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Blaze up hot because of an online fighting. Tohubohu Battle Royalethat characters of ASCII art (AA) familiar in 2ch unfold. The namealso【Chaos. Large ASCII art fighting disorderly. 】(large tohubohuAA fighting disorderly) Remain by operating various AA charactersbesides the husband who does, the husband who doesn't do, and[mona-] and [homoo;], etc.Becoming a point in advancing thegame"Jean Ken technique"In the technique for drawing out, there arethree attributes of the [gu-] [choki] par, it is displayed inoverhead of the character in red, blue, and yellow, and largedamage is given by showing the technique that overcomes otherparty's attribute. When the technique for be defeated at otherparty's attribute oppositely is shown, it takes care because foodsput away the counter. (If it is the same attribute, it is usualdamage. )Example) When 1 and I make the technique become a hit when[gu-] (red) and the other party are [choki] (blue), it is largedamage. When 2 and I use the technique when the par (yellow) andthe other party are [choki] (blue), it is damage in me according tothe counter. Let's ascertain other party's Jean Ken attribute,switch to an advantageous attribute, and fight. 【 outline 】・BattleRoyale game that defeats enemy who comes out on stage and advancesit. ・There will be the one with the effect of slowing down theother party to ♪ item that uses well and advances the fightadvantageously, and sealing off the technique because the itemappears in the stage, too. ・It is not possible to knock it downonly by damaging the enemy. ?The condition of making the enemy animpossible reflexive is [kurawaseru] as for the hand wins by ⅱ andthe Jean Ken technique for throwing ⅰ and the item with two damagegiven to some degree. ・The item is similarly thrown at Life in thecondition similar to 0 as for the character or when it eats theJean Ken technique, it is defeated. When the above-mentioned isfilled with life reached the value of the minus, it is surely GAMEOVER [ssa]. 【 operation explanation 】The character is operated as acontroller on the screen. The controller under the left of thescreen: It moves the character, and is a thing to do the double tapquickly and is movement A in the step button as for the directionwhere it wants to go: jump B button: the attack and itemmaintenance X button: the [gu-], [choki], and par (red, blue, andyellow) buttons that throw out the Jean Ken technique and the item(The item is maintained): Switch of the Jean Ken technique. 【others 】About the title screen・It starts: It fights against NPC.・Fight: It fights online. ・The setting: The difficulty etc. of thegame are decided. ・It is possible to proceed: It introduces therecommendation game application program of one pushing now. About aset screen・Strength of Level:NPC・On/off setting of BGM and SE・Con:Please use "2" when the controller doesn't install on the screen. 【remarks 】・To display the advertisement and to optimize it, itconnects it with the network. ・To preserve it in sd, it accessesstorage.

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    June 9, 2014
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Gale wing 1.6.5 APK
The second bounce of advance of giant style wire action game. Powerimproved further than former work 《 the blade of thecounteroffensive 》 and it came back!!The name also《 wing of gale 》【game description 】The title screen appears when the game isstarted. START ・・・ Game beginningTUTORIAL ・・・ How of the game toplay is learnt according to the text instruction displayed on thescreen in the training stage. Because giant's ([haribote]) fortraining weak point is attacked, and three is destroyed, it becomesa tutorial clear stage. OPTION ・・・ The item that can be set withOPTION that sets the game is as follows. ・GameLV ・・・ The difficultyof the game is decided. The number of maximum giants that appearsin EASY-stage becomes two. The number of maximum giants that moneyon hand appears 1/4 in NORMAL-decreasing stage at game over becomesthree. The number of maximum giants that money on hand appears 1/3in HARD-decreasing stage at game over becomes four. Money on handdecreases at game over and 1/2 decreases. ・Do not you throwBGM・・・BGM or throw?・Controller ・・・ The controller mode is decided.1 - Usual controller 2 - Transparent controller 3 - Controller forsmall screen (Only when 1 and 2 are not installed on the screen,use it). ・It makes it more attractive to a left wire withWireColor・・・ON. The wire being launched by turning it on nowbecomes and it becomes easy the right or the left or todistinguish. ・TapArea ・・・ Non-tap area is made visible, and itbecomes easy to distinguish the tap area of the wire. 【 how toadvance it and operation explanation of game 】Various elements aredisplayed on the screen on the combat screen. In the text on thescreen, it is with Life, Gas, Blade, and Enemy. It is game overwhen becoming Life・・・0. Money on hand decreases and it returns tothe stage selection screen. It becomes impossible Gas ・・・ to risein the launching and the gas of the wire when decreasing when itlaunches and the gas of the wire rises, and becoming 0. The damagethe more it approaches Blade・・・0, the more given decreases. Enemy・・・ Number of giants in the stage. It is stage clearness if ittopples a giant and it makes it to 0. Life, Gas, and Blade can berecovered by the item that goes out of the replenishment goods box.The character is operated with the controller and the button thathas gone out on the screen. 1 and L button screen right buttons・Left wire collection ・It quickly initializes it by the double tapthe aspect (The giant jumps and is quick and is a double tap) Rbutton. ・Right wire collection2 and B button ・・・ Attack3 and Abutton ・Jump ・It rises by keeping pushing when the wire moves (gasconsumption). ・It is quickly a change to the giant by the doubletap (Only half the character and the physical strength that can bethe change to the giant it are consumed). Right wire launching ofhalf the left screen in tap by left wire launching and the righthalf tap. Doing tap and wire movement of wire area that becomes ahit when wire becomes a hit. ex.When a left wire becomes a hit, itis a tap as for the wire area on half the left screen. It is notpossible to launch it in the vicinity of the controller. 【 clearcondition 】Annihilate the giant in the stage. When it keepsdamaging giant's hands and feet, the part is destroyed. If bothfeet are reduced, movement will become duller for a while. Aim at 【nape 】 of the weak point before finishing recovering. It will benot able to topple a giant even if attacking excluding the weakpoint or leaving by when. 【 others 】・The difficulty and theobtained gold increase whenever the stage is chased. ・Only one thisitem is displayed on the field. The item is ♪ surely acquired. 【remarks 】・To display the advertisement and to optimize it, itconnects it with the network.
Ghoul in Tokyo action game 1.1 APK
Action game to be sent to Tokyo Ghoul enthusiast! !Aim the all clear stage to defeat the enemy investigators comingtoward![Game Description]Game going to defeat the enemy Ghoul comes toward the stage thecity deserted.Defeat the enemy in the stage by operating the player well!Controls:Life of the player, life Kagune, the number of enemy is displayedin the upper left corner of the screen.Controller on the lower left of the screen to operate theplayer.A button: JumpPolicy enemy attack, in the long press: B buttonG button: guard, quickly putting in and out of the Kagune in twotaps[Point of the game]"赫子 (Kagune)"Possible and out of Kagune in that press twice quickly the Gbutton.Physical ability attacks, and speed is improved while taking outthe Kagune!Moreover, by defending the Kagune time, Kagune is borne by us alldamage.While retracted, 赫子 to recover. I retract forces Kagune lifereaches 0.Counter by making a guard to fit the attack of enemy Kagunetime!It is a chance to be given a great damage to the enemy strength isalso not cut!"Smell"By setting to hold down the B button, enemy measures perceives thesmell of nearby enemies can.It is possible to closer the closer, you feel rich."Technique"Possible to pay out the technique by consuming Kagune life toKagune time!1 skill level: power issues a conventional attack of the third timein three or more, and then press the G button before opening theKagune. 5 consumption Kagune life.2 skill level: power issues a conventional attack of the third timein six or more, and then press the A button before opening theKagune. 5 consumption Kagune life.I press the G button as soon as the level of power was finished outthe work one is 10 or more: 3 skill. 10 consumption Kagunelife.I press the A button as soon as the level of power has finished outthe skill or technique 3 2 15 or more: 4 tricks. 15 consumptionKagune life.You can be surrounded by many enemies, to challenge aiming toactively counter the enemy high attack power![Others]Character can be reinforced with a point which is obtained bydefeating the enemy.Strengthening items as follows· Life: up physical fitness of players· Power: Attack Bonus· Defense: Def.· K-life: Kagune life of up· K-recovery: resilience up of KaguneIt will become more and more difficult with each passingstage.Please do your best with the aim of all the stages clear.
Ghoul hunting for Tokyo Ghoul 1.0 APK
Fan production! Action game published that made you love - 喰種 Tokyo- Tokyo Ghoul! The white destroyer of all the ghoul! [GameDescription] I heard Ghoul is to have settled in phrase Yamamura.If you do not destroyer as soon as possible! ? And trying tostrengthen the weapon "Quincke" and bought a ghoul! [Method ofoperation] Life of players, number of enemies is displayed in theupper left corner of the screen. Controller on the lower left ofthe screen, and operate the player. A button: Jump B button: attackG button: guard, quickly triggered skills in two taps! [Point ofthe game] "赫子 - Kagune" Deadly force of ghoul-specific. · Hane赫 outin a square around like a feather (Ukaku) • In metallic sturdy,Kinoe赫 leaving the scapula under around (wide angle) · Uroko赫leaving around the waist there is a power (outline) O赫-like tailthat is balanced (Bikaku) There are four types of. There arerelative merits of compatibility, Hane赫 strongly to O赫, O赫 stronglyto Uroko赫, Uroko赫 strongly to Kinoe赫, Kinoe赫 strong in Hane赫"Quincke" Device that generates the "Kagune" artificially. Specialweapons [CCG] is successful in research and development, areallowed to use only ghoul investigators. Possible strengthening ofQuincke using the Kagune the clippings! The skill is changed inaccordance with the attribute of Quincke! Skill exercises in thatpress twice quickly G button. [Weapon] enhancement Possiblestrengthening of Quincke is a weapon in Kagune obtained bydefeating enemies. Strengthening items as follows · Hane赫: to havea skill speed up, defense down, missile, but can not be obtainedKagune even defeat the enemy with skill. · Kinoe赫: counter can theG button to match the attack defense up, speed down, the enemy,able to demolish the rock on the field skill · Uroko赫: possible toshoot a derived skill attack up, defense down, from skills· O赫:attack up, defense up, the balance is good, but without skillsStatus of weapons ATK: ATK DEF: Defense Weight: wgt Attributes ofthe weapon: SP Attribute becomes the Kagune close by using theKagune, it requires Kagune of many to enhance but, neutralized byusing a Kagune to overcome the attribute, can be easily enhanced.Let Kitaeyo weapons by using well the characteristics of theKagune! It will become more and more difficult with each passingstage. Please work hard with the aim of clearing all stages.[Remarks] • In order to perform the display and optimization ofadvertising, and then connect it to the network.
Attack on Despair stickman 1.0 APK
Despair come in human form ...!!?Stand up lonely alone despair ofmany! [Game Description] Stick fighting a huge despair enclosedspace. The game is clear that defeat the despair of all. There is apoint to be a weakness in the enemy respectively. It is possible todefeat the attack on contact there. Controls: Lower left portion ofthe screen move the Stick control area is a player! Right bottom ofthe screen jump area, jump by tapping this area! Rise by pressingand holding the jump area during the jump! I falls rising energy isexhausted. Energy accumulates over time! Dash can double-tap thejump area and more! However requires a certain amount of energy.Zoom out from the camera with a tap in the upper right part of thescreen! Let Susumeyo advantageously the fight by taking a widefield of view in aerial combat with the mighty enemy! [Others] Inaddition, the character can be reinforced with a point which isobtained by defeating the enemy. Let's strengthen in the beginningbecause there 50P The first game when you play!Strengthening itemsas follows · Jump: jump power up · Dash: Dash speed up · E-power:force rise up · Consumption: consumption of energy is reduced ·Recovery: resilience-up of energy It will become more and moredifficult with each passing stage. Please do your best with the aimof all the stages clear. [Remarks] • In order to perform thedisplay and optimization of advertising, and then connect it to thenetwork.
War on stickman 1.0.1 APK
Stickman war broke out! ![Game Overview]By operating the stick man,to destroy the enemy base!Stick war broke out! ![Game Overview]Byoperating the stick man, to destroy the enemy base![Weaponcreated]Let equipped to make a weapon!Initial materials areavailable three pieces at the start of the game.Let's make theweapons material to the original!Iron is Strike while hot! !Whenweapon generation scene, Let formed by tapping the weapon!Changeweapons status by finish!Because it takes a long time to sortie asbecome strong weapon will beware the balance good equipment!Also,you can be granted an attribute to the weapon later.Attributes arewater, electricity, wood and fire there four types, ascharacteristic of the attributes of the following-Water is stronglyin fire, vulnerable to electricity.-Electricity is strongly inwater,weak to tree.-Tree is strongly in electricity, weak tofire.-Fire is strongly in wood, weak to water.Large damage tostrong attribute.Small damage to weak attribute.And made weaponsare trying to set the unit![Unit Settings]Setting of the unit canbe performed in the tap "equipment" icon to the left of the "toolbag" icon in the "Workshop"!Player is a red frame, CPU is theother.Set the weapons to do battle on each!Players is more strongthan CPU.because the player get strong correction.So Let's fightaggressively.[Buttle]Operates the player, you can be made to sortiethe CPU by the bottom of the screen unit gauge accumulates.Become avictory by destroying the enemy base, it is losing a player of lifeis zero.Is at the end of the game so that you can get the materialitems.If you find a new material, Let's create a new weapons!Itwill become more and more difficult with each passing stage.Pleasedo its best to aim all the stages clear.
Kendo stick man game free 1.0.2 APK
Defeat the enemy with bamboo blade !Stick series of free [ KendoStick ][ Game Description ]I will aim at the goal Stick whiledefeat the enemy .Colored blue , green , yellow has been theheadband of the enemy .You can play when the enemy entered the (white area of the ground) Reach players and defeat by pressingtimely button of the same color as the headband of the enemy .Inresponse to attack enemy approaches the player , life in the upperleft corner of the screen will disappear .Because it is a game overthree life is lost, please forward and down to attack the enemy .Itwill become more and more difficult with each passing stage .Pleasedo your best with the aim of all the stages clear .[Remarks]• Inorder to perform the display and optimization of advertising , andthen connect it to the network.
Attack on Blade 1.1 APK
【 giant style wire action game of advance 】Blade ofcounteroffensivefor Attack on titan game!Action game that passesand has made [ri] Hama in wing - of giant-counteroffensive ofadvance. Jump up and down and move, and kill the catch by the wireaction. The name also《 blade of counteroffensive 》【 gamedescription 】The town has been invaded by the giant. ?Ellen andMikasa, Inc : to Coco. Human race..strong..LanceCorporal..provide.You : the giant ・・・ The giant who spreads.All..expel.The public peace is regained the human race and. 【operation explanation 】The character is operated with thecontroller and the button that has gone out on the screen.・[Kyarakontoro-ra] ・・・ The controller under the left of the screenis moved up and down and right and left and the character is moved.・The aspect controller ・・・ The aspect is moved as a controller inthe upper-right corner of the screen. 1 and * button screen rightbuttons ・Wire launching ・It is a high-speed movement in thedirection of the wire when pushing when the wire is hit to theobstacle. 2 and * button ・・・ Attack3 and * button ・Jump ・The wireis collected when pushing when the wire is launched. ・The cameraaspect is returned to the default position when quickly pushingtwice. Use the wire movement and the collection function well andrun about the field. Moreover, the wire collection function will beuseful when caught to the wall. 【 clear condition 】Annihilate thegiant in the stage. It is not possible to topple a giant even ifattacking excluding the weak point or leaving by when thoughmovement becomes duller when the giant is damaged. Weak point-【back of neck 】Dull movement and aim at the weak point well. Whenthe stage can be cleared, the point corresponding to the giant whoknocked it down enters, and the character will be able to bestrengthened with the point. The point can be carried over.However, when the stage cannot be cleared, it is noted that thepoint becomes half.
Camera Landscape Miku Hachune 1.0 APK
Your world "Miku Hachune" is coming![AR camera is Landscape with Miku Hachune][Overview]To the world through the camera "Hachune Miku" will appear ♪IAlso, show me a cute reaction by tapping the Miku.· · · Cute gesture of Miku may heal you! ?It is interesting loosely cute! Will take a picture with MikuHachune![Operation]The size of, angle, and position, by tapping the EditButton "MikuHachune is" BrightnessOf lighting condition, etc. can be set.· I take pictures CameraButton.The captured image is stored in the DCMI folder in the SD card.[Note]· I will access the storage to store the images taken.· In order to optimize your ads, to connect to the network.• There is a risk that the performance of the terminal does notwork well. Please acknowledge it."Miku Hachune" and is ...?2.5 deformed character of head and body modeled after the "HatsuneMiku".And "Hatsune Miku" is ...?Desktop music speech synthesis is the copyrighted work of CryptonFuture Media (DTM)Product name of the software, it is the name of a character andas.(C) Crypton Future Media, Inc.[Support] osandroid2.3 or more[Verified] modelGALAXYs2wimaxREGZA IS11T