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Important To Read: - This Audio Bible is only from NumbersChapters1-18 - This app is complete audio narration of NumbersChapters1-18 - We cannot upload the whole bible in 1 app ( 100mb ismaxsize ) - The next part of this bible which is Numbers Chapters1-18are coming shortly - All other audio bible parts are comingalso ina few weeks - All other audio bible apps are online and ifitsoffline you have to download each - This bible doesn'tneedinternet connection, just download and the chapters areallavailable - No downloading of individual chapters or books -Thenarration of this audio bible is in English - If this isavailablein your country and screenshots are translated, know thatweoptimize the app for it to reach as many people as it can Wehopeand pray that the word of the Lord will be spread upon thisworld.Thank you for downloading this app and its other parts. Godblessus all.

App Information Audio Bible Offline: Num. 1-18

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    Audio Bible Offline: Num. 1-18
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    February 17, 2017
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Lovely AI
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