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A simple app for your baby or toddler - purely designed to helpthemlearn about animals and their sounds, whilst doing what theydo bestwhen they get hold of your phone... bash the screen! - 8animals,tap the screen to load a new animal with sound! - Noadvertisementswithin the Baby Bash section of the app - Moreanimals addedregularly - Child safe and friendly Download for freetoday!

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    Baby Bash!
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    September 9, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Free Weight Loss Hypnosis 2.6.3 APK
If you are fed up of dieting, eat for comfort, obsessed by food andcounting calories then this programme is for YOU! Worldwidebest-selling, 2 part weight loss hypnosis programme, written andprofessionally recorded by Amanda Stanhope. This is the FREEversion of Weight Loss Hypnosis (2 in 1!), and is supported bybanner adverts. It does not contain any in-app purchases.You willreceive TWO programmes in this app! The first programme:Food &Eating – Listen to this first part for 3 weeks to make permanentpositive change in your eating habits. The results may be instantafter first use or may develop after a few sessions. You willnotice changes in your behaviour with regard to food...only eatingwhen you are physically hungry, drinking more water, stoppingeating when you are full, eating the foods you fancy, going off thetaste of fatty and greasy foods, noticing you think much less aboutfood and differentiating hunger from emotion. You may experienceall or some of these changes but trust that your sub-conscious mindwill utilise the suggestions that are right for you.You are NOTdieting. This isn’t a diet or a crash weight loss programme.Youwill steadily get rid of excess weight and change your eatinghabits to not only get rid of weight once and for all but to theneasily maintain it.Part 2 of the programme:Exercise &Motivation – After the first 3 weeks begin to listen to the secondpart of the programme. As your eating habits change and you beginto see the pounds dropping off use this hypnosis session toincrease your motivation and desire to move your body more. You mayfind yourself walking more and generally being more active. Yourconfidence will improve and the increased activity will boost theweight loss.For best results listen to the hypnosis sessions withearphones and do not play whilst driving or operating machinerybecause these recordings will induce a wonderful relaxing trancestate.This weight loss programme has been No.1 on Amazon.co.uk forthe past year and has fantastic reviews which speak forthemselves.Recent testimonial:I started this CD 8 days ago (basedon 7 great reviews it had received), and already I have lost anincredible 11 pounds!!! Can't quite believe it! I was your classicdieter and I've tried everything over the years - Unislim, WeightWatchers, Slimming World, Motivation Clinic, Lipotrim, Slim Fast,GI Diet, Gillian McKeith, Carol Vorderman - you name it, I've triedit! I'd also tried Paul McKenna's CD, but without success. Amandahad a lovely, soothing voice, and the half an hour is up before youknow it. After my first listen to this CD, my eating habits changedimmediately! It was like completing all the work in the book"Overcoming Overeating", without having to actually do anything!All of a sudden I'm only eating when I'm hungry, craving healthierfoods, leaving food on my plate, and not feeling any guiltwhatsoever if I have a sweet treat. Before, if I had a treat, Iwould have felt guilty, binged for the rest of the day, then feltterrible about myself. I can't stress how brilliant this CD is, andwill be recommending it to everyone I know! Still have 2 stones tolose, so I'll update this post and let you know how I get on!PLEASENOTE: This app is around 24Mb and is programmed to attempt toinstall directly to your memory card to save space on your device.
Anxiety & Panic Relief 2.4.0 APK
Do you suffer with anxiety? Stress? Worry? Panic attacks? Excessivefear? Depression? Anxiety and stress related illness are at an alltime high right now due to many reasons including job loss,unemployment, financial pressure, bankruptcy, house repossession...you name it, times are tough! Anxiety can be very distressingwhether your symptoms are mild or severe and often accompanied bypanic attacks. Anxiety is fuelled by worry and negative thoughtsand is also a symptom of stress. Amanda has written and recordedthis session based on her experience of helping people overcomeanxiety and manage stress. The recording in itself is extremelyrelaxing and will bring down levels of stress, allowing your mindto have a break from worry. It then gives you positive suggestionsto take on board to cope with stress and anxiety to keep youfeeling calm and composed, alleviating both physical and mentalsymptoms. This session has been professionally recorded using stateof the art digital recording technology. It includes backgroundsound effects and highly powerful voice confusion techniques withdifferent spoken word effects in each speaker to create awonderfully relaxing deep trance. Simply listen for 30 minutes, asoften as you would like!
Dictionary - English 🔎 📔 1.0.1 APK
Have the power for a fast, free, easy to use and great lookingdictionary in your pocket! Look up any word or phrase whilst on thego, any time you want! Fantastic, easy to use features include:-Word Of The Day: Have a fantastic new Word Of The Day delivered toyou every single day! Expand your vocabulary and learn somethingnew!- Favourites: Have a favourite word or need to go back to aword frequently? Simply tap the heart button to add it to yourfavourites!- History: Need to look up a word quickly and come backto it later? Or simply see a list of what you have been searchingfor recently? Every term you look up is added automatically to yourhistory!- Powered by Collins: We've used the power of theincredible Collins dictionary to bring you an amazing service.Download now!
Deep Sleep & Relaxation 😴 🛌 2.4.0 APK
This hypnosis app does exactly what it says... It helps you torelax! Do you suffer from sleep problems and insomnia? Do you findit hard to switch off? Do you worry constantly? Do you spend timelying in bed at night wide awake with a million thoughts goinground? Are you stressed? This hypnosis recording has been the mostrequested over the past few years as we simply find it hard torelax and switch off. Even when we go on holiday, it often takesdays to get to that point where we simply do just relax. In ourfast paced world we have forgotten not only how to relax but alsohow important it is to do so! Amanda has written this hypnosissession to take you on a guided journey of relaxation. It will helpto relax your body so you are able to let go of tension and help torelax your mind so that you are able to simply switch off and trulyrelax. Amanda has an incredibly soft and soothing voice, one thatyou will enjoy listening to as she guides you on a wonderfuljourney of relaxation. This hypnosis app has been professionallyrecorded using state of the art digital recording technology. Itincludes background sound effects, hypnotic music composedspecifically to induce deep relaxation and voice echoes to create awonderfully relaxing deep trance. This app is safe for everyone touse at any age. Simply listen for 30 minutes as often as you wouldlike!
Hindu Vedas - English 🙏 🕉 1.3 APK
This is the English translation of Hinduism's holy book, The Vedas.This app contains all 10 books, and all chapters for every book.All content for the book is offline, and no internet connection isneeded to browse the books and chapters. Enjoy!Fromreligionfacts.com: "What are the Vedas?"The most sacred scripturesof Hinduism are the Vedas ("Books of Knowledge"), a collection oftexts written in Sanskrit from about 1200 BCE to 100 CE. As sruti,the Vedas are regarded as the absolute authority for religiousknowledge and a test of Hindu orthodoxy (both Jains and Buddhistsreject the Vedas). "For Hindus, the Veda is a symbol ofunchallenged authority and tradition." {1}Selections from the Vedasare still memorized and recited for religious merit today. Yet muchof the religion presented in the Vedas is unknown today and playslittle to no role in modern Hinduism.As historical and religiousliterature often is, the text is written from the perspective ofthe most powerful groups, priests and warrior-kings. Scholars sayit is therefore unlikely that it represents the totality ofreligious belief and practice in India in the first millennium BCE.This perspective is especially evident in the earlier parts of theVedas, in which the primary concerns are war, rain, and dealingwith the "slaves," or native inhabitants of India.Initially, theVedas consisted of four collections of mantras (Samhitas), eachassociated with a particular priest or aspect of ritual: Rig Veda(Wisdom of the Verses); Sama Veda (Wisdom of the Chants); YajurVeda (Wisdom of the Sacrificial Formulas); and Atharva Veda (Wisdomof the Atharvan Priests).Over the centuries, three kinds ofadditional literature were attached to each of the Samhitas:Brahmanas (discussions of the ritual); Aranyakas ("books studied inthe forest"); and Upanishads (philosophical writings).In theselater texts, especially the Upanishads, the polytheism of theearlier Vedas has evolved into a pantheism focused on Brahman, thesupreme reality of the universe. This concept remains a key featureof Hindu philosophy today.- The Rig VedaComposed as early as 1500BC, the Rig Veda or Rg Veda ("Wisdom of the Verses") is the oldestof the four Vedic collections and one of the oldest survivingsacred texts in the world. The Rig Veda consists of 10,552 verses(collected into 10 books) of hymns and mantras used by the hotripriests.The hymns of the Rig Veda focus on pleasing the principalgods Indra (war, wind and rain), Agni (the sacrificial fire), Surga(the sun) and Varuna (the cosmic order) through ritual sacrifices.Along with governing important matters of life such as rain, wind,fire and war, the Vedic gods also forgive wrongdoing (5.85.7) andmete out justice in the afterlife (1.97.1).Deceased ancestors areable to influence the living (10.15.6), so they are also appeasedwith rituals (10.15.1-11). The afterlife of the Rig Veda is eternalconscious survival in the abode of Yama, the god of the dead(9.113.7-11). It is the gods, not karma, that are responsible forassuring justice in this life and the next (7.104).
Confidence Hypnosis! ⚡️💯 2.4.0 APK
Do you suffer with insecurity? Do you lack confidence personallyand professionally? Is lack of confidence holding you back? Wouldyou like more confidence in yourself socially? More confidence atwork? Confidence to go for that job? Confidence to do yourpresentation at work? Confidence to deliver a speech? This hypnosisapp has been written by Amanda Stanhope (www.amandastanhope.com) todevelop your confidence to the highest of levels so that you canachieve what you need to. Using Neuro-Linguistic Programmingcombined with hypnosis, really growing your confidence effectivelyand successfully. This app can be used to grow your confidencebefore a significant event such as an interview, a public speakingevent, a social night out with people you don’t know very well orit can be used for generally increasing your self confidence tohelp you in every day life. The app is extremely relaxing and hasbeen professionally recorded using state of the art digitalrecording technology. It includes background sound effects andhighly powerful voice confusion techniques with different spokenword effects in each speaker to create a wonderfully relaxing deeptrance. Simply listen for 30 minutes, as often as you want, andreally see your confidence levels increasing!
Self Esteem Hypnosis 2.4.0 APK
Do you value yourself? Do you attract negative people/situations inyour life? Have you ever wondered why you might fall into the samepatterns in life of attracting bad relationships, jobs that makeyou feel worthless, people putting you down, being criticised? Doyou suffer with depression? Would you say that you often puteveryone else first? Do you feel worthless? Undervalued?Undermined? Useless? Stupid? Do you feel that you deserve to betreated badly? Do you carry pain, hurt, bitterness around with youfrom the past? Developing a high self esteem is crucial to beinghappy! So what is self esteem you might ask? Self esteem quitesimply is the value we put on ourselves. Throughout life our selfesteem can become damaged by others, damaged in childhood, damagedin relationships. People with high self esteem have a quietconfidence in themselves, they treat themselves well, know theirtrue value, adapt well to change and generally lead happy andsuccessful lives. Amanda has written this session to help youdevelop a high sense of self worth. It will help you to let go ofpast hurts, betrayals, criticism, doubt and build up your sense oftrue value of self. It is a very true saying that how can otherslove and value you if you don’t love and value yourself... Thesession is extremely relaxing and has been professionally recordedusing state of the art digital recording technology. It includesbackground sound effects and highly powerful voice confusiontechniques with different spoken word effects in each speaker tocreate a wonderfully relaxing deep trance. Simply listen for 30minutes, as often as required, and really see your life change asyou develop high self esteem!
Mahabharata - English 🙏 🕉 1.0 APK
Carry all 18 books of The Mahabharata with you, all offline! Readthe entire epic saga of The Mahabharata.Fantastic featuresinclude:- Resume the last chapter for every single book- RandomPassage: Read a random passage from The Mahabharata- Notifications:Get a random passage delivered to your notifications every hour,day, few days, week or month!A brief description of The Mahabharatafrom Wikipedia:The Mahabharata is an epic narrative of theKurukshetra War and the fates of the Kaurava and the Pandavaprinces. It also contains philosophical and devotional material,such as a discussion of the four "goals of life" or purusharthas(12.161). Among the principal works and stories in the Mahabharataare the Bhagavad Gita, the story of Damayanti, an abbreviatedversion of the Ramayana, and the Rishyasringa, often considered asworks in their own right.Download this fantastic now and keep thepower and wisdom of The Mahabharata in your pocket!