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Hey you are in the intense battlefield with your Army Commando WarTruck Chase 3D game. Drive your 4x4 Military SUV to chase theenemy, be quick to follow, attack and destroy your enemy. Enemytroops are stepping ahead to move in your territory and captureyour army base. But before they attack, get gathered and collecttheir force, destroy your enemy 1 by 1. Off-road terrain and borderarea is there to defend and drive for you. You can enjoy theoff-road drive and shooting as well. Join the intense war andcombat in this new kind of tank battle. Hey you are the Hero! Enemyhas frightened and running away now, as you just drove in your 4x4SUV jeep it was fearful for your enemy to get escaped. Enemy hasstarted to run from the battle field, Enemy was not aware of yourbravery and equipped vehicles. Be the brave army soldier and gobehind enemy lines in your military vehicle. You have modernartillery with you like mitrailleuse guns in your mobile arsenal tofight this gunner’s battle. Use these weapons and show yourfirepower to destroy the enemies from the frontline. You have toprove yourself a skilled driver, Drive as fast as you can to chasethe enemy and shoot him as well. Realistic controls are there foryou like steering wheels, race, break and shooting guntrigger.Amazing sound effects and destruction of enemy makes youcrazy to play more and more. It increases your interest and passionto kill and defeat your enemy. Drive fast, shoot more on you targetand save your time and forces to defeat your enemy.Good luck inthis realist war and battle field.

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    Army Commando War Truck Chase
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    October 14, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Glow Games
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Come to join us as a City tourist bus driver, give transport pickand drop services to the tourists, visitors and travelers in yourcity. Play the realistic and extreme Hill-side Tourist Bus Driverwhere you have to drive the bus within the hilly and mountainouscity, transport the tourist and visitors who are here in your city.Hill-side Tourist Bus Driver is full of challenge and extreme drivein the city with rushed traffic, don’t hit the other cars andvehicles moving within the city.Get ready to drive inside the citywith Hill-side City Tourist Bus Driver is an amazing experienceespecially when your drive your tourist bus inside the city. Cometo play the challenging city roads tourist bus game. Visitors andtourist like to travel to different places so be the bus drive tocomplete the transport duty. Get the real feel of smooth driving,high speed drifting in a high res and HD realistic 3D world.Hill-side City Tourist Bus Driver provides you a challenginggame-play with task based scenarios. Every time you are informedwhat have you done and what’s next assigned. This is not only a bussimulator but it provides you a time and feature you repair yourbus. You can upgrade and maintain your bus by visiting garage orwork shop Pick up and drop tourists to their destination like tophill stations or restaurants and hotels in this adventurous andcraziest Hill-side Tourist Bus Driver.The game-play is planned andmapped inside a beautiful and modern hilly city. City is surroundedby hills and mountains. You might be a fast off road hill driverbut be careful while driving a bus with passengers on busy streets.Game-play is beautifully designed using best 3D character models astourists with realistic animation combinations. Physics basedrealistic drive feels you more interesting. You are provided withrealistic controls like race, brake, steering or tilt controls. Youcan enjoy different views while driving by switching camera views,can switch on and off head lights, blow horn and much more.Map ofthe city is shown on the top that shows your position, tourists andother land marks like bus stops, garage, restaurants and othervisiting places. You have played many more bus simulator like othertourist bus simulator, city bus simulator or bus 2015 simulator.Download it for free to enjoy best simulators.
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Crane simulator is the best simulation containing driving and craneoperating skills. Player have to meet a variety of challenges. Tocomplete different tasks player have to pick or lift container fromthe ground and load in truck. Load huge containers and carry thisheavy cargo carefully on top of these vehicles. You will need toprove your worth as a 3D crane operator in this fun simulator game.Hurry up! Start loading the container today.This crane simulatorgame is all about having skills in driving a crane truck andparking it correctly so you can load the container on other truck.Crane tower is used to pick up the container and carefully dropthem on the accurate position. Completing successfully and mostefficiently is rewarded with a higher amount of points.Cranesimulator game features:- Different exciting driving levels- Realcrane physics - Huge 3D, sea port environment- Realistic controls-User friendly and interesting graphics- Unique experience ofdriving a heavy crane
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Roads are the infrastructure of any society or city. Work to buildup roads and strengthen your city. Contribute for development andprove your engineering skills.Your duty begins as the buildingcontractor, taking up the challenge of off-road transporter androad builder. Play as the lead constructor and take control of theoff road construction with heavy excavator crane, cargo truck &road roller. Be the road builder in this off-road constructionsimulator. Transport heavy vehicles and machinery on your heavytrailer truck to play as a road builder. Build heavy roads betweenmountains, hills & off road muddy paths. Get the job done withyour off-road construction vehicles and machines to build roads sothe traffic flow gets smooth between city and hill stations. Offroad drivers face difficulty in taking tourist to hill station withrough roads. Farmer get trouble to carry their goods and farmanimals’ transportation. Make their paths smooth with roadconstruction duty.One of the hard objectives of the game is totransport heavy machinery on your heavy truck trailer. Load thetrailer with heavy machinery and take them to the constructionsite. Smooth steering, hydraulic excavator controls, first personoff road driving and heavy machinery handling are the awesomefeatures that make off road construction simulator an amazing 3dsimulator of 2016. Take the city construction material on yourcargo truck; use the heavy excavator crane to lift up stones andmountain rocks. Build smooth roads over hilly and rocky paths.Driving, Parking, Excavation and Construction all available in offroad construction simulator 2016.FEATURES• Real Experience ofDriving Heavy Vehicles• Explore the Off Road Construction Site •Addictive Missions of Excavation, Transport & RoadConstruction• Smooth Steering, Hydraulic Brakes, Lifting andRotation Controls• Amazing Off Road Hill Climbing• Real-timePhysics for Driving Heavy Construction Vehicles