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Come and play this creative baby game where you will learn howtotake care of a cute baby girl by fulfilling her needs. Youwillalso have a lot of fun with entertaining activities. In ordertodevelop better skills as a caretaker, you must complete eachgiventask. Begin the caring process with a bubble bath. Fill thebathtuband get your baby girl in there. Wash her body with soap andherhair with shampoo. Rub away any dirt from her face and makesureshe is clean. In this game, you will have a chance to designherhouse as well. Change the furniture and add colorful itemstocreate a joyful place. Maybe you could style it up with somefancydecorations too. Continue the game with the hair salonstep.Prepare your baby girl for a total hair makeover. Wash thehair andcut it if needed. Use the hair styling products and devicestocreate the desired look. Once her hairstyle is ready youshouldpick her outfit for the day. Choose cool accessories andprettyclothing items to match her chic haircut. There are multipleanimalcostumes you can pick from. Complete her look with crazy hatsanddon't forget to add a suitable pair of shoes. Now thatyou'vecustomized her appearance you can get to the last step. Herdailyroutine should be ended with a good nap. Take her to bed andlether rest so she could regain her power for another fundaytogether. Look after these amazing features this baby gamecomeswith: - Cute baby girl to care for - Multiple activities toengagein - Free and easy to play - New hairstyles to create -Designanimal outfits with pretty accessories - Develop nursingskills -Learn the needs of a little baby girl - Lovely animalcostumes totry on - Great opportunity to gain experience as acaretaker -Create a refreshing look for her house

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    December 8, 2020
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Chic World
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Spend a lovely time with our beautiful baby girl and spoil herwhile you are completing the daily activities. Play this baby gameand prove that you have what it takes when it comes to fulfillingthe required tasks. This little girl really needs a bath before youcan start the nursing activities. So, fill a bubble bath and gether in. Make sure you wash her body with suitable products and thencontinue with cleaning her hair. Now you can go to the playroomwhere her toys await. Let her be creative and just have fun. Notonly that you will look after this baby girl's condition, but youwill also have to pick the way she looks. Choose your favoriteoutfit and match her clothes with great accessories. Take her tothe gym and do some exercise. After the fitness session, she isstarving and needs yummy food. Ensure a delicious meal and feedher. The next step will be to put her to sleep so she could regainher energy after such a busy day. Let the baby girl rest andprepare to press replay so you could have another awesome day withher. This game comes with cool features like: - Free to play - Cutebaby girl to look after - Fulfilling the needs of a baby - Cuteaccessories and clothing items to use - Perform nursing activities- Learn the importance of sleep for a little kid - Controlling thegame easily - Multiple fun activities to get into - Take her a bathand make sure she eats well - Cheerful sounds and nice graphics -Caretaker skills to gain
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