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Do you wish to find awesome offline music player? Download theAudioPlayer Offline: Music Equalizer & Themes app and enjoylisteningthe favorite songs wherever you want! Easy to add tracks,lots ofuseful options and beautiful unique design. 🎧 Theattractive andclear interface will provide you a comfortable useof the audioplayer. You can also choose one of the 12 amazingskins to make yoursongs player more outstanding. 🌟 The five-bandequalizer allows toset up the frequencies. In addition, you canchoose one of theprepared variants for different types of music. 📱The function “scanmedia” helps managing your music easily. It willscan your deviceand add new tracks to your library quickly. 💗 Likesome songs? Addthem to favorites or create a playlist of your moodwith AudioPlayer Offline: Music Equalizer & Themes! 🔔 “Sleeptimer” allowssetting up the time when the app stops playing a songand finishesthe work. Perfect way for people who like listening tomusic beforefelling asleep 😊 🚩Sometimes different songs areassociated with aspecific place. In the Audio Player Offline:Music Equalizer &Themes app the song list will be saved andconnect with yourlocation. Our smart music app will return you tothe nice memoriesof different places. This songs app will playmusic for you withoutthe internet. Listening the favorite tracksoffline has becomeeasier and more comfortable with Audio PlayerOffline: MusicEqualizer & Themes!

App Information Audio Player Offline - Music Equalizer n Themes

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    Audio Player Offline - Music Equalizer n Themes
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    August 7, 2018
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    Android 4.3 and up
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    Colorful Lab
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    Music & Audio
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