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Ayurveda in sanskrit is called life-knowledge, is the ancientsystem of medicine with historical roots in India. Presenting a newway of getting all knowledge about Ayurveda via our single app,we've included many features which will be very helpful to you indaily life. General wellness can be taken care via this app andsave yourself any serious diseases. It have been said one smallgood habit changes your life expectancy and we've purposed this appfor only sole purpose of creating good habits among our users.There are many categories included in category of diseases andtheir easy remedies, diseases like insomnia, infections, and ulcersare all explained in a very subtle manner. We've also included theways of living your life in a healthy and happy manner, eitheryou're trying to gain or lose weight; you can read all the tips.Youcan use this app for absolute knowledge and help yourself or helpyour loved ones by sharing this knowledge.Features: - All remedies,symptoms of common diseases at one place.- Interactive userinterface and easy to use.- Tips about getting beautiful andcharming skin via natural remedies.- Healthy ways to live yourlife.- Desi Indian ways to improve your health by organicmaterials.If you're pursuing any problems kindly get back to us vialeaving your comments on the review section.Don't forget to rateand share this app.Peace.

App Information Ayurvedic Treatments (Upchar)

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    Ayurvedic Treatments (Upchar)
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    January 9, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Health & Fitness
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Immense yourself in the true knowledge of Hindi stories with somemoral in the end, try our very new app in which we've packedseveral stories which will save you from boredom and your hungerfor information. Download **HINDI STORIES - GYANVARDHAK HINDIKAHANIYAN and see for yourself what can you learn for our very app.Easy to navigate and simple user interface have been our priorityand we've delivered it very proficiently, as you'll see the natureand calmness of the application, it is very easy to use and sharestories between your friends and family. There are many features ofthis app, like various customization like setting up reading modein three modes which are light, dark and sepia; you can also setthe brightness and font size using simple navigational controlswhich is quite easy for kids who want to learn Hindi or pursuingsome educational course in Hindi. Give it a try it'll be a greatexperience to read all the stories, learn and make somethingimportant to these stories. For hugs and bugs kindly rate and leaveyour comments in the review section. It'll be a great help if youcan provide your feedback to make this app even better. Peace.
Alif Laila Stories in Hindi 1.3 APK
अलिफ लैला की कहानी अरब देश की एक प्रचलित लोक कथा है जो पूरी दुनियामें सदियों से सुनी व पढ़ी जाती रही है। यह हज़ार कहानियों का एकखूबसूरत गुलदस्ता है, जिसमें प्रत्येक कहानियां एक पफूल की तरह है। इनकहानियों में प्यार, सुख, दुःख, दर्द, धेखा, बेवपफाई, ईमानदारी,कर्तव्य, भावनाएं जैसे भावों का अद्भुत संतुलन है, जिसको पाठकों औरश्रोताओं को हमेशा लुभाया है। इस कथा के अनुसार, बादशाह शहरयार अपनीमलिका की बेवपफाई से दुःखी होकर उसका और उसकी सभी दासियों का कत्ल करदेता है और प्रतिज्ञा करता है कि रोजाना एक स्त्री के साथ विवाहकरूंगा और अगली सुबह उसे कत्ल कर दूंगा। बादशाह के नफऱत से उत्पन्ननारी जाति के प्रति इस अत्याचार को रोकने के लिए बादशाह के वजीर कीपुत्री शहरजाद उससे शादी कर लेती है। वह किस्से-कहानी सुनने के शौकीनबादशाह को विविध् प्रकार की कहानियां सुनाती है, जो हज़ार रातों मेंपूरी होती है। कहानी पूरी सुनने की लालसा में बादशाह अपनी दुल्हन काकत्ल नहीं कर पाता और उसे अपनी बेगम से प्यार हो जाता है। अपनी बेगमकी बुद्धिमिता से प्रभावित बादशाह औरतों के प्रति अपने मन में उत्पन्ननफऱत को खत्म करने के अलावा अपनी प्रतिज्ञा भी तोड़ देता है और अंतमें अपनी बेगम के साथ हंसी-खुशी रहने लगता है। The Arabian Nights,also known as The Thousand and One Nights, is a collection oforiginal talks in Arabic. Popularized during the middle Ages; itoffers an inexhaustible fund of pleasure. No other body of Asianwriting, except The Bible, perhaps, has had such large readership.Most of the stories are of unknown origin, having survived withIndian and Arabian folklore. As early as the 10th century some ofits 264 tales were transmitted orally by story tellers in theMuslim world. By about the middle of the 15th century the work hadassumed its present form. The different stories were organizedwithin a frame-tale in the manner of the much older Panchatantra,Boccaccio's famous cycle of stories, or the Canterbury Tales ofChaucer.The frame-tale recounts how the jealous sultan Shahryarconvinced of the faithlessness of women married a new wife eachevening and put her to death the following morning, until his brideShahrzad won a reprieve by starting a story on her wedding nightand terminating it tantalizingly before its climax, therebyretaining its interest. Thus she kept winning a delay of executionfor one thousand nights, during which time she produced three maleheirs and amply demonstrated the faithfulness of the female. Thesultan finally relented and granted her a pardon on the onethousand and first night.The Arabian Nights was introduced intoEurope in the 18th century by a French translation. Since thenSinbad the Sailor, Aladdin and his Magic Lamp, Ali Baba and theForty Thieves have become familiar references. The best knownEnglish translations are those by Edward W. Lane (1840) and SirRichard Burton (1885-86). The stories inspired the Russian composerNikolai Rimski-Korsakov to compose a symphonic suite entitledScheherazade.The stories make their appeal to fundamental humandrives and convey the spirit of the East and Muhammadan life, itsexotic settings, customs and sensuality. According to one observer,"As it figures in these tales, the fabulous, mysterious East withits spirit of adventure, its black magic, its seductive scents, itsecstatic lovers, its enchanting blossoms and enchanted princes,produces an effect unique and unforgettable".Features:- Easy to useuser-interface.- Simple navigation between apps.- Categoricallydivided topics.If you're pursuing any problems kindly leave yourcomments in the review section.Kindly rate and share this app tokeep up the good work.For hugs and bugs kindly mail us.Peace.
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Ying Yang koi fishUse your cell phone as source of good luck withattractive live wall paper of Ying yang Koi fish. Make differentpatterns by touching screen and mobilizing fishes in your desireddirection. Make cool moving patterns with different colorcombination. All this is possible by selection of desired This wallpaper is going strengthen positive and negative energies in yourmind and lead you to higher success rate. This wall paper willinspire you to overcome innumerous obstacle as it shows the speedymovement with twists and turns. Features : - - Custom 8 backgroundswith parallax moving- Various Color Schemes- Customise rotationspeed, numbers, patterns etc.- Interactive customization settings-Remarkably charming & artistic fishes- Battery Optimized LWP-Efficient PerformanceHow To Set:- go to your home screen;- pressthe menu button on your device;- select "Wallpaper";- select "LiveWallpapers";- search and select for " Live Wallpaper"- select"Settings" to see the settings or select "Set wallpaper" toactivate it.I hope you enjoy this Lovely Live Wallpaper andencourage us for further apps.