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Dünyanın en hızlı otomobillerini kullanmaya hazır mısınız? Bu oyunsize gerçekçi bir deneyim sunuyor. Adrenaline, heyecana sahipolacaksın ve riski alacaksın. . Aracınızın hızını, frenini vemanevra kabiliyetini geliştirin. Hızın tadını çıkarın!Are you readyto use the world's fastest car? This game offers a realisticexperience. Adrenaline, excitement, and you're gonna have to takethe risk.. The speed of your vehicle, improve the braking andmaneuverability. Enjoy speed!

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    Araba Yarışı
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    March 25, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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Skillful Traffic Racer 7 APK
Are you ready to drive the fastest cars in the world? This gameoffers you a realistic experience for that. You will haveadrenaline, excitement and you will take the risk. Skillful TrafficRacer is a very ambitious game for this.At the beginning, you canchoose the car that fits your character. You can choose the design,the color and the equipment of your car and make your car as youwish! Improve your car's strength, speed, brake and maneuverabilitythanks to the money you earn. Enjoy the speed and the traffic!Youwill get the high points and money if you do not have an accidentin a heavy traffic. With this money, you can buy new sports carsand modify them!KEY FETURES- Controlling by touch- Controlling withmotion sensor- Realistic Cars- Realistic visual graphics- Realisticsound effects- Ability to modify your cars- Nitro- Different andchallenging mods- Range of different weather conditions- Graphicsediting options- Optioning the position of the camera- Ability togain extra pointsEXTRAS- Bomb-laden truck (Accelerate and make itactive)- If your speed gets lower than 80km/h, everything ends!BOOOM.TACTİCS- You can go further and earn more money if you raceagainst the bomb-laden truck.- You can get extra points if you passvery close to the cars in the traffic.- If you go on the reverseside of the road, it means more points and the way to the reach toyour dream car!Skillful Traffic Racer will be updated constantly.Please rate and give your feedback for further improvement of thegame.FOLLOW US* https://www.facebook.com/skillfultrafficracergame*https://twitter.com/skillfulracer*https://plus.google.com/100750377803349628926
Bike IT 1.0 APK
Become a good bike player and show great moves in breathtakingplaces around the world. Just like in a real bike, Bikes IT takes afew minutes to recognize, but it's a skill game that will last alifetime. Learn the scams, solve the difficulties and open newspaces and bikes. Innovative finger controls, along with realphysics simulation, allow you to keep tricky spots like attos,stick shovels, 360s, tail knees - limit your skill and imagination!Get the ultimate experience with a true aerobatic bike experienceon your Android device!Keeping your front wheel in the air requiresgood balance and nerves of steel! Driving too fast is uselessbecause it can be difficult to do. It is important to find theright balance.Bike Racing is one of the best racing games onAndroid! Have fun. Bike IT is about to be one of the free gamesthat have received the highest ratings.An indispensable racinggame- New game mode: Turnuvalar!- Train your skills in singleplayer mode- Guaranteed entertainment- Simple and intuitivecontrols- Play without Wi-Fi• Real physics• Stunning 2d graphicsand realistic sound• Touch grind controls• 3 free bicycles• WatchreplicasGreat features- Hundreds of crazy tracks and amazing world-Great number- Great bikes- Do not miss out on free updates thatoffer great new content.
Araba Yarışı 1.0 APK
Dünyanın en hızlı otomobillerini kullanmaya hazır mısınız? Bu oyunsize gerçekçi bir deneyim sunuyor. Adrenaline, heyecana sahipolacaksın ve riski alacaksın. . Aracınızın hızını, frenini vemanevra kabiliyetini geliştirin. Hızın tadını çıkarın!Are you readyto use the world's fastest car? This game offers a realisticexperience. Adrenaline, excitement, and you're gonna have to takethe risk.. The speed of your vehicle, improve the braking andmaneuverability. Enjoy speed!
Googlenin youtube kanallarımız için getirmiş olduğukısıtlamayıaşmak çin bu uygulama tam bize göre. uygulama içerisinde bulunansohbet şablonu sayesinde milyonlarca takipçiyeulaşılabilmektedir.This application is exactly for us to overcomethe restriction thatGoogle's YouTube has brought to our channels.With the chattemplate in the application, millions of followers canbereached.To overcome the limitation has been brought to ourYouTubechannel based on Google's china complete this application tous.applications can also be reached millions of followers insidethetemplate available through chat. This application is exactly forusto overcome the restriction that Google's YouTube has broughttoour channels. With the template in the chat application, canbereached millions of followers.
Car Driving Simulator 1.1 APK
It has returned as the continuation of the greatest mobileparkingsimulation game of all time! Parking is launching a new erainparking simulation games with its enchanting graphics,challengingmulti-level levels and online real-time multiplayermode. Startdriving and start your lessons in the most realisticcity drivingsimulator you can find! This game does not only testthe ability tocontrol the car, but also the traffic rules. * NEW *Radio service- listen to music while driving! * NEW * Free DrivingUpdate! Learnto ride in stress-free environments in all of the mapsavailable inthe game! Enjoy the game without limitations, focus onwhat youlove! Most recent update: * New map - Frozen Lake SpillSchool *New tuned car for the best drift experience * Improvedgraphics *At your horn service - make sure the others know theirsweepswithout thinking! * Improved physics rules and collisiondetectionin multiplayer mode * Interface enhancements * Improvedperformanceon low-spec features When playing the game you have torememberstop signs, attention to the intersection lights, usequadrupleswhere necessary, and run siliciers ... If you want toexperiencethe most original driving experience, you can be surethat it isthe right place! After a tutor who teaches the whole ofthe rulesin a closed training class, you will enter a big, opencity.Everything you learn will be tested there with multiple tasksandvarious cars that you will use. In addition to that, you canfightagainst free online challenges with other online people. 24UNIQUECAR The game offers a really wide selection of cars. You willhaveto show your ability to drive in multiple sedans, pickuptrucks,muscle power, 4x4s, busses and even better, a powerful supercar.REAL TRAFFIC Driving in the city is a challenge initself,especially when it has to comply with rules. But they arenotlimited to what you have to think about! The areas on the routearerealistic and the traffic areas are very congested. Be carefulnotto hit it! VERY PLAYING FREE ONLINE TRAVEL MODULE When youcompleteall of the tasks in single player mode or want to make achange inthe pacing, you can try something different in our newmultiplayermode! You will earn points and extra bonuses when youdriveaccording to the laws there. Fight other players globally,locallyor on the internet and see who is the best driver! FREEPLAYPlaying the main game mode is 100% FREE, until the end, thereis nogood game! Additional Game Modes that change the rulesslightly tomake the game easier are available through optionalIn-AppPurchases. Each mode has a separate sorting panel to ensure afairfair match! GAME FEATURES ▶ A GREAT CAR COLLECTION: Feel trulyfreedriving with 24 Gorgeous Cars ▶ DYNAMIC TRAFFIC: ActualTrafficArtificial Intelligence ▶ PRO PARK OFFICIALS: A big campaignforYenmen, make in-game money for progress ▶ Play 100% FreeMissions ▶CONTROLS: Buttons, Steering, Tilt and MFi Game ControlSupport ▶CAMERAS: Multiple cameras, including first-person view,for fullcoverage
Followers for Instagram - Instagram takipçi 1.0 APK
Günümüzde çok ama çok aktif olarak kullanılan Instagramuygulamasıartık selfi çekimleri ve Instagram takipleşme gibiaktifsosyalliğin vazgeçilmezi oldu. Ve artık insanlar hattacanlılarındiğer hayvanların dahi ilgisini çeken bu teknolojikgelişmelerhepimizi etkisi altına almış bulunmaktadır. Maymunlar,köpekler vekediler bu oyunlardan ve uygulamalardan nasibinialmaktadırlar.Bunun için çoğumuz sosyallikten asosyallik yoksaasosyallik tensanal dünyada sosyalliği bulurken bazı tanımadığımızinsanlarlaetkileşim yaşayabiliyoruz. Belki ticari belki zevki amabirçokkullanıcı edinmek gerekmektedir. işte sesimizi birçokkişiyeduyurabilmek için Followers for Instagram - Instagram takipçiveInstagram takipçi ve begeni kazanma uygulama tam bu noktadaarayagiriyor sizleri yeni kullanıcılarla buluşturuyor.Uygulamaiçerisinde butonlara zincirli sekmeler bulunuyor busekmeler denkarşımıza çıkan linkten Instagram kullanıcı adı veşifre kullanarakaktif oluyor bot özellikli bu web siteleri sizinhesaplarınızıbirçok yerli ve yabancı kullanıcılara sunuyor vehepside doğaldır.Ayriyeten youtube kısmından takip ederek güncelbilgileralabilirsiniz. Ve tabi bütün bunların haricinde merakettiğimizbirde şöyle bir husus var. Acaba profilime kim baktı iştebirzincirli sekmede bu mevcut, buradan giriş yaparak profilinizikimgözetlemiş öğrenebilirsiniz. Umarım sizin için yararlıolmuştur.Beğenip beş yıldız ve güzel yorumlarınızı bırakmayıunutmayınızyakında ciddi bir güncelleme gelecektir ücretli şimdibunu ücretsizedinenler sonraki güncellemede ücret ödemeyecekler.SeveceğinizÖzellikler: - Gelişmeler, takipler, beğeni ve yorumlarbüyümeeğilimleri - Yayınlanacak en iyi içeriği görmek içinmedyaylailgili analizler - Etkili yayınlama sürelerini kontrol edin-Kullanıcı etkileşimi kalıplarını öğrenin - Birden fazlaizlemekiçin Instagram hesaplarını değiştir - Hesabınızla ilgilidiğerbirçok analiz elde edin - Kullanımı kolay ve hızlı Not: -Tümözellikler, hatta premium olanlar, herhangi bir parakullanmadansizin olabilir! - Bu uygulamayı kullanmak için Instagramhesabınızolmalıdır. - Şimdi İndirin. Instagram application which isusedvery actively nowadays is now indispensable for active societysuchas selfi shooting and Instagramtracking.    And now, these technologicaldevelopments,which attract people and even other animals of livingthings, haveall affected us. Monkeys, dogs, and pets are takingthese games andpractices. If there is no sociality from manysocieties for this,we may experience interaction with people we donot know whilesociality finds socialism in the virtual world.        Maybe thecommercial maybe is thetaste but many users need to acquire.Followers for Instagram -Instagram follower and Instagram followerand winner get in touchat this point bringing you new users. Inthis application, thereare chain buttons on the buttons. These tabsare activated by usingthe Instagram username and password from thelink that comes out ofthe link. These web sites with bot featureprovide your accounts tomany domestic and foreign users and theyare all natural. Inaddition, you can keep up-to-date by followingYouTube.   And besides all this, there is one thingwe arewondering about.        Who isprofession who looked at this is achain of secrecy that exists,from here you can learn who haswatched your profile by logging in.I hope it has been useful foryou.       Do not forget to leaveyour five stars andnice comments, and a serious update will soon beavailable forthose who have paid for it now and will not pay forthe nextupdate.       Features you willlove: -Growth trends, developments, follow-ups, tastes and comments-Media-related insights to see the best content to deliver -Checkthe effective delivery times - Learn user interaction patterns-Change Instagram accounts for multiple tracking - Get manyotheranalysis of your account - Easy to use and fast Note: -Allfeatures, even premium ones, can be yours without using anymoney!- You must have an Instagram account to use this application.-Download Now.