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Army basic training has come to coach you inthis one of the latest army shooter training games. We bring you anaction bursting commando adventure shooting with the realisticblend of army commander games. Commando adventure shooting is notone of your regular army commander games and is all about armyshooter training. Army basic training is the initial step to becomean expert and intrepid commando. So, get ready to start the fullstrangle feat to become a chivalrous officer in this amazing ARMYDUTY: COMMANDO TRAINING.
As a trainee officer , you must acquire the skills of running fast,jumping through hurdles, controlling helicopter and other vehiclesso that you can join the army and become a perfect commando officer. In each level, you will be provided a specific challenge ofjumping, crossing through certain obstacles, barriers, ring loopsetc. Each level brings a truly unique flavor. Different challengingmissions, realistic environment, guns, friendly shooting controls,angry enemies, nice 3D graphics and great sound effects are waitingfor you. You have to complete levels within the provided giventime.
An extreme wicked smash awaits our trainee officer in the wildestarmy shooter training game. If you are addicted to daring tasks inarmy commander games then this newest radical training themedcommando adventure shooting will definitely make you a valiantshooter and a perfect commander. ARMY DUTY: COMMANDO TRAINING isactually going to spirit up your inner hidden hero, now it’s yourturn to show your passion in army basic training.

App Information Army Duty: Commando Training

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    Army Duty: Commando Training
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    February 28, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    100 - 500
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    Email 3dtoyslab@gmail.com
    2nd Floor 153-B Central Commercial Sector C Bahria Town Lahore
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