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Zebra’s AVS (Asset Visibility Service) Mobile application isthefirst app that enables you to access the high-levelassetvisibility and predictive insight into the health of yourZebramobile devices from mobile platforms such as tablets. AVSMobilefeatures: - Access to AVS portal including both AVS Adminpanel andAVS visibility dashboard - Visibility to inventory,health, andlocations of your mobile computing devices from Zebra -Predictiveinsights to your Zebra mobile devices’ health based onbig dataanalysis - User understandable indicators of devices’health withsuggested actions for you to better understand thestatus of yourdevices and take actions accordingly - Visibilitydashboard withtagging capability to better manage your view todevices - Highlevel visibility information on Repairs and Contracts- Contractand user management - Offline mode to provide the mostrecentvisibility information when there is no connection toInternetPlease note that the use of AVS Mobile application requiresthepurchase of the Asset Visibility Service for your Zebramobiledevices. AVS Mobile is regularly updated to include newfeaturesand devices. Support is available 24/7 via our website andsupportteam. Visit us at www.zebra.com to learn more about theserviceoffering and related managed service solutions.

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Zebra EM420 1.0.0 APK
Mobile Printing Made Easy! The Zebra EM420 Utility enables you tomodify printer settings and print a sample image directly to aZebra Technologies EM420 printer via Bluetooth. For moreinformation, please visit us at www.zebra.com/sdk for full details.
PrintConnect 1.2.739 (acc8102f15a46aadfafd3510636e1922944dc08d) APK
A Simpler Solution: From Zebra Technologies. Acting as a printerdriver for Android, PrintConnect makes it simple to add a printcomponent to your Android solution. PrintConnect can be used toprint either labels or receipt from Zebra printers. Use theWindows-based, WYSIWYG free ZebraDesigner app to create a templateand transfer it to the PrintConnect app using a Cloud file sharingservice. Then, easily discover and pair with Zebra Link-OS printersvia a Bluetooth or WLAN connection. Your Android app can "call"PrintConnect to print your content using the Android Intentssystem. This allows you to print from your solution without havingto embed the Software Development kit in your application.Zebraalso offers the TestConnect app - which uses Intents to call andprint demo labels and receipts. The source code for TestConnect isincluded in Zebra's Multiplatform SDK(https://www.zebra.com/us/en/products/software/barcode-printers/link-os/link-os-sdk.html) Use your Box or Dropbox account to transfer new templates toPrintConnect - ensuring your users are always working with thelatest format, designs and fonts. PrintConnect & TestConnectsupports the following Zebra printers: - iMZ series - QLn series -ZQ series - ZD series - ZT series PrintConnect is supported on thefollowing Android operating systems: - 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 and 5.0.See more product details athttps://www.zebra.com/us/en/products/software/barcode-printers/link-os/print-connect.html
Remote View 1.5 APK
Designed to work with Zebra Range of Androiddevices, You can view your Android device screen over a local areanetwork connection. Simply type the IP address and Port number intoyour HTML5 browser ( Chrome, Firefox or Safari )If no local area network is available or for greater responsetime you can also use ADB. To use ADB the port needs to beforwarded to the device.adb forward tcp:8480 tcp:8480Then connect to in your browser.To use:1. Press the Run button on the device so it displays the status ofWaiting.2. Enter the IP address and port into your web browser, Ie.http://xx.xx.xx.xx:84803. The status will change to Connected and you can see your Androidscreen on your desktopNotes; Internet Explorer is not supported as this does notaccept MJPEG codec.
Zebra EM220II 2.0.2 APK
Mobile Printing Made Easy! Zebra EM220II Utilities enables you tomodify printer settings and print a sample image directly to aZebra Technologies EM220II printer via Bluetooth or WLAN. For moreinformation, please visit us at www.zebra.com/sdk for full details.
Scan-To-Connect (STC) Utility APK
The Scan-To-Connect (STC) Utility enables a Zebra Bluetooth scannerto pair to a phone or tablet in one simple step, without having tomodify your app. Unlike standard HID keyboard, the STC Utilitysupports enhanced HID keyboard, which assures your data is receivedby your phone or tablet. If corrupted, it will be retransmitted. Iflost, you get an error beep to rescan item. The STC Utility alsohas a virtual keyboard to manually enter data for items that arenot bar coded, or if the bar code is unreadable (ie. Damaged).Additional functionality includes: 1. View the host’s Bluetooth MACaddress 2. Print a pairing barcode 3. Launch an application aftercompleting the pairing process 4. Hide “Settings” button whendeploying to production environments For more information go towww.Zebra.com/scantoconnect For Windows, Android and iOS appdevelopers, the source code for the pairing functionality ofScan-To-Connect is available for integration into your applicationat www.Zebra.com/scannersdk.
ZATAR IoT for Android 2.08 APK
The Zatar app for Android is where theInternetof Things and Enterprise Remote Device Managementintersect to bringnew capabilities to your Android device. Zataris an EnterpriseInternet of Things Cloud Service from ZebraTechnologies that makesit easy for you to build IoT devices andIoT applications that takeadvantage of the data the smart devicescreate.Zatar leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) principlesthatallow users connect a wide variety of devices to the platformandaccess them from reach applications through one consistent,secureand robust API.This app like other IoT apps built on Zatar uses the ZatarappsAPI to access information from Android devices.Login with an existing ZATAR account or sign up for a freeZATARaccount right from the app.Use your Android device to view and manage devices thatareconnected to the ZATAR IoT Cloud Service.After you sigh up, you can use your Android to view alldevicesin the ZATAR Public world, or view the devices in your ownPrivateworld. You can also register your Android device on ZATARandpublish the device sensor data and even make your device amemberof the ZATAR public world.
Force Rotation 1.0.1 APK
The Application allows the rotation ofthedevice to be set to eitherDefault - The standard setting configured by the SettingsorApplicationPortrait - Fixes the rotation to Portrait regardless of anyothersettingsLandscape - Fixes the the orientation to landscape
123RFID Mobile APK
The ‘123RFID Mobile’ is the Zebra RFID application to demonstratefeatures and functionality of Zebra RFID Handheld readers RFD8500,RFD2000 and MC33XXR - a best performing RFID readers in market. Itallows you to do inventory, access operation and tag locationingfrom single application Following are the highlights ofapplication:  Rapid read  Simple and memory bank based inventory Tag locationing  Access operations like read, write, lock andkill  Pre filters  Profiles - configure reader quickly forvarious modes (Fastest Read, Cycle count, Optimal battery, BalancedPerformance etc.)  Reader RFID settings (antenna, singulation,triggers and tag reporting)  View battery status  Beeper control Reader Power optimization – improves reader battery life  Saveconfigurations  Easy navigation and simple to use