2.0 / October 19, 2013
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ASLAlpha Quiz will help you learn andpractice ASL (American Sign Language) numbers and thefingerspelling alphabet.

In Review mode it shows an ASL fingerspelling handshape for theselected letter or number.

In Quiz mode you are presented with a letter or number handshapeand a choice of 4, 8, or 12 possible answers. Choose the correctanswer or press the "?" to reveal the answer.

Press the Android "Menu" button to change settings, view thehelp file, or visit CanalRun's website.

ASLAlpha Quiz is optimized for both smartphones andtablets.

App Information ASL Alpha Quiz

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    ASL Alpha Quiz
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    October 19, 2013
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  • Requires Android
    Android 1.6 and up
  • Version
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  • Installs
    10 - 50
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T-Scribe is an app that will let you quicklyEnter, Save, and Restore notes and memos using voice recognition orthe keypad.This app takes advantage of Android's voice recognitioncapability. Being nearly deaf, sometimes there are words andphrases that I just cannot understand no matter how many times theyare repeated. I had people write them down on paper, but now theyjust speak into my phone and the words appear.I have found I use T-Scribe for many other functions -remembering names, phone numbers, and appointments. I also use thequick "copy to clipboard" ability to preload words and phrases (myemail addess for example) for pasting into other apps.The latest version also lets you change the text font size.
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No Vowels for U is an addictive word game.Given a word (minus the vowels) and a hint, spell the wordcorrectly.It's great for learning new vocabulary or studying for the SAT,or GRE.It's very easy use – drag the letter tiles in to the green areaat the top of the screen, in the correct order, to spell theword.
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ASL Hangman 6.0 APK
ASL Hangman is the classic game of hangmanwith a twist. The letter choices are represented by their ASLhandshapes. Playing ASL Hangman is great practice for learningAmerican Sign Language.The game includes a realistic looking pirate (?) on a dock withgallows (??) in an isolated cove of Treasure Island (???).It's the classic game of hangman with features that make itespecially suitable for educators and language studies. Theincluded Word List contains over 3000 words and phrases. You cancustomize or replace the Word List.ASL Hangman opens to the main display page displaying theHangman Graphic, the Game Word, and a list of Letters to choosefrom.Find the word by tapping letters. The letters can only be chosenonce each game. They are shown crossed-out once chosen.Tap the Game Word to show the answer or to begin a new game.The menu (3 vertical dots, upper left) has options to choosegame settings, show the help or quick-start file, or exit ASLHangman.ASL Hangman is compatible with both phones and tablets.
ASL Alpha Quiz 2.0 APK
ASLAlpha Quiz will help you learn andpractice ASL (American Sign Language) numbers and thefingerspelling alphabet.In Review mode it shows an ASL fingerspelling handshape for theselected letter or number.In Quiz mode you are presented with a letter or number handshapeand a choice of 4, 8, or 12 possible answers. Choose the correctanswer or press the "?" to reveal the answer.Press the Android "Menu" button to change settings, view thehelp file, or visit CanalRun's website.ASLAlpha Quiz is optimized for both smartphones andtablets.
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Speed Memo lets you quickly and easily creatememos, notes, and reminders.Picture a detective on TV; she whips out her phone, presses abutton or two, dictates a short memo, attaches a photo, and sendsit off to the captain. Speed Memo is that fast.With Speed Memo there are no additional costs or subscriptionsrequired.  o Create a memo, note, or reminder with the touch of afew buttons  o Enter a memo using Voice Recognition, the keypad, oras a sketch  o Quickly attach a single image, video, or sketch to amemoAdditional features in the Plus version:  o Share memos by email  o Order the memo list by date or priority  o Memos can have multiple attachments  o Change text size  o No Ads!Try the Free version of Speed Memo before upgrading to Speed MemoPlus.
FingerSpell Quiz 2.0 APK
FingerSpell Quiz is a game that will help youpractice receptive American Sign Language (ASL) finger spellingskills.Random words or numbers are shown finger spelled. You try tochoose the correct word from a list.Four lists of words are provided: Animals, Fruit-Veg, Names, andNumbers. In the Plus version you can customize these lists and addyour own word lists.There are settings to vary the finger spelling speed, wordlength, number of answer choices, and number of players (Plusversion only, up to 3 players).