1.0 / April 30, 2017
(4.3/5) (60)


Baby-Boss Adventure is a hot arcade game with the new heroic,hero,champion, loved character super boy (Baby-Boss) This adventure is ajourney that brings your old childhood memories back. This classicarcade game-play will make you addict to because it is addictive.Inthe Baby-Boss Adventure, Sboy (Baby-Boss) must, jump smash monstersto pass so many threats. With familiar characters, Sboy,Baby-BossAdventure will remind you of your old days.In this fun,run,superadventure of the Sboy (Baby-Boss) will have to run and collectcoins, power-up to kill the bosse in the worlds to get the thetemple or castle.Great Features Of The Baby-Boss Adventure: - Greatgraphics and music:- 100 free levels with 5 worlds and 9 bosses tofight and more coming soon.- Over 20 enemies,monsters and power upobstacles.- Underground and water world, swim, super jump and superrun.- Sboy Baby Boss can transform his size and become super goldenBabyBoss, by taking the mushroom (bb bottle).- Destroy-able bricks,blocks and moving platform.

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    Baby Boss Adventure
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    April 30, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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Super Chaves Adventures is a superclassicadventure and legendary side-scrolling arcade gameadventure+Super Chaves Adventures addictive, thrilling and challengingsuperjungle adventure hit+Super Chaves Adventures old super school jump and run platform/obstacles run ner+ Super Chaves Adventures classic platformer for kids, childrenandadults+ Super Chaves Adventures side-scroller super gameplay witheasygame console pad controls+ Super Chaves Adventures easy and free to play - hardtomaster+ Super Chaves Adventures jungle retro run ning and jumpingadventureSuper Chaves Adventure`s princess is being kidnapped in thejungleby wicked crocs, spiders and dragons and brought to darkcastles.It is up to Super Chaves Adventures, the little kid(chavesadventures) to help,rescue her!But run in the jungle adventure take care! Lots ofenemies,troubles, obstacles, traps and bosses are defending yourwaythrough the jungle world and wonder world s.To get to the loveley princess, super chaves adventures will havetorun and jump over obstacles run, fight and shoot against angrybees,crocs, crawfishes, snakes, birds, frogs, hedgehogs,mushrooms,skeletons, leps, snails and many other dragons andmonsters thatexsists in the jungle he run, jumpSuper Chaves Adventures Climb,jump,run ,run mountains and stairsinJungle fight against perhistoric enemies, avoid fallingbricks,find hidden blocks and levels, collect coins and diamonds,swimthrough dangerous seas, explore lot of challenging andaddictivejungle and lands and defeat all cruel enemies andbosses.runFeatures Super Chaves Adventures retro game adventures :+in Super Chaves Adventures 4 different addictive worlds(Junglewonder land, crazy forest, egypt world and cave land)+ in Super Chaves Adventures 80 beautiful, well-designed andrunchallening levels with increasing difficulty+ 8 awesome boss fights, run , jump through jungle (angryscorpion,dangerous spider, bee golem and crocodile boss) in 8differentcastles+ in Super Chaves Adventures many power ups, bonus levels,hiddenblocks and bonus items+ in Super Chaves Adventures over 20 different, greatanimatedenemies such as crocs, frogs, spiders, snails and many morethroughjungle+in Super Chaves Adventures high resolution graphics - greatmixbetween 2D and 3D graphics+ retro arcade music and old school sound effects+ perfect, intuitve run game control through retro control padlikeon console games+ special Super Chaves Adventures skills hidden indestroyableblocks and bricksin Super Chaves Adventures is awesome run game play remindingtoretro classic games+ in Super Chaves Adventures sea and water worlds - jump ing,running and swimming !+ try to unlock all achievements and to be number oneofleaderboards!How to play Super Chaves Adventures retro game :+ for moving the chaves character click on right or left onthecontrol pad!+ click down for ducking or on some tree stumps to get to abonuslevel!+ press B-button to make Super Chaves Adventures jump ing!+ press A-button AND right or left for run ning; press A andBtogether for a higher and wider jump,run in the jungle !+ after eating an apple you become Super Silver chavesadventuresand will be able to destroy bricks!+ after eating a golden flower you become Super Goldenchavesadventures and will be able to shoot balls - press B-Buttonforshooting!+ chaves adventures adventures swimming: press A-Buttonmultipletimes to swim higher ... release your finger from button togodown!Enjoy this brand new super jungle adventure (Run,Jump throughthejungle) platformer game!
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Super Wood Run World 2 1.3 APK
With Super Wood Run World 2, Face the unknown dangers and fear!Itis a fun game for everyone.( adults as well as kids ), Try it outand enjoy!Super Wood Run World 2 is a running game where you needto cross different obstacles,Obstructions, complications...overcome dangers while collecting as many coins as you can to scorethe highest..Super Wood Run World 2 , is the new best classic retroadventure platform game like Super Jungle World. In this super runworld, super must shoot, fight and smash enemies, find items topass stages and levels . Super Wood Run World 2 run and jumpsacross platforms through Jungle,woods and stops enemies andantagonists during the levels. He has to collect coins in order tobuy new lives, or bullets...Super Wood Run World 2 is an amazingrunning and jumping adventure game,Super Wood Run World 2 is a FREEgame with exhilarating arcade game play!
Super Chavesz Adventure 2 1.0 APK
Super Chavesz Adventure 2 is a super classic adventure andlegendary side-scrolling arcade platformer.+ Super Chavesz is anAddictive, thrilling and challenging jungle run adventure hit+Super Chavesz is an Old school jump and run platform / obstaclesrun ner Adventure+ Super Chavesz is a side-stroller run Adventure,gameplay with easy console pad controls+ Super Chavesz is Easy andfree to play - hard to master+ Super Chavesz is a super classicjungle retro run ning and jump ing adventureSuper Chavesz has topass,run,jump lots of evil crocs in the adventure, by run ing andjump ing spiders and dragons and also go through noir castles,temple. You are Super Chavesz - the cool superhero boy!But takecare! Lots of enemies, troubles, obstacles, traps and bosses inyour way through the jungle and wonder world.To finish theAdventure of Super Chavesz , Super Chavesz will have to jump andrun over many obstacles, fight and shoot against ninjas, cruelcrocs, hedgehogs, skeletons, leps, cats and many other monsters anddragons in his adventure.Climb up huge miraculous bridges,mountains and stairs, fight against enemies, avoid falling bricks,find hidden noir blocks and levels, collect coins, swim throughdangerous seas, explore lot of challenging and addictive jungleworld and lands and defeat all cruel bosses in this run, jump superAdventure.This cool Jump and Run Adventure of Super Chavesz is anaddictive old school arcade jungle adventure game!Exciting featuresof SuperChavez Adventures:+ 4 different addictive worlds to run andjump in Super Chavesz adventure (miraculous land, crazy noirforest, Egypt world and cave sphere) + 8 awesome boss fights inSuper Chavesz adventure (angry scorpion, dangerous spider, bee catgolem and crocodile boss)+ Great number of power ups, bonus rounds,secret super blocks and bonus items in Super Chavesz adventure+Great animated enemies such as crocs, cats, frogs, spiders,monsters, dragons, snails and many more+ Great mix between 2D and3D graphics in very high resolution+ perfect, intuitive super gamecontrol through retro console games control pad+ awesome, supergameplay reminding to retro classic dash adventure run, jump games+water and sea world - to swin and jump ing, run ning, fight ing ANDswim ming!+ try to unlock all achievements and to be number one ofleaderboards!How to play Super Chavesz Adventure:+ click right orleft on your control pad for movingn run ing Super Chavesz superhero boy !+ press B-button to make Super Chavesz jump ing!+ pressA-button AND right or left for run ning; press A and B together fora higher and wider jump!+ By eating an apple you will become SuperSilver Super Chavesz,+ By eating golden flowers you will becomeGolden Super Chavesz and be able to throw fireballs + Super Chaveszalso can swim sometimes - press A-Button multiple times to swimhigher ... release finger from button to get Super Chavesz godown!Have fun with Super Chavesz in this cool new super adventureplatformer tale game!
Dinnes Da Menace Adventure 1.0 APK
Dinnes Da Menace Adventure is a super smash adventure and legendaryside scrolling platformer.Dinnes Da Menace Adventure is : +Addictive, thrilling and challenging jungle smash hit+ Jump and run/ obstacles platform runner+ Game for all ages ,classic platformerfor kids, children and adults, + Amazing,Miraculous side scrollergameplay with nothing hard but easy game console pad controls.+Free and easy to play but hard to master + running and jump ingThis super Adventure Dinnes Da Menace based on the the animi DinnesDa Menace and Dinnes Da Menace cartoon and Dinnes Da Menace strikagain film. Dinnes Da Menace Adventure has to pass lots of evilcrocs, spiders and dragons and also go through noir castles,temple. You are The super Dinnes Da Menace , the super run boyrun!Be careful! Lots of dangers, enemies, troubles, obstacles,difficult traps and bosses are defending The super Dinnes Da Menaceway through the cityville, city ,jungle, subway, desert,and wonderworlds to the castle or to the temple.To finish the platformer ofDinnes Da Menace Adventure will have to jump and run over manyobstacles, fight and shoot against ninjas, cruel crocs, hedgehogs,skeletons, leps, cats and many other monsters and dragons.The superDinnes Da Menace Climb up huge miraculous bridges, mountains andstairs, fight against prehistoric enemies, avoid falling , Thesuper Dinnes Da Menace find hidden noir blocks and levels to thetemple, castle, collect coins, swim through dangerous seas, Thesuper Dinnes Da Menace explore lot of challenging and addictivecityville, jungle,desert world and lands and defeat,run, jump,fightall cruel bosses and enemies on the Adventure of The super DinnesDa Menace to the temple or castle.Dinnes Da Menace is a miraculous,amazing Jump and Run Adventure game; The super Dinnes Da Menace isan addictive run arcade cityville, subway, jungle, desert, temple,adventure run, jump game! Exciting features of The super Dinnes DaMenace run, jump Adventure :+ different addictive worlds in Thesuper Dinnes Da Menace (miraculous land, cityville, jungle, forest,desert world and cave sphere) + wonderful, well-designed, excitingand challening levels to the temple with slowly increasing gamedifficulty+ awesome boss fights in The super Dinnes Da Menaceadventure (angry scorpion, dangerous spider, bee cat golem andcrocodile boss) in different dark castles,jungle, cityville,temple,desert..worlds.+ great number of power ups, bonus rounds,secret blocks and bonus items in super run, jump in The superDinnes Da Menace adventure in jungle cityville, desert, subway tothe castle or temple.+ over 20 various, great animated enemies suchas crocs, cats, frogs, spiders, monsters, dragons, snails and manymore in Dinnes Da Menace game + Dinnes Da Menace is great mixbetween 2D and 3D graphics in very high resolution+ Dinnes DaMenace is a perfect, intuitive super game control through retroconsole games control pad+ Dinnes Da Menace is an awesome game playreminding to retro classic dash ,run game+ in this Adventure waterand sea worlds - jump ing, running, fight ing AND swimming!How toplay Dinnes Da Menace Adventure :+ click right or left on yourcontrol pad for moving The super Dinnes Da Menace super run boyrun!+ down-button is for ducking The super Dinnes Da Menace andalso to get to some bonus levels in the Adventure (under treestumps)+ press B-button to make The super Dinnes Da Menace run boyrun jump ing in his Adventure !+ press A-button AND right or leftfor running The super Dinnes Da Menace ; press A and B together fora higher and wider jump in the Adventure !+ by eating goldenflowers you will become Super Golden Dinnes Da Menace in theAdventure and be able to throw fireballs Have fun with this coolnew super Dinnes Da Menace adventure platformer tale game!
Super Narcuz Adventure 1.0 APK
"Narcuz Adventure" is a legendary platformer,game with nearlymillion downloads! So, get in on the fun!Be quick... and helpNarcuz find his gold, coins to take it to the castle, temple, It'shidden in a range of awesomely well-designed world, and he'sdetermined to find it all in his way to the castle, temple!PLEASENOTE: Narcuz 's Adventure is completely free to play.Narcuz 'sAdventure features:+ 136 well-designed levels,wolrd...+ Fabulousanimations and in-game graphics+ 6 different world themes+ 9challenging enemies+ Game Services with tricky achievements andawesome leaderboards+ Compare your progress with that of yourFacebook friends!+ Multiplayer capabilityNarcuz has to find hisgold through his adventure to reach the castle, temple, so to findit in his world he needs you to help him run and jump through thefantastical of Narcuz 's World. Be careful, though. This place(world) is full of beastly monsters, and they'll do everything theycan to stop him to get to the temple . If you collect a the bloodbottle, his health grows. Ah, but health alone won't keep Narcuzout of trouble and out of danger in his adventure . Even an angrybee could sting him! Use your smooth, easy moves to guide Narcuz onhis adventure.