1.0 / March 20, 2017
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Pick your vehicle, start the engine, and enjoy an endless roadtrip. Get on the road with your chosen vehicle and try not tocrash. Don't forget to complete missions and collect stars as youneed them to unlock new accessories for your vehicles. FEATURES-Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay -Simplistic 2 buttoncontrols -Ride a car, motorcycle, truck, bus, or even a trailer!-Beat your friends' highscores, and show off on leaderboards-Colorful and fun graphics -Over 90 different accessories to equip-A challenge mode that put even the best riders' skills to test-Extremely addictive -Lets go get lost!

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    March 20, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Homecooked Games
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    Meşrutiyet Mahallesi, Kodaman Sk. No:89, 34363 Şişli/İstanbul
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road.triP 1.0 APK
Pick your vehicle, start the engine, and enjoy an endless roadtrip. Get on the road with your chosen vehicle and try not tocrash. Don't forget to complete missions and collect stars as youneed them to unlock new accessories for your vehicles. FEATURES-Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay -Simplistic 2 buttoncontrols -Ride a car, motorcycle, truck, bus, or even a trailer!-Beat your friends' highscores, and show off on leaderboards-Colorful and fun graphics -Over 90 different accessories to equip-A challenge mode that put even the best riders' skills to test-Extremely addictive -Lets go get lost!
Warlock.io : Action Arena Io Game 1.10 APK
⚔ WARLOCK.io is a mobile action arena game where you hurl aroundfireballs and wreck your enemies to earn experience and unlock yourtrue potential. Aim for the stars! ⚔ MOVE, SHOOT AND SURVIVE! Shootand brawl against other enemies to gain XP, but don’t get shotyourself! Survive at all cost! Unlimited action! ⚔ LEVEL UP ANDBOOST YOUR STATS! Choose from a wide range of weapons to boost yourstats. Customize your stats to suit your gameplay style. ⚔ UNIQUEio EXPERIENCE Grow as you slay your enemies. Avoid the traps anddefinitely don't stay on lava for too long! WARLOCK.io - Brawlagainst real enemies - Level up to earn unique talents - Simplecontrols - 20+ unique weapons (wands, staves, swords, axes, stars,etc.) - 30+ unique heroes - Maps with lava and deadly traps -Fast-paced intense brawl - Nonstop action - Reach the stars!UPCOMING FEATURES: - Battle Royale mode - Online multiplayer - Moreaxes - Earn stars to upgrade characters Disclaimers: - This gamedoes not have online multiplayer. Sick of io games that advertisethemselves as online multiplayer, but actually they just make youplay against bots? Rest assured. We won’t pretend that we haveonline multiplayer. ( We got axes though. ) - This game does nothave any hole. Why would anyone would want to play as a holeanyway? If you want to throw axes or other stuff into a hole, looksomewhere else. - Do you like Battle Royale? Who doesn’t likeBattle Royale! If you expect to see a Battle Royale mode where youbrawl to become the last survivor, we do not have it right now. Weare planning to add a Battle Royal mode though. We might evenchange our name to Warlock io Battle Royale with axes.
Guns & Zombies : Tap and Shoot 0.82 APK
Who doesn’t like tapping on the screen and shoot at things?Wepresent you an amazing zombie shooting game! Just tap, don’t taportap multiple times at the right time! Timing is everything!Yourneighbourhood is being invaded by endless hordes of zombies.Theybite everything they see and turn them into zombies. Someoneneedsto put an end to this madness. Some brave, bold, strong,powerful,clever human! Someone who knows the right time to tap!Someone whouses his/her magnificent reflexes for tapping on screen!We’retalking about you! Equip your guns and start tapping! Shootzombiesthat appear on the left or right of the screen. But watchout forthe innocent! Don’t tap on them. Well, there will be time totap onthem, but not at the beginning. There are many types ofuniquezombies in the game and some of them will blow your mind whentheyappear. But don’t panic! There is also an arsenal of awesomegunsto shoot them with and a Survival Guide to help you how todealwith them. These are simple methods, just like we said upthere:Just tap, don’t tap or tap multiple times at the right time!Gunsare awesome, but you need to be fast to shoot the Zombiesbecausethey are fast too. You need to sharpen your reflexes, focuson thescreen, prepare your thumbs, and when the right time comes,tap taptap! Sometimes you'll win, sometimes you'll lose but don'tgetfrustrated when you do. Just tap the ‘’Try Again’’ button anddowhat it says. TRY AGAIN. We trust you. GO GET 'EM! Don’forgetthis: Timing is everything, tapping is up to you. How toPlay: -Just tap right or left to shoot. - Survive as much aspossible. -Sharpen your reflexes. - Focus on timing. - Upgrade yourabilitiesto survive longer. - Get super powers to survive evenlonger. GameFeatures: - 22 Unique Zombies - 3 Innocent Humans - 8Awesome Guns- 14 Super Powers - 4 not-so-special Upgrades
Stick Fight – Shadow Archer Battle Arena 0.57 APK
Stickman, Fight!! Enter the challenging arena of an intense archerybattle where you compete against a horde of rapidly approachingenemies to kill them and clear the stage for becoming an archeryhero. Put your ease at the doorstep as this game demands a greatdeal of concentration and deadly moves. Stay alert and act asquickly and accurately as possible to shoot the bow and arrow forkilling enemies. Try Stick Fight – Shadow Archer Battle Arena now!Epic Stick Battle Game Experience first-hand stick battle involvingthe use of bow and arrow to stump a vast number of enemies comingat you. In this intense game, the danger is from every side, andyou must kill all enemies as quickly as possible to retain yourpower and stamina. Stickman Survival Encounters Join stickman on adeadly stickman survival journey. Help your archer aim shoot andkill the enemies to reduce the number of attacks till no enemy isleft alive in the archer defence zone. Aim Shoot to Kill ManyEnemies The fighting game has straightforward controls. Tap anddrag the arrow on the screen to view predictive shot. Once thearrow is aligned, release the touch to shoot the arrow and killenemies before you run out of power and stamina. Strengthen YourArcher Defense As you move up in the game stages, the number ofenemies and the frequency of enemy attacks will also increase. Usemultiple boosters to strengthen your archer defence and kill moreenemies in every challenging stage. You can also unlock new talentsand weapons to fight the evil and become the archery hero! ClaimYour Win Let no one stand in your way of becoming an archery heroin this epic battle game. Every enemy must be hit and shot multipletimes before it dies. You need to think strategically and actquickly to kill the enemies on the ground as well as the onesflying in the air! Features of Stick Fight – Shadow Archer BattleArena Simple and easy stickman battle game UI/UX Appealing shadowstickman survival game graphics and HD elements Quick and easy aimshoot and release game controls for more fun Intense, Hyper casualarchery battle game featuring many enemies Use arrow shootingskills to kill archers, wizards and fight the evil Get Archerdefence and attack boosters to kill enemies quickly View your powerrating and remaining survival stamina on the game screen Become anarchery hero by destroying all enemies and clearing all thechallenging 20 stages Option to choose your talent and archerybattle item before starting the game Customize gameplay byselecting a country of game Possibility to replay already completedstages as many times as you like Predictive shot dotted lines tohelp you aim shoot accurately Are you ready to become an archeryhero by winning a stick battle? The new archery battle game is thebest option for you. Download and play Stick Fight Shadow ArcherBattle Arena today!