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Texas Law app for Android contains the TexasPenal Code and criminal violations in an easily readable mobileformat. This is a useful tool for attorneys, law school students,judges, plaintiffs and defendants.

Title 1 - Introductory Provisions
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 2. Burden of Proof
Chapter 3. Multiple Prosecutions
Title 2 - General Principles of Criminal Responsibility
Chapter 6. Culpability Generally
Chapter 7. Criminal Responsibility for Conduct of Another
Subchapter A. Complicity
Subchapter B. Corporations and Associations
Chapter 8. General Defenses to Criminal Responsibility
Chapter 9. Justification Excluding Criminal Responsibility
Subchapter A. General Provisions
Subchapter B. Justification Generally
Subchapter C. Protection of Persons
Subchapter D. Protection of Property
Subchapter E. Law Enforcement
Subchapter F. Special Relationships
Title 3 - Punishments
Chapter 12. Punishments
Subchapter A. General Provisions
Subchapter B. Ordinary Misdemeanor Punishments
Subchapter C. Ordinary Felony Punishments
Subchapter D. Exceptional Sentences
Subchapter E. Corporations and Associations
Title 4 - Inchoate Offenses
Chapter 15. Preparatory Offenses
Chapter 16. Criminal Instruments and Interception of Wire or OralCommunication
Title 5 - Offenses Against the Person
Chapter 19. Criminal Homicide
Chapter 20. Kidnapping and False Imprisonment
Chapter 21. Sexual Offenses
Chapter 22. Assaultive Offenses
Title 6 - Offenses Against the Family
Chapter 25. Offenses Against the Family
Title 7 - Offenses Against Property
Chapter 28. Arson, Criminal Mischief, and Other Property Damage orDestruction
Chapter 29. Robbery
Chapter 30. Burglary And Criminal Trespass
Chapter 31. Theft
Chapter 32. Fraud
Subchapter A. General Provisions
Subchapter B. Forgery
Subchapter C. Credit
Subchapter D. Other Deceptive Practices
Chapter 33. Computer Crimes
Chapter 33A. Telecommunications Crimes
Chapter 34. Money Laundering
Chapter 35. Insurance Trust
Title 8 - Offenses Against Public Administration
Chapter 36. Bribery and Corrupt Influence
Chapter 37. Perjury and Other Falsification
Chapter 38. Obstructing Governmental Operation
Chapter 39. Abuse of Office
Title 9 - Offenses Against Public Order and Decency
Chapter 42. Disorderly Conduct and Related Offenses
Chapter 43. Public Indecency
Subchapter A. Prostitution
Subchapter B. Obscenity
Title 10 - Offenses Against Public Health, Safety and Morals
Chapter 46. Weapons
Chapter 47. Gambling
Chapter 48. Conduct Affecting Public Health
Chapter 49. Intoxication and Alcoholic Beverage Offenses
Title 11 - Organized Crime
Chapter 71. Organized Crime

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Texas Penal Code for Android is the complete Texas Penal Code inyour Android smartphone. It's available in an easily browsable andsearchable format, and is suitable for law students or anyoneworking in law enforcement or in criminal law who doesn't alwayshave access to the internet or to the printed law books.

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