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Area Conversion Calculator.Internet connection is NOT required.

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    Area Converter Calculator
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    July 31, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Actually Useful Software
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SurvPro Distance Converter 1.1 APK
This software application was aimed primarily at civil engineeringand surveying professionals and university students interested ingeomatics. However, it can also be very useful for much wideraudiences!Upper-cased units are all formally defined US surveyingunits, which are slightly larger in value, than the sameInternational units.SurvPro seamlessly handles the US SurveyingUnits in combination with the International Units and the Metrics,awesome!!Compare all values on one single view,simultaneously!Internet connection is NOTrequired.EXAMPLE:Surveying property lines in land surveys in theUSA are normally shown in Bearing-Distance format.For example,S64°50'54"E, 96.94', where S64°50'54"E is the bearing and 96.94' isthe distance of this particular property line.The bearing part inour example gives the direction South-East of that property line onEarth in angular Degrees-Minutes-Seconds, while the distance partgives its length in Feet.To find out distance in more familiarunits, for example in meters, enter the number 96.94 in the whitebox for ft (Feet) and SurvPro would display a bunch of conversions,including that one to meters, which is 29.547 meters.SurvPro wasnot designed to deal with angular data, like the one in the bearingpart of the property line's description in the example!SurvPro wasnot intended to replace your professional CAD software for preciseconversions!We really appreciate your business, thank you so verymuch!************NOTE: Please go to our website for importantinformation!************
Percentage Calculator For Smart 2.0 APK
Percentage Calculator For Smart features:• Calculates Percent Valuefrom known % and known Number, like PV = N x % ÷ 100Question: Howmuch is 40% from 200 apples?Answer: PV = 200 x 40 ÷ 100 = 80apples• Calculates Number from known % and known Percent Value,like N = 100 x PV ÷ %Question: 80 apples are 40% of all apples. Howmany apples total are there?Answer: N = 100 x 80 ÷ 40 = 200 apples•Calculates % from known Percent Value and known Number, like % =100 x PV ÷ NQuestion: What percentage is 80 apples out of 200apples?Answer: % = 100 x 80 ÷ 200 = 40%• Takes both whole anddecimal input• Shows up the formula for easy learning• Preventsdivision by zero• Simple one-page UI• Runs on both phones andtabletsInternet connection is NOT required!Tip Calculatorcalculates tip (gratuity) and how to split the bill.Enter tipeither as % or as $ amount.We really appreciate your business,thank you so very much!************NOTE: Please go to our websitefor important information!************
Fuel Conversion Calculator 4.0 APK
Fuel Conversion Calculator is a very simple to use app, whichfeatures:• Miles per US Gallon, mpg US• Miles per UK Gallon, mpgUK• Miles per Liter, mpl• Kilometers per Liter, km/l• Liters per100 km, l/100km• Price per US Gallon to Price per UK Gallon and toPrice per Liter• Price per UK Gallon to Price per US Gallon and toPrice per Liter• Price per Liter to Price per US Gallon and toPrice per UK Gallon• Simple and elegant design• Runs on both phonesand tablets• Fits on any screen size automaticallyInternetconnection is NOT required!We really appreciate your business,thank you so very much in advance!************NOTE: Please go toour website for important information!************
Fahrenheit Celsius Kelvin Temperature Converter 4.2 APK
In the new version 4.0 was presented Countdown to the next TotalSolar Eclipse that will take place on Monday, April 8, 2024, andwill be visible throughout North America. If you live or plan tovisit Mexico, the United States or Canada during this great event,keep this countdown handy with your Eclipse gear! FahrenheitCelsius Kelvin Temperature Converter features: • The theoreticallimits of -459.67F (-273.15C, 0 Kelvin) for negative temperaturesare respected • Converts each temperature unit to the other twosimultaneously • Takes both whole and decimal numbers • Takes bothpositive and negative numbers • Simple and elegant one-page UI •Runs on both phones and tablets • Internet connection is NOTrequired Kelvin is designated by K with no degree sign, because itis the unit of measurement for the Absolute temperature, andformally it is not a "degree". We really appreciate your business,thank you so very much! ************ NOTE: Please go to our websitefor important information! ************
Discount Price Calculator 2.0 APK
Discount Price Calculator.Takes more than one coupon and discountfor a purchase!Tip Calculator included as well.We really appreciateyour business, thank you very much in advance, and HappyShopping!!************NOTE: Please go to our website for importantinformation!************
Pound Ounce Kilogram Gram Converter 1.5 APK
You're going to need this App rather sooner, than later, so keep ithandy and right in your mobile device!There are variety ofsituations in real life when one needs to figure out quicklycertain weight measurements in the other system.This app is asimple and easy converter.Quick examples:Body weight of 175 poundsin the US system would be 79 kg 379 g in Metric.Or, baby bodyweight of 9 lb 3 oz would be 4 kg 167 g, and the other wayaround.Also, if you have your digital scale measurements indecimals, like 3.6 Lb, but for your postage you need it like 3 Lband 10 Oz, no problem, this App would take care of this conversionfor you, too!Pound Ounce Kilogram Gram Converter features:•Pound-Ounce to Kilogram-Gram conversion in plain English•Kilogram-Gram to Pound-Ounce conversion in plain English• Takesboth whole and decimal numbers• Runs on both phones and tablets• NoInternet connection is requiredPermissions were requested justbecause of the adsClick on Developer's Privacy Policy link and findout how to block adsWe really appreciate yourbusiness!************NOTE: Please go to our website for importantinformation!************
Volume Converter Calculator 1.2 APK
This excellent app converts between useful US and Metric volumevalues in form of fluid ounces, pints, quarts, gallons, millilitersand liters.Volume Conversion Calculator features:• Takes wholenumbers and decimals• Runs on both phones and tablets• Internetconnection is not required• Permissions were requested just becauseof the adsWe hope you enjoyed this exceptional App and wanted tosupport its development!The easiest way to do this is just to keepit handy on your device and to use it frequently.We reallyappreciate your business, thank you so much!************NOTE:Please go to our website for important information!************
Math Tiles 1.0.9 APK
Math Tiles is a very simple to use training tool for the basicarithmetic operations.1. “Flip Tile” (Addition, Subtraction,Multiplication and Division). Tap "?" to reveal the answer. Tap"->" to get another problem. Tap "Range" to get biggernumbers.2. “Multiple Choice” (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplicationand Division).Internet connection is NOT required!We reallyappreciate your business, thank you so very much!************NOTE:Please go to our website for important information!************