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Army Sniper City Action Contract killing criminals, cityenemieswith sniper & bring back the justice Sniper Action2018Features • This gun shooting city hunt has an addictive Gameplay.• Realistic 3D environment to support the story line. • VerityofWeapons includes like Heavy guns, sniper rifles, assaultrifles,rocket launchers, throwing knives and much more •Unlimitedmissions, challenging tasks, impossible killing jobs.•Well-functioning and Efficient controls to make the game evenbest.• Sniper scope view for batter targeting. • HD Graphics,cleartexture and excellent terrain. • Battlefield sounds, realisticsfxand realistic grunting and roaring of enemies before dying •Mapassistance, locate and kill enemies with great sharpshooterskills.This is game available free on the Google play store. Wehope youdefiantly enjoy this Real Army Sniper battlefield game,because HDgraphics & stunning environments make the quality ofthe gamebetter than any other does. Original sounds of differentweaponsbullet. This game has multiple missions and differentbattlefieldsto become a brave soldier. Full 3D environment. Youalso have mapnavigation to find out the criminals to killthemhttps://web.facebook.com/BricksStudios/?_rdc=1&_rdr

App Information Army Sniper City Action 2018

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    Army Sniper City Action 2018
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    July 21, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Old Bricks Games Studio
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    Old Bricks Games Studio 1705 kings commercial building 2-4 chatham court Tst Hong Kong
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China Elevated transit Bus sim 1.0 APK
China Elevated transit Bus Sim is the unique game regarding itsdesign and the way city traffic is controlled. Heavy traffic is nota kids job to handle, so to tackle this elevated transit bus wasintroduced. Select the color of the bus and get it on the road.Everything else is like a normal bus except this comes with atunnel like shape. Ultrafast driving help the more number ofpassengers to travel around in the city. Your traffic skills ofdriving this big coach will be tested while playing this game. Thisis the most modern form of the transit bus. A heavy traffic isinduced in this game and to make it even more fun and thrillingexperience, china bus is enabled to pass over the vehicles as thetraffic gets jammed. Due to its tunnel like shape it is extremelyhelpful in modern day traffic system where the traffic gets blockedeveryday and people have to face the inconvenience, wait hours intraffic. Now the solution all over from the china has came toassist you in the traffic depression and noise. By enforcing thistransport system we will also encourage the usage of publictransport system among people. Highways will be clear, people willget quickly to their destinations and it will increase the trend oftraveling in the public transport units. These buses are huge insize and they have the capacity to take a lot of people to theirdestination at same time. With fast speed and the immense controlsetting, half of the headache of the city traffic management hasgone. Station to station, and street to street and future of theelevated buses public transportation is here and with thissimulation you can get the hang of the idea on which it will work.This simulation is the true example of futuristic apps. It is timeto hop into the elevated bus and totally get out of the rush of thecity traffic without being bothered by it. The tunnel likestructure can pass over the tiny vehicles. Follow the trafficsignals and stops at the reds, if the other vehicles can pass underthe bus it does not mean that they would not collide in this busfrom sides and burst into flames. Pick and drop passengers, driveyour bus on the fixed routes and this bus can fit hundreds ofpassengers at once. China express is not the normal bussimulator.China Elevated transit Bus Sim Features:• Multiple colorsin the elevated transit bus model.• Outclass graphics • Smoothcontrols which include the accelerator, brake and turn buttons. •More than 5 different challenging levels.• Drive your elevatedtransit bus in the city environment.• Transport the passengers fromone part of city to other.Download the China Elevated transit Bussim totally free on the Google play store and enjoy the simulationbefore it actually comes into our lives. We appreciate the ratingsand the reviews that you provide us.
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Offline Maps Want to know the ship positions, traffic conditions oncertain roads. Download the Offline World Map Navigation, you’ll becruising & boating among the thousands others because theaccess to locate any spot in the world will motivate you to pack upand go on a trip. Now you can be boating through USA, Travellingwhile the speedometer needle touching hundred, cruising on yourmotorcycle and exploring outdoor maps. All of this possible withthe Offline World Map Navigation easy destination access across theglobe which ensures that you’ll never lose the direction anywherein the world. Now ride taxi cab without fear, you’ll never getoverbilled. Navigation GPS and maps Including Normal, Satellite,Hybrid, Terrain etc. Navigate the globe help a bunch to become atrue explorer.Earth Map Live GPS Offline world Map Navigation isgreat tool, which you must have for the advance earth maps updatedregularly Google powered tools.World atlas All in One PoliticalWorld Map Atlas 2017 can find route from your location to anylocation on map. Explore your city on dozens of maps, includingworldwide, street, satellite, traffic, and public transit, cycling,walking and hiking even weather maps. Offline World Map 3D Maps& Street Veiw Browse around locations with the 3D view,navigation system and speed camera views of the streets, whichshows the running traffic cars, people and environment. You can addand trace Mobile numbers and look for the lost device. GPSnavigation and offline Map Navigation of world go hand in handprovide the views for maps includes the street view 3D maps, realtime traffic history details for various roads have made this mapnavigation tool a game changer. A swipe of your thumb explores theworld for you, an opportunity to see the world most amazingglaciers full of beautiful eye-catching yet thrilling scenes.Geography Learning Live map containing the high resolution zoom inenabled landmarks locater is your ultimate location-finding tool,fill your gadgets with awesome apps like that and be the wonderseeker of the world. Directions and navigations to get you out ofthe traffic blocks and for the safe journey in the city and aroundcountryside as well. In city, finding any destination is a piece ofcake for you due to the route planning and address view facilities,which we have provided, in this great location finding app.Countries of the World Navigation with live traffic updates, newsrelated the weather and road conditions around the globe is one tapaway from you. Access the locations with the travel trackercoordinates calculating location tool which is Offline World MapNavigation and be free to go to anywhere in the world without thehesitation.Geography Learning A brief information about thecountries you would like to visit which includes the capital cityof the country, GDP, economy of the country, religion and ethnicgroups details, per kilometer square population, per capita incomein the country, docks and ship positions, outdoor gps etc Bonusfeatures in the Offline World Map Navigation • Learn about anycountry details like their coordinates on the map, continent,economy, social values, famous landmarks, history and geography ofthe country• Traffic system of all countries is listed in this app,learn how to ride in your favorite tourist spot, where to hitchhike and how to reach destination with the available resources.•Learn the adventure spots of each nations, find their famousrivers, mountains, lakes and forests to visit• Get to know thefamous airports to fly from and get to know where you can find thecabs easily on the mapDownload Offline World Map Navigation: WorldMap App 2017 in the Google Play Store free, enjoy the free locationtracking, and go wild. Please give us your reviews and ratings tohelp us improve the Apps &game.here.https://www.facebook.com/BricksStudios
Luxury Limo 3D Car Parking 1.0 APK
Limousine driving will be experienced in a totally new way inLuxury Limo 3D car parking game. Now you will be working as aprofessional limousine parking and the main task is to take thepeople from their places and drop them off at Hotel in thisthrilling and amazing limousine to get the job done. This meanbeautiful ride is the marvel of cars and the pleasure of driving itin a simulator is immense. The destinations wait for the limousineto arrive in time and in one piece. Do not smash your vehicle tothe road curbs, street poles and other vehicles. Other vehicles andtraffic in this city is controlled by a very fine al traffic systemwhere everything has its place. The parking spot where you aresupposed to park are marked with the traffic cones and that willmake it easy for you to spot. Your passengers should feel thecomfort of sitting in a luxury car so drive like a gentleman and donot abuse the traffic with drifting and leaving skid marks. Followthe rules and be punctual in this game. Your performance withdriving will soon make you the chauffer everyone wants to hire. Inthis game you will be driving off a lot of people of differentsorts which might include newly wedded couples, prom kids, partygroups etc. In this pickup game you will experience the travelaround the city. Enjoy the surrounding and drive like aprofessional driver with the immense skills. You've been working ina big limousine rental company and driving around the whole bigcity and getting booked by wedding couples in your job, pick themup from their place and drop them to their destination whichincludes hotels and wedding chapels etc. Behind the steering wheelof luxury limousine, off road and city environments to drive on andamazing driving controls makes this game one of a kind. It’s morethan a simulation of a taxi, off road bus tour and driving. This isthe limousine driver job offered first time. Luxury Limo 3D carParking features:• Remarkable collection of Limousines.• Amazingcity environment, best place to drive around limousine• Bestparking adventure with the Luxury Limo 3D car Parking• Greatrealistic limousine controls• Beautiful scenery of a city is shownin this game• Multiple levels with challenging and hardtasksDownload this game free from the Google play store and enjoythe amazing limousine driving simulation thriller which will blowyour minds and fill your mind with its quality of graphics and gameplay. Do not hesitate to give us your feedback with the ratings andreviews. We like to know what you want to get improve in our games.
Army Supplies Truck 2017 1.0 APK
Army Supplies Truck Is the best game to provide you the opportunityto enjoy the truck driving simulation in war zone. Withoutindulging yourself in the war directly, you are a part of the war.Beware of the danger that hangs above your head. Enemies areferocious and they would not take the step back when it comes tokilling you. A vast hillside environment is designed for thisaction packed thrilling adventure which includes big army trucks.There are Long routes which consist of the smooth roads and bumpylittle narrow paths where you will continuously have the danger ofcrashing the luggage and the truck. Drive off road to show yourcommand on driving the big vehicles like the army truck. Get intothe driving seat of the army truck to enjoy the transportsimulation in various levels with the various environments.Environments that include the smooth roads and rough paths wheredragging the water tank behind the truck is a devil's job. Militarytransportation is of great importance in the army and its use inthe war and battlefield. Drop the soldiers to the mission launchingpoints, pick them up from the war field and drop them at theextraction points. From one base camp to another it is a longjourney with many stops and it needs a great stamina from thedriver. Meet the targets and reach the destination in time, checkthe resistibility of the vehicle by going fast through the roughroads. It is not an easy task to drive on the roads which mighthave the land mines and explosives. Prove yourselves a best assetto the national militants. From the very start the army suppliestruck is very challenging. With the smooth controls and greathandling of the army truck with the big tires, pass through thearmy check points to pass the missions. Adventure like this in asimulation game is rare. Long missions and difficult tasks are themain source of thrill in this game. Start the truck engine and beready to move as you have got a lot on your plate which includesthe transportation of every army supplies and soldiers. Features:•Drive both on the road and off road• Different supplies like water,food, ammunition and weapons• Multiple missions in challengingenvironments.• Amazing controls for the trucks• Use brake,acceleration and steering wheel to control the vehicle.Downloadthis game free from the Google play store and enjoy the amazingtruck driving simulation thriller which will blow your minds andfill your mind with its quality of graphics and game play. Do nothesitate to give us your feed back with the ratings and reviews. Welike to know what you want to get improve in our games.Follow us attwitter: https://twitter.com/StudiosOld
Sniper Elite Terrorist Kill 1.0 APK
This is the age of snipers who have what it takes to be dominatingon the whole enemy squads without even being present among them.Snipers are making contracts with the governments for the killingand cleaning all the mess that has been created by the wrong andfilthy policies of the bad governors and the corrupt mayors. Nowthe capital of your country has been under attacks. The rebelliousgroup of criminals and terrorists have formed a syndicate and theywant to turn the city into ashes. Their ambitions are fearful andfilthy which includes the taking of the city with the power ofguns. People have put a lot of pressure on the mayor to solve thisand they are sick of the routine heists, extortions, killings andmass destructions in public. The fear of death had grown a lot andit had compelled people to hide in their homes. The courage to facethe evil with the lion's heart could not be found in the localcops. No legal system seemed to prevail in the city and then themayor hired the sniper killers, go them on contract to clean thecity. Pro ex-army soldiers who have seen worse and they havebattled in thousand times worst conditions. You will be playing asone of those snipers in this Sniper Elite Terrorist Kill game andthe thrilling missions that come in your way will be worth of theexcitement and the adrenaline rush that you get hearing the name ofa sniper shooting game. The fury of the enemy will be set off withthe sniper killer's fiery bullets breaking their skulls and leavingthe biggest blood splatter on the ground. The number of abandonedbuildings that were occupied by these terrorist goons in SniperElite Terrorist Kill are too much and they plan their ill doingsfrom there. Find, locate and kill the informants who are workingfor the enemy instead, being shot in the head is their destiny sohelp them reach it. It is time to shoot the gang heads of eachblock, eliminate the competition. You do not need to killexcessively so keep a balance between the killing and massacre. Inthe Sniper Elite Terrorist Kill, enemies have taken control of thewhole societies as well so eliminate the threat that they pose tothe humanity and the citizen of the communities. Take a vintagepoint and aim at the terrorists who are hiding and looking forsomeone to kill. Take a breath in and shoot at them with theprecision which can only be possessed by an ex army officer. SniperElite Terrorist Kill features:• Long range sniper with big barreland high caliper damage.• Big scope for zoom in which helps inlocating enemies and get the mission done in time.• Long missionscampaigns and crucial action and sniper battle.• Disrupt theenemies organization and be victorious in performing your duty.•Enough fire power to save the city• Multiple missions withdifferent locations in the city map. • Well functioning map isadded for you to focus on the weak areas first.• 3D graphics whichare also streamlined and runs the game perfectly smooth.Downloadthe game right now for free at the Google play store right now andenjoy the Sniper Elite Terrorist Kill game. If you like the gameplease rate it and give us your kind feedbacks as well. Weappreciate to hear it from you.
Military Transport Bus 1.0 APK
One of the unique games where the bus simulation is not bound tothe transportation of the civilians but in this game, army soldierswill be your passengers. In the snowy environments surrounded bythe mountains, the danger is even more enhanced. Your duty is totake the soldiers from one base to another on the off road routes.Army professional are on board so the driving must be carried outeven carefully. That includes taking all the bumps, digs andslippery slopes on the road into account. Thrilling missions,smooth steering, artistic game design, realistic controls, andchallenging driving experience make this game and amazingsimulation and one of a kind adventure. Skilled driver with armyvehicle transporting in the war field is a weapon himself. Thatbest driver can be you. In the dangerous situations and difficultpaths you will be driving the army bus without any fear. Total newdriving experiences with total adrenaline rush and thrill. Indifficult times the bus will be crowded and it will not be easy tohandle the bus in that situation. Real military bus is not easy todrive on impossibly difficult tracks which have hill climbingexperience as well. Get your teams of soldiers to their desiredposts. On the rough steep paths professional army bus driver neverfreaks out and crash but instead he control the situation and takethe army soldier passengers to their destination in hillside armybase camps safe and sound without a scratch. Army men go through alot and they never complain. Pick up the wounded soldiers and takethem to medics. A breakthrough game in simulation category, a gamewhere you are not driving on a highway as armies can't have theluxury limousines on the smooth roads and bigger challenges andachievement makes this a bigger game. In this game army bus pickingup soldiers is on duty and the check posts are waiting for the armymilitary transport bus to pick them up. Enemies with tanks andhelicopters are looking for you so do not get into their trap andreach the army base alive. Use breaks and accelerations sensibly tobeat the enemy while getting shoot at and hated by them. Specialistof arms force trust on the transportation skills of the soldiers sodo not let them down. Proficient transport does not include a lossof life so the soldiers must be kept safe and that is your duty.Experience the pain and patience of military men at the checkpointsand the fringes of the hillside roads where the life is uncertainand death by enemy attack is most likely. The soldiers you drop tothe mission sites will take care of the terrorists and the enemychildren kidnapers, extortionists, murderer enemies and heinouscriminals. You drop the commandos, navy seals, light commandos,sniper expert and specialist killers to their mission destination.In case of attack by the enemy your soldier passenger will takecare of the situation with help of the heavy weapons like themachine guns, assault rifles, sniper guns and rocketlaunchers.Military Transport Bus features:• Drop off professionalriflemen to their destination.• Drive in battlefield like a pro andearn respect• Soldiers need a fast transportation mode so help themwith your driving skills.• Escort the soldiers from the extractionpoints to the safe houses.• Use the army driver training to carrythe teams to the destinations• Amazing simulation with immensegraphics and sound quality• Snow environment with real snow effect•Winds blowing & they give you the real life experience.Downloadthis game free from the Google play store and enjoy the amazing busdriving simulation thriller which will blow your minds and fillyour mind with its quality of graphics and game play. Do nothesitate to give us your feed back with the ratings and reviews. Welike to know what you want to get improve in our games.
Roller Coaster VR Thrills 3D Simulator 1.0 APK
Roller Coaster VR Thrills 3D Simulator is full of sensation &the exciting environments helps in building the perfect gameplay.Put on you mobile virtual reality headset, enjoy the view ofultra-wide sky and the lush green environments in front of you.Amazing pleasure is added to the Head tracking and motion controlsadded in VR rollercoaster simulator provides the enhancedexperience of simulation in virtual reality. Environments withassets like the crowd, buildings and safari animals like tigers,crocodiles and deer is the ultimately beautiful sight to have. Nogyroscope no worries, we got that covered as you can control thecamera in this VR with the help of tilt as well. Move your head totilt the device and change the directions and enjoy the multiplerides. Do not count on just one roller coaster when you can enjoymany more. A huge rollercoaster park, with levels of differenttastes from all over the world. To pick up the classic rollercoaster chose from the different models present in the station.Every rollercoaster has its own thrill level. Fastest high speedcrazy ride in the VR platform is amazing fantasy land & itseems like playing a real life footage of the roller coaster whileplaying it. Real as any simulator can get. Take the most excitingroller coaster for a spin and drive the roller coaster in the airlike an astronaut flies with a wingsuit in an alien planet. Thisattraction park needs some adventure and the roller coaster VRsimulator provides the best adventure by passing through the safaripark and over the streams and lakes with a buzz lightning speed.Screams with fun is common as the passengers get aboard toexperience the thrill & adrenaline rush of free falling fromthe heights of the sky and get chilly air passed through theirhair. Interact with the live music & visualize the futuristicride before it even starts, pick the genre of the music to listenand feel the beats as the coaster starts moving downhill with theimmense speed. Both supported on the cheap and high end devices,best display of the ride of roller coaster on the cardboardsetting. VR rollercoaster simulator can be played with normal touchscreen and tilt mode as well. While piercing the roller coasterthrough the caves and deserted cities will give you goose bumps.Indulge in the thrilling experience of freefall and virtualreality.VR Rollercoaster 3D Simulator features:• Rollercoater withlightning speeds and exhilirating frefall from high loops• Crazyroller coaster with the ultimate thrill• Madness at you fingertips, enjoy the roller coaster both in VR and touch mode.• Loops,jumps and tunnels. All in one & only VR rollercoaster 3Dsimulator.• Unlimited ways of fun and an endless ride.• Extremestunt actions like the jumps and hoops and upside down rides in theair• Masterly crafted tracks and ride patterns to give you themaximum fun out of this simulationDownload the best fact paced& full of simulation action VR rollercoaster 3D simulator forfree at the google play, give us your feedback through the ratingsand reviews and don’t forget to report us any bugs and issues foundin the game. We would like to fix them as earliest as possible.