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Get set to experience all these with StoryTime’s new interactiveand attractive version of the well known story, “ The Tin Soldier.”A little boy gets a pack of twenty tin soldiers as his birthdaygift. But one of them had only leg. The boy felt bad for thissoldier and placed it in the front lines in order to encouragehim.This one-legged tin soldier then falls in love with a tinballerina. He passes through many hurdles-right from drowning inthe river to almost getting burnt into ashes. But destiny hadsomething else in store for him. He finally gets his love.Let’s seehow he surpasses all such hurdles, how he succeeds in his quest forlove and gets his love back.FEATURES:- Original music and sound-Exuberant colorful illustrations- Interactive story-telling withimpeccable effects- 12 pages for kids to enjoy- Fabulous fun filledactivities like spot the difference, coloring game and carddesigning- Audio on/off- Superb book like graphics and animationadapted for children- Text highlighting and brilliant narrationThetale is sure to give a memorable experience to its readers onlywith Story Time.A never miss!

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    The Tin Soldier
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    April 21, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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Get ready to experience pure magic with the most famous folktale..Aladdin and The Magic Lamp, that comes to life with StoryTime.Aladdin was a poor, mischievous boy. His mother worked as aseamstress while Aladdin did not bother to help his mother andspent most of his days playing with the neighborhood kids. Onemorning a strange old man came up to Aladdin. He introduced himselfas Aladdin’s uncle but was actually a magician in disguise. He tookAladdin to a cave outside the city and asks him to bring a lamp forhim from inside. Aladdin did as he was told. But when Aladdin askedhim to pull him out of the cave, the wicked magician went away,shutting the mouth of the cave.What adventures are waiting forAladdin? Will he manage to come out of the cave? Will hesurvive?Discover all this, only with Story Time. This excitinginteractive story is sure to provide a fantastic experience likenever before.FEATURES:- Superb engaging fun interactions.- Vividcolorful illustrations- Fascinating fun filled animations-Brilliant sound effects that adds flavor to the story - Simple andeasy text for kids of all ages to enjoy the story- Texthighlighting and brilliant professional narration- 21 pages of funfilled effectsThe tale is sure to give a memorable experience toits readers only with Story Time.A never miss!
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Il vostro bambino ha raggiunto l'età in cui è giunto il momento diintrodurre parole nuove? Tutti i genitori vogliono che i loro figliad imparare nuove parole man mano che crescono in su. Questaapplicazione è un modo perfetto per insegnare loro! Le Mie PrimeParole del dizionario immagine è un dizionario Immagine audio perbambini e ragazzi. ** Layout molto semplice e carino disegnato peri più piccini occhi ** ** Immagini luminose, colorate e granditenerli il loro livello di interesse elevati ** ** Ci sono suonidegli animali il contatto con gli animali! ** ** Navigazione èstata resa volutamente lento in modo che il bambino ascolteràl'intera parola, altrimenti il bambino ha la tendenza di premerel'iPhone o iPad molto veloce ** ** Le parole sono divisi incategorie separate ** ** È possibile preferiti immagine / parole ilvostro bambino piace di più ** ** Slideshow li aiuteranno aconoscere la parola dopo l'altra ** ** Il tuo bambino impareràmolto più veloce con questa applicazione unica! ** Ogni parola haun audio chiaro nativo che legge la pronuncia corretta. Questo èmolto importante per l'apprendimento di un bambino. La versionegratuita contiene più di 50 parole comuni inglesi della vitaquotidiana. Se il vostro bambino piace la voce, è possibileacquistare un 'Expansion Pack' di più di 250 parole + tramiteacquisto in-app. Le parole sono divisi in categorie separate epotete parole preferite il vostro bambino ama i most.You non saràmai il vostro Android o Tablet indietro! Tags: primeparole,figli,storia,storia della figli,storia dellabuonanotte,libro della figliYour child has reached the age when itis time to introduce new words? All parents want their children tolearn new words as they grow up. This application is a perfect wayto teach them! My First Words in the dictionary image is a picturedictionary audio for children and teens.Layout ** very simple andcute designed for younger eyes **Images ** bright, colorful andlarge keep their interest level high **There are sounds of animals** contact with animals! **Navigation ** was made deliberately slowso that the child will hear the entire word, or the child has atendency to press the iPhone or iPad very fast **** The words aredivided into separate categories **You can ** favorite image /words your child like best **Slideshow ** will help them learn theword after another **** Your child will learn much faster with thisunique app! **Every word has a clear Native Audio which reads thecorrect pronunciation. This is very important for the learning of achild.The free version contains over 50 common English words ineveryday life. If your child like the item, you can purchase an'expansion pack' of more than 250 words + via in-app purchase.Thewords are divided into separate categories, and you can favoritewords your child loves most.You will never be your Android orTablet back!Tags: first words, children story, children's story,bedtime story, children's book
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Has your toddler reached the age where its time to introduce newwords? Every parents want their child to learn new words as theygrow up. This app is a perfect way to teach them! My First WordsBaby Picture Dictionary is an Audio Picture dictionary for toddlersand kids. ** Very simple and neat layout designed for toddlers eyes** ** Bright, colorful and large pictures keep them their interestlevel high ** ** There are Animal sounds on touching the Animals!** ** Navigation has been made slow deliberately so that child willlisten to the entire word, otherwise a child has the tendency ofpressing the phone very fast ** ** The words are divided inseparate categories ** ** You can favorite picture/words yourtoddler likes the most ** ** Slideshow will help them learn thewords one after the other ** ** Your toddler will learn much fasterwith this unique app! ** Each word has a clear Native Audio whichreads out the correct pronunciation. This is very important for achild's learning. The words are divided in separate categories andyou can favorite words your toddler likes the most.You will neverget your Android Phone back! Use this app as a first words app fortoddler,kids,children. You can also use it as a bedtime stories fortoddlers or like a baby flash cards app or flash cards for toddler.Furthermore, it can be also used as story books for kids andchildren app for kids educational purposes.
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Arabic Writing : Ana Auktub 1.0 APK
Free Arabic Writing App for Kids to learn how to write arabic" أناأكتب بالعربية " هي طريقة ممتعة لتعليم طفلك الأبجدية العربيةيوجد نطقواضح لكل حرف من الأبجدية العربيةالصوت المصاحب يعلم طفلك كيفية إنتاجالصوت الصحيح لكل حرفالبرنامج بأكلمه مصمم على لوحة حروفهذا البرنامجهو لكتابة الحروف الأبجدية جميعها بطريقة بديهية وسهلةهذة اللعبةالتعليمية تأتي برسومات ملونة وجذابة ليس فقط لتعليم الطريقة الصحيحةلكتابة الحروف من الألف إلى الياء ولكن أيضاً للتعرف على أشكالالحروفعلى الطفل أن يرسم شكل الحرف كاملاً بأن يتبع الطريق الصحيحالمحدد بين كل زهرة صغيرة وأخرىخصائصإختر مما بين الألف - الياءيوجدمجموعة ألوان لإختيار اللونرسوم توضيحية وألوان رائعةأربع أشكالمختلفة من نحلات العسل للإختيار منهمعناصر متحركة داخل الحديقة تتضمنفراشات متحركة, أرانب, طيور
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¿Su pequeño hijo ha alcanzado la edad apropiada para introducirlenuevas palabras? Todos los padres quieren que sus hijos aprendannuevas palabras mientras crecen. ¡Esta app es una manera perfectapara enseñarles! My First Words Baby Picture Dictionary es unDiccionario de Audio e Imágenes para bebés y niños.** Muy simple yun diseño limpio apropiado para los ojos de los pequeños****Susbrillantes, coloridas y grandes figuras mantienen en alto suinterés****Hay sonidos de animales tocando los Animales****LaNavegación fue hecha deliberadamente más lenta, para que el niñoescuche la palabra entera; de otra manera el niño tiende apresionar el phone muy rápido****Las palabras están divididas encategorías separadas****Usted puede disfrutar de lasláminas/palabras que gusta a la mayoría de los pequeños****Lasdiapositivas ayudan a que aprendan las palabras, una trasotra****¡Su niño aprenderá mucho más rápido con esta únicaapp!**Cada palabra tiene un Audio Nativo claro, que permitedescubrir la correcta pronunciación. Esto es muy importante para elaprendizaje del niño.Your toddler has reached the appropriate ageto introduce new words? All parents want their children to learnnew words as they grow. This app is a perfect way to teach! MyFirst Words Baby Picture Dictionary is a dictionary Audio andImages for babies and children.** Very simple and clean designsuitable for young eyes **His ** bright, colorful and large figureshold high interest **There ** animal sounds playing Animal **** TheNavigation was made intentionally slower for the child to hear thewhole word; otherwise the child tends to press the phone very fast**** The words are divided into separate categories **** You canenjoy the pictures / words like most small **Slides ** help themlearn the words, one after another **** Your child will learn muchfaster with this unique app! **Each word has a clear Native Audiowhich allows you to discover the correct pronunciation. This isvery important for children's learning.
Gullivers Travels 1.0 APK
After being ship-wrecked during a ferocious storm, Gulliver landedon the island of the Lilliputs. When he woke up, he was perfectlysurprised to see tiny people- not more than six inches in height,surrounding him from all sides.Mistaking Gulliver to be theirenemy, they capture him but Gulliver finally managed to win overtheir confidence and friendship too.Come let's travel with Gulliverto the land of the Lilliputs. With superb effects, clear andoriginal sounds and fantastic interactivity, enjoy this story onlywith Story Time.Features:- Original music- Smashing melodioussounds- Impeccable effects- Interactive coloured illustrations- 16pages of fantastic graphics specially designed for the kids toenjoy- Fabulous fun filled activities like spot the difference,colouring game and card designing- Stories made simple, interactiveand easier for kids to enjoy- Brilliant professionalnarrationsLet's discover this classic tale all in a newway!Enjoy...!