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V4 AutoGen DC generators and V2 AutoGen controllers are themostsophisticated, automatic start stop generators/controllers todate.Monitor and control your generator from any location aroundtheworld via its wifi connectivity. With the AutoGen app you havefullcontrol of manual starting and stopping from your smart phone,viewparameters such as battery bank voltage, generator runningstatus,error notifications and much more. Features: -Monitorbattery bankvoltage and charge current -Virtual LCD panel to viewthe state ofyour generator or battery bank -Start and Stop buttons-Aux On Offbutton -History Graph with csv export option -Set lowbattery bankthreshold -Start Stop timer -Quiet Time -Email errornotificationsand more. To find out more informarion on ourproducts, visit us atwww dcautogen.com

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    May 10, 2021
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    Blynk Inc.
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Blynk - Arduino, ESP8266, RPi 2.27.32 APK
Blynk Inc.
Control Arduino, ESP8266, ESP-12, NodeMCU,Particle Photon, Raspberry Pi and other microcomputers with thesmartphone over the Internet. Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energysupport.Create beautiful interfaces with widgets like buttons, knobs,graphs, displays and many more!Start in 5 minutes:http://www.blynk.cc/getting-startedIf you have any questions, ask on our forum:http://community.blynk.ccYou can even share your project with friends and other makers bysimply sending them the link.Use our Blynk Cloud or deploy your own Blynk Server in a minute andhave full privacy and control in your hands.Supported boards and shields:• ESP8266• ESP32• NodeMCU• Arduino Uno• Arduino Mega• Arduino Nano• Arduino Mini• Arduino YÚN (Bridge)• Arduino Due• Arduino 101• Raspberry Pi• Particle Core (ex Spark Core)• Particle Photon• SparkFun Blynk Board• TinyDuino (CC3000)• Wicked WildFire (CC3000)Shields and connections:• USB, connected to your laptop or desktop computer (no shieldrequired!)• Ethernet shield (W5100)• Adafruit CC3000 WiFi• Official Arduino WiFi shield• ENC28J60• HC-05, HC-06, HC-08, HM-10, etc.And much much more...
Blynk myPlant 1.2 APK
Blynk Inc.
This is a demo app to show how the project made with Blynk App canbe branded, exported and published as a standalone applicationVisit http://blynk.io to learn more. You will also experience howBlynk helps with product WiFi provisioning by guiding users throughall the necessary steps required to connect the product to WiFinetwork. IMPORTANT: You would need to flash the firmware to yourhardware (this is also a part of the demo). You can use: SparkFunBlynk Board, NodeMCU or any other ESP8266 boards. Please follow ourinstructions here:https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-library/blob/master/examples/Export_Demo/myPlant_ESP8266/README.mdShould you have any questions - please email us at hello@blynk.cc.
Warmboard Vacation 1.0.1 APK
Blynk Inc.
Access your Warmboard Comfort System remotely to enable, ordisableVacation Mode. Whether leaving your home, or just about toreturn,use Vacation Mode to save energy while you are away, orquicklyreturn to your previous settings so your home will be therighttemperature when you get home.
ESPproMon 2.0 APK
Blynk Inc.
The ESPproMon smartphone app is a bridge between the popular ESPiOTdevelopment boards and several off the shelf energymonitoringsystems. Monitor your ongoing electricity costs andremotelycontrol your home appliances with the app, and a few lowcostadditions to your development board. Thoroughly tested withthePeaceFair Pzem hardware and even the current only ACS712sensorsfrom Allegro MicroSystems. Modified firmware for the OpenEnergyMonitor hardware can be downloaded from our GitHub pageathttps://github.com/pieman64/ESPproMon. Advanced featuresinclude:Clear user interface designed with the popular Blynk GUIAutomaticlocation based appliance control Easily update cost bandsand ratesin the app, or via a web browser Embedded video feeds forpropertysurveillance This app requires an ESP flashed with ourbespokefirmware. Please don't post negative reviews if you don'thave therequired hardware to use the app. Visit our websiteathttps://ESPproMon.com for your QR code image plus news andupdatesregarding the ESP firmware.
Verdmo 1.0.2 APK
Blynk Inc.
Verdmo is a wireless soil moisture sensor that notifies youwhenyour lawn, garden or potted plant needs water. It can be setupinunder 5 minutes and decrease your water usage by up to 40%.Verdmois easy to use and a powerful tool to help you water better.VerdmoFeatures: ● Works with Wifi - No other controller orconnectionneeded. Easy to set up. ● Made for Outdoors or Indoors -Perfectfor your lawn, garden or potted plant. ● 3 Moisture Sensors- Forincreased accuracy so you can water better. ● Notifies WhentoWater - Don’t water unless you need to. ● Temperature Sensor -Knowwhen it’s getting too cold, or too hot for your plants. ● Up to3Year Battery Life - Spend less time changing batteries. ● UsesAABatteries - No need to search for a hard to find battery type.AppFeatures: ● Multiple Devices - Add multiple Verdmo’s toyouraccount and see them all at once. ● Dashboard - See MoistureLevel,Guide, Temperature and Battery level all at a quick glance.●Powerful Reporting - The Superchart allows you to see thepastresults of your Verdmo with ranges up to 1 year. ●Customization -Change various settings to match your plants needsexactly, orenter manually. ● Update Frequency - Decide how often togetupdates from Verdmo. ● Different Locations - Ability tosetupdifferent Verdmo’s with different wifi networks and monitor inoneaccount. Verdmo is available at: www.verdmo.com Get startedat:www.verdmo.com/pages/setup Want moreinformation?:www.verdmo.com/pages/knowledgebase Needhelp?:www.verdmo.com/pages/help
Plaato 1.6 APK
Blynk Inc.
PLAATO is a reinvented airlock that monitors your ongoingfermentation, sending the key parameters directly to your phone.PLAATO lets you: - Monitor the fermentation activity - Measure theambient temperature [°F/°C] - Estimate the Specific gravity andalcohol content [°Oe, %w/w] PLAATO features: • WiFi-connection -Access and share your data from wherever you are, using thePLAATO-app. • Versatile - Works on beer, cider, wine and all otheralcoholic fermentations. • Replaces your ordinary airlock - Simplyswitch to PLAATO, and monitoring will start • Real time access todata - During the fermentation, you have access to the essentialparameters in real-time, giving you an unique insight of howdifferent strains of yeast work, how temperature affects the rateof fermentation and much more. • Export data - Understand theunique data generated from each batch, and use the information tocompare techniques and taste, and increase you understanding ofwhats going on. How PLAATO works Plaato measures continously theflow of CO2 from the fermenter, and knows at any time the totalamount of CO2 that has been generated by the fermentation. Sincethe fermentation process generates equal amount of CO2 and ethanol,Plaato can use this data to estimate the Specific Gravity (SG),alcohol percentage and quantify the fermentation activity. Getyours here: www.plaato.io Read reviews of PLAATO:www.plaato.io/reviews Get started: Go to www.plaato.io/start Needhelp? Find the FAQ of PLAATO Airlock here: www.plaato.io/faq-page,or contact us at community@plaato.io Terms of service:https://www.plaato.io/terms PLAATO Airlock is the proud winner ofthe Red Dot Award 2018
Modela IoT APK
Blynk Inc.
Modela IoT Free App for control electric equipment by mobiledevicessuch as Smart Switch & Plug, Smart Home , Smart Farm ,Lighting, Water Pump , Air Condition , Water Boiler , Auto Dooretc. This isfirst IoT app which designed UI with Thai and Englishlanguage .Smart feature such as control on-off by timer , schedule,temperature and humidity. Easy connect the product to theWiFinetwork by a provisioning workflow .Get notification on yoursmartphone . Automatic update function by cloud technology. EnjoytheModela Bot to help you learn smart using from all over theworld.Feature : Control electric equipment via smart phone. Seton-off bytimer or schedule. Turn on-off by temperature andhumidity(Option). Modela bot wizard message. Push Notificationworkingstatus to smart phone. Support both Thai and English menu.Contactus for more information or buy device IoT :facebook.com/modelaiotLine @modelaiot admin@modernpro.co.th
Infiltrometer 1.0 APK
Blynk Inc.
One of the key information required for smart agriculture andstormwater management is how fast the water get infiltrated in tothesoil at various antecedent soil moisture conditions. Stormwatergenerated from a catchment is well routed if the portion oftherain which contributes to the runoff is properlyestimated.Infiltration data is the most important parameterrequired toestimate the runoff. Precision irrigation scheduling topreventsurface runoff is best estimated if infiltration rates areknownfor all soil types in a farm. Farmers could save a lot ofresourcesif they are aware of the infiltration rates of their farmsoiltypes. The traditional way of measuring infiltration rate istimeconsuming and labour intensive. One would set up theinfiltrationmeasurement gear in the field with a sealed water tankwhich workson a principle of marriott bottle which maintains aconstant waterhead. The falling water level is either measuredmanually or by apressure transducer using data logger. The operatormay need tostay at the site until the test is completed. LandcareResearch hasdeveloped the automated, cloud connected and smartphone driveninfiltrometer to measure infiltration rate at any givensoilmoisture content. Up to maximum of 5 infiltrometers canbenetworked to measure infiltration rates at 5 differentlocations.Since they are connected to the cloud by a cellularnetwork thereis no limitation of the distance between devicesmeaning they canbe scattered in a 10,000-ha farm and monitor andcontrol from onelocation using a smart phone app. The basiccomponents of the LCRinfiltrometer are, measuring and spare watertanks, soil moisturesensor to measure varying soil moisture contentas waterinfiltrates in to the soil, an electrode to sense the waterlevelin the ring, pressure transducer to measure falling waterheightand electronics to operate valves in order to maintain theconstantwater level over the soil and connect to the internet viacellularnetwork . The water depth over the soil inside thecontainer ringis maintained at required level and the falling waterlevel in thetank and soil moisture content are recorded with time.Infiltrationring size and the water tank sizes can be selected tosuit the soiltype and can be written into data process in the cloudusing smartphone interface. For example, clay soil requires smallerrings asinfiltration rate is significantly smaller than sandy soil.Timeseries data are automatically recorded on a clod data base andsentto the users email account using the options given in thesmartphone interface. Historical data are displayed on the smartphoneinterface as time series charts. Interactive charts on thesmartphone allow one to determine when to terminate the test,forexample when the infiltration rate becomes steady. The watertanklevel, soil moisture content battery voltage are displayed ontheinterface as well. A spare water tank could be used to refillthewater tank if it gets empty, which could be activated remotely.Forexample, sandy soil requires a lot of water beforeinfiltrationrate reaches steady state. The operator will receive awarning txtmessage on the smart phone when the water tank is closerto empty,so the water tank could be activated remotely. The smartphoneinterface also provide option to add any field notes forthelocation it is installed, for example soil and vegetationtypes.The basic procedure to setup a infiltrometer network is tolocatethem at desired soil zones, if necessary with spare watertanks andactivate and monitor from a location which is mostconvenient, forexample from your living room.