1.7.3 / March 14, 2013
(3.9/5) (1483)


Avalon Wars is a freemassively-multiplayerstrategy game (mmo). It takes only 3 minutesto learn, and isextremely fun!
The unique beauty of Avalon Wars is that it always gives youplentyof choices – there is no 'must follow' development patternorultimate troops. You can decide your own favored troopcombinationand technology path, and achieve victories by readingyour enemiesand adjusting your strategies!
Year 2094, with the discovery of domistal, a powerfulcrystallineenergy form on planet Avalon, people started strugglingwith eachother and trying to seize control over the rare elemental.Threehuge interest groups emerged, the Federate, the Terrans, andtheSyndicate. As a newly recruited commander, you will settleyourfortress on Avalon, rally a great army of biotics, mechanicsandair forces, sweep over the rigid surface of whole planet, andproveyourself a true hero on the battleground of chaos.
Featuring different factions, cutting-edged techs, anddeepeststrategies, Avalon Wars is the best science fiction strategygameyou ever look for.
- A well designed guide that helps you learn the game in3minutes.
- Futuristic concept and Sci-Fi Interface.
- Free to download and update.
- Interaction with thousands of players.
- Draggable interface with growing structures.
- Three major unit types with different advantagesanddisadvantages.
- Customized regiments with various formations ofdifferenteffects.
- All kinds of captains equipped with numerous items from fivemajorcategories.
- Three different worlds with different environment andchallengerates.
- Real time battle replay.
- A sophisticated legion system.
...and much MORE!

App Information Avalon Wars

  • App Name
    Avalon Wars
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    March 14, 2013
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.2 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    iFree Studio Limited
  • Installs
    100,000 - 500,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Visit website Email [email protected]
    No.1518,Jinshajiang Road,Putuo District 10 Floor 1005 room,North Block of Kintetsu City Plaza Shanghai, Shanghai 200333 China
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Emross War 1.5.4 APK
ONLINE Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game(MMORPG) for Android!LIMITED TIME OFFER: DOWNLOAD NOW AND ALL THE NEWLY REGISTEREDPLAYERS CAN GET GIFTS."This is best mmorpg game I've played and I'm still enjoying thegame with my friends." -JoeyCho"I absolutely love this game. I don't usually get into gameslike this, but for some reason this one really catches myattention." -Razie2Emross War is a free massively-multiplayer strategy game (mmo).It takes only 3 minutes to learn, and is extremely fun!The story happens in Emross, the land of Myth and Legend, whichhas been under wars among Human, Elf, and Orc since very ancienttime. Now with the invasion of Chaos Army, the situations arebecoming even more complex...You will start as a young Lord inheriting a small castle from yourfamily. As you gradually develop and march your way to victory, youwill have chance to meet and recruit many different legend heroes,and be able to summon the most powerful guardian creature of yourown race!And you are NOT fighting alone. You and friends can build a verypowerful alliance; make it a dominant presence in Emross; andfinally defeat the Chaos and restore order to the land!GAME FEATURES:- Well designed guidance system: it takes only 3 minutes to learn,and is extremely fun!- Perform numerous challenging quests.- Enjoy gorgeous graphics.- FREE updates with new quests, items, heroes, and more!- Battle other players LIVE.- Choose from 3 races—HUMAN, ELF, ORC—each with different soldiers,guardian creatures, and heroes.- Construction, research, troop training, attack, and defensestrategy are completely under your control!- Ally with other players to make you stronger!- You will NOT feel alone: Private Chats, Alliance Chats, PublicChats, Forums...full of interaction and communication!...and much MORE!"Awesome game! If you like empire building game, or you are afan of ogame/travian/evony on PC, I think you will surely enjoythis.""When I looked at the screenshots, I knew it would be a goodgame for my taste. But now I will say this game totally exceeds myexpectation!""A great game that you will regret to miss!"
三国英雄传 1.3.5 APK
☆☆☆☆ 游戏简介 ☆☆☆☆★★★★ 全球卓越的手游运营与开发商倾力打造 ★★★★《三国英雄传》是一款由慕和网络耗时两年精心打造的三国题材SLG类型手游巨作,游戏支持多人同时在线,集互动交友、英雄培养、战争策略等流行元素于一身。其画面唯美、剧情紧凑、玩法多样,让初入三国的玩家欲罢不能流连忘返。☆☆☆☆ 游戏特色 ☆☆☆☆【画面好,系统精】著名画师完美阐释东汉末年的真实场景,而单人战役、多人副本等经典系统让你流连忘返。【操作易,门槛低】游戏设计考虑到安卓用户习惯,操作简单,上手容易,即使是菜鸟玩家也可跟着教程入门。【男将威,女将美】魏蜀吴及他国全面覆盖,千名史实武将纷纷登场,并可将孙尚香、大小乔等美女招入麾下。【兵种多,策略高】独具三国风采的兵种,特色鲜明且相互克制,结合科技、结盟等内容催生最策略战斗体系。【人气高,P K 爽】畅销多国成功积累了数万人气,玩家间PK战争所获取的功勋点数还可兑换本阵营极品武将。
손바닥 삼국지2 1.0.7 APK
손바닥삼국지II황건적,동탁세력 등 삼국지 영웅들이 다 모였다!이제야 자신만의 스타일로 삼국지를 즐길 수 있는 기회!자신만의 세력으로 전쟁하는 최대 전략 시뮬레이션 손바닥삼국지II■ 배경스토리한왕조 말기 황건적과 동탁세력으로 인하여 한왕조가 어지러워 졌고 반동탁 세력을 토벌하고자 유비 삼형제는 원소를중심으로 18로 제후들의 연맹군에 가담하게 되는데...■ 게임특색★매주 열리는 공성전에 참가하라!실제 전장을 방불케 하는 천명의 유저 동시전투 현장으로 여러분을 초대합니다!★ 이런 영웅도 있을줄이야해보고 싶었지만 볼 수 없었던 영웅! 무심코 지나쳤던 영웅! 황건적세력. 남만병 등 삼국지 인물들이 여기한자리에!!★ 기존의 삼국지게임은 잊어라!조조.유비.손권 자신이 주공이 되어 이끌어 가는 전략SNG 스타일!PalmsThree Kingdoms IIHwanggeonjeok, dongtak forces are gathered, such as the ThreeKingdoms heroes!Now with your own style and the opportunity to enjoy the ThreeKingdoms!Own up to the war, the forces of the Three Kingdoms II StrategySimulation palm■ Background StoryHanwang hwanggeonjeok and dongtak forces due to the late Joe Joehanwang was dizzy half brothers analogy to Subjugation dongtakforces led by the elements in 18 groups participated in the Leagueof princes, which it ...■ Game features★ Make participated in the siege weekly!Resembling the real battlefields of thousands of concurrent usersyou invite to the scene of the battle!★ It's gonna be such a hero.I wanted to try unseen hero! Or unintentionally struck hero!Hwanggeonjeok forces. Kingdoms figures such as South bottles herein one place!★ Forget the traditional Three Kingdoms game!JoJo. Analogy. Been Jugong Sun Quan to lead his strategic SNGstyle!
Легенды Четырех Империй APK
ККИ ММОРПГ игра которая покорила весь запад,теперь доступна и на русском языке! Атмосфера игры не оставитравнодушным даже взрослого любителя игр.Вот что говорит большая тематическая площадка Gamezebo:"Gorgeous illustrations. Plenty of addictive card collectingfun."(Великолепная рисовка. Множество карт затягивают и приносят многоудовольствия)Хотите повелевать страшными существами, управлять тайной магией,пользоваться старинными рунами? Тогда, совершено бесплатно,скачивайте Легенды Четырех Империй и у Вас будет не только это, нои еще многое другое!Присоединяйтесь к тысячам игрокам, создавайте самые сильныекланы, участвуйте в великих битвах кланов и захватывайте новыеземли! Вместе с друзьями и другими игроками отбивайте вторжениядемонов, исследуйте темные лабиринты и ловите воров!Не любите состоять в кланах? Пробивайте свой путь к славесражаясь на арене! Станьте самым непобедимым игроком в игре!И все это вы сможете испытать в игре: Легенды ЧетырехИмперий!*****Внимание!******Игра требует интернет подключение!Наша страничка:http://vk.com/legendi_imperiiCCT MMORPG game thatconquered the West, and is now available in Russian! Atmosphere ofthe game will not leave indifferent even adult amateur games.Here is what the big thematic area Gamezebo:"Gorgeous illustrations. Plenty of addictive card collectingfun."(Gorgeous panache. Tighten Many cards and bring a lot of fun)Want to rule the scary creatures, manage arcane, ancient runesto use? Then, done for free, download Legend of the Four Empiresand you'll not only that, but also much more!Join thousands of players, create the most powerful clans,participate in the great battles of the clans and seize new lands!Together with friends and other players repel invasion of demons,explore the dark mazes and catch the thieves!Do not like clans consist? Knock your way to fame by fighting inthe arena! Become the most invincible player in the game!And all this you will experience in the game: The Legends of theFour Empires!Attention *****! ******The game requires internet connection!Our Page:http://vk.com/legendi_imperii
Arcane Magic -Sammelkarten RPG 1.7.2 APK
Erlebe die fantasitische Welt desKartenspiels!Arcane Magic ist ein KOSTENLOSESMMORPG-Sammelkartenspiel mitfesselnder Geschichte. Ein sehrbeginnerfeundliches Spiel, erlernees in nur 5 Minuten! Doch um eszu meistern benötigt es vieltaktisches Geschick.Preisträger des nord-amerikanischen Top 10 Mobilegames! UndeineFangemeinde mit über 3 million Spieler!Exklusiv für die deutsche Spielewelt optimiert,mitweiterentwickelten Funktionen und Fähigkeiten von Karten.Erlebedie neue deutsche Arcane Magic 2014!Spiele zusammen mit hunderttausenden Spielern online,sammelelegendäre Karten und entfessle ihre ultimative Kraft! Gründedeineigenen Klan und erobere die Welt von Arcane Magic!Beweise dich, und werde der Meister der deutschenZauberwelt!*****Features*****-Speziell für deutschsprachige Spieler optimiziert, miteignemdeutschen Server!-Unterschiedlichen Karten- und Runenrassen, ermöglichstäußerstvaiantenreiche Kämpfe mit unzähligen Kombinationen-Unzählige Karten mit fantastischen Zeichnungen undfesselndeStory-Direkten PVP Kämpfe gegen anderen Spieler, um der beste SpielerinArcane Magic zu werden-Klan vs. Klan Kämpfe, um Ruhm, Schätze und Belohnungenzuergattern-Weiterentwicklung von Karten um ihren stärksten Fähigkeitenzuentfesseln.*****Kommentar von US Spielern*****-Surprising. Never been into card based games. This is fun,lovelyvisuals-Great gameplay! I really love how the game teaches you, simpleandto the point! I live the art style and commentarybetweencharacters. Overall favorite game out if all 22 of myhameapps!-This game provides a perfect blend of casual card playing whileatthe same time adding a unique twist to the way you play. Deservesa5 star.******Note*****-Eine Internet-Verbindung wird benötigt.Wir heißen alle neuen Spieler des Arcane Magicswillkommen!Facebookseite: https://www.facebook.com/arcanemagicdeExperience the worldoffantasitische card game! Arcane Magic is a FREE MMORPG tradingcardgame with a compelling story. A very beginnerfeundliches game,itwill learn in 5 minutes! But to master it, it requires a lotoftactical skills.Winners of the North American Top 10 Mobile Games! And a fanbasewith over 3 million players!Exclusive to the German Games World optimized withadvancedfeatures and capabilities of cards. Enjoy the new GermanArcaneMagic 2014!Games online along with hundreds of thousands of players,collectlegendary cards and unleash their ultimate power! Reasonsyour ownclan and conquer the world of Arcane Magic!Prove yourself, and become the master of German magic world!***** Features *****Specially for German speaking players Processor is to optimize,witheignem German Server!-Unterschiedlichen Cards and runes breeds, ermöglichstextremelyvaiantenreiche struggles with myriad combinations-Countless Cards with fantastic drawings and captivatingstory-direct PVP battles against other players to be the best playerinArcane Magic-Klan Vs. Clan fighting to get hold of glory, richesandrewardsEvolution cycle of cards to unleash their strongest abilities.***** ***** Comment from US players-Surprising. Never been into card based games. This is fun,lovelyvisuals-Great Gameplay! I really love how the game Teaches you, simpleandto the point! I live the art style and commentary inbetweencharacters. Overall favorite game out if all 22 of myappshame!-This Game Provides a perfect blend of casual playing card whileatthe same time adding a unique twist to the way you play. Deservesa5 star.****** Note *****-An Internet connection is required.We welcome all new players of the Arcane Magics welcome!Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/arcanemagicde
Emross War - Deutsche 1.5.2 APK
ONLINE Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) Spiel fürsAndroid!BEFRISTETES ANGEBOT: JETZT UNTERLADEN UND ANMELDEN - ALLE NEUESPIELER WERDEN EIN GESCHENK ERHALTEN"Das beste MMORG Spiel ich bisher gespielt habe und zusammen mitmeinen Freunden spiele ich jetzt." -JoeyCho"Ich liebe es! Ich komme in Spiele wie das nicht gewöhnlich,aber aus irgendeinem Grund erregt dieses wirklich meineAufmerksamkeit." -Razie2Emross War ist ein gratis massively-multiplayer strategy game(mmo). Es nimmt nur 3 Minuten, um zu erfahren, und ist äußerstlustig!Die Geschichte geschieht in Emross, dem Land des Mythos und derLegende, das unter Kriegen unter dem Menschen, Elfen, und Orkenseit der sehr alten Zeit gewesen ist. Jetzt mit der Invasion derDevilarmee sind die Situationen noch kompliziertergeworden...Du wirst als ein junger Lord anfangen, der ein kleines Schloss vonseiner Familie erbt. Wo du dich allmählich entwickelst und deinenWeg zum Sieg marschierst, wirst du Chance haben, viele verschiedenelegendäre Helden zu treffen und zu rekrutieren, und im Stande zusein, das mächtigste Wächter-Wesen deiner eigenen Rasseaufzufordern!Und du kämpfst allein NICHT. Du und deine Freunde könnt eine sehrmächtige Allianz bauen; mache es eine dominierende Anwesenheit inEmross; und vereitle schließlich die Verwirrung und stelle Ordnungzum Land wieder her!SPIELEIGENSCHAFTEN:- Gut bestimmtes Leitungssystem: Es nimmt nur 3 Minuten, um zuerfahren, und ist äußerst lustig!- Führe zahlreiche anspruchsvolle Quests durch.- Traumhafte Grafik zu genießen.- KOSTENLOSE UPDATES mit neuen Quests, Sachen, Helden, undmehr!- Kämpfe mit anderen Spielern LIVE.- Aus 3 Rassen wählen —MENSCH, ELF, ORK— jede hat ihre eigenenSoldaten, Wächter-Wesen, und Helden.- Konstruktion, Forschung, Truppe Trainieren, Attackieren, undVerteidigungsstrategie sind komplet unter deiner Kontrolle!- Verbünde mit anderen Spielern, um dich stärker zu machen!- Du wirst nie dich einsam fühlen: Privater Chat, Allianz Chat,Welt Chat, Forums...volle Interaktion und Kommunikation!...und viel MEHR!"Ausgezeichnetes Spiel! Wenn du Reich-Bauen-Spiel magst, oder duAnhänger von ogame/travian/evony auf dem PC bist, denke ich, dassdu sicher das genießen wirst.""Als ich auf die Screenshots schaute, wusste ich, dass es eingutes Spiel für meinen Geschmack sein würde. Aber jetzt werde ichsagen, dass dieses Spiel völlig meine Erwartung überschreitet!""Ein großes Spiel, das du bedauern wirst zu verpassen!"ONLINEMassively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) game for Android!LIMITED TIME OFFER: DOWNLOAD NOW AND SIGN - ALL NEW PLAYERS WILLRECEIVE A GIFT"The best MMORG game I have ever played and I play with myfriends now." -JoeyCho"I love it, I'm not usually into games like this, but for somereason this really caught my attention." -Razie2Emross War is a free massively-multiplayer strategy game (mmo).It takes only 3 minutes to learn, and is extremely fun!The story happens in Emross, the land of Myth and Legend, whichhas been under wars among the humans, elves, and orcs since veryancient time. Now with the invasion of the Devil Army thesituations are becoming even more complex ...You will start as a young Lord, who inherits a small castle fromyour family. Where you gradually develop yourself and will marchyour way to victory, you will have chance to meet many differentlegend heroes, and to recruit, and to be able to ask the mostpowerful guardian creature of your own race!And you are NOT fighting alone. You and your friends can build avery powerful alliance; doing it a dominant presence in Emross, andfinally thwarting the confusion and put order to the land hereagain!GAME FEATURES:- Good particular line system: it takes only 3 minutes to learn,and is extremely fun!- Perform numerous challenging quests.- To enjoy gorgeous graphics.- FREE updates with new quests, items, heroes, and more!- Battle other players LIVE.- Choose from 3 races-HUMAN, ELF, ORC-each with different soldiers,guardian creatures, and heroes.- Construction, research, troop training, Offense and defensestrategy are under your complete control!- Alliances with other players to make you stronger!- You will NOT feel alone: ​​Private Chats, Alliance Chats, PublicChats, Forums ... full interaction and communication!... And much MORE!"Great Game If you like empire building game, or you are a fanof ogame / travian / evony on PC, I think you will surely enjoythis.""When I looked at the screenshots, I knew it would be a goodgame for my taste. But now I will say this game totally exceeds myexpectation!""A great game that you will regret to miss!"