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Saying thank you is one of the simplest way to show our gratitudetowards the person that we care about.Thank You Cards is a free appexclusively for people who want to share creative and gorgeousthank you cards.Did you say thank you to anyone today?There arenumerous reasons to say thank you to a person. You could bethanking someone for helping you out, for giving you a gift, fordoing you a favor or for making a monumental impact on your life insome way. Although the reason of being grateful may vary, the mostimportant aspect is to be sincere and to show your gratitude.One ofthe best ways to do so is to send them beautiful Thank You messagesand wishes fom our app.Choose among many ready designed Thank YouCards and send them to the person that you care about as a way toexpress your appreciation.Pick your favourite thank you greetingsand just share! App features• 100% Free Download!• Professioanllydesigned cards, all you need to do is share!• Suitable for allages• User friendly as it is very easy to scroll and navigate•Share them on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Line and to many moresocial medias• The greeting cards and wishes can also be shared viaBluetooth, Email and Message• Vibrant and beautiful theme for allages• Requires only a small space on your deviceSend thank youimages to your friends and family via WhatsApp, Instagram, WeChat,Google Hangouts, Pinterest, LINE and many more.Say thank you bysending thank you messages to your friends to expressgratitude.Thank You Greetings images consist of varieties of thankyou greetings e-cards to greet your loved ones, relatives and yourfriends.Sometimes it’s hard to say Thank You and sometimes we maytake saying thank you for granted to our loved ones, relatives andfriends.Nonetheless, with the help of our simple app, all is thatis made easy! Please rate and share our Thank You Cards app if youlike it, thank you!

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Good Afternoon Images 1.3 APK
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This app is the perfect app to help wish someone a Good Afternoonon a daily basis!App Highlights• 100% Free Download!• Functionswith 99% of mobile phones worldwide• User friendly as it is veryeasy to scroll and navigate• Share them on Instagram, Facebook,Snapchat, Line and to many more social medias• The Picture Quotescan also be shared via Messenger, Telegram, Bluetooth, Email andMessage• Quotes & status texts are all available in EnglishGoodAfternoon is a collection of elegant and brilliant Good AfternoonWishes Cards exclusively for the user to wish their loved ones agood afternoon.Share "good afternoon" with friends and followers onany social network, directly by sending them to your friends andfamily. Early in the morning we wake up and wish the people aroundus a good morning, later at the end of the day we wish them goodevening or good night.So what do we wish them in between? Goodafternoon of course! We usually take this for granted because wetend to forget it's significance.Surely it plays a part inimproving your relationship with the people you care about, not tomention how it can be done with our humble app!Wishing someone goodafternoon have never been easier!Download our Good Afternoon Imagesapp and see it for yourself and share the happiness with yourfriends and family.The cards are neatly organized in this for easyselection.A nice and decent collection of Good Afternoon messagesand SMS for Facebook, Good Afternoon Wishes and cards.With oursimple app, you can easily wish a very Happy Afternoon to yourfamily, friends, relative & loved ones with beautiful afternoongreetings via Facebook, Hike, WhatsApp, Google plus, mms etc.Someof the Good Night Wishes Cards include:"Good Afternoon, MyLove""Good Afternoon, nice day isn't it"Show someone you appreciatethem by wishing them a before the day ends with these beautifulGood Afternoon Images!We sincerely hope you enjoy our GoodAfternoon Images app and thanks for your support!
Inspirational Gentleman Quotes 1.2 APK
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Inspirational Gentleman Quotes is the perfect app dedicated for theall the Gents out there!Inspirational Gentleman Quotes is acollection of brilliant picture quotes exclusively for all theGentlemen out there!It contains inspirational, wise, motivationaland brilliant picture quotes to inspire and guide men all over theworld.Download it, see it for yourself and get inspired to be abetter person every day!The Gentleman picture quotes are neatlyorganized in this Motivational Inspiring Gentleman Quotes app foreasy selection.App features• User friendly as it is very easy toscroll and navigate• Share them on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat,Line and to many more social medias• The Picture Quotes can also beshared via Bluetooth, Email and Message• Sleek and Elegant Themesuited for the Gentleman• Classy Black and White pictures• 100%Free Download!Get inspired and share with friends! Get yourfavorite inspiring, motivating and encouraging life quoteseveryday!The many inspirational and motivational quotes is perfectto help you motivate yourself on a daily basis. Motivational quoteson life and being confident, strong and kind is just what every guyneeds!A Gentleman is a motivated, inspired and confident man thatimproves himself daily,so why not download the InspirationalGentleman Quotes and get inspired today!We sincerely hope you enjoyour app and thanks for your support!
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A saying is a usually a short, clever expression that containsadvice or expresses of some obvious truth. These sayings are alsocalled proverbs. In other words, proverbs are wise sayings based onthe practical experiences of different kinds and can mostly be usedindependently to explain a situation in very few words. LifeProverbs and Sayings provides you only with the very best englishproverbs with meanings in detail. Browse through a variety of onlythe best and most useful proverbs with meanings in everyday life.App Highlights: • 100% Free Download • Compatible with 99% ofsmartphones worldwide • Requires only small space on device •Beautiful HD theme that emphasizes on the text • Very user friendlyas it is very easy to select, scroll and navigate Life Proverbs andSayings contains 8 collections of inspirational, wise, life lessonproverbs and sayings with meanings. These proverbs are exclusivelycomprised in 8 collections for our user's ease navigating throughthe app. Life Proverbs and Sayings brings you the ultimatecollection of Proverbs, Idioms & Quotes that can help yousignificantly in your writing and essay writing, helping you make alasting impression. These proverbs and meanings are simple andconcrete sayings, but are among the most useful and popularproverbs that can help you in bringing color into your writing andteaching life lessons in general. As we already know, proverbs andsayings are short statements of wisdom or advice that aretransmitted from generation to generation and have passed intogeneral use. While some proverbs and sayings express a basic truthor practical precept, some are also based on common sense orcultural experience that comes with a bit of humor. Wise lifelesson in the short but intensive sentences. Read on the way home,during study, or just anytime you want and allow these greatsayings folk wisdom raise your consciousness to a new level.Well-aimed, handy and commodious sayings to help you enrich yourthinking. The Life Proverbs and Sayings app is contains sayings andtheir meanings including, love sayings, friendship sayings, shortsayings, popular sayings, and more. Also, these proverbs are all inEnglish so it will be very easy to use. The many English proverbscomprised in our app comes with detail meanings, making it perfectfor those looking for proverbs and meanings and lessons in lifequotes. The many proverbs contained in this app includes: • absencemakes the heart grow fonder • kill two birds with one stone •honesty is the best policy • the pen is mightier than the sword •out of sight, out of mind It is always good to know the reallycommon and useful proverbs and their meanings because we hear themcome up in conversation all the time. Proverbs can also help you tounderstand how some people think about the world and be meaningfullessons in life quotes for all. We hope the many proverbs andmeanings in our app will you help reflect and meditate on yourdaily life, emphasizing happiness, life, friendship, and love. Thatit will help you to become more aware of your actions and get themost out of life, living it to the fullest. We will certainly addmore life proverbs and sayings in the future so stay tuned. If youlike this app and find it useful, feel free to rate and leave yourthoughts and opinions! Thank you!
Deep Life Quotes 1.10 APK
Zephyrzone Studios
Some people say that life is much like sailing a boat in the sea;at times we sail with calm seas, other times we have to sailthrough storms and endure until it passes. In other words, life isfull of colors and a life without all the ups and downs wouldcertainly be a dull one. We should then, live life to the fullestwhile we still can. Simply live, love and have faith. Deep LifeQuotes provides you with only the best Life Quotes for you tofurther help you find more meaning in life. It is exactly what youneed during soul-searching, just the right words and quotes on lifethat can really make you think more on life. Browse through themany motivational and inspirational life quotes on this app and beinspired today! App Highlights: • 100% Free Download • Compatiblewith 99% of mobile phones worldwide • Requires only small space ondevice • Vibrant and beautiful HD graphics • Quotes suited for allages • Very user friendly as it is very easy to select, scroll andnavigate • Share the wishes on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook,Snapchat, Line and to many more social medias • The Life Quotes,photos and images can also be shared via Pinterest, Bluetooth,Email and Message • Interesting Picture Puzzle for the users tospend their time with! Life is anything but easy, but with the loveand support of people around us, it will get easier. Although insome cases, it doesn't seem to get easier, instead we get growtougher. Life is tough, but we can be so much tougher. The manyinspirational & motivational life quotes available willcertainly make you ponder more on the meaning of life and how lifeis truly an adventure to behold. Our lives are as good as we makeit, as some people in business may say; it is not our fault if weare born poor, but it is if we die poor. Browse throguh ourcollection of deep life quotes to choose your picture quotes andsend the Inspirational and Inspiring Quotes to your mum, dad,brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend or just anybody youcare about! Our simple app comprises of motivational quotes,positive quotes, love quotes, motivation quotes, finding yourselfquote, battling sad quotes, love yourself quotes and many more deeplife quotes with sayings and images. Deep Life Quotes contains onlythe very best Inspirational & Motivational Life Quotes and bestquotes status & sayings perfect for everyone, young or old,life is a journey and never a race. Some people might reach successat an early age, but that doesn't mean someone at their late 50swon't be able to reach succeess. Anything is possible if you reallyset you mind to it. Share the best life picture quotes withwallpaper graphic quality from our simple app and make someone'sday today! You'll never know how much a person could really use agood quote from now and then. Do you like our Deep Life Quotes app?Well, if you do, then please share and rate it! Your kind feedbackwill be deeply appreciated. We will be adding more quotes to thecollection of only thebest quotes status & sayings from time totime so we hope that you will stay tuned and support us! Thank you!
Good Night Images 1.2 APK
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Good Morning Images app is the best app to help you send your nightwishes to your loved ones!It is the perfect app to help wishsomeone a peaceful Good Night!Have you ever wondered why we sayGood Night? Good night is usually said as to wish someone specialthat they have a restful night that is great.It is as simple asthat!Good Night is an expression that is fundamentally utilized asa way to show that you care about someone. With our Good NightImages app, you just need to 1. Choose your favorite HD Good NightImages 2. Press the share icon.3. Share to any social media ormessenger apps!4. Done!For example, Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat,Instagram, LINE and many many more!App Highlights• Completely 100%•Start your day with a perfect quotes from our app!• Make yourfriends and loved ones get inspired as well by posting our quotes!•Share classy and inspiring picture quotes on many social medias!•Our creative quotes are for all occasions!• Quotes & statustexts are all available in English.• Picture Puzzles as games!Appfeatures• HD Images• User friendly as it is very easy to scroll andnavigate• Share them on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Line and tomany more social medias• Picture quotes can also be shared viaBluetooth, Email and Message• Vibrant and beautiful theme for allages• 100% Free Download!• Slide screen to view next imageGoodNight Images is a collection of elegant and brilliant picturequotes exclusively for the user to wish their loved ones a GoodNight.It contains inspirational, wise, motivational, elegant,vibrant and brilliant Good Night wishes and greetings suited forall ages!Download it, see it for yourself and share(Good Nightwishes and greetings)the happiness with your loved ones, friendsand family.The Good Night messages are neatly organized in this appfor easy selection.Being courteous is always the way to go, so whynot be a great friend, sibling, child or even as a good person andwish your loved ones and friends a Good Night when they end theirday!You can send Good Night messages for everyoneincluding:FriendsLoverBoyfriendGirlfriendWifeHusbandDaughterSonFamilyWorkmateBossTeacherTutorandmany more!Get inspired and share with friends! Get your favoriteGood Night messages everyday!Sometimes life gets a little bumpy butthe doing something as little as wishing your friends a 'GoodNight, may you sleep safe and sound!' can lighten their mood andmake them smile and be happy!You see? Sometimes its the littlethings that we always take granted for, matter the most.Surpriseyour friends and family with the beautiful Good Morning wishes andgreetings today!You don't need to buy expensive gifts or spend tonsof money to maintain a happy relationship, a simple wish in themorning is enough to tell people you care for them. Caring forothers does not always mean you have to be with them, it means thatyou wish the very best, even if you are too far to take care ofthem physically, you can show that you care by using our simpleGood Night Images app. Show someone you appreciate them by wishingthem a Good Night by sending them Good Night messages!We sincerelyhope you enjoy our app and thanks for your support!Do you like theGood Night Images app? Well, if you do, then please rate it!Thankyou!
Birthday Wishes Cards 1.2 APK
Zephyrzone Studios
Birthdays are always special occasions especially when it's someoneyou care about!Be a part in making their birthday a little bit morememorable by sending them a “Happy Birthday Wishes” on theirbirthday!With our unique birthday wishes cards, with only a tapaway, you could make their special day even more special anddefinitely put a simple smile on their face! Birthday Cards is theperfect app to help wish someone a Happy Birthday today!Appfeatures• User friendly as it is very easy to scroll and navigate•Share them on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Line and tomany more social medias• The Picture wishes and greetings can alsobe shared via Bluetooth, Email and Message• Vibrant and beautifultheme suited for all ages• 100% Free Download!• Picture Puzzles toentertain the users!This app contains 4 categories for HappyBirthday of different wish cards:Birthday Wishes I (theme: purpleflowers)Birthday Wishes II (theme: red flowers)Birthday Wishes III(theme: tasty desserts)Birthday Wishes IV (theme: cuteanimals)Birthday Cards is a collection of elegant and brilliantpicture quotes exclusively for the user to wish their loved ones aHappy Birthday!It contains inspirational, wise, motivational,elegant, vibrant and brilliant picture wishes suited for allages!Download it, see it for yourself and share the happiness withyour friends and family.Just follow these simple steps to use ourapp:Step 1: Choose any birthday card. Step 2: Share the birthdaycard.Step 3: Share the birthday card to someone you care about.Step 4: Share the app with your friends!A complete collection ofmessages and congratulating Happy Birthday Wishes andGreetings!Everyone's birthday is always special.The picture puzzlesavailable are also suited for the creative person in you!Its cuteand simple but its worth the time. What better way to spend yourfree time with a puzzle?Download now and see it for yourself!Theapp is filled with many Birthday greetings to match and suit yourliking.Pick any Happy Birthday greeting cards and mix & matchyour favourites and send them to your loved ones!The cards areneatly organized in this Birthday Cards app for easy selection.Thisapp is for everyone:Friends, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Lovers,Daughters, Sons, Families, Workmates, Bosses and many more!You'llfind classic, beautiful wishes for your friend, family, lover,boyfriend or girlfriend and best of all, there are many cute andadorable images!Get inspired and share with friends! Get yourfavourite Birthday wishes and greetings everyday!Surprise yourfriends and family with the beautiful wishes today!Show someone youappreciate them by wishing them a Happy Birthday!We sincerely hopeyou enjoy our app and thanks for your support!Have a nice day anddon't forget to send a message to your loved ones that you lovethem.
Happy Birthday Wishes 1.2 APK
Zephyrzone Studios
Happy Birthday Wishes is a collection of over 70 HD ready designedBirthday Wishes!Users can easily choose from a variety of highdefinition wishes!We provided only the best Happy BirthdayGreetings and Birthday Images for our users!We also added 3 sets ofPicture Puzzles for the users to play!App Highlights:• 100% FreeDownload• Vibrant and beautiful HD graphics• Very user friendly asit is very easy to select, scroll and navigate• Share the Wishes onWhatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Line and to many moresocial medias• The Birthday wishes and greetings can also be sharedvia Bluetooth, Email and Message• 3 Interesting Picture Puzzles forthe users to spend their time with!Birthdays are always meaningful,so we should wish someone we care about a 'Happy Birthday' on theirBirthday because it only comes once a year right?This app isperfect for sending beautiful happy birthday greetings and wishesto your loved ones.Choose your favorite designs and seed the readydesigned birthday wishes to your mum, dad, brother, sister,boyfriend, girlfriend, friend or just anybody you care about!Theapp is filled with over beautiful 70+ birthday greetings to matchand suit to your liking.Pick any Happy Birthday Wishes and mix& match your favorites and send them out to your loved onestoday!Do you like the app Happy Birthday Wishes app? Well, if youdo, then please rate it and leave a comment! Thank you!
100+ Merry Christmas Wishes 1.2 APK
Zephyrzone Studios
100+ Merry Christmas Wishes is the perfect app to help wish someonea Merry Christmas!Be the first one to wish your lover, family andfriends this Christmas with these professionally designedcollection of Merry Christmas photo greetings with beautifulstickers.Every year on Christmas people search millions ofgreetings and then send it to their dear ones and make theirChristmas special and memorable. Now get ready for this wonderfulfestival and bring many smiles on faces of your loved ones withyour greetings and wishes.Christmas Wishes is a collection of themost elegant and brilliant Merry Christmas photo wishes andgreetings with beautiful graphics and frames exclusively for theuser to wish their loved ones a 'Merry Christmas'.Christmas wishesallow you to convey your love and sincere thoughts in just theright way to anyone you know. Wishing you and your family a veryMerry Christmas.It is a simple app where users only have to picktheir choice of Christmas cards and then share them via any socialmedia. Simple isn't?Best of all, all the Christmas greetings are inHD and professionally designed beforehand!The Christmas themes inthese wishes include Christmas snow and rink and live warm quotesthat are just so beautiful it as a wallpaper.All the user has to dois choose and share!There are so many beautiful Christmas cards tochoose from!It contains many inspirational, wise, motivational,elegant, vibrant and brilliant Merry Christmas picture wishessuited for all ages and perfect for frames.Download it, see it foryourself and share the happiness with your friends and family.Theapp is filled with many Merry Christmas greetings and images tomatch and suit your liking.Pick any Merry Christmas greeting cardsand mix & match your favourites and send them to your lovedones!The cards are neatly organized in this 100+ Merry ChristmasWishes app for easy selection.Choose your favorite Christmas greetsand share the happiness!App features• 100% Free Download!• Userfriendly as it is very easy to scroll and navigate• Share them onInstagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Line and to many more social medias•The Picture wishes and greetings can also be shared via Bluetooth,Email and Message• Vibrant and beautiful theme for all ages100+Merry Christmas Greetings can be used as:1. Christmas greetingcards 20172. Christmas ecards3. Christmas images4. Christmasmessages5. Christmas quotes8. Christmas wishes cardsWe are surethat our 100+ Merry Christmas wishes and greeting cards collectionwill inspire you!You can share greetings with friends and family onsocial apps like Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, hike, Line, Wechatand others. Enjoy this festive season of 2017 and Happy New Year2018! Make it memorable with these heart touching ChristmasWishes.Surprise your friends and family with the beautiful wishestoday!Show someone you appreciate them by wishing them a MerryChristmas!We sincerely hope you enjoy our app and thanks for yoursupport!