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Enjoy one of the best Army rescue games, which includes thrillingmissions. This is one of the latest Rescue Mission games withCommandos rescue team. Get ready to get some action in the armybase with Army rescue Team 3D and shootout army soldiers. Enjoy awhole new concept of shooting game in fps mode with multiplayershooting team! your Team of Special force shooting agents aretrained commandos of army! Enables you to play shooting asmultiplayer game. Immersive action with all the best of weapons andwar artifacts. Story based shooting game at the edge of seaportused for cargos. Unlike other tactical shooting games, this gameenables you to control a real-life army rescue operation. Army raidgames were never such before on play store. So, get ready to fly toan army controlled port and rescue the port and its inhabitantworkers. Army helicopter will drop the marine soldiers team overthere. The battle arena with high speed and precision, to savelives and assassinate the enemy troops in an awesome ARMY ASSASSINSHOOTING 3D game. It’s time to turn on your guns get loaded and flyto the seaport army base to rescue the victims. Enemy General Marshhas a big plan this time. He with his army has planned to movelethal weapons across the border. He has captured the portinhabitants as hostages and has high security forces deployedthere! To Kill his army force and occupy the Army territory youneed to infiltrate this cargo place. Track down the victims andshow your ultimate action skills to kill and ambush the GeneralArmy Force.

App Information Army Rescue Assassin Mission

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    Army Rescue Assassin Mission
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    May 23, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Famtech game studios
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