1.0 / March 21, 2017
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This Army Commando Survival 2017 is themostadvanced action shooting game for you to play and feelyourselflike a fearless Commando. Join the war and shoot thedangerousterrorist. You have get training at army training school anow youare a part of army force for a long time. Get the uniform ofArmyCommando Survival 2017 and feel the pride of an army fighterwho ishere for his survival and for his nation. So, get ready tobattlethe war against crime and enter the enemy city with weaponsandKill the enemies solder, put them off the grounds of commandowiththeir evil plans and win the game.
You have got training of sniper shooting and multiple gunhandlingskills from army coaching school. Now you are going to hireforthis dangerous military operation. You have to rescue thehostagesand save the nation from evil plan of enemies in thisultimate war.You have hired on a contract to kill terrorist squadand to destroytheir bases. You have to arm yourself with deadlyprofessionalkiller weapons, attack rifles, assault rifles to killthe enemiesand finish battle missions. So go ahead Commando, killyourtreacherous enemies and save the area. You have limitedhealth,make it lasts while the enemy fighter is alive, go with thesnipergun and finish them, destroy their camp and theirvehicles.
In this Army Commando Survival 2017 mission you have a bigvarietyof guns to choose and kill the all enemies with the US armyweaponsof your choice. This difficult game of survival commandoforcesolder is very easy and smooth to play that you had never seenanyshooter get killed so smoothly and accurately. Thissurvivalmilitary force mission has multiple levels and on everylevel, havevery challenging and thrilling missions and difficulttasks to playwhich are very interesting and enjoyable. This is agreat test ofyour intelligence and commando ability skills.

Beautiful 3D interface to enjoy war like experience
Smooth game controls and shooting easy
Outstanding game sounds
Realistic ballistics and shooting effects.
Thrilling missions to select
Multiple amazing levels
Multiple modern guns

App Information Army Commando Survival 2017

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Real Helicopter Fighter Game Theme:Hurry Up!!! Get rid of laziness and boredom and feel the excitementby playing this Real Helicopter Fighter game. This ultimate jetfighter 3d game has a lot of achievements and every user can takeadvantage of these achievements by playing this modern jet fighter3d game. We always care about your emotions and provides you thelatest games of all shooting types like this real helicopterfighter game. This extreme jet fighter 3d game will entertain everyusers as well as they wanted to relax their minds. Visit our gamingzone and download this F16 jet fighter 2017 game freely.3D Environment:Real Helicopter Fighter game having 3D environment as well as coolanimations that will enhance the beauty of this jet fighter 2018game. There are many adventurous scenes exists in this extreme flyjet fighter game that will increase the beauty of this classic jetfighter 3d game. Smooth game play control is used in this amazingjet fighter 3d game that will be easily playable. Every user willfeel more thrill while using this helicopter strike force 3d gameplay control.Play best Helicopter shooting games. One of the top militaryhelicopters game. realistic battle of gunship and Strike of Gunshipgame. Shoot down military helicopters.How To Play:This Real Helicopter Fighter game having multiple game play modes.Every mode has its own uniqueness and attraction that will increasethe beauty of this helicopter heavy attack game. There are manymouth watering scenes in these modes that will also enhance thebeauty of this helicopter gunship attack 3d game. In this heavyhelicopter attack game you have to fly jet fighter and feel theexcitement while flying this real helicopter gunship battle. Inthis helicopter war fighter 3d game, There are many otherhelicopters that are firing from many locations you have to surviveyourself otherwise you will lose this gunship helicopter forcegame.HD Graphics & HQ Sound:In this Real Helicopter Fighter game, super HD graphics and latestfeatures are used that will increase the beauty of this gunshiphelicopter attack 3d game. Ultra sound technology is used in thisgunship helicopter fight game which will provide soul touchingsound to every user and make them happier. Sound clarity alsoexists in this gunship helicopter count down game that willincrease the interest level of every user. Background music willalso inspires every one and made them happier.Real Helicopter Fighter Game Key features:- HD graphics- Smooth game play control- 3D environment- Freely available at google play store- Army and commando basis- Ultra sound systemFollow Us At:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Vector3-Solutions-1611676459110239/More Games:https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=8448001498978930930Website: http://www.vector3solutions.com/
Sharp Animal Hunter - Deer 1.1 APK
Let Unleash your inner hunter by hunting onwheels in jungle. Hunters are not afraid of anything and hunting onjeep is always a great fun. There are a lot of other games whichfocus hunting but we are sure the way we are presenting will beunique and awesome. We are sure that you will enjoy this game verymuch.Your challenge is to hunt the animal before they escape whilemoving on jeep. But be aware, when you shoot one fire, all animalswill try to escape and if they escaped successfully your mission isfailed.Game includes a beautiful jungle filled with trees, bushes andgrass as a good environment for the animals to avoid the hunters.The game includes goat, deer/stag, wolf, bear, and lion.You can use 10x zoom to focus your target.The game includes 5 levels. Each levels contains differentenvironment with different animals. Each level contains 4waves.Game Features:• Realistic Sniper Gun FPS.• Smooth Controls.• Unlimited ammo.• MAXIMUM FIREPOWER• Best 3d jungle graphics• Natural environment• Addictive, loving & fun• 10x zoom scope• Slow motion camera.Please do rate us and share your feelings/ideas about game so thatwe can further improve our games.
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Want to see the world through the eyes of aCrocodile? Take this huge Crocodile Swamp Simulator game.Have you ever wondered how it feels to be a wild crocodile? Now youfinally have the opportunity to know that feeling! Be a wildcrocodile in the swamp and survive as long as you can. Attack inthe swamp beach water now.Each level is a challenging level mechanics based on physics with alife-like incredible. Cut through dirt and guide fresh water, dirtywater, water, steam and toxic liquid through increasinglychallenging scenarios! Every drop counts!It may seem an easy task simply hunt and eat the prey, but youshould know that it was not a hunter who is looking for you andwill be shot on site. Attacking people on boats and beaches tocreate some chaos and widespread. Complete the game before beingcaught in the swamp!Main Features:• Be a stronger Crocodile• Real water Physics, crocodiles and cool animation movements• Realistic environments and swamp beach• Amazing 3D graphics• Excellent water effects• Joystick controlled fun simulation for swimming crocodileattack
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Fast Car Driver is not just a highway drivingon sports car but it is the fever of extreme drag racing on asphaltroads. This is the real simulation of fast jeep driving throughtraffic with steering in hands and your have to rush throughhighway and xtreme and furious environments.Real speed car with turbo driving is just on your mobile. Racing incar and stunt drifting through traffic like Jeep, SUV, trucks makesan awesome experience of driving real sports car like a realdriver.Drag car traffic exceeded wherever you want, you can make thedevice and the tendency to buy new cars.Features:- Easy control for steering- Best environments effects- Realistic collision effects- Real Jeep SimulatorPlease comment and rate...
Furious Smashy Traffic Road 1.1 APK
Feel the rush of traffic in the city's projectand became a living legend of roads on the highway.Furious Traffic Rush is a milestone in this kind of racing lanesendless.If you want to feel the speed should be paid to the accelerationbutton the entire time, and its fun and exciting sports car racingsimulation game. It is full of this amazing realistic driving arace car simulation game full of the most wonderful and excitingfast racing car racing dynamic levels.Drive your car through traffic, and earn cash, upgrade your car andbuy new ones. Try to be one of the fastest drivers in the worldrankings. The race re-definition of infinite now!The real engine of the car and rush it through other cars. Do notcrash cars in national traffic.Use earned money to upgrade your car, so you better and fasterrace. Your skills and design is the only limit. Become the bestracing is illegal in professional street in the world!Key Features:• 3D graphics and realistic, modern• amazing contemporary sound effects• Earn cash prizes for the launch of a new car• Detailed Environment• 4 different engine cool racing cars• The faster you pay the more points you get• Dealing with the car smooth and realistic
OffRoad Military Jeep Driving 4x4 1.5 APK
Military Jeep Parking is a realistic army truck parking game forarmy soldiers. The main objective is to park luxury army jeep orheavy truck and drive to base. The army vehicles include militaryHumvee, tanks, armed warhead trucks and military buses.Prepareyourself for playing most addictive & extreme adventurousoff-road army truck driving armed game on amazing off-road tracks.Jeep parking 4x4 3D army truck driving, you can have realistic armytruck parking driving experience and let’s have driving of army jipfrom us army military base camp. You are playing as military jeepdriver of 2017 an army transporter jeep and as a military officerdriver and you have to drive a crazy monster jeep 4x4 truck acrossdeadly zone, uphill mountains hill climb road etc. Drop armycommando soldier’s sniper shooter real hero, oil tanker, war fieldtanks and other military guns tools cargo to their check postssafely. Extreme jeep driving duty simulation, given limited timeand danger areas are the most challenging tasks and multi-leveltruck parking for a military officer driver to drive on Humveejeeps. Use your Pakistan military jeep parking experienced off-roaddriving and drive armed heavy truck, transport soldiers, army cargogoods and army vehicles from one base camp to other base camp orcheck post for army team survival. Armed soldiers are ready forfighting in any time battlefield and their cargo is ready todeliver at war tools sniper gun etc. Suppose you are the driver andyou have to drive military truck in this addictive armyenvironment. This is the discovery of many different off-roadmissions in the world of simulation. Army soldiers are on amilitary car and you just take control in the normal course hasreceived.Thus, your mind and your reflexes can increase theirskills, whether the steering wheel ...It's not just 3D parking andtransport; no, it's just a new driving experience. To see if yougot what it takes to go to serve your country! Are you willing todo the job! you are a soldier who works and manages the armyvehicles as a way to combat support, combat support and combatservice.Drive military car jeep 3D driver having super HD graphicsin 4x4 military jeep driver Humvee. Ultra Tech sound is used inmodern army jeep driver game. In this military commando army jeepdriver Humvee game, having real shooting sound as well asbackground Humvee music will also inspire you in Humvee commandomilitary driving jeep driver free. Sound clarity also exists inthis military car games game which will provide you the Humvee soulrefresher sound in modern commando jeep driver militarydriving.Enjoy a variety of 3D levels and be smart in motion throughthe parking lot of the missions.0Features of Military Jeep ParkingDriving:• Excellent jeep simulation• Many different missions &realistic parking• Powerful brakes of real jeep parking 3d•Military Environment• Multi level & sound impressive•Configurable quality & parking location• Get more stars forexcellent leadership• Pakistan military jeep parking free• Drivemountain army truck real parkingFollow Us At:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Vector3-Solutions-1611676459110239/MoreGames:https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=8448001498978930930Website:http://www.vector3solutions.com/
Elite Sniper Clash - Commando 1.2 APK
Elite Sniper Clash is a realistic 3d actiongame. Assume that you are the lone survivor commando againstruthless soldiers. Use specialized skills to avenge the fallensoldiers alive and attack enemy forces on the need to use it all.Helicopters, jeeps and heavily defended enemy bases will bedestroyed out of cover points to take down. Combat missions overenemy types harder to fight several waves. This is not a clash onlybetween you and soldiers; in fact it is a clash between two nationsand armies.Experience 5 separate missions based on actual war effects.Allied troop’s prior authorization powerful tank and destroy theenemy base. It's hard to grab a gun and blank against fortifiedpositions. You will need to use special sniper gun and stunninggraphics and controls the correct enemy soldiers. Survive the Clashwith enemy and prove your battle skills;Features:- A large army environment- Great single player campaign!- FATAL missions to complete- Real Mobile Controls- Unlimited sniper bullet