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Avoid smoking app offers virtual cigarette,smoking pipe and shisha. Virtual smoking doesn’t damage your healthand saves your lungs from smoking side effects. Smoking killsthousands of people every year and our app Avoid Smoking is basedon this idea to protect the people from real life smoking. If youwant to stop smoking and you need some help, start virtual smokinginstead of real smoking.
Install a cigarette simulator on your phone and show your friendshow you smoke a virtual cigarette. Open packet of cigarettes andtake one out, light it up and see how it burns out slowly on thescreen of your phone. Blow in microphone to smoke a cigarettefaster.
Smoking pipe is basically an electronic cigarette. Make your ownsmoking pipe by adding different flavours and tobacco. If you donot smoke, we suggest you take this smoking pipe to do prankfriends. Avoid smoking offers virtual hookahs that are not harmfulto your health. Make your own hookah with different flavours andalcoholic soda. Place it on your face and act like you are smokinghookah. Instead of having real hookah, try this virtualhookah.
Do you want to surprise your friends and show them the real magic?Open Avoid Smoking app, put a cigarette and pretend to puff. Thecigarette on the phone will start burning faster. It will look asif you are really smoking a cigarette on the screen.
Get the most realistic cigarette in your pocket and enjoy thesubstantial fun by lightening the virtual cigarette. The virtualsmoking will keep you away from tobacco and nicotine. Choose thefavorite flavor and blow to show off the real fun of puffs. Stopburning the stomach and install for free and harmless smoking. Whyto waste money and health when a free cigarette, smoking pipe andshisha is available on your own smart phone device to help you tocurb the smoking addiction. It’s 100% harmless and tobacco free.Download avoid smoking app free to discover the magic!
Avoid smoking by simply using this app. Smoking is injurious toyour health. So, quit smoking and start working out for healthylife. Avoid Smoking pro will be helpful for you to stopsmoking.

• Realistic flame
• Sound detection through microphones
• Blow with the breathe
• Virtual cigarette, smoking pipe and shisha
• Real smoke
• Save your lungs
• Awesome graphics and animations

App Information Avoid Smoking

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