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The auraLED app can be used to control the auraLED line of productsby Tzumi Electronics, giving you the freedom to control your homewith a unique atmospheric twist. auraLED lights and accessoriesenhance any room in your home or business, adding vivid color andcustomizable (even rhythm-activated!) accent lighting to coordinatewith programs and music. Built with convenience and efficiency inmind, the auraLED app gives a user access to the full range of RBGcolors, and a range of LED patterns and rhythmic effects to provideultimate control over your setting and its mood. Throw parties withimpressive musically-synched light shows, transform a backyard orpool, line a hallway or staircase, and easily create the ultimatemedia-viewing experience for your home theater while simultaneouslyalleviating light-induced fatigue. With the auraLED app, you havethe freedom to customize your selection of 16 colors and find theperfect brightness, rhythm, and color scheme – all on yourschedule, and with the tap of your finger on your smartphone ortablet.

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tag-it 2.93 APK
Tag-it chains your easily lost & valuable belongings—such askeys, handbags, kids or pets—together with your smartphone throughthe tag-it app. Within the effective distance of 75 feet, tag-itcan realize the functions of anti-lost tracking, remote shutterphotography and voice recording. The effective distance of tag-itis 75 feet in open range without barrier. With this device, yourbelongings, kids and pets won't leave your attention any more.tag-it uses CR2032 Lithium Coin Battery, which is easy to replace,and works for almost half a year.
Klic Lock 1.0.9 APK
Put extra care into your personal storage regimen and find out whatit’s like to have true keyless protection and freedom with the Klicby tzumi. This stainless steel smart lock and its intelligent,app-driven software are designed to keep your stuff safe whenlocked up, and to confirm your security every time you check theKlic App from your smartphone or tablet. Its Bluetooth-enabledintelligent locking system features one-tap locking and unlockingfrom any remote location, battery monitoring, and anti-theftactivity monitoring for any family, friends, or housekeepers forwhom you want to add passcode access. Always be on top of yourbelongings no matter where you are. Experience keyless conveniencewith Klic. - Familiar Padlock Design: The familiar and compactpadlock design of the Klic Smart Lock makes it ideal for indooruse, such as in school and gym lockers, indoor storage lockers,door locks, bike locks, and more. This lock also allows you toenjoy a 6-month battery life from a single charge and features aMicro-USB port to allow for recharging as needed (so you can evendo so with a portable charger in case of emergency). - App-DrivenSecurity: Easily download the Klic app, pair your Bluetooth-enabledsmartphone to your Klic Smart Lock, set a passcode for friends andfamily, and gain control access to your stored stuff through fromanywhere in the world- including activity monitoring and optionalsharing to tamper-proof your goods while you’re away. - BluetoothConnectivity: The Klic App can be accessed through any paired smartdevice, including all Bluetooth-compatible Androids and iPhonesusing Bluetooth V4.2 technology. The Bluetooth connection allowsyou to lock and unlock your Klic with one tap, allowing remoteaccess for friends, family, or coworkers when you’re on the go(also allowing you to remove that access for any user just aseasily).
Dream360 VR 1.0.22 APK
Welcome to the Dream360 app, developed by Tzumi for the use withDream Vision™ VR headsets! The Dream360 app is a curated collectionof the best VR apps, videos and image content available for DreamVision™ VR headsets. Dream360 features: - A wide selection ofcurated VR apps for the best mobile VR experience.- 360° & 3DVR Videos and Images- Excellent VR content broken up by categoriesand sub-genres- Filtering by Movement, Control, and Hardware Types-Save Your Favorites: Save VR Apps you enjoy for re-downloadinglater (A space saver!) For the best in a mobile VR experience, werecommend using the Dream Vision™ VR headset with these apps. Forproduct information or support, please visit www.tzumi.com
Spectra Bulb 2.3 APK
Spectra Bulb Intelligent lights equipment, music push, playbackcontrol lights, light color and light mode, adjust brightness, setthe timer to turn off the lights etc..
NAMO Smart Home 1.0.0 APK
NAMO Smart Home will provide an easy smart home. You can connectthe light, plug, door sensor or others to make your home moreconvenient.
Magic TV 1.0.11 APK
use the app ,you can receive the live tv program on your mobiledevice
Tzumi WAVE 1.1.6 APK
Take your Smart Assistant with you on the go! Designed to pair withthe Tzumi line of Wave headphones and earbuds, Wave is aninnovative music and radio player app packed with advanced featuresthat enable you to shop, play music, automate your smart home, andperform thousands of other functions, all aimed at organizing,optimizing, and improving your life. Pair the Wave app with yourTzumi Wave Headphones or Earbuds and conveniently control functionslike your calendar, song and playlist choice, news reports, enjoye-books, and gain access to a full range of over 25,000 otherimpressive skills and capabilities. Who says your personalassistant has to be human?
SteadyGo SteadyGo1.0.14 APK
Watching shaky video is not only distracting, it also diminishesthe overall production quality of your moving camera efforts. TheSteadyGo Stabilizing Smartphone Gimbal by tzumi is equipped withall the advanced features to take your filming game to a whole newlevel: by eliminating shaky, unbalanced camera movements andenabling sophisticated app-driven software features, anyone candirect with ease and skill. The SteadyGo will not only keep yoursmartphone level better than your programmed Objective InterfaceSoftware (OIS); it is designed to smoothly pan towards thedirection you’re going with a brushless motor, resulting in trulysmooth and cinematic movements. Its rechargeable battery providesfour (4) hours of life and the familiar joystick controller offerssmooth Up/Down and Left/Right movement to adjust the desired pitch,roll, and yaw settings. The stabilizing gimbal also features abalancing weight to level the attached smartphone, ensuring that itcan articulate smoothly. Once your phone is secured in the tightgrip of the bracket arms, any remaining weight is compensated forby the working motors to guarantee stability. Even with all theadvancements made with OIS in today’s smartphones, there’s still awide gap in achieving the same level of steadiness that smartphonegimbals like the SteadyGo can produce. We include a guide with tipsand tricks for successfully balancing your phone and maintainingoptimal leveling during a shoot. With the SteadyGo StabilizingSmartphone Gimbal, you can smoothly record for long periods at atime, increase the production value of your filming projects, andenjoy professional-grade stability like never before. App Features:- Enables a faster connection from your smartphone to yourstabilizer. - Real-time synchronization of device information,working status, battery life, film modes, etc. - Allows proper useof the Intelligent Following feature while filming. - Enablesenhanced smartphone stability and a variety of camera filter stylesfor different scenes. - Device software version detection andautomatic updates.