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Configureer uw persoonlijke Audi met de Audi configurator app voorde volgende modellen: A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, TT, Q3, Q5, Q7 enR8, en voor alle S- en RS-modellen.Kies uw model en de uitrustingdie u wenst. De configurator app biedt u het volledige gamma,inclusief alle standaarduitrusting en opties.Bekijk uw Audi vanalle kanten en deel hem met uw vrienden via Facebook, Twitter ofe-mail of bewaar uw configuratie als pdf.Via de app kunt u uw eigenAudi code aanvragen. Een Audi verwijst naar een opgeslagenconfiguratie die in de configurator teruggevonden kan worden. Metde Audi code kan uw Audi verdeler uw configuratie oproepen en uverder advies geven.Veel plezier met de configurator,Het Audi teamHierbij gaat het om een aanbod van de importeur op de respectievemarkt. Informatie over de importeur is te vinden in het impressumvan de App zelf. Configure your personal Audi using the Audiconfigurator app for the following models: A1, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7,A8, TT, Q3, Q5, Q7 and R8, and all S and RS modellen.Kies yourmodel and the equipment you want. The configurator app offers thefull range, including all standard equipment and opties.Bekijk yourAudi from all sides and share it with your friends via Facebook,Twitter or e-mail, or save your configuration as pdf.Via the appyou can create your own Audi Request code. Audi refers to a savedconfiguration can be found in the configurator. With the Audi codeyour Audi dealer calls your configuration and you further advicegeven.Veel fun with the configurator, the Audi team This involvesan offer by the importer in the respective market. Informationabout the importer can be found in the imprint of the App itself.

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    January 14, 2019
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Audi connect services specially developed for the e-tron thatenable the user to call up specific information and manageindividual functions via smartphone and web portal. Using asmartphone app and the A3 e-tron platform (etron.audiusa.com), dataon the vehicle status can be called up on aspects such as thecurrent level of charge, the electric range remaining and thevehicle location. Information on recent trips, such as the averageelectricity consumption, is also always readily accessible.Starting the charging process and the climate control by smartphoneapp, either straight away or using the customisable departure timescheduler, makes sure the vehicle is fully charged and optimallypre-air conditioned for the time the driver wishes to set off –summer and winter alike. The pre-air conditioning optimises theelectric range because the energy needed to cool or heat theinterior comes from the power socket, not from your vehiclebattery. Important information: For US customers please make surethat language is set to English (United States) in order to accessvehicles from US market.
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Audi Sport has been responsible forthesuccessof the four rings in motorsport for 35 years. Fromthelegendaryoriginal quattro for the World Rally Championship in1981to thelatest Le Mans Prototypes and DTM racecars, everyracecarwasdeveloped by Audi Sport in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm.However, customer racing, the Audi driving experienceandthesportiest production cars– the Audi R8 and the RS models –areapart of the Audi Sport family as well in which thecompanybundlesits complete racing expertise.In motorsport, Audi deliberately competes in racingseries’thatexhibit a close technical relationship to theproductionlinemodels and allow technology transfer. Be it quattrodrive, TFSIorAudi laser light: many new technologies originatefrommotorracing.During the 2016 season, Audi is committed as factory totheFIAWorld Endurance Championship (WEC) with its highlight the24Hoursof Le Mans and in the DTM. In customer racing, Audi reliesontheGT3 race version of the R8.The Audi Sport TT Cup has helped young talents breakintomotorsportsince 2015.The official Audi Sport App is the first port of call forfansofthe brand with the four rings for any questionaboutmotorsport.Cheering, jeering, crossing fingers. Motorsport isallaboutemotion. What better way to show it than with emojis?TheAudiSport emojis are integrated in the Audi Sport app.Onceinstalled,they can be used via WhatsApp, iMessage,FacebookMessenger andmore.Depending on your mobile provider, they may chargeyouforinternet usage and MMS. The Audi Sport emojis are not partoftheUnicode emojis, but image files.
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Multimedia that’s of the moment: Discover theAudi Magazine app with its informative, technicallysophisticated content from the Audi brand world. The blog-likestructure ensures maximum topicality and intuitive navigation ofthe contents.In the cars, technology, sports and lifestyle sections, you’ll getup to speed on the latest Audi models and technologies as well asthe brand’s wide-ranging involvement in sports and culture. Makingfull use of the digital medium’s capabilities to create a richlydiverse digital experience are visual highlights such as animationsand video clips offering excellent picture quality, together withaudio components as well as interactive tools and social mediaapplications.
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The password-protected area myAudi offers users personalisedservices and Audi connect services* for Audi drivers.All functionsat a glance: ► myAudi login and registration► My profile► Myvehicles ► Traffic information► My destinations► PicturebookNavigation► Audi connect services*► Audi dealer and servicesearchTo use the complete scope of functions, you must registeronce or you can use your existing myAudi user/login.Manage yourvehicles in myAudi and always have the technical data and equipmentof your Audi ready.The map-based traffic information displayinforms you at all times about the up-to-date traffic flow near youso that you reach your destination without any traffic jams.Do youhave an Audi with Audi connect*? Then you can directly transfernavigation destinations from the app into your Audi andconveniently manage your stored destinations. Use the existingimages or capture new photos with position data (GPS) to send themto your vehicle equipped with Audi connect* and use them asnavigation destinations.Audi connect services connect your vehicleto the Internet – with your personal interests in mind. Using theapp, you manage all Audi connect services usable with your vehicleat a central location. Available are, among others, Facebook,Twitter, city events, flight and train information. You alsoreceive the myAudi PIN here that must be entered into your AudiMMI® to connect your vehicle with myAudi.>>> NOTES ► Audiconnect services - *availabilityThe services supported by Audiconnect depend on model year and equipment and can only be usedwith the optional Bluetooth car phone online and the optional MMI®Navigation plus (for the A1, A4, A5, Q3, Q7 series), or MMI®Navigation plus with MMI® touch (for the A3, A6, A7, and A8series): Simply insert the SIM card into the MMI® SIM card readeror login your private mobile phone as "car phone" into MMI® via theSIM Access Profile.The Audi connect guide contains information onthe individual Audi connect services and how to activate and usethem. You can find the guide under my.audi.com ► We continuouslyfurther develop myAudi and the Audi connect services. For thisreason, the example images and terms used for explanations in theApp Store may not correspond to the current status.► InternetusagePlease be aware that a paid Internet connection may beestablished to call up some of the contents and links contained inthis app. The costs depend on your mobile phone contract. Pleasecontact your mobile communication service provider for furtherinformation.Continuous GPS use in the background can drasticallyreduce the battery life.
Audi eKurzinfo 2.5.8 APK
Experience the range of functions your Audi has to offer in a newdimension with the help of augmented reality. The Audi eKurzinfoapp helps you learn and understand more about your vehicle. Turn,press or pull: do you know how the controls in your vehicle work?Green, yellow, red lamps – what should you do? The Audi eKurzinfoapp offers you quick and easy assistance in these situations. Focusthe camera of your mobile device on the object in question, tap itonce, and an explanation will be displayed along with a descriptionof how the item works. You know that the coolant, engine oil andbrake fluid can be checked in the engine compartment, but whichfluid is contained where? No more guessing! The "Search in enginecompartment" function superimposes an arrow on the camera image toindicate the exact position of the individual components in theengine compartment. Capturing objects • Position the viewfinder ofyour camera so that the object you want to know about takes up asmuch of the selection box as possible. As soon as the apprecognises an object, the selection box turns red and the name ofthe object appears. • To view the corresponding description, tapthe centre button in the navigation bar. • To capture a differentobject, tap on the "Back" button. Search in engine compartment •Select an object in the engine compartment that you would like tohave displayed. • Position the viewfinder of your camera so thatthe engine compartment is as large and central as possible in theselection box. The engine version will be recognised automatically,and a red arrow will point to the desired object. • If the app isunable to identify the engine version automatically, a list ofavailable engine versions will appear after a few seconds. Simplyselect the correct engine for your vehicle. Tips and tricks • Howdoes the app recognise the controls? For best results, make surethat you point the camera at the front of the desired control, andthat it appears as large and clear as possible in the selectionbox. • What types of messages does the app recognise? Only messagesin the language currently set for the app can be recognised. Atpresent, German, English and Japanese are available. The applanguage is adjusted according to the language set for your mobiledevice. Possible sources of error • Control not recognised? Try adifferent angle and wait until the control appears in focus. •Control recognised incorrectly? Due to the large number ofcontrols, it cannot be guaranteed that the app will alwaysrecognise the correct control. We recommend trying again from adifferent angle. • What influence do the surrounding conditionshave? Direct sunlight or shadows can make it more difficult for theapp to recognise the controls. Note This application onlyillustrates selected controls. It therefore does not claim tocontain complete instructions for all controls and cannot replacethe Operating Manual. This application is currently only availablefor the Audi A1, Audi A3, Audi S3 and Audi Q3 (from model year 2012onwards). You can select your vehicle model once you have startedthe app. Please note that an active data connection is required forthe download. The costs incurred depend on your mobile phonecontract. For more information, please contact your mobile networkservice provider.