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Army Counter Terrorist Attack: Commando Adventure is a first personshooter action commando adventure assassin real war game againstgangstar terrorist of the world. Its really challenge for you tocomplete your mission of counter terrorism in san andreas. Enemy /terrorists have taken your land and they make their camp and makingtrouble in your country. Intelligence agencies discover that thethugs / gangstar & terrorists are heavily involved with drugdealing, weapons, ammunition, target killing, gun shoot, bombblasts, mafia war, assassin the innocents, kid napping, streetcrimes, lethal street gang activities. These are their illegalactivities, actions & terrorist invasion.One man army squad:You are only last commando left from your anti terror force &you are equipped with assault rifles, shotguns, AK47, M4, Sniperrifles, Mp5, arsenal guns, hand guns, pistols, hand grenades, sword& bullet proof jackets. It’s your challenge to kill &assassin the enemies, gangstar, mafia don, terrorists and smugglersbefore they kill & shot you. Its an adventure & epicbattle, you have to take back your land from terrorists &become a hero of heros. Terrorists already got information aboutyour critical mission & your elite squad and they are ready tokill you.Incredible terrorists, deadly criminals & assaultgangsters have attacked at secret society of USA crime city &Vegas city and you need to eliminate the terrorists in hunting furyway before they demolish the whole country. You have been faced& fight so many modern counter sniper hunter shooting warsfirst strike so it’s time to struggle for your Vegas & USAcrime city to save it from dangerous terrorists. You do anything& have to rely on your shooting & fighting skills becauseyou don’t have any Special Forces squad in criminal city war fordoom survival.Elite challenges: Enemy is alert. You don’t haveenough ammo you have to stole enemy weapon, war gear, machine gun,shotgun, gunslinger & complete your mission. You have differentvarieties of weapon and best luck for mission.Counter terroristsniper shooting 3d is a shot game and war against crime boss of theworld. Only good operational control in the war game mission inorder to play the power of a variety of weapons. In thisfirst-person shooter game of commandos, you can unlock and open allmaps of this kommando games. As a komando of unity to play thesoldiers assault effect. Comando action shooting game, only aim andshoot, the modern enemy tough soldiers, assault soldiers,commanders fighting. Just fire with your guns & kill the enemy,let us start to play the world's greatest military attack game.Command the national us army commando, brave battle of counterattack of terrorists!Features of Army Counter Terrorist Attack•Realistic & desert dust 3D shooting environment• Severalweapons to unlock• Commando counter terrorist shoot• Various deadlycriminals and terrorist vehicles to take down• Real life & topnotch 3D sound effects• Freedom force fight is a super armyfrontline mission• This counter terrorism strike operation isbloody and we have no chance to lose itCommando silent assassin 3dgame Get ready for action packed swat strike counter attack modernstrike fps critical ops shooter game. In this commando counterattack you play as a front man of the SWAT strike force of USAcrime city's 3d battlefield first strike. As an incredible trainedglobal offensive frontier war commando silent assassin 3d sniperhunter, your shooting combat mission is to eliminate the terroristsof crime city.Aim & shot the terrorist agent for survival doomin brutal action war at Vegas city. Just pull the trigger of yoursniper rifle & assassin your target to become the world’s bestsniper hunter shooter - a hero. This ultimate 3D sniper assassinendless shooter mission will let you experience the most thrilling,offensive & challenging shooting tactics. Modern shootingcombat assault games of commando shooting.

App Information Army Counter Terrorist Attack: Commando Adventure

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    Army Counter Terrorist Attack: Commando Adventure
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    October 18, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    gunner'sgames: combat commando action games
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    Chelyabinsk, Russia
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