1.0.2 / November 4, 2014
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Hello girls! You already met Baby Lilly,thecute cheerful toddler. Did you enjoy taking care of her? If so,anew summer game from Baby Lilly's caring series will entertainyoufor sure.

It's summer time and Baby Lilly wants to play outside, tohavefun and to discover a new magical world. As a caring mom, youhaveto take you little baby to the seaside, to show her allthemysterious sea creatures, to build the most fantastic sandcastleand to relax under the sunbeams. Don't forget about herskinprotection!
The sun lotion, a beach umbrella or a cold drink are the bestwaysto take care of the little baby's sensitive skin.

Baby Lilly enjoys playing beach games and you have tochosebetween four entertaining and educational mini-games. She willalsolet you know when she needs food, affection, playtime andsunprotection. Make sure you’re a protective mom and she's happyallthe time by providing her everything she's crying herheartout!

The fun just begins, because Baby Lilly has a lot of lovelybeachoutfits you can dress her up. Try all of them, they areplainwonderful! Then put a marine-inspired wreath in her hair, afunkysunglasses or other beach and swim accessories. It's a sunnydayoutside and Baby Lilly is very happy that you have taken goodcareof her!


◆ 4 entertaining and educational mini-games;
◆ Mood interactions that will tell you how how your baby feels...hunger, fun and sun protected;
◆ Cute sounds, relevant to each of Baby Lilly'semotionalstate;
◆ Adorable and realistic baby beach graphics;
◆ Dress up session with different and pretty costumesandaccessories;
◆ Photo sharing of your own Baby Lilly version.

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App Information Baby Caring - Fun Beach Games

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    Baby Caring - Fun Beach Games
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    November 4, 2014
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    5,000 - 10,000
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Classic Cars 3D Parking 1.1.0 APK
Classic Cars 3D Parking is a top parkingsimulator, with competitive gameplay and badass American vintagecars.If like old-fashioned vehicles, get now behind the wheel of some ofthe most amazing retro cars and experience the thrill of driving a1950s priceless oldtimer. Vintage automobiles enthusiasts will besucked into this addictive classic car parking game!This classic car parking simulator has no city traffic to disturbyour driving or concentration, but extreme maneuvering skills arerequired in order to clear all the missions. Eye-popping graphicsand the breathtaking selection of top-notch classic muscle car willmake your gameplay experience more fun.The game is design for both adults and children, so each of youwill enjoy the ride and the line-up levels at the fullest. Theintuitive on-screen auto control will make your course even morerealistic. This 3D car drive gives you a complete gearbox withneutral, reverse and 1st gear. The auto controls includeaccelerator or racer pedal and brake. The smooth steering wheelallows you to experience the thrill of driving a real 50s vintagecar. Drive slowly and tactfully with extreme care. Avoid smashingand crashing into obstacles, otherwise you need to replay themission.You have the possibility to choose between 8 astonishing vehiclesand master 12 entertaining missions with progressive degrees ofdifficulty. Keep practicing every day and become a Dr. Parking.Don't forget about the countdown timer! You have to finish thelevel within the given time in order to get the highest score.Get now this free classic cars 3D parking game and become a realrock 'n' roll driver while cruising around in a stylishautomobile!GAME FEATURES:- 12 very competitive driving situations;- 8 startling badass American vintage automobiles;- Intuitive touchscreen controls: steering wheel, acceleration, andbrake pedals;- Realistic auto driving experience;- Smooth gameplay;- Genuine 1950s classic cars collection.JOIN OUR COMMUNITIES:Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TransylgamiaGoogle+: https://plus.google.com/110025753951115592211Twitter: https://twitter.com/transylgamiaPinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/transylgamia/