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This app contains Hindi and English Language Status for all SocialMedia Apps. Keep updating your whats app status on famous socialapps with the help of this app. This app brings you the bestattitude status in Hindi for 2017. Show your attitude &personality with these attitude status in Hindi. These short coolattitude status for WhatsApp are Hindi msgs which can be sent as anSMS or can be set as a WhatsApp status or it can also be used as anew WhatsApp image status.If you are in the mood to show yourattitude by updating your WhatsApp or facebook status with attitudestatus then you must download this app.Awesome Attitude Status forWhatsapp : We all have attitude, which we want to express from ourWhatsapp Status.

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Homeopathic Guide app is used to display information of all kind ofdisease to all users free of cost. This application does notrequire Internet compulsory. This application also providesbookmark facility for all disease for future use. We can also shareinformation of disease symptoms, treatment, disease type, causes toother via social media. Homeopathy is a form of alternativemedicine in which practitioners treat patients using highly dilutedpreparations that are believed to cause healthy people to exhibitsymptoms that are similar to those exhibited by the patient.We haveincluded detailed information on each disease and remedies thatwill enable to use the cures in effective manner.The first concernof anyone using any new medicine is "Is it safe?". The short answeris yes, homeopathic medicine is completely safe.This guide presentsthe main homeopathy and homeopathic medicines for differentdiseases or minor ailments that could be treated with thismedicine.Each disease contains four types information like1)Symptoms2) Treatment3) Disease Type4) Causes
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Best app to check your daily rashifal 2017.You can read rashi inHindi. You can also check your rashi sign.Hindu astrology isastrology based on medieval Hindu texts, wherein the relativepositions and movements of celestial objects is used as a means forforecasting information about human affairs and fortunes. The termHindu astrology has been in use since the early 19th century bycolonial era missionaries and some Indologists, and referred toJyotisha.More recently, it is also referred to as Vedicastrology.Vedanga Jyotisha is one of the earliest texts aboutJyotisha field within the six Vedangas, it is about astronomy andtime keeping for Vedic rituals, and has nothing to do with prophecyor astrology.This App data is getting udpated automatically eachday at midnight . Best Hindi Horoscope app allows you to read dailyhoroscope on one touch access .Daily Rashifal 2016 consisting offollowing 12 RashisRashifal1.Aries2.Taurus3.Gemini4.Cancer5.Leo6.Virgo7.Libra8.Scorpio9.Sagittarius10.Capricorn11.Aquarius12.Pisces
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famous Kese bane(How to Become a Famous) app which will guide youin your day to day life about how to become famous or how youshould be recognized by a large group of people.Turning heads asyou walk down the street? Being asked for autographs? The publiclife of the famous seems glamorous and desirable for many of us.While some get lucky by accident, this app guides you to how totake advantages of your opportunities to become famous incommunity, impress some one how you want to be famous.Thisapplication is following catagory of Chanakya Niti (Hindi), SuccessPoint - Tricks in Life,Leadership Quotes, Motivational Tips inHindi, Learn - How to Win Friends, Hindi Motivational Story,KnowYourself Personality Test, Personality Development Mag, PersonalityDevelopment Guide,Develop Personality In 30 Days, StudentPersonality Development, Aatm Vishwas Kaise Badhaye,Atma VishwasKaise Badhaye, Atma Vishwas Badhane Ke Tarike, Self Confidence Tips& Tricks in Hindi.
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Kundli is the overview chart from the detail of person’s birth. Itcould be the personal horoscope. This app provides you completeinformation about kundli.Kundli is also called as the janmaxar.Kundli is the significant part of bhartiya jyotish. Kundli is theparameter to learn astrology in its natural form.Your Janam Kundlior birh-chart is a cosmic map of our solar system at the time ofyour birth. Kundli is based on the Hindu jyothish sastra. Alltantra, mantra and yagna is done with the Kundli. In short, you canpredict the path of your life. It will also help you to explore thepossible remedies available to overcome any sort of obstacles inyour pathKundli of an individual is the representation of theplanets at the time of the individual’s birth. Analyzing the kundliwill help to discover what destiny has in store for you.