2.25.003 / December 11, 2018
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Astraware Acrostic is a quick-style word puzzle game - solve theclues to reveal the words and find the vertical target word thatconnects through them all! Perfect if you love Crosswords but likesomething a bit quicker that you can fit into a shorter break andstill finish a puzzle! There are 50 built-in free puzzles with arange of difficulties and sizes, so you can play offline at anytime. You get free unlimited access to play four new Daily Acrosticpuzzles each day, and compete on the global leaderboard and seeyour own performance! For an extra challenge there's a freeWeekender puzzle available each week with a larger puzzle andtrickier clues. The unique twist on this game are some novelfeatures to boost your progress - highlighting in puzzle shows youwhere vowels and consonants appear, and each time you get one ofthe horizontal words, the target letter is revealed throughout thepuzzle! Still need a bit of a hint? (Everyone does, from time totime!) - ask for a hint for a small time cost and our bookend-hintsgive you the first and last letters of the word which we've foundare a huge help! Astraware Acrostic Top Features: - Free unlimitedaccess to our Daily and Weekender puzzles, each with their ownonline high score table so you can submit your times and see howyou compare! - 50 fully-free puzzles in a range of sizes to giveyou hours of play - Play any of the puzzles from the past week andcatch up whenever you like! - Unlimited helpful hints -Play-boosting features so your effort goes further! - New endlesspuzzle streams - watch ads or take short surveys to earn stamps,then play the puzzles you like! - Clues and answers are written foran international English-speaking audience whether you areAmerican, British, Canadian, Australian or maybe learning Englishas a student. In-App Purchases available: - A variety of packs soyou can choose the difficulty range and sizes you prefer such aseasy, family, vacation, tough or fun! - The free daily puzzles havea short advert after each game - but you can switch this off withan optional purchase. Astraware Acrostics are hand-craftedquick-style puzzles with a broad range of clues using generalknowledge that are popular on the puzzle pages of many majornewspapers. Clues might also include synonyms and anagrams, and theoccasional slightly cryptic puzzle too! If you love this game, youwill be pleased to know that we have other apps available in thisrange: Astraware CodeWords, Kriss Kross, Number Cross, A-to-Z andWord Search, and of course Astraware Crosswords for the dedicatedenthusiast!

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    Astraware Acrostic
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    December 11, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Astraware Limited
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    Unit 6 Brock Way Knutton Newcastle-under-Lyme ST5 6AZ Staffordshire United Kingdom
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Every day get the featured Sudoku puzzle at your chosen difficulty,complete it and submit your time to see how you compare with 30,000other players worldwide who are already enjoying this dailychallenge. Can you top the leaderboards? Sudoku of the Day includesfor Free:* 6 competitive puzzles each day ranging from Beginnerdifficulty through to Diabolical* Unlimited randomly generatedpuzzles* Enter your own puzzle to solve in the game* Manual orautomatic pencil marks* Smart hints - tap to get a hint, tap againfor a bigger hint etc. Ideal for improving your Sudoku skills* hold& highlight - tap and hold a specific number or pencilmark onthe number bar below the puzzle to see all instances of the numberin the grid.Sudoku Of The Day is supported by showing an ad at theend of most games; if you want to remove these you can make asimple in-app purchase.
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