1.1 / September 25, 2017
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Army Commando War 2, good gameplay with theclassic continuity of Army Commando War. This time the war is withgangster mafia who is in the war zone and spreading terror withtheir crimes and criminal acts. So it is a mafia and terroristactivity as combined. You as a lone soldier in the city and armycommando has lawful duty to bring peace to the city and be honoredof your country again. City and country now rely on you, an armycommando, and see towards your arm services.

In last attacks from terrorists last year where you fought like atrue army commando and killed them. Few of those gone undergroundand waited till good times and became gangster mafia and controlledthe war zone. They spread their criminal and gangster mafia throughthe whole city and now they have become the power of the city. Theyrule most of the land with their criminal activity and mafiaacts.

So are you ready to make a strike against your worst enemy ever?Send all the paid killers to the hell. Be a brave soldier and givea strong slap on your enemy faces. Act like a real soldier in thebattlefield and never get down in any case. Enter the battle zonewith a strong mind and a perfect war strategy against the enemies.Take a perfect headshot with your iron made machine. If one gunfails to take the perfect shot just take another best sniper gun.This full action packed game is perfect for a lover of shootingadventure. Kill all the zombie type enemies and rescue themotherland from all pegs. Write your own another war magazine forthe next generation. Be a lord of the warrior & all thelegends, we hope you really enjoyed it.


* 10 addictive levels for fast, fun and long enjoyablegameplay!
* Exciting controls make for a very great combat experience!
* Highly optimised game size, for quick as lightning downloads andfast-paced explosive action gameplay!
* Quick download and fast game load time!

App Information Army Commando War 2

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    Army Commando War 2
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    September 25, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    5,000 - 10,000
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    Visit website Email gaming@abtsudios.com
    ABT Studios Matih bint Mohammed ( Al Jamia 141 st ) P.o.box 16454 Al ain
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Welcome to Army Commando War, where your cityfinds itself besieged by belligerent terrorists. Equipped with yourgun, you will take out the waves of deadly terrorist that aredescending upon your peaceful country.You; the lone brave Elite Commando soldier, will fight for thehonor of your country and free the people who are caught up in themiddle of an intense shooting war on the frontline between the armyand stranger rebel militants that are fighting for control. Therebels will face your wrath in this deadly war!FEATURES* 30 addictive levels for fast, fun and long enjoyablegameplay!* Exciting controls make for a very great combat experience!* Highly optimised game size, for quick as lightning downloads andfast paced explosive action gameplay!* Quick download and fast game load time!PS. We work hard to ensure that our games run properly on everymajor android phone and tablet. If however you encounter any issuewhich doesn't let you enjoy our games, please report it togaming@abtstudios.comIf you like the game, do rate us in the Google Play Store!
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