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In Art Heist, you're part of a white-hat contract team thatcansteal just about anything. Guide your operative on the scenetoavoid detection and hazards. Use the blueprints of real museumstoshow how you'd sneak your operative in and out. But remember,theclock is ticking and time is money. Game levels are designedaroundthe original blueprints and floor plans of real-lifemuseums.Players can tour large and small gallery architecture fromtheGibbes Museum, Elmhurst Art Museum, Cleveland Museum of Art,YaleBritish Arts Museum, American Art Museum and more. As thetacticalguide, you tell the on-site operative where to go remotely.Guidethem through spaces created by Mies van der Rohe, RenzoPiano,Louis I. Kahn and more. Game features: *25 levels based onfamousmuseums around the world *3D Red/Blue graphics *Fast actionpuzzles*Dynamic system has you timing guard shifts and sneakingbetweenpatrols *Original Jazz Soundtrack and sound effects *Packedwithmore than 75 fun facts and jokes about art andarchitecture*Original music and handcrafted audio for an ambientand immersiveexperience (headphones recommended!) *Stylish,original gameplayblends classic caper films with complex puzzlesThe latest gamefrom Critical Gameplay, the maker of the awardedPenguin Roll, BigHuggin’, Black Like Me and other games. Thisversion contains ads,if you dislike ads, please consider buying thefull version forless than the cost of a large soda. Thanks!

App Information Art Heist, White Hat (Free)

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    Art Heist, White Hat (Free)
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    April 29, 2018
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Critical Gameplay
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    4440 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, DC, USA, 20016
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