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Lütfen Önerilerinizle Bize Yol Gösterin!Geliştirme Aşamasında Olan Uygulamamız*Diğer Bölüm Ve Dönemlerin Notları*Bölüm Sonu Soruları*Sınava Hazırlık Soruları*Deneme SınavlarıEklenerek GeliştirilecektirDestek Ve Önerilerinizle Her şey Daha Güzel OlacaktırPlease show us the roadtoyour suggestions!In step with our Application Development* Notes of Other Departments And Periods* Section Last Questions* Exam Preparation Questions* Trial ExamsIt will be improved by addingSupport your suggestions and all things will be much better
Homeo Practitioner Lite 1.5 APK
Homeo Practitioner Lite - The complete Metria Medica & KentRepertory.Features: - Offline Database - Pinch Zoom in and out -Advanced Search - Charts for comparison - Different type of resultscomparison - Bookmarks and moreNote: This is lite/demo version soonly particular data is available. Install pro/full version fromgoogle play, to get full version database from thefollowinghttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mab.homeopro
Pigeon Bird 1.0 APK
Move the wing of the pigeon and fly away in the game, and make asmuch score as you can. Its very simple and fun loving game. Tap thescreen to flutter your bird and avoid obstacles.
Homeo Practitioner Pro 1.2 APK
Homeo Practitioner Pro - Full Version of Metria Medica & KentRepertory.Features:- Offline Database- Pinch Zoom in and out-Advanced Search- Charts for comparison- Different type of resultscomparison - Bookmarks and more
PK Jobs 1.5 APK
PK Jobs lets you search for latest job updates from differentpopular sites and newspapers. Now you can conveniently find latestjobs from your mobile device.Features- Lightweight app- Fastsurfing- Low data usage- Sort search results- Extended image zoomoption- Save job advertisements to mobile phone- Bookmarks- Shareapp with othersPlease provide us your reviews, feedback andsuggestions.