking of the huge 4x4 offroad hummerlimousine is also a huge task. Rise high in the world of parkingspecialist of limo parking, get behind the wheel of your very ownlimousine, driving and parking this huge luxury car in the parkinglot of the real car parking areas. As a pro frenzy and multi storyparking lot parking driver, use the parking rules of steering thelimo car on the parking lot in car parking plaza and mallparking.Feel the adrenaline rush and complete all the levels inthis wonderful parking lot real car parking simulator 3D.
Tank Attack Urban War Sim 3D 2.2 APK
Green Chilli Studios
Enemy has entered into an urban war of tanks, the epic battle hasstarted at the borders and the surgical strikes are being carriedout through the tank attack urban war.Go behind the enemy lines andattack with full force through the ultimate battle tanks, take yourtanks The enemy has invaded and attacked the homeland and destroyedall defense lines and red canyon. Enter into the world of tankblitz and navigate through the vast lands, around the city withadvanced controls of the tank, including swipe aiming of the tankturret, detection radars & scope with enemy tagging, gunningdown enemy tanks, soldiers with tank attack & bombs.An awesomebattlefield awaits you with its massive panzer ultimate tank andwild parking challenges. The monster tank in battlefield challengesinvolve driving and simulating the heavy duty tanks through thebattlefields, dodging hurdles and army barracks, don’t forget,tanks are extremely difficult to maneuver due to their sheer weightand size. Be the brave soldier who can perform that duty to hisnation diligently and take upon simulation missions. Tank attackurban blitz war battle simulator is a free-to-play game, prepareyourself for a real battle behind enemy lines, take the hot seatand simulate your panzer gunner tank into the battlefield withintense combat, survive against the legendary world war 2 armorylike T-34, Tiger, Sherman, simulate into modern war fare likeMerkava, Panzer, Tagil and mighty M1A2 Abrams, engage into the warof tanks from all around the world. Take a try at this Tank AttackUrban War Sim 3D and experience the rush and daring atmosphere of abattlefield full of armed vehicles, soldiers, explosives and anarmy at war. Drive and simulate into the tanks and feel theimmensity and power of these battlefield vehicles. Acceleration andbraking in this tank simulator will show you how differently theyoperate. There is no hope for survival. Take charge of your monsterpanzer Tank and tank war battalion brigade, and blast the enemypanzer tanks. Crash the enemy Weaponry and Armored Aces and gobehind the enemy lines to finish the Enemy for once and for all.Are you Ready! To cause some havoc in the battlefield simulate yourtank and attack the urban war and destroy the gunner tanks. Feelthe Ultimate Tank Blitz and CHAOS as WW2 Tank War Sim is here! Takecommand of huge monster panzer war tanks brigade in a bloody andfierce tank war battle on the enemy front lines, go behind enemylines and test your mettle in one of the best tank war and moderntank battle games online. Be the champ of Tank Attack Urban War.Take out your enemies with cannons, heat seekers, and howitzers.Battle against cunning enemies and become the hero of urban moderntank battle. You are one of the best tank simulator and warrior ofyour army; you are given some duties to destroy your enemy's forcesto save your country. Take control of this highly rugged and toughWar Machine, engage yourself into the battlefield, set an armedformation and take your enemy at all strike with might. You willhave to inflict a deadly urban tank attack blitz war and destroythe enemy with your tank’s heavy canons and machine guns withloaded bombardment heavy bombing skills with accuracy, eliminatingenemies at point blank range.Complete the breath taking and extrememissions and eliminate targets successfully in this free-to-playgame and engrave your way to further challenges, be an undefeatedhero, your panzer gunner tank is an state of an art in modern tanktechnology and is fully equipped with high-end war heads andprecision weapons with target focusing, maximum damage ability,efficient high end navigation system and radar tracking with firstperson view controlling along with zoom shot features.
City Building Crane Sim 3D 2.2 APK
Green Chilli Studios
Gear up yourself for the mega city building crane simulator,operate and simulate into construction side where city buildingsare under construction using heavy tower cranes and other buildinggears using various other cranes, trucks and machinery.CityBuilding Crane simulator offers you to drive and operate forklift,pavers, road rollers, diggers, excavators, tower cranes and trucksused in town and city development work. Engage yourself as anexpert city building crane simulator and driver working onrealistic construction sites, simulate and operate heavy machinesand feel like a real ultimate city builder and professional on dutywith this city building crane simulator 2017. As a specialistoffroad truck driver and master crane operator, you are on duty totransport cement, gravel and rocks to build the city constructionsite. Roll into the driving seat of the gigantic lifter crane andstone cutter towards uphill city building site. You will lovedriving real excavator bulldozer, a heavy excavating machine in 3Dgame environment with realistic physics controls. You actually haveto work on construction site with claw machines in this citybuilding crane construction simulator game. In City Building CraneSim 3D simulator, you will experience simulating all types of majorand heavy machinery, trucks and heavy cranes for bridges. Coworkersand heavy duty machine operators are all around you all busy inlifting heavy cargo through forklift operators, concrete excavatorsfilling debris into the heavy duty trucks, Cement trucks ready fordelivering some cement on the construction site, Bulldozer, forperforming tasks for smoothing areas and little duties. Handlingall the container and cargo carefully and correctly while operatingcrane and driving it to the location with heavy and huge load andsuccessfully delivering it to the site. Operate wide range of heavyconstruction cranes with realistic physics in this superb 3Dsimulation game. Complete various missions sitting behind thesteering wheel of heavy construction vehicles feel like a craneoperator or drive a demolition machine crashing old houses! Choosefrom huge variety of heavy vehicles, drive excavator, crane, truck,bulldozer or demolition machine – it is up to you to decide! Gothrough all the stages of building a beautiful city and gainultimate driving, parking and building experience! Drive andoperate excavator to excavate trenches and load trucks. Drive truckto deliver construction materials or move away constructiongarbage.It’s a great and fun to work and construct huge skyscrapersand mega structures, drive the construction trucks and cranes toconstruct like a real builder in City Builder Crane Construction in3D mega realistic simulator will never be the same as you enjoyplaying this this additive new construction truck simulator withhydraulic controls and realistic features same like realconstruction machines and vehicles. This city building craneconstruction sim game is a mixture of excavator simulator, 4x4heavy truck and big crane simulator games. Drive on risky roads andshow extreme driving skills to experience thrilling cross-countryterrain. These heavy-duty construction vehicles are difficult tomaneuver on hill Climb Mountain and steep roads.City Building CraneSim 3D will put you in the constructions spot of a real citybuilder with multiple construction vehicles and cranes are waitingfor you to be used in the dirt with exciting construction missionsand levels of difficulty.Enjoy playing this city building cranesimulator game and have an ultimate and never ending fun.