1.0.2 / April 27, 2017
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Take care of a sweet baby bunny and give thema brand new makeover. Caring for an animal is so much fun and hereyou can wash, brush, and clean your bunny before giving them afeed. You can also add some personality to their sleeping area bymixing and matching a new home and pillow. Accessorize your bunnyand give them a grand makeover to make them feel special all daylong. Try it today!

* Wash, dry and brush your baby bunny before cleaning its ears andtrimming its nails.
* Give your baby bunny a feed and water before cleaning out theirbed.
* Create a new sleeping and eating space by choosing a new bed anddecorating it.
* Accessorize your bunny’s new look by adding some bling, clothingand other decorations.

App Information Baby bunny grooming makeover

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Pony makeover hair salon APK
Owning a pony is great fun, and what betterway to make the pony your own than by giving her a wonderfulmakeover. With this hair salon game you can easily give your pony anew and creative look that will make her feel super special. Hereyou can wash, scrub and dry your pony, before brushing her hairuntil it is straight. After she is all clean you can then have funwith accessorizing her look by changing her hair color, body color,eye color, wing design, and body pattern before adding the finaldecorative headpieces that gives your pony its own personality. Soif you love ponies and want one for your very own, why not have funwith this free pony makeover game today.Features:• Wet your pony and scrub her down with the sponge ready for thesoap.• Apply bubble bath to your pony before scrubbing her down with ahand wrap.• Rinse the soap off your pony before drying and blow drying herdown to stop her from getting cold.• Brush your pony’s hair to make it nice and straight and ready forstyling.• Accessorize and change your ponies mane and tail color for a newlook.• Change the pattern on her skin to match her mane and tailcolor.• Mix and match her skin color to suit your pony’s tail andmane.• Change the wing design to make her look more impressive.• Match the eye color with the color of your pony to make her lookbeautiful.• Accessorize and add the finial finishing touches to her head witha lovely headpiece.
Cooking Ice cream cake mania 2.0.3 APK
Cooking cakes are always great fun but cookingan ice cream cake, well that definitely is exciting for everyone!If you love to eat ice cream then why not follow the directions ofthe recipe given to easily mix your ingredients together to createthe perfect ice-cream cake that you can decorate! By cooking andfreezing your cake you will then be able to let your creative sidewild by decorating your cake with so many great topping and plateoptions to choose from! By choosing the different decorations youcan create beautiful cake masterpieces that everyone will love andenjoy!This cooking game feature a lot of things like:* MIX all your ingredients together to prepare the perfectice-cream cake!* COOK your cake in the oven then add ice cream and freeze it readyfor decorating!* CHOOSE between 7 different decoration sections to create theperfect ice-cream cake masterpiece!* CHANGE the color and designs of your decorations bymulti-clicking on the icons!* SHOW your cake to all your friends!* CREATE many stunning and fun ice-cream cake styles!* PLAY with your friends and see who can make the best ice-creamcake!
Queen of vampire girl game 1.0.6 APK
This vampire dress up game is for the vampirefans. The Sun has set and darkness has prevailed throughout thetown. Even if you like halloween game you will love to play thisvampire game. This gorgeous vampire queen can't go out of herpalace until her stylist dresses her up. This time, you are goingto be her stylist because she is gone to the magical world to buysome fashion items for the queen. Dress the vampire queen up withthe outfit and accessories of your choice.Features:- Many beautiful dresses with shirts, skirt and dress.- Good choice of emo, vampire and hat.- Beautiful jewelry to choose from like earings, necklace andmore.- Differents stick to choose for dark side.
Pet shop puppy and kitty 1.0.4 APK
Want to run your own pet shop? Now you can!With this pet shop puppy and kitty animal game you get the chanceto see what it’s like to run your very own business. Groom theanimals in a short amount of time to make your owners and theirpets happy. Put your pet grooming skills to the test with this funanimal game.Features:• Brush your client’s pets to make them look their best.• Brush their teeth to make them have perfect smiles.• Wash and dry your client’s pets so they’re nice and clean.• Multitask by grooming many pets at once before your customer’sleave.• Try to beat the clock and increase level every time.
Candy store decoration 1.0.3 APK
Own your own candy store today! Decorate itthe way you want and choose whether to decorate the inside or theoutside of the store. Whether you want to choose the paint color,furniture, serving benches, candy, or accessories, now you can!Create a candy store like no other and watch as your shop comesalive right in front of your eyes! Play the best decoration gamearound today!Features:• Choose a room you want to decorate either the inside or outsideof the shop.• Select complementary furniture pieces for people to enjoy andsit.• Accessorize with flowers, balloons, and other colorful items tobring life to your store.• Decorate your candy store with a variety of different candyoptions.• Add windows, serving benches, signs and more to add a uniquetouch to your shop.• Splash some paint color patterns around the walls to create a funlook to complement the wall color.
Baby care Justine 1.0.5 APK
Looking after a baby can be a challenging butrewarding experience, especially when they give you that lovelysmile you know and love. With this baby game you can have fun whilelearning what it’s like to look after your very own baby! This babycaring game allows you to wet, wash and rinse Justine’s hair, soapand scrub her gently with a warm sponge, and dry her with a towelbefore giving her, her pacifier to make her happy! You can alsomake her skin smooth and silky by massaging baby oil into her skinbefore creating a new baby look by choosing her hair style,clothes, shoes, toys and hair pieces! With so many great options tochoose from, you to can easily play this fun baby game today withall your friends!Features:• WET, wash and rinse baby Justine’s hair while she is playing withthe toys in the bath!• APPLY soap to her body and scrub her clean using a softsponge!• WIPE her dry with a towel to remove any extra water before blowdrying her clean!• BRUSH her hair straight so it looks great and doesn’ttangle!• GIVE Justine her pacifier to stop her crying before changing herdiaper!• MASSAGE her body using safe baby massage oil to make her skinsoft and smooth!• ADD a light dust of baby powder over her body to give her niceclean skin!• MAKE her look as pretty as can be by changing her hair style,clothes, hair pieces, shoes, and toys!
Cute hippo care 1.0.5 APK
If you love owning your very own pet then youwill just love this cute hippo care pet game. Here you can explorewhat it is like to care for a baby hippo while doing all the thingsneeded to make your hippo happy. Here you can choose your very ownhippo to wash, rinse, and dry ready for their makeover. You canalso clean their teeth, clean their toe nails, and clean their earsto remove any dirt or grime. After the cleaning and caring is alldone you can then work on jumping your hippo through a hoop andalso let them skip rope for fun! Lastly you can accessorize them bychanging their headpiece, neck decoration, and clothing with thisfun cute hippo care pet game.Features:• CHOOSE your very own cute little hippo.• WASH, rinse, dry and blow dry your cute hippo ready for itsmakeover.• BRUSH their teeth to create a pearl white smile.• CLEAN their ears free from wax so they can hear better.• CLEAN their toe nails so they look nice and tidy whenwalking.• JUMP the hippo through the hoop and skip rope so it can have somefun.• ACCESSORIZE by changing their headpiece, neck decoration, wings,pants, and more.
Ballerina Dream 1.0 APK
With Ballerina Dream you can now relive yourfantasy of being a beautiful dancer with this ballerina game. Thisgame allows to you create a beautiful ballerina by selecting thedifferent clothing icons to change her clothes.This ballerina dress up game features icons that include hair,top, skirts, dresses, shoes, tights, jewelry and accessories whichcan easily be chosen by clicking on the specific clothing icon withthe mouse, then by clicking the different choices which shows youwhat it looks like on your ballerina to the left of the screen.This girl games objective is to simply mix and match differentoutfits on your ballerina to get her ready for her next big dancingsession. You can double click on the selected icon to remove theclothing or accessories and when done and you are happy with whatyour ballerina looks like you can easily press the show button downthe bottom of the screen to watch her come to life and dance oncenter stage in front of her audience with the spotlight shining onher. When you have finished one outfit, all you have to do is clickthe replay button the left hand side of the screen and restart thefun over again.From sweet tutus to sparkling dresses and tiaras, this girlsdress up game is great fun for everyone to enjoy and will releaseyour inner dancer allowing her to be up on stage in front of thecrowd in the beauty of the adorning spotlight. Make your ballerinadance as she has never danced before in sparkling and beautifulclothing that will put to shame any other dress up games. Dancingis elegant, fun, and beautifully captivating, and when it comes toballerina games for girls there is nothing better than this.