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Using powerful hardware running Android 4.1 orhigher with our patented algorithms and user-friendly interfacewith fast profile selection brings maximum sound quality andcomfort of use.

- Easy to use - no special devices, no battery replacements orall-day wearing annoyance;
- Quick Setup for any sound environment;
- Increased sampling rate - 44.1 kHz, providing the best soundquality;
- Easy switching between device and headset microphones;

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Petralex Hearing Aid App 3.4.16 APK
Hear without any limits! The hearing aid app restores your soundperception to the natural level. Now you can hear even the whisperswith hearing amplifier. Petralex Hearing Aid will automaticallyadjust to specific features of your hearing. Use the power of yoursmartphone and latest technologies for maximum sound amplifier. Noregistration and no advertisements. You only need a simple headsetin order to use this hearing app. Hundreds of thousands of hearingimpaired people have chosen Petralex to solve their hearingproblems. The application was chosen as Microsoft Inspire P2Pcontest winner in 2017. FEATURES (FREE): -- Automatic adjustment tohearing specifics; -- Hearing correction for each ear; --Adaptation to different types of environment; -- Amplify up to 30dB with a wired headset; -- Built-in hearing test; -- Dynamiccompression. Amplify quiet sounds without losing the overallvolume; -- Using 4 options of sound amplifier; -- Using thebuilt-in 4-week adaptive course for getting used to the hearing aidapp; -- You can use your smartphone as a remote mic; -- Support ofBluetooth headsets*. PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION OFFERS ADVANCEDPOSSIBILITIES (TRIAL): -- “Super Boost” - powerful sound amplifier;-- Players with sound amplifier; -- Ability to create an unlimitednumber of profiles for different sound situations; -- Regulatednoise suppression – eliminates background noise, increases speechintelligibility; -- Modern Dectone amplification method, thatamplify sound even better. Advanced hearing test; -- Profileediting – fine adjustment of hearing aid app; -- Amplificationformula for quiet sounds in case of tinnitus; -- Additionalapplications with sound amplifier; -- Audio recorder/Dictaphone -amplify sound to your hearing. Choose from one of the followingsubscription options: -- weekly subscription -- monthlysubscription -- annual subscription IT TAKES TIME TO GET USED TOANY HEARING AID! BE READY FOR: -- Adaptation to any hearing aidtakes from several weeks to several months; -- You will hear soundsand noises that you have not heard before. Use the built-in noisereduction function; -- Some familiar sounds can acquire withmetallic aftersound, which can cause temporary discomfort; USE THEBUILT-IN 4-WEEK ADAPTIVE COURSE FOR GETTING USED TO THE HEARING AIDAPP. *Using Bluetooth NOTE! Using Bluetooth headset bringsadditional delay to sound transmission. Possible echoing canappear. Disclaimer: The Petralex Hearing Aid® is not approved as amedical device or software and cannot be used as a hearing aid withdoctor`s (ENT) prescription. Hearing test provided in theapplication can be used only for hearing app adjustment. Hearingtest results are not a substitute for professional audiology tests(ENT consultation required). The Service offers a free 7-day trialso that you can find out more about its capabilities and make sureit suits your needs. It is presupposed that this period of time isenough to decide whether you want to continue or stop using theService. For this reason, the Service does not process the refundrequests for the purchase effected after the free 7-day trial. Havequestions, feedback or suggestions? Reach out to us atsupport@petralex.pro Read more about our terms and conditions here:-- Terms of service: https://petralex.pro/page/terms -- Privacypolicy: https://petralex.pro/page/policy
com.it4you.urbandenoiser 3.5.5 APK
Do you feel discomfort of the ambient noise when your favoritemusic plays in your headphones? Do you have to take out the headsetor switch off the sound in order to hear what you were asked about?UrbanDenoiser player solves these problems in no time.UrbanDenoiser Player is a convenient and beautiful music player,with a noise reduction mode, unique mode of sound improvement(based on your hearing test), mode which allows you to hearsurrounding sounds without stopping the music and a volume booster,bass booster mode . And all of it is totally free! FEATURES: -Forget the noise: noise compensation mode with automatic volumeadjustment and frequency masking – nothing will keep you fromenjoying your favourite music. - Hear the important things:«Surrounding sound» mode for listening to media content and hearingthe world around you. - Natural sound: patented «natural soundrestoring» algorithm for personalized sound processing according toyour unique hearing profile. - Volume amplifier, volume Booster:music amplifier restores natural hearing perception of the sound ofmusic. - Bass booster: powerful sound amplification, equalizer withdifferent settings. - Combine modes: combine processing modes -«Surrounding sound + Natural sound», «Denoiser + Natural sound» tosuit the exact situation. - Test your hearing: get the high qualityof sound perfectly adapted to your hearing abilities. Listen withpleasure! CONTACT US: If you encounter any problems, or have anyquestions, please contact us at: info@urbandenoiser.com For latestnews, please visit our websites: http://urbandenoiser.comhttp://itforyou.pro
Using powerful hardware running Android 4.1 orhigher with our patented algorithms and user-friendly interfacewith fast profile selection brings maximum sound quality andcomfort of use.- Easy to use - no special devices, no battery replacements orall-day wearing annoyance;- Quick Setup for any sound environment;- Increased sampling rate - 44.1 kHz, providing the best soundquality;- Easy switching between device and headset microphones;
Mobile Conference Denoiser 1.0.3 APK
In the modern world, mobility of personnel isanecessity. Therefore, many employees participate in variousmeetingsand conferences both in the company, and with thepartners, whilebeing on trips, on business trips, and even on avacation.The outside noise may disturb both themselves, andotherparticipants. Productivity of the discussions decreases duetodeteriorated perception of the information by the participants,andthe duration of the conference increases.Many people feel that their voice is not nice andconvincingenough.Numerous telephone conversations, and a life in a modernmetropolisresult in hearing disorders.The IT4YOU company developed a special Conference DenoisermobileApp which, being installed on a mobile device (smartphone,tablet),adapts audio signal according to the type of backgroundnoises andalso the audio signal can be adjusted in accordance withindividualcharacteristics of user’s hearing and soundreproductionlevel.The application modifies speech, improves speechintelligibility,and protects hearing.FEATURES:The technologies that improve aural perception• The Denoiser technology improves remote subscriber'sspeechintelligibility against the ambient noise.The technology reduces hearing trauma by selective amplificationofthe audio signal spectra masked by the noise.• The Petralex® Hearing Improvement technology is a technologyofsound personalization, which improves aural perception,reducestension, and maintains the health of hearing.The technology adjusts automatically to the hearing of theuserthrough thr built-in hearing test.• The Noise suppression in the line technology removes theremoteparty's microphone noise from the incoming audiosignal.The noise reduction technology automatically adjusts tonoisechanges, and amplifies only the useful speech signal. Itisimplemented as software denoising with manual adjustment oftheeffectTechnologies that improve speech quality• The Increasing the level of voice technology amplifies theuser'svoice for better perception by the remote party located in anoisyplace.User's voice is selectively amplified, depending on the type andtheintensity of the noise around the remote party.• The Persuasive voice technology modifies speech bypurposefullychanging the main tone frequency (MTF) inreal-time.As a result, the user's voice sounds more convincing,whileretaining its naturalness and individuality.• The Microphone noise supression technology removes themicrophonenoise from the outgoing audio signal.The technology is optimized for speech. It is implementedassoftware denoising with manual adjustment of the effect.CONTACT US:If you have any problems or questions, please contactusinfo@conferencedenoiser.comDo not forget to visit our websites for actual news:http://conferencedenoiser.comhttp://itforyou.pro
PetralexPro Free (Unreleased) APK
Petralex Pro - This application makes youphonein to the modern multichannel hearing aid. It is equaltoprogrammable, nonlinear hearing aid. Applicationautomaticallyadjust to you hearing by using embedded hearing test(in situ audiometering). It is containing such features as noisereduction andtinnitus compensation. Applicable for using withstandardheadset.Original “Sliding-band processing” of signal allowed toimplementfollowing new features:- fine personal recruitment compensation thatrecoversfrequency-dependent sensitivity to quiet and loud sounds ofahealthy ear- Special binaural correction that recovers normal acousticsceneryeven when sensitivity of right and left earssignificantlydiffersNew option 1. Noise reduction with manual controlNew option 2. Slackening of tinnitus while using new PetralexPROamplification formulaNew option 3. New Petralex PRO amplification formula whichusesspecial binaural correction that recovers normal acousticsceneryeven when sensitivity of right and left earssignificantlydiffersEnhancement 1. Equal loudness mode – fine personalrecruitmentcompensation that recovers frequency-dependentsensitivity to quietand loud sounds of a healthy ear.Enhancement 2. Amplification algorithms such as NAL, Berger,Pogo,Petralex which used with new processing methods makes soundevenbetterEnhancement 3. Advanced acoustic feedback cancellation (AFC)thatdrastically increases effective gainNew safety level of you hearing health. Petralex PROamplificationformula based on advanced audio metering. Balanced PROweakenssharp and loud soundsNew information about you hearing health. Advanced Binauralaudiometering – detects comfortable levels offrequency-dependentsensitivity and sensitivity of right and leftearsNew level of user comfort 1. Simple migration for Petralexusers.Import any of you profiles from Petralex application toPetralexPro.New level of user comfort 2. Fine visualization of youhearingtesting results (audio metering profile)Petralex® applications family advantages:- Simplicity – never using special devices, change batteriesandstanding wearing discomfort- No more technical specialist attending for maintenanceorsetup- Fast setup for any acoustic scenery- Wide band signal processing 44.1 kHz provides highsoundquality- Manual switching from built-in microphone to headsetmicrophoneand vice versa* Notice (Disclaimer)Petralex Pro application is not approved as medical deviceorsoftware. It has not any appropriate certification and cannotbeused as hearing aid with doctor`s prescriptionAudiometric test provided in the application is used forapplicationadjustment only and cannot be used as professionalaudiology test.Audiometric test results in application cannot beconsidered asmedical basis for diagnosis
Hearing Aid App for Android 3.4.8 APK
Dectone is an alternative to the traditional hearing aid. Advancedmulti-channel processing and amplification of sound is a newalternative to the traditional hearing aid. The application with astandard headset can be a substitute for a traditional hearing aid.Dectone automatically adjusts and will be ready to work afterpassing the built-in hearing test. Download, connect a standardheadset, pass an audiological test for 3 minutes and enjoy thesound of the world around you. FEATURES: -- You can perform aprofessional hearing test just in 3 minutes -- The app willauto-tune to your hearing specifics -- Choose the best soundamplification mode for you -- You can control noise level -- If youdidn't catch anything you can always use voice recorder to listento the recorded sound ADDITIONAL FEATURES: -- Use wirelessheadset.* -- You can use your smartphone as a remote mic -- Dectonesupports auto-adjustment of volume balance between the left and theright ear -- Easy migration from Pertalex to Dectone. You canexport your test results from Petralex to Dectone. Disclaimer: TheDectone® app is not approved as a medical device or software andcannot be used as a hearing aid with doctor`s prescription.Audiometric test provided in the application can be used only forapp adjustment. Testing results are not a substitute forprofessional audiology tests and cannot be considered as a basisfor diagnosis. Please consult your doctor before using thisapplication *Using Bluetooth NOTE! Using Bluetooth headset bringsadditional delay to sound transmission. The developer of theapplication cannot guarantee that the quality of the applicationfunctioning with a Bluetooth headset will be сomparable to thequality of the application functioning with a wired headset due tospecific features of Bluetooth standard. Subscriptions pricing andterms: Dectone offering four auto-renewable subscriptions: -- perweek (Weekly subscription) -- per month (Monthly subscription) --per 6 months (6 Months subscription) -- per year (Annualsubscription) - Payment will be charged to Account at confirmationof purchase - Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renewis turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the currentperiod - Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours priorto the end of the current period, and identify the cost of therenewal - Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewalmay be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings afterpurchase (Warning: uninstalling the application does not cancel thesubscription). - Any unused portion of a free trial period, ifoffered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscriptionto that publication, where applicable Read more about our terms andconditions here: *Terms of service: https://dectone.pro/site/terms*Privacy policy: https://dectone.pro/site/policy
Hearing test: Tone - Audiometry 2.0.1 APK
It is hard to realize that you have problems with your hearing.Regular monitoring of your hearing with the help of our applicationcan assess the level of your hearing and reduce the anxiety youfeel thinking about its condition. FEATURES: -- graphicrepresentation of test results and text description; -- testhearing conducted with the help of 8 tone signals of differentfrequencies (from 125 Hz to 8000 Hz); -- control of hearing changesby comparison with previous results; -- comparison of test resultswith the norm for your age; -- comparison of test results withresults of another person; -- sending test results by email to adoctor; -- exporting test results for automatic adjustment of theapplication Petralex hearing aid. Note (denial of responsibility):The application is not a piece of medical equipment or softwarewith corresponding certification and does not replace hearing testconducted by a specialist. The results of test hearing in theApplication cannot be used as a basis for diagnosis.
Onkey Karaoke APK
Onkey is a smart karaoke that will help you improve your vocalskills and most accurately rates the quality of the performance ofyour favorite songs. What can Onkey do? *** Onkey will pull up yourvocals! *** Even if you do not have a musical ear, the applicationwill automatically correct your singing. Thanks to the uniquetechnology of lifting vocals, you will be surprised when you hearyour voice melodiously, falling into the notes of your favoritesong. *** Onkey will teach you how to sing! *** The applicationwill open to you the modern opportunities for vocal skillstraining. This is a completely new approach, using the principle of"biofeedback". In real time, you will hear how your own voiceshould sound staying on key. Focusing on its sound, you yourselfwill begin to hit better into the notes and quickly progress in themastery of performance. *** Onkey will appreciate your performance!*** The application will draw the visual path of the song - amelody, turned into a visual form. When you sing correctly and hitthe notes, you will see how your intonation path begins to matchwith the path of the song. When you hit the right notes, you willearn points. An objective assessment will help you track progress.We wish you an exciting singing with Onkey! We are waiting for yourfeedback and suggestions. Write us to be@onkey.io ! Your opinion isimportant!