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Asphalt Calculator app will calculate the amount of cubic yardsneeded for a given job. It will also calculate hot mix tonnage.Simply input the length and width in feet and the thickness ininches and tap on the calculate button for your results.

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    Asphalt Calculator Free
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    September 24, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Zaporozhye, Novokuzneckaya str. 44, Ukraine
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Славянские руны и символы 1.4 APK
Славянская культура насчитывает не одну тысячу лет, славяне всегдавызывали уважение у других народов своим трудолюбием и сильнымдухом. Много чем славились наши предки и оставили для своихпотомков руны, символы и обереги силой наделенные, которые способныкак вылечить, так и навредить. В приложении мы собрали 18 известныхславянских рун с описанием и дошедшие до наших дней славянскиесимволы и обереги, которые могут использоваться как в эзотерическихцелях, так и для вышивки или украшения чего либо. Правда, преждечем что-то начертить или вышить, нужно понять смысл и цель знака, атакже, какие черты свойственны его характеру. Для этого и былосоздано приложение. Ведь руны - это славянская азбука нашихпредков. В приложении вы найдете: - Славянские руны с полнымописанием каждой. - Славянские обереги, также с полным описанием. -Гадание на славянских рунах. - Ответы на популярные в этой сферевопросы. С радостью услышу ваши пожелания по программе, вы можетеих отправить через форму на странице приложение (та, котораяотправляет письмо разработчику). Slavic culture more than onethousand years, the Slavs have always evoked respect from othernations for their industriousness and strong spirit. Many famousthan our ancestors left for their descendants runes, symbols andtalismans endowed with the power that can both heal and harm. Inthe appendix we have collected 18 known Slavic runes describing andsurvived the Slavic symbols and charms that can be used in esotericpurposes and embroidery decoration or something. However, beforesomething to draw or sew, you need to understand the meaning andpurpose of the sign, and what features are characteristic of hisnature. To do this, and it was created by the application. Afterall, the runes - a Slavic alphabet of our forefathers. Attached youwill find: - Slavic runes with a full description of each. - Slavicamulets, and a full description. - Guessing on the Slavic runes. -Frequently Asked Questions in this area. We are pleased to hearyour suggestions for the program, you can send them through theapplication form on the page (the one that sends the email to thedeveloper).
Runic Formulas 1.7.7 APK
Ancient signs that gave the Scandinavian gods, able not only topredict the future or look into the past, but also to heal, to helpand to destroy. For each action has its own wording, partly unique.In this app you will find huge collection of nordic runestalismans, magic formulas and amulets + meanings that help you tofulfill your plans. All the magic formulas can be used not only fortalismans, but also for the magical practice. Use the rune talismanwith caution, because as the old saying goes: "Big power - it is abig responsibility." In this Runecraft app: many runic talismans,formulas and amulets for every day tutorial, how to use them giveyou a chance to make own formula
Runic Divination 1.9.9 APK
- Quickly yes or no answer - Fortune teller - Future in love -Relationship reading - Six popular spreads with the description ofthe alignment of the runes - Rune meanings - Save and loaddivination - Everything absolutely free Runic divination andpredictions have come to us from the ancient world, but rather fromthe time of the Vikings. Each rune gems, as in the case ofdivination by Tarot, is responsible for his element, has its ownemotion and meaning. Acquainted with runic gems, you'll learn howto guess the future, thus knowing what to expect and how to protectthemselves from it, or know the past and the reasons which have ledto a situation. Charming runes can help you escape a bad situationor find a way out of it. Nordic and Celtic runes are great forfortune reading format yes - no, they clearly respond to thequestion, leaving a sense of understatement. The reason for such aresponse can be deciphered to learn the value dropped runes. Also,rune gems are well suited for divination for love or arelationship, helping to understand what will be waiting for thecouple to determine the compatibility of partners. Most runelayouts are universal, but the most effective in their field, wehave compiled a description for each of them to help those who arejust learning. Viking runes is an ancient power hidden in symbols.Elder Futhark can answer any question and find a way from anysituation. Elder Runes will give you advice and show the way frombad to good situations. Just try to use this charming runes!
Night Frights - Creepy stories & Urban Legends 3.2.1 APK
Scary stories are part of our lives. Everyone has at least onceencountered paranormal incidents or unexplained phenomena. Someonewas frightened and ran away, but someone stayed and looked into theeyes of fear. After all, are you one of those who stayed? Weknow... So what are you waiting for? Download the application andtell your scary story to the whole world! Ghosts added in this appnext features: - Read tons of offline scary stories (with markswhat has already read) - Kilotons of online creepy stories(obliviously has marks too) - Share your experience or scary story(It will be posted instantly!) - Create your unique super scary,spooky, creepy profile - Found a good and creepy story? Comment it!Like it! Share it! - One more real horror story? Save it foroffline reading - This author writes amazing scary stories?Subscribe to him! - Talk in the chat with other horror lovers - Sowhat are you waiting? Try it now! Best urban legends and creepystories assemblies from all corners of our planet. These storieswill prove to you that not only movies can scare. All short horrorstories are real and happened to real people. After this, it isdifficult not to believe in other world forces. This free realscary ghost stories app contains many creepy tales and urbanlegends about strange accidents. All creepy tales are told by realpeoples and you can add own story using in-app form. You can read alot of offline tales in this real scary stories app without Wificonnection. Every nation in the world has their own horror storiesand creepypasta. They all have a different appearance and ability,but connects these existing one - they are not representatives ofthe unknown aspect of our universe. Read the creepy storiescollected in the program and maybe curtain has lowered for you. Ilook in every corner of the Internet to find the best real scaryghost stories not written as a tale, but real situations thathappened to the peoples. Because, you know, not everybody wants toremember such stories. Will you dare to enter this text scarystories app for kids and adults or will hide under the blanket.Real life horror stories online and offline are waiting for you inthis piece of dark code on your phone. Scary stories app for kidsand adults provide you unforgettable nights of horror (amazing forsleepovers). Just enter this world and it will never leave you.This creepypasta app designed to be creepy and that voices, iteverywhere. (just a little creepy bonus) The application containsmore than 1000+ spooky stories online that are available to youanywhere in the world. Installing the application will open a wholeworld of short stories with the opportunity to comment on everyone.Perhaps it is your voice that will be decisive, whether the textstory will turn out to be the TOP of the best. And your nextsleepover will be scarier than all before. A real life horrorstories happened to you? Then share your real scary story text withus and we will add it to the program. Feel free to contact me forany questions about urban legends and scary stories to tell in thedark.
Odin Rune Divination 2.07 APK
How many times do you ask yourself the question: What will happentomorrow? What's waiting for me today? Runes can give us answer tothese questions, symbols that gave us the Scandinavian gods. Eachof them means something unique and describes a particular aspect oflife. Telling us what problems we can expect at this step of theway. And make spiritual connections with mystic world. You can usenordic runes for divination about people or situations. Just askyour question and see what the Elder Futhark corresponds to youranswer from his alphabet. This application provides the mostpopular layouts in which there is one or three runes. But in myexperience, that's enough to learn everything you need and more.Features: - Divination by one rune - Divination by three runes -Rune meanings
Славянские имена 1.2 APK
В программе собраны славянские имена, дошедшие до наших дней. Длякаждого из них вы найдете исчерпывающее описания характерачеловека, его положительные и негативные особенности, а такжекраткие формы имени и дату именин, если таковая доступна. В нашемфольклоре есть не менее интересные и красивые имена, которые в тожевремя, являются мощным оберегом. В приложении вы найдёте славянскиеимена для девочек и славянские имена для мальчиков. Также, здесьсобраны популярные старославянские имена, которые дошли до нашихдней и имеют приятное для уха звучание. Каждому приведено краткоеописание, которое раскрывает суть и помогает понять, что хотеливложить наши предки в это слово. Полностью отфильтрованы неприятныепо звучанию и явно несуществующие слова, которые имели крайненегативный или просто неприятный характер. Имя – может наградитьсвоего носителя положительными свойствами, которые будут помогатьему в трудную минуту, а родные имена, еще и дарую защиту славногорусского рода. Если у вас есть предложения по улучшению приложенияили вы знаете другие славянские имена, которых нет в нашем списке,пожалуйста, сообщите про это нам, с помощью формы связи сразработчиком. The program collected Slavic names that havesurvived to the present day. For each of them you will find acomprehensive description of the nature of man, his positive andnegative features, as well as short form of the name and date ofname day, if available. In our folklore there are no lessinteresting and beautiful names, that at the same time, a powerfultalisman. Attached you will find the names for girls Slavic andSlavic names for boys. Also, here are collected popular Slavonicnames which have survived and are pleasing to the ear sound. Eachis a brief description that reveals the essence and helps tounderstand what our ancestors wanted to put in a word. Fullyfiltered unpleasant-sounding words and obviously non-existent,which had a very negative or a bad character. Name - can rewardtheir positive media properties, which will help him in difficulttimes, and the names of relatives, and even grant the protection ofthe glorious Russian race. If you have suggestions for improvingthe application or you know of other Slavic names that are not onour list, please inform us about it using forms of communicationwith the developer.
Славянская мифология 1.3 APK
Наша история полна загадок и мифов, которые говорят нам о былыхвременах и великих Богах. Которые могли сокрушить вражеское войскоодним ударом или подарить дождь в засушливую погоду. Славянскаямифология очень интересна, ведь она содержит древние знания нашихпредков и наших родных Богов, которые никогда не оставят Русь,даже, если о них большинство забыло. Это приложения содержитдошедшие до наших дней имена и описания славянских Богов и существ.Каждого из них, мы попытались описать наиболее понятно и полно,чтобы раскрыть все особенности которые могут быть не заметны напервый взгляд. Если нашли кого-то, кого нет в приложении славянскаямифология, напишите нам через форму связи и мы обязательно добавим!Our history is full of mysteries and myths that tell us about theold times and the great gods. Which could destroy the enemy forcesone blow or give rain to the dry weather. Slavic mythology is veryinteresting, because it contains ancient knowledge of our ancestorsand our family gods who will never leave Russia, even if most ofthem have forgotten. This app contains survived the names anddescriptions of Slavic gods and creatures. Each of them, we havetried to describe the most clear and complete to uncover all of thefeatures that may not be apparent at first glance. If you findsomeone who is not in the annex Slavic mythology, write to us viathe contact form and we will add!
Гадания для девочек 1.3 APK
Старшее и младшее поколение в школе увлекалось гаданиями на листебумаге, которые могли рассказать нам о чувствах парня или девушкиили поведать ответ на интересующий вопрос. Мы собрали всепопулярные в прошлом и не менее популярные сейчас гадания в одномсборнике. Здесь вы найдете гадания на игральных картах, которыебыли популярны во все времена, с полной пошаговой инструкцией. Илигадания на любовь, которые были популярны в школьные годы. Какаядевочка не пробовала узнать свою совместимость с понравившемсяпарнем используя сердечное гадание на листе бумаги. В этомприложении вы также найдете известные гадания по кофейной гуще и налисте бумаги. Они не требуют больших знаний и доступны для каждогочеловека, даже не владеющего мистической силой, а их ответ наудивление правдив. В сборник вошли все популярные гадания, такиекак - Гадание ЛИ - Гадание Да - Нет - Гадание на кофейной гуще -Гадание по книге - Гадание по домино - Любит - не любит - Гаданиепо ЛУРДНИСТЕХБ - Сердечное гадание - Формула любви - Гадание сзеркалом - Гадание по игле - РОНГЛИС - Гадание с кольцом и другие.Older and younger generations in schools addicted Guessing on apiece of paper that could tell us about the feelings of a girl or aguy or tell the answer to the question. We have collected allpopular in the past and no less popular now divination in onecollection. Here you will find the divination by playing cards thatwere popular at all times, with complete step by step instructions.Or divination of love, which were popular in his school years. Whatgirl did not try to find out their work with a guy using a pleasingcordial guessing on a sheet of paper. In this application, you willalso find well-known divination by tea leaves and a piece of paper.They do not require much knowledge and available for everyone, evennot in possession of mystical powers, and their answer issurprisingly truthful. The collection includes all populardivination, such as - Guessing LEE - Guessing Yes - No - Guesswork- Guessing on the book - Guessing Domino - Love does not love -Guessing on LURDNISTEHB - Heart divination - Formula of Love -Guessing the mirror - Guessing the needle - RONGLIS - Guessing thering and others.