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“ARMolVis” is an Augmented Reality Molecular Visualiser foreverydayproducts. Users can hover over 2D photos of severaleverydayproducts and the corresponding molecule that ispredominant in thatproduct appears in 3D on the device. Chemistryis all around. Theapp will allow users to identify the chemical’sname, formula and 3Dstructure of several everyday productsincluding food, householditems, stationery, hardware and health.The 2D photos are availableat http://tinyurl.com/armolvis and canbe manipulated so that the 3Dmolecule can be viewed from variousangles. This mobile applicationis a joint project between theComputer Centre; Department ofChemistry, Faculty of Science andSchool of Computing, all from theNational University of Singapore.

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NUS Foodie 1.3.6 APK
NUS Foodie is an application featuring adirectory of food outlets on campus, shows crowd volume to helppick which outlet/canteen to go or order food for take-away/pickup(if service is offered by the food outlet) etcThis pilot project is a collaboration between NUS Living Lab,Office of Estate and Development (OED ), Office of Housing Services( OHS ) and the student community.FEATURES• Search for food by Keyword• Advanced search options such as Halal• Location based searching of nearby food stores• Displays real-time canteen snapshot to view the crowd at thecanteen• Recommend top rated food stores
Around NUS 7.0 APK
Download the Around NUS application todiscover about National University of Singapore (NUS) - from what'sexciting to what's yummy. The application also comes with detailedmaps of NUS' Kent Ridge Campus, University Town, Bukit Timah Campusand Outram Campus, enabled to determine your current and otherlocations in NUS.What you can find in the application:• An insider's guide to NUS' signature events and iconiclandmarks• A listing of clubs and societies for students• A foodie's dream – a campus dining guide coveringcafes/restaurants, food courts, fast food joints, kiosks andcanteens• Facilities and services available on campus• Travel information to help you navigate around the campuses• Searchable directory listingkeywords: nus,around,map,national university of singapore,aroundnus,guide,student
Crowd Trails 2.2 APK
Discover, create, socialise and share yourtrails.Crowd Trails is a location-based social app for creating andsharing geographic trails. Like a digital tourist guide or heritagetrails guide, it features a database of trails for you to choosefrom. Trails are created by the people for the people, so you cancreate trails while on the go and share them with your friends.Whether you are a tourist or a heritage enthusiast, you cancontribute to make these trails bigger and more exciting by sharingyour own experiences, uploading new media, and liking or writingcomments about other people’s stories, giving life to unknownplaces.
IPTeam Polyclinic 1.0 APK
Download the IPTeam polyclinic application now& learn about the different services provided in thepolyclinic. This application demonstrates that doctors do not workalone, but as part of a healthcare team. This ensures the importantelements of care are competently performed.What you will find in the application:• 3 main Learning Sections: Nursing, Allied Health &Diagnostics• 9 Topics in Nursing• 4 Topics in Allied Health• 2 Topics in Diagnostics• Detailed introduction to each Topic with ‘Ask’ & ‘Quiz’options at the bottom of your screen• A list of 5 suggested questions to ‘Ask’ & aid your learningexperience• Go ahead & attempt our Quizzes at the end of each Topic
RC Dining @ UTown 1.2 APK
NUS UTown Hall Food is an applicationdeveloped for residents of uTown Halls to view food menu as well aspromotions. This application also shows the snapshot of each foodstall/outlet for residents to check the queue status.Features:1) Able to check menu of today and coming one week.2) Able to check the current active and future promotions.3) Able to see the snapshot of food stall/outlet in real time.
SYM MO provides the following informationforeight simple molecules. These molecules are:1. Nitrogen2. Oxygen3. Hydrogen Fluoride4. Carbon Monoxide5. Water6. Borane7. Ammonia8. MethaneFor each of the molecules mentioned above, thefollowinginformation are featured in the application:- Lewis structure- Symmetry elements list- Symmetry elements depicted on the molecule- Point group- Molecular orbital (MO) diagram- Molecular orbitals- Bond order- Molecular electronic configurationStudents reading the following modules are encouraged todownloadthis application to supplement their individuallearningpurposes:- CM1111: Inorganic Chemistry 1- CM2101 - Physical Chemistry 2- CM3231: Quantum Chemistry and Molecular ThermodynamicsThis mobile application is a joint project between theDepartmentof Chemistry, Faculty of Science, and School ofComputing, both fromthe National University of Singapore.
Animol 1.1 APK
"Animol" is a video sharing and eLectureappwhich content has Chemistry movies with molecular animations."Whyimagine, when you can visualize with molecular scaleanimations?”Media will cover Fun Experiments, however, alsoundergraduate leveltopics within the four main branches ofChemistry (Inorganic,Organic, Physical and Analytical). New mediawill be availableregularly and users can be informed via pushnotifications.Chemistry undergraduates are encouraged to downloadthisapplication to supplement their individual learningpurposes.This mobile application is a joint project between theDepartmentof Chemistry, Faculty of Science, and School ofComputing, both fromthe National University of Singapore.keywords: NUS | Department | of | Chemistry | Faculty | of |Science| Molecular | Animations | Movies | Fun | Experiments |Inorganic |Organic | Physical | Analytical | Undergraduate
SM2 Chem 1.1 APK
The Dictionary app is designed as a learningtool with detailed information for the SM2 Chemistry students.It contains Chemistry terms in both English and Chinese, alongwith definitions and audio pronunciations.It also includes a Periodic Table with data such as relativeatomic mass, melting point and boiling point, density andadditional properties for each element.Finally, it offers a practice quiz mode for students tofacilitate their learning.Students reading the following modules are encouraged todownload this application to supplement their individual learningpurposes:- SM2 ChemistryThis mobile application is a joint project between theDepartment of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, and School ofComputing, both from the National University of Singapore.Keywords: NUS | Department | of | Chemistry | Faculty | of |Science | SM2 | Periodic | Table | Quiz | Terms | Dictionary |Syllabus | English | Chinese |