1.2 / January 30, 2016
(3.9/5) (137)


If you love sniper shooting games, then i amsure you will love this amazing game. You are a military pilotattack on terrorist on heli and shoot the enemies. Enemies are inthe base camp and hide on watch towers and attack on you throughstrategy.When you shoot one enemy that exist on watch tower thenother enemy climb stares and reach on watch tower and start fire onyou. Be carefully and shoot the enemies efficiently.
you have unlimited bullets with sniper gun. Accept the challengeand fight with enemies bravely. Enemies have a strong power and youcan not chase this target easily.The number of enemies increase innext levels. A number of oil barrels are exist in this militarycamp. When enemies cross the oil drum nearly, you can fire on oildrum, oil drum explode and enemies also will be explode.

How to play:
- fire button on the right bottom corner
- zoom button is on the top of the fire button
- touch on zoom button and shoot the enemies easily

- heli
- Sniper shooter
- Good graphics
- Attractive environment
- Easy to play

App Information Army Battle Clash

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    Army Battle Clash
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  • Updated
    January 30, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Games Tree
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
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Sniper Desert Action 1.9 APK
Games Tree
*** Attack AT ENEMY BASE CAMP In The Middle Of Sahara Desert*** Ata hot and arid desert, in a singing atmosphere with wind and sandgrains blowing, Are you ready to Infiltrate at enemy base camp!Prepare for a Daring ultimatum with full of Cartel and horror.Takeyour carriage, Load armament, Align your handgun and assault atrivals.An amazing game play is available at Play store now, Trythis completely 3D everlasting and non-stop war task and leave yourkind and honored suggestions and reviews. *** YOU ARE Head OFRegiment *** You are about to enter a gigantic enemy frontier lineon a flat plain, where only right strategy and mind plan will saveyou. You are Legend of your troop... Yeah sure! You have to leadyour battalion to definitely successive end at this dusty and sandyland. Prove yourself Daring tribune for your armed force and defeatthe enemy. ****MULTIPLE MISSIONS**** You are appoint with differentmissions at each stage to destroy enemies objectives and to preventenemy occupy strategic positions in the area. So knack yourstrategy according to each mission. And get ready to enjoy thistrajectory physics simulation. ***STORY LINE*** A big daringmission is in front of you.Bombard at Enemy Command post with yourdeadly sniper rifle. Enjoy awesome fully 3D sniper Desert action. Apowerful furious Rifle with unlimited armament is provided to you.Retain with Radar navigation to find and locate enemies on thisbarren land. Shield your health and live long to fall of therivals. Game has three stunning waves to enroot the enemy garrison.Align gun scope and shoot confidently.History of the most popularsniper game "Sniper Desert Action" has landed google playplatform,which has exquisite game screen,tough operation,full ofpassion,let you can't stop shooting games.here you will become oneof the worlds best snipist.You need a cool head anomaly analysisand fast,aggressive,accurate shooting.Quickly pick up the weapon inyour hand,make your blood boil.do not let the terrible criminalsout of your sight,do not hesitate to experience theexcitement ofthe game and passionate sniper thrill it. ***Characteristics*** *Beautiful 3D graphics of desert terrain.* The natural sounds offire and game music.* Best rifle and sniper gun for accurateshooting.* Use swipe controls to aim.* Use fire button to hit theenemies.* Addictive, loving & full of fun.* Superb desertmountain with amazing action pack animation.* Realistic simulationwith very engaging background music to enhance your gameplay.* Usethe telescope to aim the enemy at far distances.* Realistic visualeffects and the world's best battle music.* Great graphics andenvironment.* Different Levels with new Mission and new HDenvironments.* Tank Rocket weapon fire & Guided Drone Missileattack.* Enemy Tanks and Heavy Guns fighting against you withArtificial Intelligence (AI).* Support for HD phone devices andtablets.* Military themed quality Army User Interface (UI). ***GETREADY TO TAKE REWARD*** There are only one mission which has threewaves in Desert Battle Shot. Each waves comes with differentdifficulty level and different targets. There vehicles will bemoving during the game with the soldiers equipped with weaponrythat are your target too. After you complete the mission, you willbe awarded great reward from your senior commanders. We hope youwill enjoy this game till your battery finish out. Alwaysappreciate your reviews and suggestions. Thanks for downloading . .
Operation Desert Storm 1.0.1 APK
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☀☀☀ invade enemy bases CAMP☀☀☀ In the hot, dry desert terrain,singing atmosphere blowing sand grain, you are ready to invade theenemy stronghold! Prepare full dare brave the challenges andterror.Your car, loading ammunition, assault rifles and align youropponent.An amazing game in Play Store now, try this full 3Deternal and uninterrupted war mission, and leave your kind commentsand suggestions and honored. ☀☀☀YOU ARE camp PIONEER☀☀☀ You will bein a plain, only the right strategy and soul into the program willsave you a huge enemy border. You are your team's core commandpioneer ...... is yes! You have to lead your revenue in this dustyand sandy certainly have been the end. Prove their courage pulpitfor you by force, and defeat the enemy. ☀☀☀ more MISSIONS☀☀☀ ofYouhave different tasks at each stage is assigned to destroy enemytargets and to prevent regional strategic position occupied by theenemy. Thus, the process according to the policy of each task. Andready to enjoy the physical simulation of the track.☀☀☀STORYLINE☀☀☀ A big bold task in front of you. In invade enemybase headquarters. Enjoy awesome full 3D UI. With unlimitedammunition powerful rapid rifle is available to you. Navigation andradar to find out the enemy and find on this barren land. Shieldyour health and longevity falls competitors. There are threestunning game level enroot enemy barracks. Gun range and shoot withconfidence. ☀☀☀ highlights ☀☀☀ * Beautiful 3D graphics desertterrain.* Fire game music and natural sounds.* Best rifle andsniper rifle precision shooting.* Use swipe controls to aim.* Usefire button to hit the enemy.* Addictive, loving and fun.* Superbdesert mountain with amazing animation Action Pack.* Backgroundmusic to engage with a very realistic simulation, in order toimprove your game.* Use the telescope and distant enemy.* Realisticvisual effects and fight the world's best music.* Great graphicsand environment.* New Mission at different levels and new HDenvironment.* Weapon fire anti-tank rockets and guided dronemissile attacks.* Enemy tanks and heavy artillery against you andArtificial Intelligence (AI) operations.* HD phone and tabletsupport.* Military theme quality Army User Interface (UI). ☀☀☀ready to take REWARD☀☀☀ There are multiple levels of desert combatshooting. Each level comes with different difficulty levels anddifferent goals. A vehicle that will be your goal too with weaponsand fighters move in the game. After you complete the task, youwill be awarded the Grand Prix from your senior commanders.We hopeyou will enjoy this game, until your battery is complete. Alwaysappreciate your comments and suggestions. Thank you fordownloading. .
Racing Moto Traffic Rider 2016 1.2 APK
Games Tree
Racing Moto Traffic Rider is one of thepopular thrilling and exciting racing game which is free to play.Take moto racing skills with this traffic rider game to boost yourdriving skills. Earn stars to race new levels and completeachievements to get awesome 3D bikes for free to ride.Racing Moto Traffic Rider 2016 take you to the high level ofmotorcycle riding with best 3d racing gameenvironments. .The essence of smooth arcade racing game is still there but inthe shell of the next generation. Racing Moto Traffic Rider2016 your bike in the endless highway racer, desertracing, mountains bike riding, roads overtaking the traffic.Collect pictures and videos of your crashes. Customize your bikerider and motorcycle to give them your style!Now it is time to hitthe roads with a motorcycle!REAL HD GRAPHICSCompletely designed as three dimensional, Racing Moto TrafficRider 2016: player was developed in order to provide you arealistic racing experience.REALISTIC WEATHER Get ready to race in Snowy, Highway, Desert, Mountains and Foggyconditions.Racing Moto Traffic Rider Features- Traffic Rider encompass Amazing 3D graphics for Bikeracers.- Realistic Moto racing driving - Three different weather conditions: Snowy, Rainy, Foggy weatherconditions - Realistic traffic systems - Manually adjust the Graphics level according tochoice. - Night and day moto driving with excellent locations.- Real motorcycle/motocross bike sounds- Set Motor bike settings according to choice.- Stunning 3D graphics with high quality environment.- Moto Racer gives you realistic environment to play thegame.- Beautifully designed environment with attractive features.- Ride the bike endlessly on the highway.Timers, Fuels Just pure endless fun!Moto Bike race is free to play and does not require any internetconnection on single mode if you want to play multiplayer thenconnect it with internet. Test your bike racing skills withmillions of users and challenge your friends to win the bikerace.How to Play Racing Moto Traffic Rider 2016Race against MILLIONS of USERS on MULTIPLAYER.Play on single player to improve your SKILLS.FUN guaranteed with motorcycle riding skills.Simple and INTUITIVE controls to ride the bike.Challenge your facebook FRIENDS.Racing Moto Traffic Rider 2016 is new racing game and weneed your feedback in the form of reviews to improve the game.
Flying Real Jungle birds hunter Mission 1.2 APK
Games Tree
Have you ever wanted to fly like birds? In this bird simulator youtake control over a mighty birds - eagle that flies over mountainslooking for prey.Survive against the other birds in this highaction eagle, crow and Duck game. The game revolves around survivalhunt.Enjoy the natural surroundings and the fantastic effects ofnature around you, animation,sound effects of animals around you aswell as excellent 3D graphics.Are you bored ofsitting in yourhunting stand and waiting on something new to happen? Whip out thisexciting hunting game and blast Six different types of birds in afast paced hunting adventure. It is the perfect game for expert andbeginners alike, so sit back, relax and shoot some birds in thisexciting and challenging hunting game. The game has 3 levels.Thereare three wave of birds in 1st level. In every wave you're able tohunt different kind of birds. your duty is to kill the birds waveby wave. How To Play ::: In 1st level your duty is to hunting Crowin specific time to continuation of survival.In 2nd wave your dutyis to hunting eagle and also hunt a duck..2nd Level ::In this levelyou are able to hunt all birds at a time. This game is the completepackage of those who like hunting game.3rd:: The 3rd level of thisgame is full of enjoyment because all birds in action in this level.Top App Features:• Different Birds comes HEAD TO HEAD Like Piegon,Owl and see Bird in 1st time on google paly.• Different interestinglevels and adventures included with waves.• 3 Different locationsand challenges• Huge 3D Map and six different types of birds.•Stunning HD graphics bring the forest and domestic terrains tolife. • High Action fun gameplay• Fun controls and Addictive gameplay for hours of great Birds game. Be prepared for a fight forsurvival. This action game is made for all ages and people likekids, teenagers boys and girls. Even Adults will find this BirdsHunter In Jungle.
Can Knocker 3D 2015 1.2 APK
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Test Your Aim Accuracy and inteligence WithThis addictive game and Score High Points to prove you're the bestShooter.The game consist of 15 different level's .Fight againstyour own weakness while aiming and througing ball at place of cansin the improve and pollished all time classical Can Knocker 3D ArtGame. Prove Your Accuracy by destroying popping-up fight againsttime and given ball limits Show off your Skills.So, Download CanKnocker 3D 2015 today and go on to become an expert Can Knocker 3D2015 !!Features :1-3D Game with real physics.2-3 Different powered Can (normal,red,and Green).3-Unique Arrangement of can's.4-Stunning 3D graphic and Animations5-Great sound effect to amplify your gaming experience
Fight 4 Freedom 1.3 APK
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”Fight 4 Freedom” is scrolling fighting actiongame.This game has two levels. You will defeat enemiesby various special moves to clear all stages.Thereare various types of special moves such aslunge, ranged attack, counter-air attack and bombardment.Also, you can connect one attack withanother technique to attack Foe incessantly.You shouldeasily killed the foe in different technique.In this gamethe volume's so good. This game's very attractive game for everyone.Feature:- This game's very amazing game.- Easy to play- Good graphics- Very attractive environment
Flying Birds Hunter Desert Adventure 1.3 APK
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Birds hunting is a very interesting task with modern graphics.Let's go for bird hunting with your sniper gun to an AfricandesertAt first flash, Flying Birds Hunter Desert Adventure seemsbeautiful, but it can actually be quite standard addicted!TheAfrican bird hunter game is pending your chase and fire. So takeyour gun, sharp your skills and make your dark desert trip cool….Now Get ready and Go!Game main UI having an awesome background withfull panel lets you discover fun.After your first start, you willbe on battlefield in deep and dark desert on a shining day,a sniperpointer helps you to target/range your shoot to assist with zoom inand radar options.Following features make Flying Birds HunterDesert Adventure best to play.Sniper pointerBirds radar systemGreatsound effectsIn fact, it's not only a game but a bold war betweenprey and predator. Be the predator like a real-world predator andmake your prey of flying African damn birds.Due to 3D graphicsfeatures, this game gives you thrill and adventure, like realhunting.So take your position, align your rifle and get the angrybirds in your bucket.
Horse Real Racing & Jumping Simulator Game 1.1 APK
Games Tree
Horse run race and jump is the most authentic racing simulationgame. Have you craze of horse riding ? Accept the challenge and tryto win the horse race. Challenge yourself and see how much you canwin! Horse racing made for those who like this practice, there isan exciting race.How to play:- Jump on swipe- Increase your speedthrough speed button- Save from hurdlesFeatures:- Horse- 3dRealistic environment- Good graphics- Easy to play