1.0 / October 14, 2015
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Step into the intense battlefield withthislatest military warfare game. Drive your army jeep into thebattlearena behind enemy lines to take down their heavy tanks withyourmachine gun.

Enemy troops plan to move in and capture your army base.Butbefore they launch a severe attack , you have to move intheoffroad battle arena with heavy bombardment. Join the intensewarand combat in this new kind of tank battle. Enter the offroadenemybase in your military jeep and shoot down the rivals tanksandwarships. Cross all the hurdles driving your way through theenemybase and reach the finish line. Action never ends in this armywarmission. Carry out this invasion to burn down the enemytankfleet.

Be the brave army soldier and go behind enemy lines inyourmilitary vehicle. You have modern artillery like gatling gunsatyour disposal to fight this gunners battle. Use these weaponsandshow your firepower to destroy the enemies from the frontline.Youhave transported army cargo in your transporter truck, now takeupthis military warfare challenge. Drive your jeep amidstthiswarfield shooting down tanks and heavy vehicles fightingenemy'sresistance. Fight this tank battle with your rivals tobecome thebest commando.

* 10 extreme levels of army jeep missions
*An epic one-on-one gunners battle
*Military warfare gaming at its best
* Thrill of action packed combat
*Amazing offroad desert environment

App Information Army War Jeep Offrod Attack 3D

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    Army War Jeep Offrod Attack 3D
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    October 14, 2015
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
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  • Developer
    Reality Gamefied
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
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Police Extreme Car Driving 3D is an amazing police car drivingsimulator. Taking the role of the police, you drive around the cityin a fast police car racing around the city as you want, jumpingfrom huge ramps, scale buildings, do stunts and catch the thief.You're free to do whatever you want in this fun and amazing policecar driving simulation. Extreme Car Driving Simulator is the bestcar simulator; its advanced real physics engine will make you gocrazy. Ever wanted to try a sports car simulator? Now you candrive, drift and feel a racing sports car for free! Drive sportscars with fast speed engine and drift. Thief & criminals arefree from jail, outlaw gang wars and street crimes are on its peak.It’s time to be a super cops chase and arrest gangster, crooks andcrazy criminals from the crime scene. This 3D game will take you onnext level high speed racing simulation game play. Enjoy this hotpursuit action pack game to give you adrenaline rush with thrilland speed.Be a furious racer on a whole city for you. Drifting fast anddoing burnouts had never been so fun! Burn the asphalt of this openworld city. No need to brake because of traffic or racing otherrival vehicles, so you can perform illegal stunt actions and runfull speed without the police chasing you!Become a furious racer on the city streets, it's a big openworld. There is more than enough to do. Drive in the insane lookingarmy vehicles; smash your way as you dive into the world ofcriminal car cases, sometimes on foot. This doesn’t stop here, onceyou find out where gangster is; you need to be on the foot to catchhim. Lovers of cop vs robber games you will like Police Extreme Cardriving 3D for sure. If you like simulator games, drifting and justsmashing your car then try this newest simulator game withrealistic auto physics. Test your insane racing skills. Drivingcops cars in this open world 3D map asphalt roads, manyneighborhoods come under your patrolling area. Be a watchfulpoliceman and patrol your area to save innocent victims, citizensand pedestrians. Your informer tips you for ongoing robbery, theftor any other terrorist activity. Drive rush from police stationtowards the crime location, arrest the crooks, thieves andgangsters.Features:Superb racing police cars with smooth controlsFace extreme level difficult levelsVibrant game play with smooth touch and tap controlsAttractive background music to enhance your gaming experienceSo turn on your police scanner, turn on your police lights, anddon’t forget your police siren and start with your duty today. It’sall about protecting and serving as a law enforcement officer inExtreme driver simulation game, try to end up any police chase withending up the outlaw suspects into custody.
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★★★ Most Awesome 4x4 off road rally hummer SUVGame ★★★The most amazing 4x4 off road hummer parking game is here! Feel thehigh-audacity dynamic and power packed 4x4 SUV driving and parking.Drive your aspirational 4x4 SUV through the hills. These hills andits exciting parking adventure will open the complete new boundary.Become the crazy 3D parking king.★★★ Become real off road King ★★★Awesome hills and several levels keeps you get stabbing. Exonerateoutburst and take the hummer SUV parking beyond the groove. Performsnap rolls and sharp 360 burnouts. Maneuver through hills andperform stunts. Become the real off road King and rule the 3Dworld.★★★ Remarkable Visuals ★★★Stunning and remarkable visuals like never seen before. The amazingeffects for a new simulation of hummer SUV parking! These amazingtracks and several levels will make go crazy.Real 4x4 off road hummer parking game for fans of extreme arcaderacing, with real dream hummers and 4x4 SUV and extraordinarygraphics that will also enchant parking simulation addicts andracers.Disclaimer:All pictures, sounds, ideas and other assets used in thisapplication are the property of their respective owners. They havebeen used just for illustration/ simulation purposes without anynegative intent. In case of any objections, please do write to usso we may act and rectify the issue accordingly.
Firefighter Rescue: City Hero 1.1 APK
Fire alert! There is a building on fireand it's time for you to make your dream of becoming a city herocome true. Firefighter Rescue 3D: City Hero that is a topquality driving game is your chance to shine and it is a brilliantaddition to driving simulation games. Then get on your modern firetruck and drive it through the city environment! Fight withhazardous fires! Play as the town hero! Here is your chance to showsome heroic qualities. Display courage and bravery of a realfirefighter and fight with blazing fire in this fire- trucksimulator.This is an action packed fire truck driving game. As a bravefirefighter you must stand with courage in your firefighter gearand be a city hero in the face of a dangerous fire and launch afire-truck emergency rescue mission. So, are you up for jumping onyour fire extinguishing equipment and rush to help rescue thecivilians? If you love truck emergency rescue games and adventure,Firefighter Rescue 3D: City Hero is the game for you.Gameplay:First, you will have to take on the role of a fire truck driverand drive to the building on fire. You must park your red firetruck at the predefined fire truck parking spot. Now, get ready toput your firefighter training to test. As a firefighter, your jobis to prevent the fire from spreading by suppressing andextinguishing fire to prevent loss of life and destruction ofproperty and provide emergency assistance if needed. You mustimmediately assess the situation to figure out how to best attackthe fire and keep yourself safe.You are equipped with your protective gear, water hose pipe,emergency blue lights etc. You have to find the fire zone andextinguish the fire using water. You should know that in order tocontrol the fire and stop the chain reaction that is causing thefire to spread, you must either bring the temperature down or cutthe supply of oxygen to the fuel or you could also remove thesource of combustion, which is the fuel, altogether from thisspace. This is done by spraying large amounts of water on the firethat lowers the temperature and will also smother the fire. Youmust be very quick in your actions so the emergency recovery timeis as little as possible.As you progress through the levels, you tasks will step up aswell. Fire, itself, isn't the only hazard here. Smoke and toxicgases can cause suffocation. Elevated temperature and oxygendeficient atmosphere can lead to the loss of life as well. In thehigher levels you will have to create a vent first and thenextinguish the fire. For this, you cannot go in from the front; youwill have to enter from the backside. Drive your fire truck to theback and, find the fire zone, create the vent by breaking the glassusing your firefighter axe and stop the fire using water.All tasks must be completed within the given time. You can earnmoney after each successful level completion. Now, if you are readyto save some lives while seeking a thrilling experience, put yourfire fighter helmet on and get ready for some major action.Drive your fire truck to emergency locations. Complete rescuemissions. Get out of your truck and kill the fire with modern fireextinguishing equipment. Get ready for some adventure! This ride isgoing to be fiery!Features:• Highly equipped fire-truck• Fireman animation• Realistic 3D environment• Smooth game play control