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This game offers with a great chance to play and learnaboutchildcare with baby royale princess. Become anexperiencedbabysitter as you run your own kindergarten at home.Adorablebabies princess is royale kingdom, are not newbornsanymore, theirking and queen put them into day care to you. Babykids royale areplaying in the interactive playroom and waiting foryour attention.Delight those cute children with diverse careactivities in 6scenes, like a bathing, eating, Dressing, sleeping,tasty food,beauty sleep and mini games. Babies want you at the sametime, sosatisfy their wishes step by step and take care that theydon'tstart sad! Pamper your baby with indulgent bathing. Beforebathtime, choose a few toys to make the baby jump for joy.

App Information Baby Care: Royale Princess

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    Baby Care: Royale Princess
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    September 28, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Baby Giraffe
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Supermarket Panda adventure is the latest educational game for kidsand adults with some amazing adventure activities. Here, pandasbeing managers and shopping boys gladly waiting for your help soyou can help them to buy groceries? Through this adventure game,children will improve their shopping skills.In the supermarket,first, go select a trolley or basket for shopping then check yourshopping list and start to buy all the items like vegetables,fruits, vegetables, baby milk, baby gear, soap, toys, donuts,clothes and much more.In this game There are so many tasks that youhave to achieve that is the reason you need to start working rightaway. As a supermarket manager, chef manager, mop all floorscleanly, you have the greatest responsibility on you and it can begood if you are an organized person. In this animal game you willgo through 4 stages in order to finish the game, but to be able tomove from one to the other must finish entirely of each of them.Start with the cleaning section and make sure the place is like theright store where all the animal world can buy from. Wash thefloor, remove the spider web and remove the trash. Purchase stepsonly when you make inventory and see what kind of product ismissing or rotten, so you can replace them to have a full grocerystore. You are also assigned to assist in the billing process whereyou just record the products in the supermarket database and fillthe clients for the things they buy. Do not forget the dress phasesbecause nice dressed managers may impress customers and can alsohelp you in sales. Adding nice items and dressing pandas in everystyle you like, also try to enjoy every step of this game when youbecome a good store manager.And finally, take the items purchasedfrom the train and scan them on the table. We hope the Panda gamemanager is an awesome gift for your kids. So join this kids gameand enjoy it.Features:- Helping Mom buy Family Supplies- PandaManager replaces rotten fruit with new ones- Clean up the dirt atthe store, with a broom, mop, wipe and so on- Help Panda family tobuy groceries- help buy baby supplies- Understand all the processesin the supermarket and learn how to solve them- Calculate the priceon the cash counter and pay the bill- Amazing designs andanimations- Share this supermarket game with your friends and havefun
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Baby Care Play 1.0.0 APK
Baby Giraffe
Play in a doll house of your dreams and baby sweet baby girl andher little newborn sister!Bath, feed, dress up and have a tea partywith a teddy bear and fluffy bunny!Become a super nanny and babysitthe most adorable baby girl sisters ! Switch the virtual light onand off and play babysitting games day and night.Give a baby bathin the morning, change diapers, dress up and prepare yummy babyfood.Clean up the doll house and get ready for a tea party withyour little toy guests.Bake and decorate a delicious cake withwhipped cream and cherries and serve tea!In the evening, clean upthe room, wash hands, brush teeth and dress up for the sweet dreamsat night.Baby Care Play games for girls:· Babysit sweet baby girlKatie and her little sister in a new doll house!· Switch the lightson and off for more exciting babysitting adventures!· Give a bubblebath, brush hair and get ready for a beautiful day!· Make babypuree and bottle of milk for sweet baby girl !· Change diapers anddress up for a party with your little friends!· Clean up the room,vacuum the floor and put toys where they belong!· Make tea, bakeand decorate a cake and set the table for a tea party!· Design yourplay room with kids furniture, swings and favorite toys!· Do yourbedtime routine, brush teeth and fall asleep in the evening!Becareful!It will be not easy to makeup a fashion kid and make themalways happy! Will you accept the challenge and have a try?DownloadNOW for FREE and have fun with kids!Wanna have more fun? We wouldlove to hear from you!
Fruit Chef Master 1.0.0 APK
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Hey friends, are you ready to become a professional master chef? Iftrue, playing Fruit Chef Master games have fun in this kitchenmakes you get tips to become a chef. Start with cleaning clothesbefore going for a master cooking master chef and also choose thebest costume chef uniform for you. After that, you should collectall the fruits and vegetables for the competition (Belana fruit andvegetables). Now it's time to make delicious cakes, pizzas anddecorate them with different toppings to look yummy. In the nextview, the oven does not work so let's fix the problem beforecooking. Finally, he won a master chef competition so let's dresshim up from many collections.Fruit Chef Master has 10 fun mini gamelevels! Kids who love to cook will love this game.Features:- Choosea chef hat and start your job as a chef- Clean the kitchen and ovenafter cooking- Collect Many fruits to enter the cookingcompetition- Show off your cut fruit skills- Play fruit cuttinggame entertaining for some extra fun- Share this cooking game withfriends and family to become a master chef- Follow the instructionsfor each of the 10 mini-games!- Use the touch screen to playthrough each one!- Improve your skills- Share with friends aboutthis fun game
Doctor Sugerry Clinic Simulator 1.0.0 APK
Baby Giraffe
Hey kids! Do you want to become a professional Emergency PhysicianSurgeon and provide patients with appropriate wound care andtherapy at a hospital or clinic? Do you want to save the life of anaccident patient or a chronic pain? If yes than you do not have towait anymore because a powder simulation game in a professionalclinic brings you Emergency Surgery Doctor.With great graphics andcrazy game play, the reality is amazing like a surgical simulatorand a real bone splicing. Doctor Sugerry Clinic Simulator is acrazy real simulator game operation for kids. The patient may needa pacemaker fixed inside him or she may need a heart transplantsurgery device. But this is no easy operation to do, you will needa lot of tools to open the chest and it's not even easy to usethem. Keep track of your progress & keep checking your heartrate monitor. Because you are the top open chest surgeon, toperform emergency simulator surgery and save your patient! Use areal medical tool to treat patients in the hospital. Become a realdoctor and a crazy surgeon to do the simulation on your patient.Test your skills, become a professional surgeon, treat patientswith painful expressions and make them healthy and happy again. Butfirst you need to know the patient's history before treating themand send them to the operating room.Some people have a call for anemergency ambulance er, thank God the ambulance has been reached intime if the patient will go in a frozen state. Doctor Ambulance hasrecorded symptoms on the way to the hospital. Patients suffer fromchest pain that can affect the movement of the arms, fingers andtoes if the heart does not pump blood properly. the patient's bloodvessels and arteries may have been blocked because he has ignoredall advised from his doctor & kept ordering junk food whilesitting on the couch & watching a movie with out work out. Youare now the patient's last hope because you are the only topsurgeon of emergency er er in the city thus preventing him intogetting into a frozen state. To avoid other damage, prepare for aheart open surgery game now. You will become the er emergency heartsurgeon to perform the surgery. Mark the area where you want to cutand use a sharp cutter to open the chest and abs up. Cut off thechest & abs and be very careful not to damage the lungs,kidneys or stomach as these organs are aside from the heart.Carefully cut through the ribs and grabbed the frozen liver. Youshould wear gloves and clean hands and wrists. Calling all othersurgeons on duty to keep a check on the patient's organs while youperform a simulated open heart surgery. Features:- Amazinggraphics and crazy game play.- Realistic open surgical boneSimulation.- Use medical devices such as scalpel, tweezers,scissors, injection, antiseptic lotion, creams, relief.- Live Sendthe patient from realistic chest pain problems, perform surgeries,make tests and allow opportunities to survive your patients.- Crazyteam of doctors to help you in a surgical simulation clinic.
Baby Sweet Dream House 1.0.0 APK
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Do you like babies? Baby Sweet Dream House is bringing a digitalbaby to you!Now its time to go all around the house with your babyand do all the fun things she wants but you also need to take careof her!Toilet Time!Using the toilet is a super important part ofany babys life! You need to make sure she knows how to go. Dontforget to wash her hands, and brush her teeth too! Make sure shekeeps her good hygiene habits for life!Eating time!For thisadorable and fun baby to be super healthy and happy, you need togive her the best kind of food and make sure that shes all cleanonce shes done eating!Gardening!Once your babys awake, go take careof the garden with her! Shes in the inflatable pool, and you needto put your green thumb to good use when you tend to the garden!Nowits time to get cleaned up!Bath time is a lot of fun, and itsimportant too! Give your baby baths before and after playtime!Nowlets get creative!Its time to show the world how you can create amasterpiece! Try out all the utensils and all the colors to be thenext Picasso or Mondrian!Laundry list!Now that were done in the artroom, its time to get our clothes cleaned and ready for dressingup! Separate the clothes, white from colors, and use the rightdetergents!Time to clean up the house!Phew, after all the funactivities, its time to clean up the living room before we can playinside too! Teach your baby what tools to use to make it allsparkling clean!Dress up!Its been a long and fun day but before itends, we need to play some dress up to let your imagination runwild and look amazing too!Bedtime!Full days like these are one in amillion but they all end in a sweet story for your starry eyedbaby!What's inside Baby Sweet Dream House:> 4 babies!> 9games and rooms inside and outside the house!> 20 shirts &dresses> 10 pairs of fun & fancy socks> 10 pants, jeans,skirts overalls and bloomers> 21 bracelets, necklaces andwatches> 10 hairstyles> 10 funky hats, 30 sunglasses> 10pairs of crazy and fun shoes, sandals, boots> 10 toys, wagons,baby carriages, balls & more