1.0 / August 15, 2015
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This is the most addictive game ever, stand up on every tile! Ifnot you will lose. Every level is harder than the previous one. Getready for the ultimate adrenaline rush!Using your best reflexes andcoordination skills get ready to get hooked on the ultimate Asianranger racing challenge!Some of the main features of this clevernew application include:-High quality professional graphics thatwill transport you to a majestic empire instantly!-Use yourquickest and best reflexes to move fast across the disappearingstones! You can't loose concentration even for asecond!-Increasingly challenging levels that not everyone will beable to beat... Up for the challenge?-Extremely easy to useinterface; perfect for everyone AND anyone regardless of age!-Toplay simply tap on the arrows to move back, forward or jump.. Butdo it quick, the stones will disappear and you cannot fall oryou'll die!-So challenging and addictive than you will bring yourfriends and family for the challenge... But are you better thanthem? PROVE IT!The majestic empire is counting on YOU, our UltimateAsian Ranger! Start moving and jumping in this clever and highlyaddictive new app NOW!Enjoy!

App Information Asian Ranger Madness Deluxe

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    Asian Ranger Madness Deluxe
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    August 15, 2015
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    Android 2.1 and up
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