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Grab the puck and start shooting. Three levels of difficulty. Firstto score seven wins.

App Information Arcade Hockey

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    Arcade Hockey
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    November 11, 2013
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Ashish Garg
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    A 601, Rohan Leher, Baner Pune 411045 India
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Cricket Academy 1.0 APK
Ashish Garg
It comes with a prerecorded image of a range of popular shots forboth left and right handed batsmen.The evaluation mode asks you toplay a shot and then the app evaluates it against a prerecordedlibrary of shots. The shot has to be played while holding themobile with the screen as the face of the bat. It evaluates if youplayed the requested shot and the precision and power with whichyou played it.There is also a record mode which allows you to trainand repopulate the master strokes repository against which theevaluation is done. To do this select Record Perfect Shot todisplay an array of strokes. Selecting each gives a preview of howthe stroke is played. To re-record (overwrite the master) LONGPRESS on the stroke.The stroke playing/recording activity displaysa virtual bat. Touching the bat anywhere signals batsmen readinessand the bowler starts runup. Once you have gripped the bat takeproper batting stance. As the bowler completes his runup anddelivers the ball you will hear a beep sound (release of ball).This is when you play your shot. You will then hear a shot, batstriking ball. By this time you must complete your shot. There aresetting options which allow you tune the shot playing, runup timesas per your preferences.Do please rate the game.To get bestresults:•It is important to note that the stroke playing gesture isanalyzed only between the beep (when the ball is delivered) andshot sound (when the shot completes). Try not to get into your shotbefore the beep and if you complete the stroke early, hold thepose. This is done to minimize variations in stance and followthrough.•Stroke play duration varies depending on ball reading,ball speed and situation (in a match, practice, demonstration). Totune as per needs, an appropriate shot duration can be chosen. •Ifthe recognition is still poor you can record your own masterstrokes against which you would be evaluated. You can override oneor more strokes.Keywords: Coaching School
Solver 0.0.1 APK
Ashish Garg
This app provides a Development Environment to program a wide classof problems which have Integer solutions. It uses a techniquecalled Constraint Programming. The tools provided by this techniqueare designed to allow non-specialists to address problems in avariety of domains including planning & optimization,scheduling, logistics, financial analysis, bioinformatics etc. Moreimportantly it can be used for fun and learning.Constraintprogramming falls under the umbrella of Declarative Programmingparadigm. It allows relations between variables to be stated in theform of constraints, specifying the properties of a solution to befound. The set of constraints are then solved by the engine bygiving a value to each variable so that the solution is consistentwith maximum number of constraints.The app comes pre-installed with25 problems & solutions to demonstrate the technique. Besidesmore problems will be continuously added to the cloud database bythe community.1. Printed Circuit Board - Path Finding2. Enigma -Cryptarithmetic3. Logic Squares - Puzzle4. Furniture Loading -Critical Path5. Lying Monks - Logic6. Logic Blocks - PackingPuzzle7. Interview Scheduling8. Bales of Hay9. Balanced Diet -Optimization10. Photo shoot - Puzzle11. Marathon - Puzzle12. MagicSequence13. Survo Puzzle14. Lights On15. Zebra Puzzle16. KnapsackValue17. Dollar Change18. N Queens19. Sudoku20. Knights Tour21. MapColouring - 4 colour theorem22. Least Difference23. TravellingSalesman Problem24. Send More Money - Cryptarithmetic25. BalancingEquations - Equation SolvingNote: Given the constraints of a smalldevice, the app is more of 'Toy' for enthusiasts and studentsrather than a tool for solving real life problems. While thesolutions can run on a smaller device, writing a solution itself ismore convenient with more screen real estate at your disposal. So'Tablets' are preferred.Steps to Modelling andSolving------------------------------------------------Executionhappens in two steps.1. Model Definition Execution in this phasehappens outside solver engine. The objective of this phase is tomake calls to the solver engine to define the model. - Identifyvariables that help define the problem. Name the variables andregister them with the Engine through Define Commands - Constrainthe variables and their interrelationships. - Define the goal. Itcould be one of the following - - Find a Feasible solution. - Findthe count of feasible solutions. - Maximize/Minimize an objective(a variable). - And, of course put lots of comments in the code.2.Model ExecutionThe call to 'findSolution' transfers the executioncontrol to the solver engine. The control returns only when theSolver has resolved the variables i.e. assigned values tothem.Important Notes--------------------------- As in most popularprogramming languages, all indices start from zero i.e. the firstelement in the collection is referred by the 0'th index.- Allranges are closed ended i.e. both the first and the last entriesare included in the range.- While converting a two dimensionalstructure like a grid into a one dimensional structure like anarray, the order of reading/parsing is left to right and top tobottom.App Controls---------------------- To see problem details,longtap on a local problem.- To download a cloud problem, longtapon the problem. You cannot directly work on a cloud problem untilyou download it locally.- To open a local existing solution, go toproblem details tap 'Solutions' and choose 'Local'. Then longtap onone of the solutions to open it.- To download a cloud solution, goto problem details tap 'Solutions' and choose 'Cloud'.Then longtapon one of the solutions to download it.- To 'Run', 'Publish','Save' etc. a Solution longtap on the white space outside theprogramming blocks to reveal a context menu.
StackUm 1.05 APK
Ashish Garg
Stackum is a game involving square tiles. The objective of the gameis to stack tiles of different geometric shapes, colors andorientations on top of each other to obtain a target shape. TheGame also allows you to create your own levels and publish them.Synching pushes new levels/ratings to the cloud and pulls otherpeoples creationsControls:Touch - on tiles to select them, torotate, change colorLongPress - to select a Level or to triggerverification if you think you are done or to Publish
Rubiks 2D 2.0 APK
Ashish Garg
Objective: Using two simple moves of slide and flip, arrange thenumber tiles in sequence.Submit your scores and see your positionon the leader board.Hours of entertainment, plus entire source codefor those who solve it five times.Keywords: Flip and Slide, TileChallenge
Cut N Paste 1.1 APK
Ashish Garg
Each level of the game presents two object arrangements 'desired'and 'starting'. The objective is to get to the desired arrangementfrom the starting arrangement in minimum number of moves.Each moveconsists of the following steps:1. Select a contiguous fragment ofobjects.2. Drag to yank it and receive feedback on possibleinsertion points.3. Drop it at a desired insertion point.Repeatuntil you reach the target configuration.Keyword: Rearrangement,Permutation and Combinations, Jumble
Arcade Hockey 5.0 APK
Ashish Garg
Grab the puck and start shooting. Three levels of difficulty. Firstto score seven wins.
Triangulation 1.03 APK
Ashish Garg
Triangulation app uses the built in phone hardware like Sensors,Camera and optionally the GPS to measure angles, distances. Itapplies the knowledge of the fact that given a side and two anglesof a triangle the other two sides can be determined by simplecomputation. When applied in succession to multiple connectedtriangles this basic trignometric concept yields powerful results.It helps you measure the height of a peak without the need to everscale it. A powerful tool for surveying or else for just plain fun.
Trooper Shootout 1.0 APK
Ashish Garg
An immersive shooting game.Alone, armed with only a Rifle and aBinoculars on a watch tower, you have to prevent as many aspossible of the Enemy Paratroopers from landing. The Enemy troopshave been dropped right overhead. Go for the enemy not their chutes!!!Controls:1. Your device is your window into the battle scene.2.Shake the device perpendicular to the screen to fire.Modes:MissionMode : Realistic scenario. Eliminate maximum paratroopers withlimited ammunition.Time Challenge : Unlimited ammunition. Maximizebloodshed.Accuracy Challenge : Test your accuracy, see if you canput each bullet to use.